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  1. here are all the pics from taylor R (テイラー R) when she has started to work and living in Japan and began to be a wannabe of Dakota Rose. with cheecks fillers and heavily photoshop and pretending being 20 (although her real age is 26) she thought and hoped to become the next kawaii idol in japan.
    Pictures under spoiler
  2. Taylor (テイラー) did a  "Valentine Special" for Pocky on February 2015. The original video is gone. I don't know if she did some copyright claims because in this video you can see her cheecks fillers very well and her face does nothing look like in her edit pictures.Her fans asked her why she looks different here but of course she has denied any plastic sugery and wrote as an excuse that she has gained weight and need to go on a diet.
    i guess that this video shows taylor's real face.

  3. comparison pictures of taylor (テイラーR)


  4. Post on Taylor R - Model work in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    collection of taylor's (テイラーR) model work she did

  5. here is the video and some pics from taylor (テイラー R) in the Sony Digital Entertainment video from December 2014. again her bloated face .

  6. Post on Taylor R for Zipper in Taylor R

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    Here is the thread about Taylor ( テイラーR) working for the japanese magazine Zipper
    her debut video :

  7. Taylor (テイラーR) was a special guest in the music video "Superman" from あぬえぬえ∞ぶれいん. The video was published in October 2014

  8. Post on Taylor R for RIBI in Taylor R

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    Taylor was the main Model for the Beauty School RIBI and did a commercial for it.

  9. Post on Taylor R - Events in Taylor R

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    Lancome Grandiose :


    for lancome 80's Annevirsay

    other :

    taylor at cchannel event :

    for a tv show :

  10. her recent updates

  11. taylor R (テイラーR)  from her time in HongKong. Before she has transformed into the most weird Dakota Rose wannabe.
    > I want to comment that the following pics were also edited/photoshooped by Taylor R.  Although they aren't as much edited as her new pics. <

  12. Post on Taylor R - videos in Taylor R

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    This thread has been locked due to being so long.
    Please go here for the new videos thread.
    here we can upload her videos !!
    her recent ones :
    * I want to talk to you about something ....*
    * slim & lean arm workout *
    *long lean legs & bum workout *
    [ Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Weibo | Line | website | Zipper (inactive/ ghost)| CChannel (inactive/ ghost) ]
    [ HK Magazine | Apple Daily (Cantonese) | Business model magazine | Model Monday (wordpress) | clickme.net (Cantonese) ]
    [ Jimmi Jams (Wordpress) (old Taylor, pre-surgery) ]
    Taylor Richard is a Canadian born and raised model. She first came to attention as a model during her time in Hong Kong, where she appeared in a substantial amount of ads for companies such as Sasa, Antares, Cosmo magazine etc. During her time in Hong Kong, she was doing further education in nutritional studies and learning Cantonese (neither went very far).
    During her time in Japan, she began by copying Dakota, in terms of both appearance and style. She has moved on from this, but PULL has saved quite a few of her earlier Japan videos. She is still mistaken for Dakota occasionally.
    The reason she is designated as a snowflake is because she lies about her appearance/ editing, is very unclear about how she maintains her current money-spending-heavy lifestyle, and has most likely had plastic surgery in her transition period between leaving Hong Kong and arriving in Japan, during late 2014/ early 2015. The main problem with Taylor is that she's very good at marketing herself, and she has learnt from any previous mistakes she's made regarding her online persona/ image (detailed below). This means that she's getting better and better at evading questions, diverting her followers'/ fans' attention away from something, and is smart enough now to know what she can and can't get away with.
    She owns a teacup poodle called Rosie, who frequently features in her social media. Rosie is one indicator that she has financial support, as she takes her to a pet salon regularly to have her groomed.
    During her time in Hong Kong, she was largely just a model. It wasn't until she went to Japan that she became an internet personality, vlogger and blogger.
    Her early days in Japan are pretty cringe worthy, and she began her time there as a Dakota clone. The gist of it is that she made a lot of embarrassing videos of herself, some of which were her dancing & signing poorly, accompanied with a high-pitched "cutesy" voice. She seems to have moved from that now. Nearly all of those videos have been deleted from her YT channel, though some have been saved by PULL members.
    Rosie Moves to Tokyo (transition period between HK and Japan, early 2015)

