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  1. General thread about Venus Angelics videos.

    Link to her youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic/videos

    Her latest uploaded video:
  2. General Venus Angelic thread.

    In case anyone has noticed, some posts on this thread are being deleted. Specifically, posts that are too ''chatty''/are completely off topic.

    1) For instace: ''Lmao!!!!!'' < just this, nothing else
    or '' I see that you have changed your username'' < nothing to do with margaret or venus
    or ''I just ate mcdonalds'' ''lmao'' '' true'' ''same'' "omg i'm still awake and its like 7 in the morning teehee", "i've got mcdonalds are you jealous?", you get the gist

    These type of posts just clog up the thread, and it gets really exhausting for those who want to keep up with the drama. So please keep in mind that this thread is to post things related to venus and discuss things.

    If you want to make friends, and/or just chat regurarly, then please head to either our chat: http://prettyuglylittleliar.chatango.com/
    Or our random chat thread: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/40-random-chat-thread/

    Please bear in mind that we have this forum rule:
    4) Please do not spam any of the topics
    - Stay on topic. A few gifs and personal remarks here and there are fine, but don’t clog up entire threads
    - If you get into an argument with another user, please resolve the issue via PM instead of arguing in the thread.
    - Please report overly offensive posts instead of openly confronting people and adding more fuel to the fire
    - Please don’t contribute like crazy just for the sake of raking up posts

    2) Please keep the height/weight discussions only here: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/911-venus-height-weight/
    As it is a never ending and repetitive topic.

    3) Do NOT derail the topic by saying ''oh this thread is shit, I don't like which direction it's going, we need better modding''. If you have issues with the modding or how the thread is, then please take it to the ''Suggestions and Gripes'' subforum.

    4) Venus Angelic videos are not to be posted in the general venus angelic thread unless it is videos regarding the Maggot vs Venus drama. All of her other videos are only to be posted and discussed in this thread: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/11-venus-angelics-videos/?page=1
    5) Also, keep in mind that Manaki_okada  margeretpalermo and margaretpaIermo (capital 'i' as the 'L') are FAKE accounts. Please check the spelling of those usernames.

    6) If a member states something(I.e x shouldn't be posted in the general thread), and it isn't stated here, in the forum rules or said by staff members, then do not take it as the truth and then blame it on us. Members have no moderation power. 

    Link to her Twitter: https://twitter.com/venusangelic
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/venusangelic
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/venus_angelic

  3. does anybody have any old pictures? I'm just curious as to how much she's changed... even though she doesn't
  4. Since Venus recently ran away from Margo  it's likely that they won't have much contact with each other anymore (I hope, at least). And we know that Margo probably forced Venus to keep up a dolly facade and that most of the scams were her doing. It'd be nice if we moved Margo to a new forum, especially considering how cluttered the general Venus thread has become. (People keep talking about Margaret even when it doesn't concern Venus at all). 
  5. It seems to me that at least recently, the purpose of the General Venus Angelic thread is to discuss the drama between Margot and Venus (I don't know what you guys talked about before since I wasn't here yet) and to give our comments, different perspectives, advice to Venus, updates on the drama, etc. 
    We only really have two sources to get the drama from: Instagram or Youtube. 
    So a lot of people bring up her new videos, which she talks about what is happening between her and her mom. A lot of people also go, "No discussing videos in this thread, there's a video thread for that." 
    It seems to me like the "No discussing videos" rule was made back when all of her videos were "How to look Korean" rather than videos providing updates between Venus and her mom. So while the rule made sense then, it doesn't make sense to me now, since if we want to keep the general thread about Venus's escape from her mom, we need to discuss the videos, right? 
    Just something to consider, maybe we should get rid of this rule now since the videos are vital for discussing the drama? Or maybe at least say don't discuss her makeup/fashion/food videos in the general thread, but videos about her mom or her escape from her mom are fine? 
    Side note: Some people have also been saying to not bring up personal stories, but from what I've seen, people (including me) bringing up personal stories are doing so because we have a different perspective on how Venus should react to her mom or what Venus's mom is going to do next, since we may have people similar to Margot in our life. Is this okay or not okay? I read the rules on both the general thread and the general thread #2 and was a bit confused. 
    Thanks, hope it doesn't seem like I'm trying to insult the rules or the forum or anything, just suggesting a change 
  6. This has been bothering me for quite some time now so I decided to finally make an account 
    Ever since Taylor and Venus met it just felt so wrong their videos together. Its so unnatural. 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWkMF3xXDyo<< Taylor's video of their first time meeting.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avc91NOJngA<< Taylor's second video
    As you may have noticed there is barely any footage of Venus herself interacting with Taylor alone. It's pretty cringe worthy to watch. They do not click at all, feels almost like a sponsor video. It is almost as if Taylor is embarrassed of Venus.
    Here is Taylor's latest video and be warned... IT'S HARD TO WATCH WITHOUT WANTING TO GAG.
    But now you can see Taylor is doing a lot of things she wouldn't normally do with Venus why? Because it got her views... Jokes on her though for trying to be a sneaky snake. She didn't even get above 100k views 
    Both girls are clearly using each other for their own benefit, it's almost sickening to watch this horrible acting.
    Why Venus is mooching: 
    Taylor has many "friends"She also fits Venus's aesthetic for her channelVenus is practically desperate for friends at this pointShe wants to be apart of Taylor's clique.Venus want new viewers from different communitiesWhy Taylor is mooching: 
    Venus has over 1 mil subscribersTaylor gets almost double her views on those videos!!Venus's fan base is made up of weeaboos who will sub to anything JapanTaylor practically is getting paid to be friends with Venus by gifts. 
    I don't see any big issues with Venus's reasoning, I mean come on she is in Japan on her own with her boyfriend/husband whatever he is lmfaoo and she wants to branch out for once, and Taylor being the fakest of them all is most approachable. It seems like an easy one way ticket to making it as a J-Vlogger. Which I don't know if you noticed but Venus has attempted to vlog in her videos lately.  No thank you...
    BUT, with Taylor I see major issues. She is the closet snake version of Mira (KanadaJin3) she leaves nice comments acting like she cares, and invites many people who she doesn't even click with or have any kind of true relationship with in her videos. And she does it for views. It's disgusting, and the fact I adored Taylor at one point is just gross. I feel like Taylor's fanbase isn't even loyal or are all new comers. P.S. Taylor should get Venus a better birthday gift. LMAO what has Daddy's money run low already this month?? 
    I serious hope Venus and Taylor just stop using eachother it's gonna ruin one or the other. 
    What do you guys think? 
  7. Post on Hi hi in Introduce Yourself

    By Hoki, posted
    Hi hi! I am 14 year old girl from texas hehe, my favorite girl is Venus I just love how doll like she is, even if she can be a bit scary at times! I'm studying japonese on my own at the moment cause my parents won't let me! They're pretty racist, they sometimes say that 2 nuclear doo hickeys were too little D:. When I grow up I wanna go to Japon and become a mangaka! I'm quite good at drawing. I hope we can all talk about how Venus is best girl, and get new friends! I hate my real life friends anyways lol.
  8. Hey guys like the title says im new-ish. Ive seen this site many times but finally decided to make an account. So much to read so much to talk about! Ive been watcing these jvloggers for years now and i guess you can say ive watched most them rise and fall. Anyways I'll be around posting comments.. I have had some nasty encounters with some of these vloggers i could talk about later. For now lets be friends! anyone wanna introduce themselves? and i guess let me know who you love and hate most