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  1. This insta-famous ; ) -- thanks Lily -- baddie girl who is apparently everyone's bae. The old PULL had stuff about her like how she looked like before (possible work done to her face) and a crap ton of candid pictures of her.

    Here's what I've been able to salvage at least:
  2. Hello Everyone! This is my first time posting a topic. Sorry if I didn't post this right. (>.<)
    I found Little Skylark a couple months ago on Tumblr. She's into Petplay,Bdsm and also the creator of the Catgirl Online magazine called "The Chateau".
    I was suprised when I didnt find a Thread about her already cuz she's very active on Tumblr and Youtube. Have you guys heard of her or anything about her? She avoids alot of questions about her age and relationships. But other than that..... She's pretty much an open book.lol 
    She travels alot I'm so jealous of that! Is she rich?

    The Chateau:http://www.thechateau.org/
  3. I don't know if some of you have heard of this girl Cindy Kimberly but she is known for having her selfie posted by Justin Bieber. She is a 17 y/ old spanish girl who lives in Costa Blanca, Spain. I found her a few months ago when she still had a Tumblr before that hapenned though and she already had quiet a few followers then. Some say she is the most beautiful girl and I'm not going to lie but I'm kinda jealous of her. She looks good in every angle!! Even the ugliest picture of her is still probably better than my best xD. The only drama about her though is that she's lied for months, probably even years? - I don't know to be honest since I've only followed her since 6 months ago... That she absolutely did not get lip injections, she only overlines them and pouts. Before I even saw her older pictures I could tell they're fake. She 'admitted' on Instagram finally that she had lip injections after someone found her older pictures but a lot of her followers believe she was being 'sarcastic'. A girl who lives in Spain messaged me once saying she saw Cindy in real life but that she looked different in real life and had smaller lips but I'm not 100% sure if that girl was telling the truth but I thought it was worth a mention here because maybe she didn't actually get lip injections if they're still small in real life? She could be pulling a Sasha and sucking on shot glasses right before taking selfies or editing them. What do you guys think? I think she is beautiful but she really needs to chill out with how big she makes her lips, they look so swollen in some photos it distracts from how good the rest of her face looks. Some people just look better with smaller lips.
    Anyway, on to her personality, I can't really say much about her being problematic except once I saw her complain on Tumblr that a lot of people just want to be her friend because she's so pretty and that she doesn't like that people only follow her because of her looks which is such a LilyMayMac moment with ~pretty people problems~ sort of thing lol like we're supossed to feel bad for you? We all know you like that attention so don't even try to play us. Of course, I have no screencaps and she's deleted her account so you can't see that she said that sadly.
    Sorry if I wrote so much! This is my first time starting a thread here. 😊

  4. Post on Micky Martyrdom in Little Snowflakes

    By X, posted
    Micky Martyrdom:

    Taken from lolcow
    "What You Need To Know

    - Tried to get Tumblr to doxx a girl who opinion she disagreed with

    -Obsessed with Aminyan and hates her guts

    -Copies Himeka and Bibi to gain popularity

    -Was in Special Ed, but has recently graduated

    -Runs the Kawaii Black Girls like page on Facebook. It now has it's own forum

    -Admits to getting off on lolicon material

    -Bandwagons anything that will make her popular

    -Deluded herself into thinking she's a small kawaii hafu

    -Boyfriend is 26 years old and has tricked her into thinking he's 22

    -Like Himeka she sells her nudes for cheap shit

    -Constantly tries to cover up any evidence of being a shitty han being by deleting her pages and claiming the site she's on ~magically~ deleted them

    -Fully believes herself to be spacekin

    -Purposely starts arguments with others

    -White knight herself on here

    -Made a thread about another local girl she didn't like but forget to crop her profile picture out of the screenshots

