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  1. links; 
    twitter; lol_Emiru
    instagram; emiru.jpg
    still continues to claim that she is super godlike at league when she plays adc but twitch stream says otherwise. just feeds and blames her team and is super toxic. when off stream plays support and claims that it is purely for filling when she purposely chooses support as her role. continues to be toxic about other females in the gaming community and says others who play stereotypes are not true gamers. wears 2 to 4 bras to stack her "cleavage" because she naturally doesnt have any and is an average titty streamer but still claims that she is gaming quality and totally not another e-whore! has a youtube channel that is suppose to be purely gaming content but has become a mockery of one and is just shitty drag queen makeup about female gaming characters that she is garbage at. still wishes that she was 80 pounds. has an eating disorder and shoves a million calories into her already obese boyfriend so she doesnt eat. brags about being white/asian and "exotic."
    attention hungry girl who was barely legal obsessed over dyrus (famous lol streamers/ex-pro) and started dating him when she was 17. after one month of simply talking, she moved all the way over to cali to be with him and moved in with him without ever meeting him in person first. starts her own twitch stream and claims she isn't like other league girls who only play ahri,lux, support etc. is also known for being toxic and blaming other people for bad games and rages. when shes doing good she claims she is carrying the entire team and deserves better. 
    collage image summary provided by Tiffanie ?

    claims she's unique by playing adc and JHIN *wow so hard* and constantly calls out other girls. is known to be an attention whore and has tried to hook up with other pros (reckful) before going onto dirt bag dyrus. constantly claims that she eats a million pounds of food a day but never gains weight, is always condescending. got noticed by buzzfeed for a twitter pic that says "i eat junkfood etc but never gain a pound haha im so fucking ugly" and she got salty. is in denial of her attitude and uses her pussypass to get away with bitchy behavior. 
    in the past day or two she has deleted all of her bitchy tweets/subtweets/ bullying evidence. if you check out her twitter, the latest thing is dated may 16th. 
    screenshots/evidence in spoiler;
  2. Post on Helenalive in Online Personalities

    By Near, posted
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/helenalive
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helenaliveofficial/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AbsolutLola
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/helenalive96?lang=en
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helenalive96/?hl=en
    So Helena is a League/Dota 2 Twitch streamer that's infamous for her bad temper and short-lived relationships with famous fellow streamers, most notably Hayate. He was banned from Twitch for beating Helena with a keyboard live on his stream, as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrAhOpXzyvI around 50 seconds.
    Despite the fact that Hayate is obviously an abusive piece of shit, his fanboys since then haven't left Helena alone and spam and troll her chat during her streams, making Helena rage. She's known to scream and curse and sometimes even get drunk on stream even though it isn't allowed. 
    I personally really pity her because she is generally pretty sweet and funny, she just experienced a lot of trauma and is reminded of it every day by Hayate's idiotic followers. She also struggles with anorexia as she confesses in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9hD-Za3nag this is from 2016 so I don't know if she is still struggling with her eating disorder or not, but it's really heartbreaking because despite having so many followers on twitch, she doesn't seem to receive the support she deserves. I guess her viewers are only interested in trolling her. I don't know how she still streams when every time it's just the same people trying to piss her off and insult her. 
  3. hey everyone ! this is my first post on this forum so if i miss out on anything + can fix anything please tell me !!! :]
    jennythesquirrel / jenny seol is known for her League of Legends (North American server) & Kpop dancing streams on Twitch. She fakes having PTSD and depression. She made a $1000USD donation goal to ''cure her depression''. She cries on stream while there is a huge donation bar to help her ''healing journey''. Her bandaid switched cheeks overnight, and went from wearing no wrist guard to having one LMFAO She takes off the wrist guard and uses her injured wrist to press off her arm rest on her chair to sit herself up with no sign of pain. At the end of the stream she asks her Korean fans (in Korean) to report this streamer who made fun of her. She forces herself to cry and just sit there, for fucking 40 minutes. Twitch management doesn't even ban her for no gameplay. Even her bot tells viewers to help her healing journey by buying games off of her sponsors (G2A). She's clearly trying to make money out of a mental disorder and its disgusting. shes shit at video games, barely gets any views anymore (also she view bots)  so she must of made a sob story to get more viewers. She's basically a boobie streamer. yawn. wheres the ban hammer??? 
    any thoughts on her???? this is kind of old drama but i want to know what you guys think of this
    ^^^^^^^^^^^post she made about suffering and shit. clearly attention seeking 
  4. Group Discussion Thread for E-Girls mainly found in the League of Legends/Hearthstone/Fortnite/Overwatch Twitch Community.
    Here, you can talk about e-girls (and e-boys) who do not have their own thread yet. If you would like to talk about Pokimane, LilyPichu, or Emiru their threads are linked to in their name. 
    Some people who appear in this thread:
    xChocoBars (Janet):
    Twitch / Youtube / Twitter / Instagram
    iGumdrop (Jaime):
    Twitch / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube
    Offline TV (besides Poki and Lily)
    Youtube / Twitter / Instagram
    LittleJenny (Jenny Wu)
    Twitch / Twitter / Instagram
    C9Sneaky (Zach Scuderi) and his girlfriend, Esther Lynn:
    Zach's Twitch / Zach's Twitter / Zach's Instastagram / Esther's Twitter / Esther's Instagram
  5. Hello everyone!

