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  1. So, I don't know if theres a topic about her, but I couldn't find one, so here it is!
    One of the first pastel goths / sagirls ever: 
    Nikki Lipstick
    She owns the shop 

    Here are some old photos of her - you could known from the internet! (she was really fame back 2012) 
    She's befriend with Gitsie Wood, Bei Badgirl and other famous people in this style. 
    She's one of the founders of the aesthetic, that's now so popular. 

    She had drama with  the shop dollskill before, because Dollskill were stealing her designs, and then even would threaten her as she said. 
    I think it's sad that her photos aren't as good as they used to be anymore. Her lips got kinda too big I think, but thats my personal opinion. 

    Her personal facebook:
    Her Facebookpage:
    Her shop:
    Her tumblr: 
    Her instagram:
  2. Bah, peeps got any good online stores to share with high quality wigs and cosplay? 
    Thanks in advance!