    -Hides her shitty hair and makeup under thousands of filters and blur

    -Happily tells people that she posted nudes of herself when she was twelve

    Twitter: twitter.com/wafuwafubby
    Instagram: Instagram.com/sailormicky
    Tumblr: kin blog: moon-moons.tumblr.com

    main blog: kirakiramagicaldream.tumblr.com

    nsfw blog: cuteoppai97.tumblr.com"
    Now for the evidence: 
    Under the spoilers, there are a lot of pictures (like A LOT):
    Spacekin stuff: 
    Kawaii Black Girls: 
    She talks about race a lot (and as lolcow says, seems to be using it only when it's to her advantage): 
    Being a bit obnoxious honestly/ having snowflake syndrome: 
    Generally just being gross: 
    Being exceeding hypocritical: 
    Kicked someone off tumblr: 
    Alright, so there's like 150 ish pictures here. So I'm just too tired now to categorize. So anything that comes under the snowflakery/ race issue is going into this one thing here (everything here is new): 
    There's still a lot more left over on lolcow as well. I'll repeat the advice of the lolcow poster. Screencap everything. Micky loves to delete stuff. 
    Sorry about how long this post is. Good job if you read it all. *gives gold star* 

  5.  Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/lemonadejar?lang=en
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/lemonadejar/?hl=en
    Blog: http://jojopearson.blogspot.com/?m=0
    Tumblr: http://lemonadeinajar.tumblr.com
    Just stumbled upon this girl on Instagram. Her name is Jojo Pearson and is from Birmingham, UK. Just got fascinated with how her skin is super white, but I'm not sure if that's her real skintone or if maybe she's albino. I didn't know people with that skin tone can exist. I've had friends that have albinism and they usually have a pink tone on their skin. But idk, what do ya'll guys think? 

  6. Hey guys, so I know this is a touchy topic for a lot of people but I really wanted a thread where we could discuss modern-day feminists and feminist ideology, something I've recently become really interested in. I hope we can keep things civil and not get too riled up about differing opinions. By the way, I'm not talking about third world countries, I want to try to keep the discussion to the FIRST world, mainly the west. 
    Mini essay coming, sorry for wall of text.

    Recently I've decided that I'm not a feminist (btw, I'm a girl). And before you say feminism is about ~equality~, that's what the textbook definition of feminism is. But more often than not ideologies play out differently in practice than they do on paper. I honestly think that a lot feminist ideas are pretty old and don't have a lot of relevance when you compare them to people's actual experiences. I actually hate the term feminism, I think it alienates men from the discussion and causes people in general to focus only on women's issues and leads to bias. I think feminism should be replaced with gender equality or humanism, two terms that are much more broad and encompassing than just 'feminism'.
    My main reason for turning away from feminism was doubt. I didn't feel oppressed as a woman, and I just didn't see the woman hating world they were presenting to me. If anything, I think western society is very biased towards women in general. There's so many studies out there debunking the wage gap (I can post the links to at least a dozen studies), and many studies that say that women are actually two times more likely to be hired than men because people are trying desperately to get gender equality in the workplace, even if the female candidate is less qualified. More women attend post secondary studies and graduate from college and university than men. My whole life my family and friends and teachers encouraged me to do well in school, to play sports, to purse a science degree, to get a good career and take care of myself. I never felt in my whole life that society was 'out to get me' or that I was being held down because of my gender. I have never felt that way except on an individual basis where I came across a prejudice or sexist individual. I never felt like society or men as a whole was stopping me from moving forward.

    If you are unaware of issues facing men I'll list a few issues where I often see men being treated unfairly (note: these aren't true 100% of the time, just some trends I've noticed):
    Although men make up 40% of domestic violence cases you almost never ever hear about programs for men who are domestically abused. Men who are abused or raped are often laughed at when they come out about it. There are so many battered women's shelters out there, but almost none for men.From what I've observed, if a woman is the victim, she is almost ALWAYS believed, no matter what. If a guy gets a girl pregnant by accident and she decides to keep the baby, he has ZERO choice in the matter and must pay child support no matter what.Men get longer prison sentences than women.Man gets sexually harassed at work = laughed at, told to man up or told that he's gay. Girl gets sexually harrassed = taken extremely seriously. Man flirts at work = gets harassment charge. Girl flirts at work = completely toleratedMore men commit suicide than women. Men also suffer from breast cancer, but you never hear about it.Prostate cancer is just as much of a killer as breast cancer, yet it doesn't get nearly as much funding as breast cancer does.Nearly 70% of all homeless people are men.Men almost always lose custody battles.Masculinity is damaging to men.Don't worry, I know there are lots of women's issues out there too. I'm just pointing out the fact that both genders face different issues in western society. 
    To me the main cause of these kinds of problems and biases is gender roles. I think both men and women suffer from different things and the only way to combat it is not to blame men but to deny the idea that men are tough and women are soft, and you'll see a lot of prejudices and inequalities disappear. I think feminism tends to perpetuate the idea of masculinity vs femininity. I've seen so many feminists imply that men are just these savage beasts that love to fight and have sex, and women are these emotional, empathetic, creative beings that are being held down by masculinity. I feel like they focus on gender so much that they create prejudices themselves.. does that make any sense?
    I don't truly hate feminism or feminists, I just really don't like where feminism is going these days and I honestly think it's completely unnecessary. All of the problems we have today can be fixed with humanism. I think feminism is just way too biased. What do you guys think?

