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  1. From what I know of, Kiki didn't make any new videos for about 6 months. And when she did post a new video it was her and her (Japanese) boyfriend named Taku. She posted 2 videos of them pretty sure, but I checked on her youtube channel and the videos seem to be gone!
  2. OMG, there she is again!!! Tay... eh, I mean Dakota! Finally a new video, I was really surprised
    From what I understood her previous computer broke and because of that she wasn't able to upload any new content earlier. Ehm, and she moved?! I'm not sure about that part, my Japanese is too rusty ^^; Maybe someone with better Japanese skills can translate~
    Her room tour is not very interessting and everything is just sooooooooooooo bright, my eyes hurt Her face tone looks so white but you can clearly see the contouring she did to make her face look slimmer. And I kinda had to grin how she is avoiding mirrors while filming her room
  3. Hey there
    So I'm looking for video editing programs that can run on windows and I'd like it to have cool effects such as transitions and such and other important things when it comes to editing. (mostly subtitle text) 
    and a speech programs that sounds like voice actors more clearly and realistic ;-;
    I'm not a program geek but I hope some of you guys can suggest a few programs  
  4. Post on Face surgery in Beauty & Fashion

    By SlyGuy, posted
    Hi peeps i saw something on the web lately and i thought it might be interesting. It's a korean video about facial plastic surgery. Kind of an artistic commentary on the topic. Although i find it to be rather kitschy sometimes but despite that i kinda like it. When i saw characters in the movie they look JUST LIKE most people going into kawaii/ulzzang/etc look is shooping themselves! They've got the point! Anyway. WARNING! there is a creepy part from 8:48 to 9:33 and also a bit of blood at 9:25 so if you're sensitive you may wanna skip this part.
  5. I thought that an important thing to talk about regarding Kenna is her YouTube channel, since that's how she makes money. I thought I'd separate her videos into the attempted series that she started and dropped, as well as videos that she deleted but have been reuploaded. They're in the Kenna threads but I think having them all organised here will help new members to have something to refer to without having to look through 5 different topics. Also will list the Kenna exposed videos for more references and why (in general) people are upset about her. Also I'm not sure, but I think watching them embedded doesn't generate views thus doesn't contribute to her channel? Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Videos are divided per category to make it easier to find/reference toVideos are listed from newest to oldest in its category so that recent tea is seen firstIf there are any videos that I missed (especially exposed videos, as long as they don't repeat the same content as those listed), feel free to post the link and I'll update this master post!
    So I guess this serves as a reference to look for videos if you haven't seen before, and to comment on videos. Also comment about her video ideas and discuss what she should do. Without further ado, let's jump right into it!

