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  1. Since Venus recently ran away from Margo  it's likely that they won't have much contact with each other anymore (I hope, at least). And we know that Margo probably forced Venus to keep up a dolly facade and that most of the scams were her doing. It'd be nice if we moved Margo to a new forum, especially considering how cluttered the general Venus thread has become. (People keep talking about Margaret even when it doesn't concern Venus at all). 
  2. Post on Blood Money in Venus Angelic

    By PurrandFurr, posted
    Got a little emotional at the end....I'm talking about the Venus Angelic vs Margaret drama. It's honestly quite sad and I have some opinions I'd like to share and get feedback on. If you have any information or input, please let me know because I always love being informed as I am not as well informed as 99% of you! Please, watch all of the video before commenting on it. It's only 20 minutes long 
    **DISCLAIMER** I do not know even a quarter of the things you guys know about all this as I am fresh to this site and newly into what is going on- Any input is valuable and will be taken with an open mind. I encourage conversation and comments. Much love xoxo 
    SORRY THE VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED as I was not aware of how things work. My B. Just joined yesterday (literally) 
    Also to the person in the comments, Lol it was a video on how they should solve their differences and contained nothing of the sort. But haters gonna hate yah feel? I dont get angry over such small things. I have much patience. I would reply to you directly but I cannot as I have been banned from making comments. xoxo