    Instagram: mxvhelle
    Tumblr: mxvhelle.tumblr.com
    Snapchat: michellejiafang
    20 y/o ish chinese/korean(she speaks korean chinese & english) i think? I found her on tumblr and I really like her fashion sense & makeup.... by looking at her ig posts you can tell she travels quite often too...

  8. tumblr
    snapchat: sxungmin
    this is milo/sungmin. he goes by both but i’m assuming that the latter is his korean name.
    he’s a supposedly korean-mexican 19-year-old and i’ve seen him get popular amongst the trendy east asian popular bloggers/ kpop stans. nothing weird at first, but he’s mentioned a few times how he wants to become a kpop idol and has implied that he’s currently a trainee. 
    he tries to come off as all ~mysterious~ when anons ask him about when he’s going to debut 
    i don’t know where he actually lives, but he seems to travel between the united states and south korea
    he’s also really big into BTS, which is probably why he has so many doting followers sending him messages because what’s better than a "cute" boy liking your fave kpop group lol
    Posts he’s made that mentions being a trainee/debuting: 

  9. So, I'm pretty sure that when we read up on our favourite flakes, their drama and lives seem so far off what we know. But every so often, you meet that one person who is a little flake-y.  Maybe they have aspirations of becoming efamous, maybe they just want a bit of drama in their lives. Perhaps they were successful in becoming a snowflake or are mentioned somewhere on PULL. Or, maybe their drama was only local to your area or friendship group  
    Im in the mood for member stories again !
    anyway, this is my contribution to the thread, it's kinda long and even then, I'm probably missing a lot out:
  10. Post on dumpllngs in Online Personalities

    By khaxel, posted
    So this is my second topic on here, and once again, if I've made a mistake please correct me! Thank you
    Dumpllngs (or Kari) is a cute and sweet girl that I follow on IG. Just another cute girl with a kawaii aesthetic and stuff. Does anyone know if she photoshops? She looks quite different in her photos than she does in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snzflkD2dTE 
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/dumpllngs/
    Tumblr: http://dumpllngs.tumblr.com/
    Blog: http://www.karimew.com/
  11. Ginger Bronson is a "musician" from Los Angeles, California. She seems to have quite a social media following, particularly on Tumblr. I've seen several of her posts and I'm not gonna lie, I thought she was legit. Did some digging around and if you google her name, an lolcow thread of her is one of the first things. I don't agree with some things said on there but it made me realize that "Ginger" is a total phony. Her real name is Kayla Day Aaron and she's about 26. I get having a musical Internet persona like Lana Del Rey, but the lies are so blatant. Her "art" is horrible and she's just a rich white girl from the valley who glamorizes a working class life, abuse, and etc. She seems to be somewhat influential as I've seen similar "artists" pop up on Tumblr since "Ginger" decided to leech onto the Lolita babygirl druggie daddy aesthetic.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/gingerbronson
    Tumblr: http://gingerbronson.tumblr.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gingerbronson/
    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gingerbronson
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxpe2OwaJipaztRDooSyITw

  12. I follow her on Tumblr and Instagram, I think she's really cute and nice! Her name is Christy. A lot of her pictures have several notes on them. She interacts with her followers in a very sweet manner. She was part of the nymphet community but claims to have abandoned it. Although she says she's not part of that anymore, age gap related content is still very much in her blog. The most alarming thing to me is that she's 16/17 and her boyfriend is in his early 30s. She posted a text saying that someone reported them but the investigation was dropped. She claims they haven't done anything but I REALLY DON'T believe it. Apparently he's bought her expensive makeup and shoes. They met through Tumblr too. I feel bad for saying this because she seems like such a nice girl but her relationship is fishy.
    Her tumblr: babyhearted.tumblr.com
    Her instagram: instagram.com/pearliegirl

    Thoughts? IDK if I should post her bf's blog, he has two in which for some reason he follows me on both (a regular one and a porn one- the porn leads me to believe that they've gone all the way)
  13. Okay. I've never started a thread before so ?? But I've followed Katya on tumblr and instagram for about two years. shes 17, (maybe 180 and lives in the ssf bay area. and from everything ive seen her post she seems really nice. she has a private instagram that i think is just for her friends.

