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  1. Post on Blackpink vs Twice in Music

    By Bobatea, posted
    I like both of the groups equally, but their fanbases on the other hand. That's another issue. I'm apart of one of the most problematic kpop fandoms out there and that is the ARMY's; but I don't delude myself into saying we're never problematic, because we are. Koreaboos, I'm talking to you.
    BP's like to say that their group is better than all the other seasoned groups because they got into the TOP 100 of Canada. I'm not saying Canada isn't great, but U.S. is where the fame and money is at. That's why so many KPOP artists try to break in through to America. Is that really something to brag about to Once? Especially, when you still get heat for being "A Modern Day Copy of 2ne1"? Did you guys not think that through?
    How is it that Twice is able to get less heat for "The Modern Day Copy of Girls Generation"? How is it that even though they're mainly stationary in Korea, they're still well known internationally and respected, even though a lot of people don't like the cute/adorable shtick? I don't see a lot of Once's taking jabs at other girl fandoms, even in the Blackpink videos. 
    To be quite honest, this simply reminds me of 2ne1 vs SNSD (Girls Generation) but more dumb. For the simple reason, BlackPink is new and their fanbase shouldn't be like that already. I feel like every other fandom, including the men, over a time became worse. I've witnessed, ever since YG announce their debut. People stan them hard after seeing their visuals and then stanned even harder once Boombayah and Whistle came out and started attack other phandoms.
    I like BlackPink, don't get me wrong. But, their fans are on some other ish. How do you get to a point in such a short amount of time to diss every talent out there and say BlackPink has the real talent, they're going to be the face of KPOP and make everybody like it. Show me the receipts.
    All I know, from what I've heard from other fans and saw for myself who the faces of Kpop are: BigBang, 2ne1, Exo, 4Minute, GirlsGen, Shinee, Super Junior, BTS, CL, GTOP, PSY (That Gangnam Style stunt) and NCT. (As far as my knowledge.) The only reason why I said NCT, do you know how many people have latched onto 7th Sense? An effin lot!
  2. Post on Onces (Twice fans) in Music

    By slipstream13, posted