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  1. Simply_kenna/cozykitsune
    (Also known as McKenna Kaelin and Kenna Suman)
    Previous threads here, here, here, here and here (because not even five threads about her was enough!)

    Youtube | Instagram | Twitter (defunct)* | Tumblr (new) (old & defunct) | Bilibili (Archived videos) | Youku (Archived videos)
    *The Twitter URL works, but that's because somebody else has claimed the Twitter username. The original @coffeewithkenna account was terminated sometime during the whole plagiarism scandal
    Who is simply_kenna/cozykitsune?
    Simply_kenna/cozykitsune is a 23-year-old ”aesthetic”/beauty Youtuber and Instagrammer who is also a buddhist. She used to live in Temecula in southern California. She moved to JAPAN at the beginning of this year to fulfill her weaboo dreams... just to realize that Japan isn't aesthetic enough for her and lock herself all day in her expensive Airbnb (read more about it in the Moving to Japan section)! Now she is visiting Europe, her new favorite country. Will it live to her expectations of dark academia and fall aesthetics?
    Why does she deserve to be in the ”Little Snowflakes” section?
    The answer is that there are many reasons! Some of them have already been listed here, here, here, here and here (make sure to also read the old summaries if you haven’t done it already!), but it seems like there's no stopping Calamity Kenna, because she just keeps on providing us with new content.
    Moving to Japan(merged!)
    You thought McKenna Kaelin, self-described professional anime trash, had hit peak weeaboo during her latest trip to Japan (a place which, may I remind you, she considers her home despite only having visited it on two occasions, not knowing the language and pretty much only caring about it because of anime and qt aesthetic Japanese people who give her compliments all the time? Well, you were wrong!
    She arrived to Japan in January 2, 2019. What is the first thing she do as soon as she arrived? Get herself an annual Disney pass of course!Despite claiming to be a pro at holding conversations in Japanese during her trip, there are signs that she was merely exaggerating her claims, and she doesn't seem to have progressed much in her language learning since then. She was supposedly able to hold conversations about how she looked like a fairy in Japanese during her trip. However, that proved to be another lie, since she was asking her followers to help her make cards to interact with shopkeepers.Unfortunately, Kenna hasn't gotten used to living in Japan, granted she hasn't even really bothered to learn about her new surroundings. She sticks to eating pancakes, drinking her Starbucks coffee and/or staying in her expensive Airbnb.In her defense, we only see 2% of her life. It's not like social media is her livelihood and she chooses to show the most American things to her audience who continue to ask her to show Japan. She posts a cringy PSA (click to see it) and some pictures of local food to show us wrong."Studying" Japanese(new!)
    Despite going to Japan specifically for language school, Kenna talks little about it besides showing a few assignments and some selfies with classmates, although she did self-doxx in a "What's in My Bag?" video, leading to this interesting tidbit, letting people play "Where's Kenna?!"
    Her language school program ended in June 20, 2019, lasting barely 6 months. At least she took advantage of her amazing opportunity and learned as much Japanese as possible.Having barely graduated from high school, Japanese language class was too much, soooo... Hints at having "lots of free time soon" (May 21, 2019):
    Proceeds to do... pretty much nothing, but we know she's still in Japan but not on a student visa. It's confirmed that she claims to have gotten an entertainment visa... despite entertaining a very few people. No receipts for her visa.
    Modeling Career(new!)
    When Kenna arrived to Japan, the idea of modeling came up. She mostly used it to fish compliments from strangers in the internet (shocker).
    Since Kenna's YouTube career is a joke and she was bleeding subscribers daily, she needed to find another way to pay the bills. So, enter her attempt to modeling. First, she made a lookbook where she pouts and repeats her stiff poses.After kissing Xenia Lau's ass,Kenna manages to get a photoshoot with her.Unfortunately, it didn't quite come out as she wanted...So, this means, it's time for Kenna to get out her secret weapon, her ace up her sleeve, the ol' faithful...Reviving Boho Kenna(new!)
    Despite claiming that “boho Kenna is dead and buried” a while ago,
    now she backtracks and says “she needs a comeback”, scrambling to stop bleeding followers every day. She also brought back a few of her old archived videosShe also made her old videos public again and added this comment to her Apology video. She accepts that the apology email leak was 100% legitDisenchantment with Japan(new!)
    Despite having called Japan "her home," Kenna immediately jets for the US at the end of April to visit LA and attend Minnie's Garden Party at DisneyWorld in Florida, saying that "this will be the best week of my life." (Kenna has at that point been in Japan for less than 4 months but the best thing ever will be to fly back to a Disney event in the US. Plus this is a historic Golden Week celebrating the change of eras from Heisei to Reiwa but Disney USA is more important). 