  14. I've been mutuals with her for a couple of years now and she's really nice and pretty. she's always had a following on Tumblr but recently gained a bunch of followers from insta cuz omweekend posted her. Anyway, I guess the real dirt is that she was once part of the nymphet community (she's 18 now). She says she had an online sugar daddy when she was like 15 and he was in his 50's. But again, she claims to not be apart of that anymore. However, she is still in an age gap relationship, her bf is 30 (now ex apparently) I think. She's also posted a lot of revealing pics ever since her boobs came in thanks to birth control. Her Tumblr is filled with anon asks that trolls her about nymphet stuff. I guess the target comes from her past, her age gap relationship, the fact that she always pours her face in a little girl way, and always makes comments about how petite and how big her boobs are (28d according to her, which is like 34b) What do u guys think?
    tumblr: spoiledsweet.tumblr.com (currently deactivated)
    twitter: purepetite (deleted)
    instagram: bugeyedbrat (deleted)
    I know if she finds out about this thread she'll get super pissy and passive aggressive on her Tumblr.

  15. I found this girl through tumblr because a lot of her text posts have high notes.  She lives in canada but is friends with a lot of other popular tumblr girls (ex. sacheu).
    tumblr bopeep.tumblr.com
    instagram zhn.a
  16. Post on Yulema Ramirez in Online Personalities

    By ///, posted
    Not sure if this topic was already made but w.e
    Verified on IG with a following of 1.4 Million (obviously a majority of the following are ghost followers) 
    Not really sure what she does.
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/suavecitamamacita
    All that I Know:
    • Was big on Tumblr
    • Hasn't Graduated High School
    • Earlier in 2016 she either left home or got kicked out of her house (not sure) and moved in with her boyf of 1 month (at that time)
        - Boyfriend is Ohno (a rapper)
    • Has fighting vids online
  17. I'm not against sjw, I just don't like it when it's done wrong, hypocritical, regressive, and full of hate, this is mostly the tumblr crowd. They usually like to start lots of drama, play the victim, and blow things out of proportion. Talk about they treat things in sjw in:
    -Body positivity 
    -Mental illness/disability.
  18. Post on Hello? in Introduce Yourself