    I've found out about her recently and noticed nobody has talked about her on PULL, so.... here we go:

    Who is that?
    Nara (Dotagasm) is/was a Twitch Streamer with around 30k followers. She has been around for many years and didn't show her face during her streams. People could only hear her and watch her while she was playing Dota2 and fooling around with other streamers. Some people don't like her hysteric laughter and the moaning action during her streams, but obviously this helped her to gain lots of male followers during the years. She is/was active on VK, Twitter and Instagram as well, posting lots of pictures about her life.

    Social Media Links:
    https://go.twitch.tv/dotagasm (30k+ follower)https://twitter.com/dotagasm https://www.instagram.com/dotagasm/ (Everything has been deleted here, had 15k+ followers before)https://ask.fm/sheeborsheehttps://www.youtube.com/user/dotagasmhttps://vk.com/dotagasm 
    What did she do?
    Nara (Dotagasm) is a catfish.Like any other girl, Nara uploaded bunch of photos on social media. Recently, someone noticed that the photos of "herself" she's using is an Asian model. They wrote to the model saying that this person (dotagasm) on internet is impersonating them. When Dotagasm found out about it, she made her instagram privateShe "dated" a well known Dota2 pro player (S4) at some point, it looks like they have never met in person.Tried to catfish 2 more players (singsing and admiralbulldog)She stole pictures of (mostly korean) Instagram models. Most of the time she seems to use this ( instagram ) model as her fake persona (and removes her tattoos). This model posted on Instagram and said that she hasn't ever heard about Nara (see below)Stole other Instagram pictures as well and posted them.Complained years ago about other people using "her" pictures to catfish.Posted an "explanation" text on PasteBin (see below)Someone found out that she is a girl from Kazakhstan, claiming to be from Korea. She seems to be obsessed with Korea, which seems to be normal for Kazakhstan citizens. A Youtuber showed her real face. He found her pictures on VK, I've linked her Instagram profile below, but I'm not 100% sure if Anastasiya Lee is her real persona.Disappeared since then, her last stream was around June and only subscribers can watch her old videos on Twitch.Evidence of Snowflakery:
    Pastebin Explanation:
    Proof / Other sources
    Imgurl: https://imgur.com/a/IfuOR/Patebin: https://pastebin.com/SMFChhFWReddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/6w7jis/whats_going_on_with_the_drama/Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/6w5ayx/dotagasm_was_actually_fake_all_this_time/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQIymb1SMco&feature=youtu.be&t=14m33s sReal Persona: https://www.instagram.com/anastas.__/ (stopped using this account in August)
  6. Post on Greetings! in Introduce Yourself

    By behttie, posted
    Hey there! I'm Nymphchii. 

    You can usually find me in some threads about League of Legends / Twitch / Instagram  / Gaming overall (?) snowflakes.  

    My hobbies are drawing, translating stuff from English to Russian (some manga usually), PhotoShop, Shows/Dorama, e-sports and 'course, videogames. League of Legends mostly though.

    I like to meet new people and i'm always up to chat! 

    Thanks for reading, looking forward to talk! 
  7. Post on litah_ri in Online Personalities

    By lol, posted
    This girl has popped up on my explore on IG frequently over the past year and she's gained a lot of attention within a short span of time and  I think she's pretty but she kinda reminds me of Hyoon from the way they edit their makeup/selfies. I don't think she edits her face as much though. 
    General Info: 
    Not sure if I can list her real name (found it through her old tags on IG) but it seems she goes by Litah Ri online. She is currently 20 years of age. (says 96 in her bio) Is Chinese(?). From New Zealand.
    Social Media: 
    IG // Twitter // Twitch
    Topics to Discuss:
    • Photoshopping 
    • No tracks of her past on any of her social medias except for very few tagged photos on her IG; i'm assuming she made some social medias specifically for when she decided to start streaming.
    • Has an IG fangirl account dedicated to her but is inactive 
    •Used to do shoutouts
    • more to be added if possible.
    • OLD: 
    • RECENTS (Mid 2016-Now)
    Potential Evidence:
    • Main Reason why I decided to make this thread was because of her most recent post today ( October 25th, 2017 ) about weight gain and body positivity but there's blurryness at some areas to her photos that didn't sharpen as well as to other spots when I did + unaligned wood panels in the background. There is another photo of her from April 6, 2017, of her wearing the exact shirt. If you notice, her weight gain is drastic within the span of 6 months and i'm not trying to point this out as a negative change it's suprising that there's no weight gain in her face; which is really strange to me if she was to put on that much weight so fast. 
    Sorry for the really long post! I'm just curious if this girl had any tea since her existence kinda seems like she just popped out of nowhere tbh. 
  8. Anisa Jomha / Raihnbowkidz / iDubbbz's Girlfriend (lol)
    Twitter // Twitch // Youtube // Instagram

    Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz is a 23 year old streamer who is currently dating Youtuber iDubbbz. Prior to being on Youtube, she mainly streamed League of Legends on Twitch. However, she mainly became popular due to her being a "titty streamer" and was shouted out by other popular streamers like Gross Gore. If interested, more about her past as a Twitch streamer can be read about in this Kotaku article that she was featured in. Currently, she has her own Youtube channel now and still streams.
    Talking Shit and Being Rude to Other Youtubers
    Talked shit about Ice Poseidon's content, leading his fans to go after her and attack herCalled him a douchebag, unintelligent, and said that his content was lazy and that he didn't work hard for what he has (despite much of Anisa's fame coming from her boobs and iDubbbz)Clip of her comments on him hereTalked shit about Pyrocynical on stream, because she didn't like his video about the problems with titty streamers on TwitchAnisa gets very defensive and angry about the points he makesClip on her comments about him hereTried to distance herself from Zoie Burgher and Celestia Vega's "hoe squad," despite previously trying to be friends with them and talking bad about them on streamClip on her comments about them here, and Zoie's responseSky Williams dramaAnisa and Sky used to be "friends"Anisa was just pretending to be friends with Sky, and was actually talking shit about him on streamSky talks about this in an unlisted video hereSky was nice to Anisa and defended her when people attacked her Naturally upset over her lying to him, he confronts her-- she apologizes, but goes right back to talking shit a few weeks laterChris Ray Gun *cough* Anisa's white knight in shining armor *cough* jumps to Anisa's defense, angry at Sky for sharing a personal conversation and accusing him of manipulating his audienceSky promises that eventually he's going to drop a video exposing Anisa, though it's yet to be seenAnisa has called him a "valuable piece of shit," due to him having a lot of followers and not wanting to cause drama with him so she has relevant, popular people following herVOD of her saying thisJust goes to show you how desperate Anisa is for relevancy...Sky talking about Anisa on Twitter 1 / 2 Sky's comments on Anisa's behavior towards him:General list of people she's talked shit about: Ice Poseidon, Pyrocynical, Zoie Burgher, Celestia Vega, Jessica Nigri, Laci Green, Tana MongeauCalling Jessica Nigri a tryhardHas slut-shamed TanaLater says "I think Tana Mongeau is really good-looking" (VOD)People are worried to respond to Anisa talking shit because she uses iDubbbz as a shieldLeaked Discord proof of her talking about thisReacted to Venus Angelic's video where she discussed her health and issues with having an eating disorderVOD here, shorter clip here Generally seemed unsympathetic towards her and thought she could be faking the surgeryMade fun of her accent, despite the seriousness of the video and laughed that other people had died from the surgeryHas no context for anything Venus has gone through, wondering how she even got the money to run away and wonders what her Venus's parents must think seeing this video (despite it being very east to find information about her horrible life prior to running way to be with Manaki)Doxxed Keemstar of DramaAlert fameWhile she feels bad, Keemstar still seems pretty annoyed and thinks he might have been set upVOD hereDoesn't seem to respect others' privacyVOD of her with a former friend who doesn't seem to be comfortable with her livestreaming everything and asks her to stop. When asked to stop, Anisa looks confused/annoyedHas talked publicly on stream about how she didn't like her friend CeleryPerry's girlfriendVOD hereChat figured this out due to her identifying them as someone who lives near her, and CeleryPerry was the only one who fit that descriptionThe Infatuation With Chris Ray Gun
    Chris Ray Gun (mentioned above in the Sky Williams drama section) is a Youtuber who Anisa frequently talks to while on stream.Anisa has talked shit and been rude about Chris's girlfriend, Laci Green to him while on streamCalled her a "f*ucking c*nt," asked if he's eaten her ass, made comments about her vagina, asks if she's pegged him, comments that she would make a great porn star... etc.Overall just very awkward, intrusive questions about his sex life and girlfriend that even he seems to eventually feel awkward talking about on streamCompilation of her talking to himLiked a tweet saying how strange it was that Laci was dating ChrisMore weird sexual harassment (VOD)Revealed on stream that she has had sex in an elevator to him, while asking him what the weirdest place he'd had sex wasWeird tweets (????????)As of May 2018, apparently they haven't talked much in the last few months... :thinkingfaceemoji:Possibly cheated on her ex boyfriend, Akaadian (Matt) with iDubbbz (Ian)
    Akaadian is a professional LoL streamer who was a few years younger than Anisa. Towards the end of their relationship, they both went to Twitchcon togetherThis con took place in San Diego from Sept. 30th to October 2ndAround this time was Akaadian and Anisa's one year anniversary, which she seemed excited for in late SeptemberPicture of them together before ending the relationshipWhile they were at Twitchcon, Anisa apparently booked an extra night at the hotel by accident and was alone, and invited iDubbbz to hang out with herDuring this time, Anisa says that she had been talking to Ian for a while and that Akaadian knew about thisLater says that Akaadian and her hadn't been in a relationship for a while, however there are tweets showing that he was hanging out with her up until October 6, 2016People said on one of her streams that Akaadian claimed Anisa had cheated on him, but Anisa refuted this and said that it would be "completely unwarranted" for him to say thatOn Oct 25th and 27th, Akaadian tweeted that he wouldn't be streaming for a while because he was in a "bad place" mentally and said that he "hated girls"On Nov. 4th, Akaadian said on stream that he was upset and very angry but didn't give many specifics about what he was so angry aboutClip where he tells viewers that he's angry, but doesn't specify what he's angry aboutLater revealed that he had blocked Anisa while on stream to his fans, which a fan later told Anisa on TwitterAdmitting to wanting guys who will spend money on her (essentially, a sugar daddy)Discord convo where she talks about thisHas seemingly broken up with past boyfriends if they were too cheap for her"Cheat Sheet" and timeline of her past relationships (courtesy of lolcow)Slut Shaming
