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  1. Post on J rock/metal in Music

    By Ralts, posted
    I've been listening to Japanese rock/metal bands since I was 12 years old. It used to be kind of a big deal here where I'm from, many bands came here and the community was huge. Nowadays it has shrunken, many people "switched" to kpop which wasn't really my thang. Just wondering how many here still listen to such music if any? Especially Dir en grey and The GazettE
  2. Ok, this is Reitoneo

    Links: Twitter- Reitoneo (@reitoneo) | Twitter
    Insta- https://www.instagram.com/reitoneo/ 
    Facebook- Reito Neo | Facebook
    Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/user/Reitoneo/videos
    Reitoneo is a French cosplayer/Vkei/Okei/Jfashion enthusiast. 
    She has no drama, that I know of, surrounding her and has many unique tattoos. She's really into Dragon Ball and has a Goku tattoo on her leg.
    She seems super nice and her outfits are inspiring!
    What do you think?