    By DakkotaBakko, posted
    I'm Dakkota... u can call me Deka
    I'm new here... so I'll just introduce myself...
    w/ a question tag... and I tag everyone who's reading this right now...
    Question Tag!rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag some people you would like to get to know better. 
    Nickname: Deka, Doko, Daka and D... yeah... just D
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Height: I have no fucking idea
    Time right now: 4:33am (fuso-horário de Brasília)
    Last thing googled: "rei-do-toddynho" youtuber/"friend"
    Favorite Music Artists: Melanie Martines, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana del Rey, Sia and Halsey
    Song stuck in my head: Sia - move your body 
    Last Movie Watched: Lolita.... for the 6721564375412537612637° time
    Last TV show Watched: ... idk... so much time
    What are you wearing right now: pleated crepe skirt, white shirt, kinda transparent black thights, white adidas, college blouse... just the normas school stuff... HOLLY CRAP IT'S ALMOST 5:15AM!!! 
    What kind of stuff do you post: shit... tht's it... shit 
    Do you get asks regularly: nope
    Gender: She/Her
    Pokemon Go Team: Mystic, but I’m probably more suited to Instinct. I liked the mystic aesthetic more!
    Favorite Color - white
    Favorite number - 666... guess why...
    Favorite Characters: Lolita
    Dream Job: anything related to Dance, cheer or acrobatic gymnastic...
  19. 1: Do you live on your own, with other students, or with your parents?parents2: When will you probably graduate?2k18-193: Toughest course you've followed so far?gymnastics and dancing4: Most interesting course you've followed so far?circus5: What do you like to do in your free time?training... bc yes6: What's your favourite low-budget meal?idk7: How do you travel to school/university?bus8: Have you ever flunked out of school/university?nope9: Does your current education match up with the one you wanted to do as a child?barely...10: If you could do a semester abroad, which country would you choose?country???... hmm... london... i guess11: Do you have a job?yeap12: Is it easy for you to maintain a social life with the burdens of school/university?social life? what is this?13: What motivated you for doing the education you are doing right now?happyness, freedom, money... damn I'm such a bitch14: What is your morning routine?wakeup, school, training, homework and sleep15: Is it easier for you to study at daytime or at nighttime?nighttime...16: If you could have an internship anywhere you would like, where (and what sort of internship) would it be?in this case... I would like to be a musician17: Which persons in your surrounding inspire you to succeed your education?in my surrounding? no fucking one18: How's adulthood going so far?meh.19: How do you study? What works best for you?literaly upside down20: Is group work an easy thing for you?fuck no21: Are you distracted easily?it depends actually22: Do you start with school work on time?everithing is better when it's on time23: Favourite study snack?i have no idea24: What do you really want to do in life?Dance...25: Did you pick your study based on the content of that education, or because of the expected salary for whatever job you're going to do after fulfilling that study?content of the education... always... 26: Tell us about your favourite teacher.she look's like abby lee from dance moms, she's awesome27: Tell us about a terrible teacher who should never teach again.she just want to "take easy" she wanted to be a nice teacher the whole fucking time, come on, cheerleaders, dancers, gymnastics need a little pressure sometimes28: What do you like the most about being a student? And what do you hate most about being a student?like: almost everythingdislike: that fucking bitch who need everybody's atencion...29: Are you a perfectionist when it comes to projects etc?maybe30: What is your dream job?again??
  20.  So, I've been bullied every so often on tumblr for awhile now, and I think I know who it is  I don't want to turn off anon because I like to talk to people but I wanted to ask how other people deal with it. I'm pretty soft and sensitive sometimes. I also wanted to know if there's any reliable IP tracker sites because I just want to make sure I know who it is for sure. I don't think anyone would believe me without proof 
  21. Dannieli is a brazilian youtuber known by her alternative style and tumblr aesthetics. She does videos talking about her life and tutorials of artistic makeup and about hair care. She popped up out of nowhere in my YouTube recommendations, so I checked her out and Idk, thought she'd be interesting to discuss. Her social media:
    -  YouTube
    - Instagram
    - Twitter

    Interesting facts about her: 
    - She made a few videos talking about vampires, saying that she actually believes they exist and teaching about them. Those videos are still in her channel so I guess she still believes in them.
    - She used to be scene kid / emo and more girly, but now she's more tomboyish and into the typical tumblr and BJD style. 
    - She sounds like a typical sjw but she follows Onision on Twitter and even retweets his stuffs sometimes. 
    - She's a bit attention whorey. For example, she loves to talk about how much depressed and mentally ill she is on Twitter, she even posted the result of a test she did on the Internet that said she is severe depressed (self diagnose everyone?), but she still has energy enough to keep her social media active and put on makeup to make videos? She sometimes sounds like she's actually romanticizing mental illnesses, but maybe that's just me.
     "I did some tests about depression in some foreign websites and.."
    And one time she posted on Twitter the screenshot of her old classmates conversation gossiping about her, which is something I'd rather vent with a close friend than posting on a public Twitter account, even because she doesn't even study with them anymore, so she could care less, imo. And of course a lot of her followers came to defend her.
     "Prints of a group with people of my old school, hm" 
    The comments in the screenshot are basically they asking each other if they remember her and saying they think she was weird and joking about her being "famous" now.
    - She also posts a lot about non-binary and trans issues, because, apparently, she's n-b, but she didn't make any coming out video that I'm aware of, so most of her fans have no idea about that.


    "I dreamed that I got authorization for starting T, I was so happy.......... then I woke up"
     But idk, when her "boy" side appears, it sounds too try-hard and cringy imo  Like:
    "Why was I not born with a dick in this shit"
    "[As a] MAN" (her boobs are still visible tho)
    Mainly because she's very obssessed with yaoi and it sounds like she's living a yaoi fantasy, like:
     "I want a masochist uke"
    What do you guys think?  I know I'm new here but I swear this is not a self-post.  
  22. Tumblr: http://kmusicandblackwomen.tumblr.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmusicblckwomen
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kmusicandblackwomen/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/kmusicandblackwomen/
    she also has another tumblr,It is not really confirmed that it is her but it's quite obvious : http://choigyrl.tumblr.com , http://privatelovegina1.tumblr.com/
    Kmusicandblackwomen is a tumblr owned by a twenty late something black woman who openly fetishize ambw relationships. She says her blog is a safe space for black girls who likes korean musician and to talk about their "love" for them.
    Where do I even star lol.
    Kmbw is not only obssesed with asian mens claiming that she has been attracted to them since she was 7.