    Despite being a former titty streamer, she has slut shamed both Tana Mongeau and Zoie BurgherClaims it was more skin than she ever showed on stream, despite clips of her existing where she's unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her bra Now claims that her titty streaming days were all just trolling and a "social experiment"Has called other girls sluts on Twitter, and overall just seems very derogatory towards other womenRelationship Troubles With iDubbbz (Ian) (Dec/Jan 2018)
    Moved in with Ian rather early on in their relationshipGenuinely seems frustrated and angry whenever Ian tries to scare or surprise her on streamSometimes seems kind of unhappy about their relationship, and gets bitchy talking about him on streamWhile Ian was making the AJP Content Cop in the UK, Anisa talked on Discord about her relationship troubles, saying that it seemed like he was going to break up with herAdmitted that Ian didn't see her for a while, and said she tried to break up with himHowever, Ian was desperate for the relationship to continue and they Anisa stayedHinted that they've had a "relationship scare" beforeRevealed that Ian wanted to move in with her again once he got back from the UK, but Anisa refusedHas called Ian gross on multiple occasionsHas also called him mean, a manchild, irresponsible, says that he doesn't treat her rightBut for some reason, she still stays in the relationship...Screenshots of her calling Ian gross on DiscordScreenshots of her talking about breaking up with Ian from the leaked Discord conversationsIs also using Ian for a Visa because she's from CanadaFor the Visa type she has, she's listed as an "employee" of Ian's and can't get any other kind of job in the United StatesAlso cannot support herself through her own content, and loses subscribers at a consistent rateDiscord conversation where she talks about thisMooching off of Ian's Patreon subs for moneyVisa Screenshots:Try-hard Edginess While Also Being Basic
    Tries to emulate Ian's humor to appeal to his fans, but is incredibly basic with her posts and personalityAccording to her, the holocaust was justified because they experimented on people and made "groundbreaking discoveries" during itVODIt is widely known that the Nazi experiments did not produce legitimate results. Most notes taken by Nazi scientists were "gibberish and disorganized," experiments were done only because the Nazis had the ability to out of sadistic desire to harm people, and the small discoveries made could not be verified due to the experiments being so cruel.source, sourcePretends to be good friends with Maxmoefoe and seems to try to emulate how he talks/his personalityIan has called her "female Maxmoefoe" in a Content Cop beforeAn anon on lolcow, who was a former fan talked about how on stream, she admitted that her and Max had only talked once when they went on the trip to Hawaii togetherTries to compare "cracker" to an offensive slur for Aboriginals, and attempts to play her own race card for legitimacyMaxmoefoe's girlfriend, Kat, calls her out on this and publicly shames her Fake Body-Positive
    Gets angry at women at the gym for making fun of an overweight woman, while also making videos calling women like Amy Schumer "whales""My favorite past time is watching fat people trying do Zumba"Ridiculed BBW women, saying they show 0 respect for the human form by making their body like thatWhile doing this, she praises curvy "thicc" women who work outReacted rather unsympathetically to Venus Angelic's video talking about her struggles with her eating disorderDespite claiming before that she has OCD and has struggled with body issues before, she doesn't quite seem to understand at all what Venus was going throughFaking Mental Illness
    Has said that she has OCDClaimed that a school therapist at her university diagnosed her with this, despite therapists being unable to diagnose someone with a disorderChanged her story to her also seeing a psychologist, then psychiatrist at the same time as her therapist who diagnosed herOverall just very inconsistent with what she does & does not haveUsing Others to Get More Popular
    Used drama with guys like Gross Gore and had relationships with popular Youtubers/Twitch Streamers to increase her popularityConstantly talks about how she doesn't want anyone else to make her famous or popular and that she's done it all on her own, despite her fan demographics clearly saying otherwiseOnly had a substantial subscriber increase when people started posting videos of Ian scaring her on her streams or her being featured in the description of Ian's AJP content copClings to whatever her current boyfriend is interested in: With Akaadian, she started playing LoL, with iDubbbz she started doing Youtube a ton, when she dated guys into sports, she became obsessed with sports... etcBragged about how the Tana content cop was her ideaScreenshots with her claiming credit from leaked Discord conversations Seemed to be obsessed with iDubbbz's popularity, going as far as to call him iDubbbz on her phone instead of IanSalty About the Haters
    Openly acknowledges lolcow and haters, instead of ignoring itHas created a twitch emote involvVideo with timestamp of her talking about themArt Theft/Tracing
    Has claimed art as her own on Instagram, despite it having proof that it was tracedIs friends with both popular artists OhNips (ex-friend of Momokun) and Wiishu (Jacksepticeye's GF) who are very anti-art theftMuch thanks to Pearfax's video for help with making this post:
    Many thanks to @anisa_jomha_receipts for helping with sources/VODs and stuff (also idk if you're pearfax but thanks fam i couldnt have compiled this post without you)
    VODSArt Theft EvidenceThe leaked Discord Conversations(this is a wip, will add more of the tea screenshots when I get time)
  9. Post on Pokimane in Pokimane

