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  1. here are all the pics from taylor R (テイラー R) when she has started to work and living in Japan and began to be a wannabe of Dakota Rose. with cheecks fillers and heavily photoshop and pretending being 20 (although her real age is 26) she thought and hoped to become the next kawaii idol in japan.
    Pictures under spoiler
  2. Taylor (テイラー) did a  "Valentine Special" for Pocky on February 2015. The original video is gone. I don't know if she did some copyright claims because in this video you can see her cheecks fillers very well and her face does nothing look like in her edit pictures.Her fans asked her why she looks different here but of course she has denied any plastic sugery and wrote as an excuse that she has gained weight and need to go on a diet.
    i guess that this video shows taylor's real face.

  3. comparison pictures of taylor (テイラーR)


  4. Post on Taylor R - Model work in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    collection of taylor's (テイラーR) model work she did

  5. here is the video and some pics from taylor (テイラー R) in the Sony Digital Entertainment video from December 2014. again her bloated face .

  6. Post on Taylor R for Zipper in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    Here is the thread about Taylor ( テイラーR) working for the japanese magazine Zipper
    her debut video :

  7. Taylor (テイラーR) was a special guest in the music video "Superman" from あぬえぬえ∞ぶれいん. The video was published in October 2014

  8. Post on Taylor R for RIBI in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    Taylor was the main Model for the Beauty School RIBI and did a commercial for it.

  9. Post on Taylor R - Events in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    Lancome Grandiose :


    for lancome 80's Annevirsay

    other :

    taylor at cchannel event :

    for a tv show :

  10. her recent updates

  11. taylor R (テイラーR)  from her time in HongKong. Before she has transformed into the most weird Dakota Rose wannabe.
    > I want to comment that the following pics were also edited/photoshooped by Taylor R.  Although they aren't as much edited as her new pics. <