    She's also a has a tendency of sexualizing minors and calling them daddy, sexy and hot specially seventeen members.
    And if you say something about how it's wrong to sexualize minors...


    She's extremely delulu and constantly seeks validation from asian men, if an idol or any asian man look at a black woman or listens to black music for her that means that they want to be in an ambw relationships. If they like Rihanna or Beyoncé THEY MUST LIKE ALL BLACK WOMEN, right?

    Her followers also send her stories and they are also disturbing

    She doesn't mind if asian people do black face or say the n word because that's just mean that they love black people looks and how they talk!!!

    She even has photoshopped idols with black women and makes some creepy "dating profiles" 

    She has done so many problematic and disgusting shit that i don't even remember but the most awful was harassing some muslim girl. 
    Kmussicandblackwomen is known for stealing videos of other black fans and posting it without permission and she stole this video of a muslim girl who recorded herself with infinite, the girl asked her to remove it and kmbw didn't respond. The video was reuploaded by many people and the muslim girl and her friends tried to message everybody who reuploaded the video but kmbw created a youtube account to pretend to be her and tell people that it was fine to share the video.

    When the Muslim girl realized that they were pretending to be her she commented in the video but kmbw followers began to comment slamophobics and racist(yes, racist) stuff

    And kmbw also created "privatelovegina1" tumblr aka Gina to repost the video multiple times and to say islamophobict shit.

    I'm sure there's many more it's just that I can't find them anymore.
  23. Since my old topic was deleted I'm restarting it.
    Queenswatchcatt, 30 year old artist from tumblr. Makes a lot of fanart for the Black Butler fandom:
    Ships sebaciel (ship involving Ciel, a 13 year old boy, and Sebastian a demon who is depicted as a full grown) among other ships like Victurio (Viktor and Yurio, 27 and 15 respectively, from Yuri on Ice. Blog dedicated to it:
    He's old blog was deleted because of someone reporting his posts. 
    He has been known to defend his ships with his own sexual experience (which is unnecessary if you ask me...)

    He also appears to be married and all in all his attitude and actions are problematic.
  24. Luna Slater (angelhair1996), previously known as howl1996, junkhun, and funeralhome420, is an infamous internet personality, primarily known through tumblr, with a popular thread on lolcow.
    instagram: http://www.instagram.com/angelhair1996/
    lolcow thread
    https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/55077.html#55077 (first thread)
    https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/320166.html#q320166?(latest thread)
    she is a 21 year old heroin junkie with self diagnosed "bpd", living in NYC with her 30+ year old junkie boyfriend. Although constantly begging online for donations, Luna always seems to come up with new complaints as to why she needs more money. it is generally theorized that her "food", "rent", or otherwise "essential" money is spent on more heroin, or nonessential items. Luna is a scammer who often lies about her situation or predicaments in order to elicit sympathy and earn money. Likewise, Luna and her boyfriend either mooch off their donations or earn income through drug deals as supposed to getting actual jobs. She and her bf basically live in squalor and filth, with complete disregard for their health, to the point where even their cats look unhealthy, and Luna's clothes and bedsheets are stained with the remnants of dirt and blood.
    Edit: added pics
    her e-begging
    her drug usage (warning: needles)
    she met her current boyfriend/fiancee Matthew  when she was either under 18 or barely legal. He was born in 1979, making him 37-38 years old currently (creepy ddlg overtones)
    Luna & her bf's living space is filthy as hell, her floor and bedsheets are caked with dirt, her clothes are equally, and their two cats (named Smoky and Pepper) also look rather unhealthy
    She is very materialistic and often "finds" items, presumably items that she steals, or her father buys for her. Despite her claims that she comes from a family of "junkies", Luna's father seems to live in a very nice apartment that his daughter often complains about visiting.
  25. Nicole Dollanganger