    By TrashWifu, posted


    She is 23 years old, born in 1996. She rose to popularity from streaming League of Legends and Fortnite. She also posts irl streams and ASMR content. Before Twitch, she studied chemical engineering at McMaster but dropped out after sophomore year.
    Her Social Media Accounts
    Twitter // Twitch // Instagram // Youtube // Facebook
    Hypocrisy and Arrogance
    Pokimane mocks streamers with “sexual content”, such as pinksparkles and lilchiipmunk who both have cleavage on stream, but denies it when called out and posts cleavage herself to pander. Examples one and two.
    Proof one and proof two of her mocking streamers with sexual content.
    Proof two was most likely taken down when she copystriked many smaller channels for criticizing her
    She panders to her audience of mostly young male fanboys, but acts as if it was unintentional or offended when chat spams THICC    
    Instead of using her tits for views, she regularly wears tight body contouring clothes and constantly complains about people clipping her streams when she turns around to leave her room showing her ass. She could have easily avoided this by adding a BRB screen or just temporarily turning cam off.
    Pretends that she’s a quality streamer and gamer while having a disdain for “cam-girls” on twitch
    In OfflineTV’s video on Twitch, they talk about “big titty streamers” and used a clip from a streamer (TheZombiUnicorn) who has voiced her frustrations in the past about people getting on her case about her cleavage showing. Pokimane goes on about how cleavage is normal and natural, but don’t stream naked.
    If Pokimane truly hated the clips/montages people make of her body of her just getting up to walk to the bathroom or leaving the room, she should’ve understood TheZombiUnicorn’s frustrations, but thicc compilations get her clicks.
    Was salty about Ninja’s refusal to play with female gamers when this polygon article was written and lectured her young fans how she wishes guys can play with girls on twitch without the shipping, yet shes the one who heavily perpetrates shipping culture with Meteos/Bjergsen/Myth/Cizzors/Fed.
    After the article, she tries to backtrack by claiming “shipping herself with Fed was just a meme” and not a deliberate plan to fish for content
    Tried to downplay how much she goaded shipping herself with other streamers even as early as when FaZe Scizzors was on her stream, yet she’s the one constantly posting things like “Moki” (myth x poki) and shipping clickbait on her youtube at the height of Myth’s popularity.
    Lied about what she was up to on Valentines day to preserve her brand.
    When she got romantically involved with Hasan, people started piecing it together and InvaderVie contributed to the rumours by saying this which upset her a lot.
    For once, she has a problem with shipping memes most likely because it was actually serious and she had feelings for Hasan, and he wasn’t a popular big streamer like most streamers she shipped herself with so it wasn’t going to help her career.
    Unfollows Hasan as more and more people pick up on it.
    Claimed that it was because she doesn’t like when it goes into sexual territories and claims to be a very nonsexual person. Hmm, seems like she only uses her sexuality when it benefits her for content. She then deletes the comment because of the downvotes.
    “So what she is inferring through her actions, is that she is not opposed to the sexual objectification of herself by others or her own doing, but rather offended people might assume she has an intimate relationship with another adult.” - FriedJustice
    Obviously extremely self conscious of her image, she refollows Hasan after the reddit thread and backlash.
    She also unfollowed Sliker because he contributed to shipping Poki x Hasan.
    Hypocrisy on using the word “cringe”. Also isn’t it funny now that more girls voice their support of titty streamers, she no longer looks down on them either? It’s almost like it’s not the popular opinion to have anymore. Hey maybe she reformed.
    Catalyzes the drama of Albert cheating on Lily by subtweeting about it to her millions of followers, when she herself in the past had voiced disdain in keeping her privacy.
    Copystriked smaller youtubers to take down their videos, especially ones critical of her. She releases an “apology” video but doesn’t actually apologize and admit her wrongdoing.
    Distastefully puts TMarTns apology intro with his dog, makes it seem like she’s not taking it very seriously.
    Most people aren’t having any of this bullshit. The video has more dislikes than likes and comments aren’t forgiving either.
