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  1. I thought we could share some unpopular opinions here see what could be said
    For me I found that getting a job done on ones face isn't bad. I dont understand why people would get butt hurt over it.  It is their body, their life why would anyone care so much?? I understand that some may have religious belief and other find it morally no acceptable.But frankly if I had a problem with my body and I could undergo surgery (but I would never I love myself too much,..actually no I have saggy boobs) I would do it.
    BUT BUT BUT what gets me really out of myself , are those who have the balls to GET surgery done on them, to then proceed to lie about IT.
    THAT is pure hypocrisy. If you had the balls to get a knife to shape your face, you should have enough left to ADMIT THAT YOU HAD IT DONE.
  2. Honestly, I was surprised that this wasn't a thing yet on here. 
       Since there's an unpopular opinions thread on PULL, I decided to make one myself but based around Kpop. I'm sure we all have things we want to say, discuss or lol, confess. Sooo here's the chance (i guess). 
    (Although I wouldn't call myself a huge kpop fan, I only stan few groups, but I do have a general knowledge on the community) 
    Ok so here's my list:
    To me, kpop is starting to become overrated...and annoying (all these so-called 'fans' starting to hop on the BTS wave)Most groups nowadays are literally the sameMost kpop stans are annoying afI honestly find fanwars funny. Like it's funny how stans are literally arguing over who's best but yet their faves all get along and are ACTUALLY friends (?)I'm sorry (in my personal experience), I think MOST Armys and Exols (tbh all big fandoms) are annoying. Like...just stopI don't get the hype over Twice, Red Velvet, Wanna One and KardK-hiphop (to me) is underappreciated Girl groups are just..either too cutesy or 'try hard sexy'. There's a reason why people prefer boy groups (no offence)There's no such thing as 'The Big 3 Privilege' everyone worked hard to get where they are now, and just cuz they're in a big company it doesn't mean anything.(To be continued...)
     MAJOR WARNING!!! : THIS THREAD ISN'T FOR EVERYONE, If you don't like what's been said...then leave. Just saying.