    After leaving DisneyWorld, writes a sad poem... hmmm... maybe a commercial, generic theme park is your real home, Kenna!Claims that "Japan can't literally do Autumn at all" because it's not as commercialized as in the USContinues to post various things about having German ancestors, Greek mythology, how her pictures look European... and then finally reveals she's leaving Japan for some kind of European tour. And... in October she's gone! Is Kenna finally done with Japan forever?!Paycheck to paycheck(updated!)
    Kenna continues to claim she's very responsible with money, despite paying for a full year of school and rent in Japan while doing nothing to earn money.Also buys new PS4 despite having one in the US. Buys a $200 TV, despite only living in Japan for a year. Buys tons of books in English while living Japan (and studying Japanese...so why not buy basic Japanese language books?!) Most egregious are Harry Potter books she already owns!Flies to the US during Golden Week to attend Minnie's Garden Party at Disneyland. Not a budget trip!She is not materialistic though! She does not feel bad when her belongings (including her camera) got destroyed... thanks to Buddhism!Evidently just goes and buys new stuff, because that's Buddhism right? New temporary camera below (immediately after the other one got run over), a new $600 Olympus Pen camera:Shows a sneak peak of her bedroom in Japan (which is bigger than most whole single student or fully-employed people's apartments in Japan, packed with luxury furnishings...all this for a year's stay!)Hair(updated!)
    Despite claiming to have healthy and soft hair in the past...
    it's evident that dying her hair so much has damaged her hair permanently.Kenna got a rainbow highlight in Nalu (a Japanese hairsalon frequented by influencers). When the negative comments from her followers about her hair looking damaged came rolling in, she had the audacity to say that they were being "assholes" for making fun of her "natural hair texture" (when we all know her natural hair was nothing like that and she just didn't want to acknowledge the fact that her hair was actually really damaged by all that bleaching)She later on posted a video on her experience going to that hair salon and this time round, she blamed her camera's sepia filter for not being able to capture her hair highlights' actual colour properly and STILL had the audacity to share another severely photoshopped photo of her hairdo, which looked totally different from her previous self-photoshopped picture.Kenna goes back to Nalu, the hairstylist posts a set of (unedited again) pics, with the comments disabled- the salon is doing damage control after that huge drama, “See, it looks good”No effort(updated!)
    As stated on earlier occasions, Kenna is often quite lazy, despite the fact that Youtube and Instagram are her livelihood and you would think she would want to put a little bit more effort into things. So far, she has only uploaded 23 videos since she arrived in Japan. Half of them were made before she finished her low-effort Japanese language school. Since then, she has been trying to stick to her schedule of videos on Friday... which she rarely follows.
    Fans recommendations keep getting swept under the rug, while she continues to deliver videos that nobody asked for and ask for recommendations that doesn't bother following through.She is so lazy that she can't even manage to do simple Google searches... she has to depend on her fanbase to get to know her *~rEaL hOmE~*Instead, she focuses her energy doing sassy Instagram stories, pretending she is oh so busy and snapping at her antis 
    Kenna has revealed that she has Asperger's Syndrome. In the video (August 9, 2019), she features hits like “I film 3 takes of every video and pick the best one”, “The whole plagiarism thing was a misunderstanding because I thought that people were asking me if I physically drew the pics myself, not if I came up with the original ideas” (despite us having literal screenshots saying "They all came from my brain 100%")
    She answers a question about cons with “I don’t like conventions, I’m autistic and an introvert”... but didn't she has attended a pretty crowded Sephora event?Also, someone asked about therapy and she mentions that she went “once, because her mom made her”... Aren’t multiple therapy sessions used to diagnose autism?She literally brings back a comment from years ago just to mention her autism and try to prove her “antis” wrong. “Remember how I said I’m H2O intolerant” She uses autism as a personality trait for memes.Kenna started to act different in her videos, looks away from the camera on purpose, talks extremely slowly and acts like an autistic caricature. She says she kept the first take and that’s why it’s awkward, but we’ve seen her in videos with other people (which I doubt were filmed multiple times) and she acts nothing like that. When people started calling her out, she decided to stop speaking in videos. 
    Body Manipulation(new!)
    Kenna has continued to argue that she is just naturally ~uwu~ smol/pale. Candid photos show a different picture:
    Kenna's whitewashing timelineComparison of Kenna's photoshop/Snow filters vs RealityTL;DR
    Weaboo Kenna is dead. Say hello to European Kenna!

    You all can thank @Nevermore @misty @kamineko @Ihaveacrushonno0b3 (hope I properly tagged) for making the new summary! And I suppose we should thank kenna for keeping the entertainment going? Up to you!