    She claimed to target channels that just ripped clips/vods to upload without adding any transformative content, but her streams are mostly her reacting to youtube videos… with no transformative content.
    Constantly preaches self love and accepting yourself for who you are, yet photoshops her face and body and look way different in candids or fan pics. Another proof. Also hides her side profile because she likely finds her hook nose unattractive. Hypocritical of her to sell self love and body positivity when she spends an hour on makeup we've seen her apply and cam filters to make her look much paler than she actually is.
    Attention and Status Seeking
    Used to selfsubmit these kinds of pictures to Tumblr blogs to promote her stream.
    Claimed that she was made fun of for streaming in school/university, and talked down about other girls in her class because they were “boring engineers”.
    Cosplayed as Bjergsen and spams his chat to get him to notice her.
    They end up dating for a while.
    Speculated that she broke off with C9 Meteos to quickly get with Bjergsen.
    Actually just refer to this flowchart.
    Stream-sniped Tyler1 when he streamed league again at extremely high viewer counts, but when called out she lies. Proof of screen showing she was assigned support, yet took the ADC role claiming “support is too boring” when she mainly plays mid and support.
    After the Tyler1 incident, she cosplays as him and refers to the stream-sniping incident to garner more attention
    When Fortnite was blowing up on Twitch, Poki regularly duos with Myth (one of the top fortnite streamers at the time), stream together, and make clickbait videos featuring the two. They feed into the shipping culture as mentioned before, such as posting things like #Moki (myth x poki).
    However she wasn’t actually good at the game as most people noticed, and ditches Myth on day 2 of a streamer skirmish tournament. Myth ends up teamless.
    After Myth’s popularity in fortnite dwindled, she allegedly unfollowed him for two weeks because she no longer “worked” with him as much.
    When GTA RP was blowing up on Twitch, she latches on to Vader who roleplayed a popular character Eugene. She roleplays as a dumb young French lady, and no one is impressed because of her inconsistent character story and overall shitty RP.
    Stops playing GTA RP because of the criticisms and backlash of her shitty bimbo character, then claims its because of misogyny and Vader and not her RP skills.
    Obviously, most people can tell its because she purposely roleplays a stupid character then complains when people treat her as such.
    When she stopped playing GTA RP, she unfollows Vader and mostly ignores him at Twitchcon, despite people thinking they were good friends because of their collaborative streams.
    When WOW classic was blowing up on Twitch, Pokimane types in Soda’s chat (with 60k viewers) about how she’s going to play it. A few months before that, she, greek, and soda were in a call and she asked soda to teach her WOW. He said yes but it would have to be offstream since you can’t stream private servers and she immediately lost interest.
    She never ended up playing WOW with soda. I wonder why.
    Not her first time trying with soda: when Soda was featured on the Rajjechlor with 50k viewers, Poki types in chat.
    Not her second time trying with soda either.
    Macaiyla (Tyler1’s gf) said Maya was prettier than Pokimane.
    Pokimane then DMs Macaiyla telling her she was disappointed in her.
    Pokimane attempts to clear it up but doesn’t actually show the message she sent to Macaiyla herself, the one where she said she was disappointed. Probably because it makes Poki look bad?
    Showing Macaiyla’s message implies Macaiyla and her are okay, but never actually addresses the “disappointment” she said to Macaiyla, which was why people criticized Poki’s attitude in the first place.
    When 39daph unfollows her, she asks why and assumes it’s because of Sliker despite daph claiming that not to be the case.
    Poki’s explanation video here.
    Calls Daph a liar because of her reddit comment, insisting the unfollow wasn’t because of “not watching her content” as she suspected. Second comment from Daph.
    Hypocritical of Poki to have a problem with people unfollowing her when she has done the same (see above) to Myth, Vader, Sliker, and Hasan.
    BrAvELy streams without makeup for the first time, then people start poking fun at how drastically different she looks barefaced.
    Tries to fish her predominantly male audience back by taking nice pictures without makeup as if to prove “hey I can still look pretty!”
    Other Interesting Notes
    Weirdly competitive with Valkyrae, a “friend” of hers. Examples one and two.
    Used the n word pretty often in the past. Examples one and two.
    Plagiarised merch.