    cozykitsune is her new username, previously Simply_Kenna. Assuming that it's to leave her "old self" with all its drama behind, but we all stan a kween who keeps messing up. She has deleted most of her videos, so this makes organising the remainder much easier. These videos are separated per category and each video is in its spoiler so that you don't get bombarded with videos when you open a category. Makes sense? Okay.
    Makeup Tutorials & Hair:Kenna used to do makeup tutorials. What's been often discussed regarding these is how she never shows her entire face when she's bareface, because she's so comfortable hiding behind her filters. Common issues are how she applies way too much blush, how her eyebrows don't suit her face and that she can't contour for shit (nor blend it correctly). What bugs me personally are her fake freckles. I have real freckles and they don't make me feel like a smol magical forest fairy.  She's done very few videos about her hair, but boy...her hair. It's been a pitiful mess every since she started bleaching it. The tea was hot when she recently got it done at Nalu for free and the hairstylist got negative comments on her IG about how horrid her hair is, when Kenna's at fault for not telling her how damaged her hair really is.
    Writing/Journaling/Poetry/PaintingAh, the infamous poetry. Although most of her poetry has been deleted off her channel (the first video of her "Write Here, Write Now" series being Episode 3), there are still a few that remain. Although I'm not intro her poetry, I wish she would've continued with her bullet journaling. It gave me so many ideas about how to decorate my own...although we all know kween hates being copied.
    A Painter's Process / No. 4 - December 2017 
    A Painter's Process / No. 3 - April 2017 (Aka "Where'd the 2 other ones go?")
    Write Here, Write Now / Episode 3 - September 2016 (Aka "The Not-so-subtle Disappearance of the 2 Previous Episodes")
    Just including them in case someone has anyone to say about them, but they're pretty...basic. After her lookbooks, all that she wears are that horrible white corset, the dress and her oversized brown coat.
    I Wish It Was Fall but It's Summer - July 2018 (Aka "Kenna's Fall Obsession Distorts Time")
    Early Spring Lookbook - March 2018 (Aka "The Beginning of the Granny-style Era" featuring "Overworn white lace dress" and returning guest "corset-belt")
    A Modern Victorian Lookbook - January 2018 (Aka "THAT DAMN CORSET-BELT")
    Hogwarts Inspired Spring Lookbook - April 2017 (Aka "Having an Intro Page-flipping Winnie the Pooh for an HP video is kinda weird Ken")
    Harry Potter Inspired Lookbook - October 2016 (Aka "The Pre-White Corset/Lace Dress/Baggy Brown Coat Era")
    Vlogs/HaulsAll I have to say is that her "Disneybounding" is downright cosplaying (genderbending) and that she takes up all of the characters' time, as if she owns the place. Now that she's in Japan, she has a 1k annual pass but doesn't seem to have went recently. Is she actually serious about her studies?
    Yesstyle Try-On Haul - November 2018
    Chp. One / An Attempt at Vlogging - October 2018 (Aka "Wait, those previous videos weren't vlogs??")
    Japan Chronicles Ep. 2 / Tokyo Disneyland - May 2018 (Aka "Wait, Japan Chronicles & Travel Chronicles are 2 separate series?? Didn't she only travel to Japan??")
    A Day at Disneyland / Christmas Edition No. 2 - November 2017 (Aka "Christmas Vlog Uploaded a Month Late")
    Travel Chronicles / Japan Ep. 2 - October 2017 (Aka "Actually doing stuff in Japan")
    Japan Haul - September 2017
    Travel Chronicles / Japan Ep. 1 - September 2017 (Aka "Discovering Her Homeland")
     Disneybound ep. 2 / Pinocchio - February 2017 (Aka "Where's the 1st Episode?" featuring "Cosplay ain't Disneybounding Kenna" and "Let kids time with the damn characters")
    Personally, I'm disappointed that she hasn't kept up with this. Although her sewing videos were really simple and that she doesn't necessarily use the right/easier methods, it is a nice tutorial to follow for sewing beginners, especially for patterning. Her channel would've been much more interesting if she kept up with the creative videos imo.
    A Sewing Series Ep. 2 / Yer A Wizard Harry - July 2018 (Aka "Possibly the last video in which she looked enthusiastic")
    How to Keep An Instagram Theme - July 2018 (Aka "Brown Invasion")
    A Sewing Series Ep. 1 / Gingham Top - June 2018
    You know, those v
    ideos all YouTubers do? Favourites, year review, house/room tours, what's in my bag, Q&As, current playlist...those things. Also including her "Guide to Japan" video because it doesn't belong in any other category, so just gonna smush it here. Her Airbnb tour was taken down when she realised she had doxxed herself, then put it back up when she moved into another apartment. Her "What's in my bag" video is the most boring thing I've ever seen, even Kween herself didn't seem into it.
    What's In My Bag / Tokyo School Edition - January 2019 (Aka "Why Am I Even Doing This Video?" featuring "Not Kenna's Enthusiasm, that's for sure")
    Tokyo Airbnb Tour - January 2019 (Aka "YouTuber Doxxes Herself")
    McKenna's Guide on Moving to Japan - January 2019 (Aka "I'm unsure of everything that I'm saying but I had to upload something")
    Annual Autumn Tag - September 2018 (Aka "Will she do it this year? Stay tuned")
    Some Stuff I've Been Really Diggin - August 2018 
    Autumn Playlist / pt 2 - September 2016 (Aka "There was a part 1??")
  6. Hey i was just wondering how I can post a video to PULL?
    I have a youtube video from Kelly Eden still open on my computer (that's been deleted) and i wanted to record it and post it to PULL somehow.
    but i noticed when i tried to attach a short 1 min video clip, that i wasnt able to.
    only these formats are allowed: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png 

    sooooo how would i share a video?
    i dont have a youtube account btw