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  1. Post on Silent Hill/Silent Hills in Gaming

    By haiyuki, posted
    We had an old thread about this on FF, but it died forever ago and we've accumulated some new members here and there has been some newer developments with Konami, Team Silent, etc.
    Anyway, I LOVE all of the Silent Hill games, it is hands down my favorite game series.
    I don't even have a favorite, honestly.
    I am so upset that they nixed the P.T. (Silent Hill) project on the Playstation 4 store. I've never played it (because I don't own ANY new Gen systems, lol) but I've watched a ton of different commentary-free playthroughs and one really annoying commentary video.
    Anyway, the long and short of it was that it was a playable teaser (hence P.T.). . .

    I keep seeing some really interesting fan-made tributes on tumblr. I was curious if anyone could recommend games like this or just wanted to talk about Silent Hill in general. ^___^
  2. So, does anyone have a preferred console or are you an avid collector?
    Also, what are you currently playing?
    For me, I am a collector and the games I am playing is Hatsune Miku: Mirai Project on 3DS, DanganRonpa: Ultra Despair Girls on Vita, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain on PS4 and Final Fantasy XIV on PC.
  3. Do any of you love Markiplier? I've been a fan of him for a year and boy, he's my fave  Also he's the cutest 

    Facebook ∙ Twitter ∙ Instagram ∙ YouTube
  4. since I haven't found a thread on Pewdiepie yet, I'm gonna make one myself! I love him and he always manages to bring a smile on my face and just.. Makes my day, he also is a reason why I haven't really been.. Depressed. 
    And yea.. I love him, but what do you guys think of him?
  5. Matthias
    Youtube Main Channel // Second Channel (MatthiasVlogs) // Third Channel (Matt & Amanda) // Instagram // Twitter  // Patreon (Shut Down) // Official Website
    Other Channels:
    Team Edge //  Get Good Gaming // REKT // Battle Universe! //  Team Edge Gaming

    Matthias is a American Youtuber in Los Angeles. He is 29 years old, married to Amanda Faye and has one child (Luna). He is the CEO of Hi5Studios. He does video games, vlogging, and "review" videos.
    Issues he has:
    Says how he can't upload "Dope or Nope" videos due to them being under 20 minutes, but then proceeds to upload after that under 20.Says how it cost him $23,000 a month for one channel (when it should be the cost of studio), ask for money on Patreon, but shortly after deletes video.When people criticized him, he shut down his Patreon. Doesn't take time with items like he used to, but rather skims them and half ass reviews them instead of reading instructions. 
    Proof of the "$23,000 for one channel video"
    Shut down of Patreon
    Sorry if I made some mistakes, first time making topic.
    I like his review videos and take them with a pinch of salt. Although it seems more like forced humor now than when Bryan(?) was around. 
  6. Momotokio
    Instagram - YouTube (inactive) - Twitter - Tumblr
    Momotokio (I have no idea what her real name is oops) is an Instagrammer and former YouTuber who is known for customizing phones and gaming devices. She hasn't done anything completely problematic, but there are some key things that she had done:
    The main thing about her is she has an obsession with D.Va (from Overwatch). She has a D.Va tattoo (which is poorly done and she would regret it in ten years time) and claims that Overwatch and D.Va had 'changed her life'She buys bootleg kawaii merch from Amazon and EbayHas recently bought a new Samsung phone despite already owning an iphone XWent on a rant on IG stories about someone pretty much copying her pictures, which was understandable, but she started getting all pissy and shows off when she credits people who she got inspired fromWhat are your thoughts on her? 
  7. Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo
    Youtube (Main channel) //  Gaming channel // Instagram // Onlyfans // Soundcloud // Twitter  (nsfw acc)// Twitter (SFW account) // 