    Bandcamp | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter
    lolcow thread 1.0  |  lolcow thread 2.0
    Who is Nicole Dollanganger?
    Nicole Dollanganger is a 26-years-old Toronto-based independent musician that helped popularize lo-fi bedroom pop, as well as inspire an entire new "side" of Tumblr based around her blog's aesthetic -- dilapidated buildings, soft gore, cemeteries, and frail girls in their grandma's clothes are popular.
    Why does she deserve a thread?
    So many reasons that I've put them into subsections!
    Ch*ld P*rn / Gore
    In 2016 users on lolcow combed through Nicole's Tumblr archive only to discover that she had reblogged what appeared to be actual child pornography -- this is significant due to multiple songs of hers dealing with the topic of child abuse/rape. Because she has never acknowledged this publicly (her only move was to quietly wipe most of her archive, but the waybackmachine exists) it is unknown if the images were of actual CP or just simulated porn between consenting adults. She would also reblog lolicon, as well as intense gore, oftentimes gore related to sick children.
    The image below was edited by a lolcow user just to be safe, but the person pictured does look to be around 11-14. (As of 3/20/18, there is now evidence of Nicole's postings of gore under this spoiler as well.) As most of Nicole's problematic tendencies are triggering, all images aside from her profile above will be under a spoiler.
    Romanticizing Columbine / Serial Killers in general
    She also made an entire EP dedicated to the scum that committed Columbine, even going so far as to sample audio from one of Klebold and Harris' videos recorded before the tragedy took black. She later backtracked on this and claimed she was attempting to appeal to the "Columbiners" on Tumblr. This is known to be untrue, as Nicole had previously bragged on her blog about purchasing a Columbine yearbook, and even ran a Columbiner sideblog herself.
    And how could I forget about her ode to Jeffery Dahmer ("Dahmer and the Limbs")?
    Also had to re-record her song "Creek Blues" as it originally had an audio snippet of Kip Kinkel crying in it. 
    But as far as "Creek Blues" goes, don't ever assume she meant for it to be about TJ Lane:
    Obsession with River Phoenix
    She was mainly obsessed with his corpse to the point of buying a clipping of a photo of him in the casket that was in National Inquiror off Ebay. For a while her Tumblr icon was even that photo cropped in to his face. Her obsession isn't too far-fetched, considering River grew up in a religious cult and was raped as a toddler -- it fits her aesthetic perfectly. Below is a video of her showing off the framed photograph of River's corpse.
    This is also why her shrine to Lil Peep following his death was not shocking in the least, though a bit odd considering she's a good 6 years older than him:
    Romanticizing Eating Disorders / Self-Harm
    Nicole has also come under fire for posting thinspo of herself back when she was in the worst stage of her anorexia, circa 2011, which also when she began making music in her bedroom while under "bed rest" as a form of recovery. Some people believe that those images, as well as her songs "Angels of Porn" and "Please Eat", are cause for the majority of the more popular people in her fanbase romanticizing eating disorders.
    There are also one or two songs that are unsurprisingly related to self-harm, particularly cutting. "American Tradition" has the lyric 'he used to be a hockey player / i used to be a figure skater / cutting my leg with the blade / in the blue and red arena / trying to pretend we’re the same."
    Another song, "My Funeral Boy" has the lyrics "every time he cuts himself / an angel gets their wings / every time he burns himself / my skin begins to sting." It's interesting to note how all the self-harm revolves around a lover.
    Romanticizing Incest
    There is also controversy around her stage name. "Dollanganger" is the last name of the family in the Flowers in the Attic series by VC Andrews; the books are mainly known for being an incestuous soap opera. She is so obsessed that she got a tattoo dedicated to it.
     So it comes as no surprise that Nicole had a song on the now-deleted Greta Gibson Forever EP called "I.S.W.M.U.O.M.W.N." that was later confirmed to stand for "I Slept With My Uncle On My Wedding Night." Though this could also merely be a reference to another short story, also of the same name, by VC Andrews, it is still romanticizing incest nonetheless.
    Other Info
    Her second studio album -- originally titled "Hillbilly Noir" but now called "Heart Shaped Bed" -- has been in the works since 2015. It has been set to come out "soon" since 2015 as well. On March 15, Nicole posted both the album cover and a snippet of a song from the upcoming album. As of now, it has no release date. I figured now would be a good time to start a thread on her because she's releasing new music "soon."