    Highly suspected to be boosted on League. Mostly plays with challenger duos offstream to help her climb.
    She loses most ranked games she plays on stream.
    Had a tendency in the past to cut the client when playing League so viewers can’t tell she’s actually queuing for normals, but puts “Diamond Ranked” or “Diamond Midlane” in the title, which heavily implies its ranked but it’s not.
    Anecdotes from people who’ve played against her.
    Overall ???? questionable whether she deserves her rank or not. She has never streamed herself playing ranked on a fresh level 30 account like most League girl streamers have such as Emiru.
    ??????? and ????????
    Admits she has no talent https://clips.twitch.tv/GrotesqueExpensiveIcecreamDxCat.
    In conclusion, a lot of people dislike Pokimane because of her attitude and her tendency to use people for social climbing, and never owns up to mistakes when she’s called out for it. Sure people can criticize prettyuglylittleliars for being a gossip forum, but beyond the shallow comments making fun of her nose and her photoshopping, there’s always more comments with real criticisms and proof. I mean how else would I have put this together? People kept saying Poki never really did anything bad, and is an overall wholesome streamer because they can’t really pinpoint or find a good coherent list of things she’s done without sifting through 500+ pages of discussion, so I’ll save you the trouble.
    And isn’t it funny how the audience of the #1 Female Representation of Streaming is overwhelmingly men? Most girls are able to see through her act and insecurity, and it’s not hard to see why a lot of us dislike her. Besides, there are plenty of respectable female streamers that PULL has praised throughout the forums, so for people to dismiss our criticisms as mere jealousy shows how willfully ignorant people are choosing to be because its their “queen”.
    Credits to @@jejujelly. Thank you for taking your time to edit the previous introduction.
  10. Post on igumdrop in Online Personalities

    By sighkei, posted
    igumdrop / jaime

    20 year old twitch streamer, dating c9 smoothie, general e-girl
    twitch // instagram // twitter
    doesn't have much of a personality and appeals to fans by acting younger than her age and lewd selfies don't match her appearance in real life or candid pictures/videosuncomfortable interactions w boxbox despite him being in a relationship 

  11. Hampton Brandon
    twitter    instagram
    Brandon Grosso, better known as Hampton Brandon, is a livestreamer who is a general menace to society.  
    He usually hangs out with many irl streamers such as Ice Poseidon (def needs a thread too),  Andy Milonakis (washed out comedian), and many other more.
    He got permabanned from twitch and switched to youtube, to which he also got permabanned. He is also virtually banned in every other social media platform for scamming, starting fights, stealing and basically being a waste of space in the name of content.
    He roams around the streets of L.A. provoking people and annoying them and does this for crack money.  His immature fanbase obviously LOVES this and continues to request those kind of actions from him. Hampton Brandon, when faced by someone, would immediately cower behind his followers. He basically chooses people who are weaker than him when starting fights and becomes a little pussy when he is confronted back by someone a.) stronger than him or b.) the police.
    Hampton Brandon provoking a homeless man and playing the victim when the police arrived: 
    Him being kicked out of Twitch Con:
    Him being run over by a car in an attempt to escape from a fight (which he probably started)
    Brandon making death threats:
    Vids of him stealing:
    My mommy works for corp so give me note 8 > they're probably not gonna do anything > I RESPECT THE POLICE, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME:
    Pls stay in jail forever :-)
  12. So, there are a ton of threads about streamers, and I was curious as to what you guys think makes a streamer successful and what kind of things are career killers.  I thought this might be a fun discussion, especially for those that are interested in maybe streaming themselves one day.
  13. Brittany Venti
    youtube - instagram - twitter 

    Brittany Venti (real name Brittney Dier) is a 21-year-old controversial Youtube streamer who was banned from Twitch. She gain traction in 2016 for trolling by pretty much screaming and acting really stupid. These days, she still trolls and acts stupid but not to the extent that she used to. She also inserts herself into lots of drama constantly and has made videos calling out lolcows. She has made videos on Shoe0nhead, Pokimane, Anisa Jomha (iDubbbz's girlfriend), and Destiny.
  14. Sykkuno
    Twitch // Instagram // Twitter

