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  1. Venusangelic drama in a nutshell: 

    1. Xiaorishu drama: 

    Video of Xiao explaining her side of the story. 
    Xiao made a support video for VA, who got it taken down because she felt like Xiao was being a "fame sucker". 
    Later on, Marg attacked her on Twitter and even leaked her phone number...

    ... But of course, Margaret and Venus still presented themselves as the real victims

    A Few screenshots from Xiao:

    2. Kimonotime drama: 

    http://kimonotime.tumblr.com/post/20910 ... ys-one-big
    Pretty much the same thing all over again. Kimonotime is a fame sucker because she tried to take a pic with her at a convention, and she's copying Venus because she's cute, dancing and interested in japan, and we all know that Venus invented cuteness, dancing and being interested in foreign cultures. To me, the most shocking thing is that Margaret actually made fun of Kelsey's glass eye on her blog. 
    3. Anastasiya drama: 

    Both girls met each other in poland where they appeared at a talkshow, and they also got the chance to make some videos together. Venus uploaded 2 videos to her channel: One with both girls just messing around, and one where they're trying to do the gangnam style dance. Anastasiya repeatedly asked Venus to take both videos down because she "didn't like the way she looked", but the latter refused. At one point Nastya even had to flag her own video...
    (Sorry, I don't have any screenshots anymore. If anybody else is able to provide them: Thank you)
    ... But it was back up again shortly after. Ana then made another public plea via Youtube comment - causing a mini-shitstorm - and Venus finally gave in
    Venus also uploaded a picture of both of them where Venus looked pretty but Ana was squinting. Of course she also refused to take that down.

    Literally months later, Margaret posted this rant...
    ...on her Facebook page, accusing Anastasiya of threatening Venus. 
    Her only proof? This: 
    4. Attempted scams: 

    1. "Venus Angelic Boutique"
    All the items she was planning to offer were blatant overpriced resells from this shop: 
    ... and she never mentioned this seller at all. Sure, this never became a thing, but I think it deserves to be called an attempted scam. 

    2. German private school scam. 
    http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/venus ... -to-school

    3. Kickstarter/Album scam.
    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ve ... d-art-book
    Asking for money to record some songs, but never provided a sample of herself singing. 

    4. Stealing from SassyNPunk: 
    http://abi-pop.tumblr.com/post/22871103 ... sive-drama
    5. "Inspiring people to be themselves"
    "I dress like a doll all the time" 

    Q: Your style is slowly changing, isn't it? Your new shirt that says "Geek" (or something like that) looks a bit different. Pretty anyways!
    A: I wouldn't really say that my style is changing! A doll can wear whatever she wants to and she will still look dolly!
    Whenever somebody asks her why she dresses like a doll, she's always going to respond that it's because of her doll-like face. She is "the doll" because she is beautiful, however in interviews and documentaries, she's always claiming that she inspires people to be themselves, which is quite contradictory. If you believe that it's a person's facial beauty that makes you a "living doll", you don't encourage people to try out the "dolly" style, you do the opposite.
    6. Faked Bodyline contest entry for "My Strange Addiction"
    & Fan manipulation to look popular on cam
    (not really that important but whatever)
    Well, she never mentioned the presence of cameras AT ALL
    Trying to sound like she cares about her fans, when actually she just wanted to look "famous"
    7. Bra shaming

    8. Fat shaming
    Venus' contest entry for Joma: Stretching herself for "entertainment purposes" and suggesting that you "have a laugh" because fat people are hilarious.

    "But Selenite, she only did it because it would look sooo funny if she had super long arms while dancing! She's not meant to represent a fat person!" you say? OH RLY? This is how she advertised her video on her Twitter, clearly calling her distorted self a "fatty". 

    Some negative reactions she got so far. If course she didn't feel the need to apologize or set the record straight. Screw these people, it's their fault for being oversensitive and not ~getting~ her. 

    9. Inappropriate videos and tags

    And then there are some nitpicky details such as faking her voice pitch, pretending to be innocent while doing suggestive things and stealing ideas while accusing others of being copycats, but these things are pretty tame compared to the other things that have been listed here, so I'm not going to go into detail.

    All the credits go to everyone that captured the drama and the screenshots, I only gathered the information from the old Pull. Feel free to add anything else!
  2. Ladeathmachine is a youtuber (instagramer, facebooker, devientarter, twitterer, google+er, yourepeater, redditer, and the list goes on...)
    She's admitted to have had jaw argumentation and wears a lot of make up, and also having an "internet persona", whilst she calls Venus fake and a liar and the usual stuff. She doesn't like Venus, but both girls are non-japanese, obsessed with Japanese culture and do their makeup a little too dramatic for comfort... 
    Venus or ladeathmachine?
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/ladeathmachine/?hl=en
  3. does anybody have any old pictures? I'm just curious as to how much she's changed... even though she doesn't
  4. Heya, ok I had venus's videos pop up in my news feed again so I decided to see what was going down. I went to her latest video and looked through the comments (as it was another food video) and saw that shit had gone DOWN. 
    Venus is apparently living with Maneki now, away from mother Gothel and lets just say margret polermo is NOT happy  I screen shotted this myself from their official instagram and social media. 

  5. So venus' youtube channel has been terminated recently due to copyright claims ! Do you think margaret has something to do with this ?