    Okay so this is the first time I'm making a thread, but I felt like this person deserves a thread on here. I am not the best at explaining things so hopefully the small "summary" is good enough.
    Aria Rose is a Youtuber who mainly makes videos on Overwatch and has made music-related content in the past. Lately, she has started making videos calling out e-girls like Pokimane and Belle Delphine.
    The #ReworkMercy Movement Drama
    Was basically a response to the #DeleteBrig movement, which happened a few months priorAccording to her, she started it because she was not satisfied with Mercy's current abilities in the game and wanted them changed to make the character more enjoyable to play.Aria also discussed in a video that she thought that the #DeleteBrig movement was toxic, and thus wanted to create a non-toxic movement to change Mercy (which obviously ended up being just as toxic as #DeleteBrig)High-ranked Mercy mains and pro players reactions to the proposed rework ranged from ambivalent to negative, prompting her to create response videos that brought her more negative publicityWhen Niandra, a GM-Ranked/Top 500 Mercy player made a video discussing her opinions on the movement, Aria tweeted this response to it and blocked her:Ends up commanding her army of followers to brigade the official Overwatch Forums, flooding it with #ReworkMercy spamHer boyfriend apparently posted on the Overwatch Circle Jerk to try to White Knight her Informative video on the raid/brigade: Since the raid, she has deleted her social media and all videos pertaining to the #ReworkMercy movement on her channel.Other Problematic Stuff That Has Happened
    Has drama with the e-girl community, due to her making videos on Pokimane and Belle Delphine (This is what apparently led to her deleting her Twitter)Hypocritical-- preaches about how people should not be toxic and calls people like xQc, a pro Overwatch streamer out for being toxic, yet has been toxic about games on stream while playing OverwatchAlways tries to make herself look like the victim in situationsUses problematic language (not completely sure of the context, but regardless you shouldn't be using this kind of language because it's gross)Thinks it's okay to be "trans-racial," which could also mean that she doesn't think it's bad to yellow-face/black-face. People in her discord have also said (no context) that they think that ending racism would essentially be ending freedom of thought (???)Has her own PULL account, which also goes by the name DulcetRefrain (make what you want of this, we're all here too lol)Has publicly brought up her PULL thread, calling attention to it and still continues to use the site:Many thanks to this reddit post for some of the info & sourcesAnother reddit post on all of the dramaI really didn't think about this very much until she made a video (which seems to be deleted now) encouraging her fans to spam the official Overwatch forums about how Mercy needs a rework. This is what gave me a bad taste in my mouth, she did mention that people should bring proper criticism and not just spewing stuff. But it still feels bad that she is encouraging her movement to spam a forum just because of her opinions on a character.
    She is also very hypocritical, you can find more about that in the link below.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZArqN3nEFE This video explains the #ReworkMercy movement and her hypocrisy pretty well.
  8. YourPrincess
    League of Legends player (region: NA)
    She is a streamer on Twitch and mentioned in Pokimanes PULL topic, because she refers herself to Pokimane. -> Pokimane topic, page 245
    She also made a video about playing vs Pokimane, you can watch it here: YourPrincess vs Pokimane
    Social Media
    Right now she has 67688 Follower on Twitch.tv
    YourPrincess Twitter
    YourPrincess Youtube
    YourPrincess Instagram
    YourPrincess Subreddit
    League of Legends
    op.gg YourPrincess
    op.gg Princess IRL

    Additional info:
    E-Dating(?) infamous RATIRL (L9)smurf called "Princess IRL" (reference to RAT IRL) 
    Screenshot, linked Youtube video:

  9. Sykkuno
    Twitch // Instagram // Twitter

    Sykkuno is a full time streamer on Twitch, most known for his friendship with LilyPichu. He is 29-years-old, and lives in LA, California. His friends mostly consistent of the Offline TV + Friends group. He went to college the Bay Area previously, where he got a masters in statistics and mathematics, and moved back to LA in mid-2019.
    Sykkuno is most known for his "anime voice," which was a drastic change from his previous voice before he took a hiatus. He posted League of Legend's videos on YouTube for 8 years before the hiatus, where he would commentate on the gameplay (he did not use a face cam back then). After returning in August, his entire voice and demeanor had changed from previously. When questioned about this, he claims "people change," and that's as far as he'll comment on it.
    First video:
    Voice change now: 
    Sykkuno's followers and subscribers are made up primarily of young women, who believe they stand a chance with him. His top donors are all women as well. Multiple times every streams, he will say how unattractive he is, how girls don't like him, how his ex dated him only because she didn't have to look at his face (which was later debunked on the Rajj Show, where he claimed that they did hang out in person when he was asked if he was still a virgin), etc.
    Once the voice settles in, the manipulation begins to become more noticeable. As said above, he manipulates women into believing they have a chance with him, but he also manipulates quite often about money. Another spiel he likes to go on every stream is how he "can't pay for his water/internet bill," he has to eat "Costco burritos" every single day, and he makes sure to tell everyone who donates of gifts subs that it's "more than he gets in a week." He was using a duct taped together chair until his followers donated well over enough for him to buy a new one, he bought $110 earbuds that he opened on stream (they were free only because they took longer to arrive than expected), he was seen on Facebook when he was in college with a nice expensive car, and Lily commented that the first time they met he had a nice car too. He calls himself a "small streamer for fun" and claims that he isn't a full time streamer yet and that he isn't sure if he'll be able to do it full time.
    Another way he manipulates is by gaslighting people in believing he is the victim in every situation. This is an extremely common occurrence, and happens at least once every stream. He does it to his viewers and his friends. I can't give specific examples because chat expires on Twitch clips, but here is a verbal example:
    "Sykkuno, wow! You're using a facecam! Your face looks so much different than I expected, you're so cute!"
    He will read outloud:
    "Sykkuno, your face looks so much different than I expected" following up with "oh... I'm sorry if I disappointed you... I know, I'm not the most attractive person, my ex only dated me because she didn't have to look at me. Here, I'll make my face cam smaller..."
    Chat says:
    "Noo! Don't listen to them! Leave it the same! You're fine!"
    He will reply:
    "Well, people were saying they didn't like to look at my face, so..."
    Which leads to chat attacking the person and demanding that they be blocked.
    He borderline harasses his female friends and acts innocent about it. On multiple occasions, he has been heard flirting inappropriately with his female friends, and then pretending he didn't know that's what he was doing. When Lily had a boyfriend, he would express that "anything is fun as long as I'm doing it with you," he has told an engaged friend that they "have a lot in common," and he has told chat when Valkyrae had a boyfriend that her not being able to pick up food with chopsticks was "cute." Valkyrae is the biggest victim of this most recently, as he seems to have an infatuation with her. She was seen visibly uncomfortable in a deleted VOD, expressing that she didn't know if he was doing it on purpose, or if it was just part of his "wholesome" personality.