    ^ Taylor had a notable Dakota look-a-like period.
    Asiatown.net: pictures comparing Taylor and Dakota.
    >> plastic surgery (99.999% confirmed) & editing/ shopping her photos (100% confirmed)
    First Instagram gap: 5-6 weeks, during late 2014/early 2015 (when she moved to Japan)
    Second Instagram gap: 5-6 weeks, during late 2015/ early 2016
    Her plastic surgery and editing go together in this large section, because these 2 things are the main issues that make Taylor a snowflake.
    Her first plastic surgery most likely occurred during late 2014 - early 2015, when she had a 5-6 week gap of posting selfies on Instagram. While unconfirmed, it's most likely what she had were cheek fillers and jaw modification (V-line face) surgery. She also recently had another ~5 week selfie gap, during late 2015 - early 2016; PULL believes that it could be follow up surgeries.
    Aug 2016: Taylor's cheeks vary in terms of puffiness and she seems to be easing up on her editing (likely in conjunction with her meetup in Hong Kong).
    In her videos during early 2015 (now deleted; see above for the video where she goes to collect Rosie), her face was puffy and swollen, as well as quite different from her original square jaw line. In her videos during late 2015, she was also shown to be rather stiff, and wore clothing that conveniently hid her neck/ jaw line. Regarding her Instagram gap, it is very rare for Taylor to stop posting selfies, when that's her main marketability. PULL takes this to mean something fishy was going on with her appearance.
    The difference can be seen largely in the Taylor R - comparison pictures thread, where the pics there show her Hong Kong (pre-surgery) face and Japan (post-surgery) face, in addition to comparisons between her edited selfies and pictures taken by others.

    ^ This shows that one of her surgeries was likely cheek fillers, which PULL is trying to make sense of, as she presumably got them to make her cheeks "cuter", but shops them away in most of her photos (probably because they look bad without PS). Her cheeks have been puffy for a long time since she went to Japan, and she has made excuses about them, for example:

    ^ explaining away the fillers as bloated-ness

    ^ there is no way she can go from one to the other without something drastic happening to her face
    For reference: the boy with her is her brother, Blake Richards. He posted that picture of them in December 2015 on his Instagram, but the Taylor in that picture is pre-plastic surgery, seeing as you can still make out a square jaw even with editing/ angles/ lighting.

    ^ this shows that she edited her selfies a lot, even during her HK days. Even in a model picture where features are likely to be edited, her jaw is square & pronounced, her eyes are big but not the size they are on the right. The picture on the right is just ridiculous in terms of eye size, and she also shops her chin to be pointier, as well as reducing her jaw line.
    She also made a recent video talking about her "behind the scenes" process when vlogging, and said that camera angles and lighting can affect the appearance of the end result. However, regardless of that (which is true), she still does a substantial amount of editing on top, making her eyes bigger, shopping her chin/ jaw/ cheeks, making her lips smaller, adding filters, lengthening her forehead, and frequently covering her jaw line with hair so that she doesn't have to shop it.
    In her iPhone unboxing video (where she opened an iPhone 6S Rose Gold), she showed how she "edited" her pictures, which was no more than smoothing skin & touch ups. She never explicitly said that this is how she edits all pictures, but the implication is that she does nothing more than what she showed.

    CREDIT *horizon*
    Shortly after her 2015-2016 ~5 week selfie gap, her cheeks appear to be fairly bloated and puffed up in any media that she didn't post herself, for example a screen cap from a "Friendship Project" video, her 2nd drama. Compare (left) with her own selfie (right) which she uploaded to Instagram around a day or 2 earlier:

    (Friendship Project screencap CREDIT *horizon* in Actress Taylor thread.)
    >> "love yourself" image
    This is a contentious issue, and is probably what makes Taylor so debatable as a snowflake. For a while now, she's promoted this "love yourself" image/ vibe, that no matter who you are, you're beautiful. This would be fine, had she not had plastic surgery and refuses to admit it, or that she photoshops her selfies but never admits that either. By simultaneously promoting a self-love image and never admitting any alterations she has made to herself/ her photos, she is creating an unrealistic standard for her followers. She is subliminally making them believe that she really looks like her pictures naturally, or that someone can change their appearance so drastically with makeup/ lights/ angles. Other than that, she's likely lied about how she's financially self-sufficient (since 14 no less). Someone in her position, even if she has managed to afford her apartment, her furniture, her decorations, her accessories, her iPhones, her pet, her clothes, her filming equipment, her taxi trips and her business class flights cannot afford to blow €4000 on a handbag. Unless she is getting some serious sponsorship from Instagram, the numbers do not add up. The effect of all of this is creating a highly unrealistic goal for her fans, who aspire to be like her and find her inspiring, yet do not realise the things she actually did to get to where she is.
    On top of this, she's very clever at using what tools she has to exploit her fans'/ followers' emotions; the bullying video she made where she cried and talked about her past difficulties and her road to becoming a model made her more human and relatable. This is by no means saying that she lied or made up her story, but she (or whoever is marketing her) is very clever in creating the right image for her, one that will appeal to her fan base.
    Taylor is most definitely lurking PULL, and from what we say here she will take our criticisms to make herself better, or at least, appear better. She has had more interaction with her fans, addresses them directly in her videos and social media, and even does a hashtag where a fan can post a picture of themselves inspired by her, which she will boost on her social media.
    >> lurking PULL (& likely other forums)
    She is most likely a frequenter of PULL and other forums that talk about her. When we mentioned that she likely had hair extensions, and that she is essentially wiping her Hong Kong career because her plastic surgery is so obvious, she mentioned both of those things (in passing) in her newest video at that time. She does this to see what negative comments/ views there are about her, and corrects these things slowly down the line. It's also likely that she learnt from Dakota's horrid personality/ reputation, and as a result interacts with her fans more to create a more likable persona.
    >> daily make up video
    One can argue that, Taylor can make whatever videos she wants to, but she has constantly avoided making a daily makeup routine video, despite nearly every single one of her videos having comments from fans asking for one. The obvious reason for this is that she'll find it harder to edit her face in a close-up video, and she learned from one of her previous Halloween make-up video & her cupid lips tutorial, both of which had people commenting on why she was so far away from the camera if she was filming a makeup video and how hard that made it for viewers to actually follow the tutorial. As someone who's a lifestyle/ beauty blogger, her reasons for avoiding a daily makeup video are pretty transparent.
    >> lying to get what she wants
    This technically wasn't wrong, but it was still a scummy thing to do in her position. She essentially asked for her followers to promote her pictures and tag her, and in return, she will follow them. After she gained a substantial amount of followers, she then wiped her follower count to 0 (which it's still at).
    >> paying her way through her career
    This is unconfirmed, but many PULL members believe that her father or some benefactor is financially supporting her lifestyle. The biggest reason is that we don't see her in that many ads/ campaigns in Japan, yet she lives in an apartment in central Tokyo, takes Rosie to frequent salon trips, flies business class and has €4000 hand bags. Another indicator is her iPhone 6S unboxing video, where she bought & opened a 6S Rose Gold, despite having a perfectly fine iPhone 6, which was only a few months old. There is no way that either her limited modelling (no more than 4-5 noteworthy jobs a month) or Youtube pays for all of that, and it's unclear how much she can make from Instagram sponsorship.
    ^ Taylor's bag

    ^bag on the Fendi website, listed at 3,700 euros.
    She also claimed that she was financially independent from the age of 14 (except for education).
    CREDIT: lisa on Taylor R - social media thread.
    Aug 2016: More recently, her modelling jobs have been few and far apart, yet she continues to make vlogs and showing her lavish spending habits (buying clothes, furniture, a new USD 800 camera immediately when her camera broke). She cannot possibly be making that sort of money from Youtube with 300k subscribers, and it's once again given relevance to the question "where is she getting her money from?"
    NB: to those who say that this is irrelevant, I take your point, but I wish you will consider that she is setting a really terrible example to her predominantly young audience, who believe that with a dying modelling career and 300k subs on YT they can also live the life she leads. She is not being transparent with her lifestyle when she vlogs on a daily basis, going on about "if you work hard you'll get where you want to be" yet giving absolutely no indication about how she got her money and showing no indication of actually working beyond filming and editing vlogs. Everything else is irrelevant - she takes Rosie for walks, goes to lunch with her boyfriend, and then does some shopping.
    >> white knights
    While this isn't something Taylor has done specifically, it's still important to note her fan base is rather protective of her, and will talk back to anyone who says anything bad about her. This is a very convenient way for her to stay out of drama while still protecting herself, so she allows this behaviour to continue.
    Example, the comments under this Instagram picture:

    Note: _meryem_2001's comment was deleted (presumably by themselves).
    >> tripod-san (previously known as manager-san, also known as boyfriend-san and elbow-san)
    Aug 2016: tripod-san has been upgraded to boyfriend-san, as Taylor confirmed that she has a boyfriend.
    Boyfriend-san does not feature in-person in her vlogs, although he is mentioned and is frequently behind the camera. Currently, it is known that he works in Japan (she joins him regularly for lunch dates), has a driver's licence (therefore he must have been living in Japan for a substantial time, if not originally Japanese himself), and presumably lives with her.

