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      Hello. I have noticed a great deal of confusion regarding how to use the report feature and what is expected regarding reports, so I am making a clarification announcement to users who may be unfamiliar with how the report feature works. Please note we have this rule regarding reports: 16.  Do report. Do not make frivolous reports (such as "I don't like this person"). Frivolous reports will result in a warning and possible ban. a. When reporting, please give a reason. Reports citing what rule the post is breaking and giving some information are way more valuable and will get the issue resolved faster. (Reports with no explanations sometimes require mods to go through and skim the entire thread to find out what's going on. Please save us time if you can). b. Don’t waste the mods’ time. Report people for breaking the rules, otherwise don’t report. [Rules in their entirety can be found here.] We also have a wonderful tutorial on how to use the report feature created by one of our former moderators which you can find here. In essence, we enforce the rules as they are written. In a rare occasion there may not be a direct violation but the user is still conducting themselves inappropriately and how we handle that is up to the moderators discretion. We do our best. We also encourage you to use the report feature to report posts that have been edited down to nothing or if you double posted and would like your double post hidden. Also, please note that we do not provide updates on reports. We get far too many to be able to keep up with every one. You are welcome to message a moderator to ask about your report, but please know that we cannot and will not divulge any information on whether we banned the user you are reporting. Simply that we have taken appropriate action. I hope this helps provide further clarification on how to use the report feature. Should you have any questions not clear in these instructions, please feel free to message me or Nyx. Thank you. *Please allow up to 3 business days (as we tend to be slower on weekends) for a response and for reports to be cleared.

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  1. Post on LickVic Twitter in Vic Mignogna

    By Heartt, posted
    So now that we have a subforum, I thought what a perfect opportunity to display some of the IStandwithVic followers Twitter chaos that would clutter the main thread. The stupid weird things they say or admit to, petty squabbles that proceed to make them and Vic look even worse. Rekieta/Bear worship? 
    I'll start with a few examples: 

  2. So essentially, the main Vic thread is incredibly crowded with dumb things his supporters say that don't nessesarily impact Vic or the case itself. We already have a LickVic Twitter thread, but I was thinking that perhaps we should have a separate place to discuss overall things said by his supporters, as much of it is off of Twitter. Things like YouTubers, con harassment (incidents of people harassing accusors in panels, etc), and other iswv discussions such as in places like kiwi farms, Reddit, ANN, Facebook groups, discord (such as the Rangers group if that's still alive,) and so forth.
    I was also thinking that this could be a good place to document harassment and other abusive behaviors by ISWV, especially to Vic's victims. 
    If mods or the consensus decide that this is unnecessary, feel free to delete it. People have just been complaining that the main gets too derailed and I honestly agree.