    Sykkuno is a full time streamer on Twitch, most known for his friendship with LilyPichu. He is 29-years-old, and lives in LA, California. His friends mostly consistent of the Offline TV + Friends group. He went to college the Bay Area previously, where he got a masters in statistics and mathematics, and moved back to LA in mid-2019.
    Sykkuno is most known for his "anime voice," which was a drastic change from his previous voice before he took a hiatus. He posted League of Legend's videos on YouTube for 8 years before the hiatus, where he would commentate on the gameplay (he did not use a face cam back then). After returning in August, his entire voice and demeanor had changed from previously. When questioned about this, he claims "people change," and that's as far as he'll comment on it.
    First video:
    Voice change now: 
    Sykkuno's followers and subscribers are made up primarily of young women, who believe they stand a chance with him. His top donors are all women as well. Multiple times every streams, he will say how unattractive he is, how girls don't like him, how his ex dated him only because she didn't have to look at his face (which was later debunked on the Rajj Show, where he claimed that they did hang out in person when he was asked if he was still a virgin), etc.
    Once the voice settles in, the manipulation begins to become more noticeable. As said above, he manipulates women into believing they have a chance with him, but he also manipulates quite often about money. Another spiel he likes to go on every stream is how he "can't pay for his water/internet bill," he has to eat "Costco burritos" every single day, and he makes sure to tell everyone who donates of gifts subs that it's "more than he gets in a week." He was using a duct taped together chair until his followers donated well over enough for him to buy a new one, he bought $110 earbuds that he opened on stream (they were free only because they took longer to arrive than expected), he was seen on Facebook when he was in college with a nice expensive car, and Lily commented that the first time they met he had a nice car too. He calls himself a "small streamer for fun" and claims that he isn't a full time streamer yet and that he isn't sure if he'll be able to do it full time.
    Another way he manipulates is by gaslighting people in believing he is the victim in every situation. This is an extremely common occurrence, and happens at least once every stream. He does it to his viewers and his friends. I can't give specific examples because chat expires on Twitch clips, but here is a verbal example:
    "Sykkuno, wow! You're using a facecam! Your face looks so much different than I expected, you're so cute!"
    He will read outloud:
    "Sykkuno, your face looks so much different than I expected" following up with "oh... I'm sorry if I disappointed you... I know, I'm not the most attractive person, my ex only dated me because she didn't have to look at me. Here, I'll make my face cam smaller..."
    Chat says:
    "Noo! Don't listen to them! Leave it the same! You're fine!"
    He will reply:
    "Well, people were saying they didn't like to look at my face, so..."
    Which leads to chat attacking the person and demanding that they be blocked.
    He borderline harasses his female friends and acts innocent about it. On multiple occasions, he has been heard flirting inappropriately with his female friends, and then pretending he didn't know that's what he was doing. When Lily had a boyfriend, he would express that "anything is fun as long as I'm doing it with you," he has told an engaged friend that they "have a lot in common," and he has told chat when Valkyrae had a boyfriend that her not being able to pick up food with chopsticks was "cute." Valkyrae is the biggest victim of this most recently, as he seems to have an infatuation with her. She was seen visibly uncomfortable in a deleted VOD, expressing that she didn't know if he was doing it on purpose, or if it was just part of his "wholesome" personality.
  15. Post on Pokimane (thread 2) in Pokimane

    By :3, posted
    Imane Anys / Pokimane

    Pokimane is a 24 year old streamer (born 1996) on Twitch who is known for streaming Fortnite and League of Legends, and is apart of the group OfflineTV. She previously studied chemical engineering at McMaster before dropping out her sophomore year. She is a controversial streamer due to her sexual behaviour on twitch and her filtering and photoshopping.
    Social Media Links:
    Twitch // Twitter // Youtube // Instagram
    Relevant Threads:
    Thread 1 // OfflineTV thread
    Hypocrisy & Arrogance
    Attention and Status Seeking
    OfflineTV and Fedmyster 
    Other Interesting Notes 
    In conclusion, a lot of people dislike Pokimane because of her attitude and her tendency to use people for social climbing, and never owns up to mistakes when she’s called out for it. She's quick to blame others before accepting the blame herself and has a way of manipulating her way through controversies. She's criticized heavily for behaving in a negative way considering she is a big icon for female representation on Twitch and in the gaming scene.
    credits to @TrashWifu and @jejujelly for the original thread's introduction that was also included here. Any invalid links were removed from the original summary. Please point out if I missed anything, I would love for the help.