    The above shows her trying to dispel rumours that there's someone filming her (manager, PA, boyfriend, whatever). It's definitely a man (there's a deep voice heard in one of her videos), and some PULL members came up with the theory that he's her benefactor/ sugar daddy/ boyfriend; none of these theories are confirmed.
    After PULL began to ask about who the mystery man was, Taylor said that she uses a tripod to film, but there's some shots where the camera follows her, so unless she's filmed by a ghost/ paranormal being, a human is behind that camera. As a result, PULL dubbed him tripod-san.
    You can see in these videos [ one | two | three ] that the camera moves with her, meaning it must be manned. In the third video (HK vlog), the first 2 seconds sees her in a taxi filming with her phone, but since the phone is in shot that must mean someone is filming her.
    CREDIT to Siwon for mentioning the following.
    There are also some images on PULL that show Taylor being filmed by someone in the reflection.
    ^ at 10:15 minutes, you can hear a male voice and Talyor turns towards the camera. (Credit to Kori Hikaru for pointing it out on the Taylor R - social media updates thread).
    She also doesn't make it clear that her subtitles aren't made by her; she most definitely has to pay a translator to subtitle her videos for her, when you consider that someone like Sharla is doing Youtube full time (with free lance on the side) and substitles her videos in Japanese herself. Taylor is a blogger/ model/ actress (now) as well, and her videos manage to come out with both Japanese and Chines subtitles. Using Sharla as a comparison, Sharla's Japanese level is pretty advanced, whereas Taylor has shown no indication of learning Japanese except in the past 2 years, pronounces Asakusa wrong, and had to be dubbed in that drama she did. Her spoken Cantonese is elementary/ pre-intermediate at best from what she said in her Apple Daily video interview. Even though her accent/ pronunciation is bad, she still could've spoke in Cantonese for the video, but instead she only said 1 or 2 lines ("Hello everyone, my name is Taylor"), which shows that her Cantonese is around beginner level. Even if her written language skills are up to a standard where she can translate (very unlikely), it's still not viable for her time-wise to churn out videos fully and accurately subtitled in 2 foreign languages.
    Apple Daily interview (in Cantonese).

    CREDIT *horizon* on Taylor-R General discussion thread.
    >> manager-san(s)
    A relatively new edition, but it transpired that she has 2 managers in this video: behind the scenes & her drama. It's really illogical for a small-time model (let's be real) to have 2 managers assigned to her, one of which accompanied her on a ~4 day trip to film for the drama. More on this as we find the info.
    >> yellow fever
    Taylor hasn't shown much of this, although the main indication, however, is pretty solid. In her HK magazine interview, she says:
    Interpret this however you wish.
    >> hiding her age
    She is most definitely 27, and she was born on 14 December, 1988; she was said to be 22 in 2012 in an interview with Apple Daily. Her fans/ followers sometimes ask her for her age, but she never replies to those questions.
    >> clickbaits
    F*cking clickbaits, I tell ya. It's not a consistent problem as far as I can see, but when her two latest vlogs in a row used clickbaits, this should be added.
    e.g. Catching Rare Pokemon in Tokyo - thumbnail shows her phone and Pokemon Go, but doesn't actually use Pokemon Go (because it doesn't work) nor catches any Pokemon.
    e.g. Saying Goodbye - implies she's saying goodbye to something/ someone very central to her life, but ends up saying bye to someone who was studying in Japan for a year.
    >> "vapid consumerism"

    As of late Oct/ early Nov 2016, Taylor has been displaying a certain amount of cattiness/ 'sass' about comments aimed at her mysterious source(s) of income, and has made passive aggressive comments directed towards people questioning her shopping habits, her stay-at-home status, her lack of jobs, and where she gets any money to fund her shopping if she doesn't have any jobs.

    This was her reply to someone raising the above points on one of her videos. She directs her viewers to look at socialblade for her income:

    The income brackets are so wide that they make absolutely no point. She could be making anywhere from 800 bucks to 13k, and that's too wide a gap to accurately say anything. If one takes the average of about 6.5k a month, that's not even enough to cover rent in central Tokyo, let alone bills, food, clothes, furniture, dog food, and other necessary expenditure. Then consider that she always travels business class when she flies, constantly travels by taxi, buys 8000 euro handbags, has to take Rosie to the vet, does her hair and nails semi-regularly, eats out regularly, buys lush bath bombs on a weekly basis (or at least used to in October), and buys random nick nacks nearly every day, there is no way that 6.5k is paying for all of that.
    She then claims she has sponsorships, yet has never explicitly told her audience that she has been sponsored. As per YT guidelines, YTers must be transparent with their product endorsements, and she hasn't been, so she is either lying about promoting a sponsored item or lying about being sponsored altogether.

    Also note her general disregard for the general public/ businesses she films around/ in. She used a full shopping trolley in Ikea to skate, fell down on a set of plushies in Ikea, and films in Shibuya 109 despite not being allowed to film there.
    CREDIT: all pictures and screenshots have been taken from the Taylor threads on PULL. Thanks to everyone for your dedicated work in documenting her snowflake adventures! 
  14. Post on Tripod/Elbow-san in Taylor R

    By acid, posted
    I never really understood who is "tripod-san"?  (I guess it's someone who takes her pictures/videos that she claim she took herself but I don't know...)
  15. Post on Taylor R - memes in Taylor R

    By redbowkiki, posted
    Since people seem to be enjoying making Taylor memes, here's a separate thread for them.
    The meme generator link is above - feel free to repost memes you made in the Taylor videos thread so we have them all in one place, and feel free to make another Taylor meme (using different pictures etc.).