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  1. Post on Micky Martyrdom in Little Snowflakes

    By X, posted
    Micky Martyrdom:

    Taken from lolcow
    "What You Need To Know

    - Tried to get Tumblr to doxx a girl who opinion she disagreed with

    -Obsessed with Aminyan and hates her guts

    -Copies Himeka and Bibi to gain popularity

    -Was in Special Ed, but has recently graduated

    -Runs the Kawaii Black Girls like page on Facebook. It now has it's own forum

    -Admits to getting off on lolicon material

    -Bandwagons anything that will make her popular

    -Deluded herself into thinking she's a small kawaii hafu

    -Boyfriend is 26 years old and has tricked her into thinking he's 22

    -Like Himeka she sells her nudes for cheap shit

    -Constantly tries to cover up any evidence of being a shitty han being by deleting her pages and claiming the site she's on ~magically~ deleted them

    -Fully believes herself to be spacekin

    -Purposely starts arguments with others

    -White knight herself on here

    -Made a thread about another local girl she didn't like but forget to crop her profile picture out of the screenshots

    -Hides her shitty hair and makeup under thousands of filters and blur

    -Happily tells people that she posted nudes of herself when she was twelve

    Twitter: twitter.com/wafuwafubby
    Instagram: Instagram.com/sailormicky
    Tumblr: kin blog: moon-moons.tumblr.com

    main blog: kirakiramagicaldream.tumblr.com

    nsfw blog: cuteoppai97.tumblr.com"
    Now for the evidence: 
    Under the spoilers, there are a lot of pictures (like A LOT):
    Spacekin stuff: 
    Kawaii Black Girls: 
    She talks about race a lot (and as lolcow says, seems to be using it only when it's to her advantage): 
    Being a bit obnoxious honestly/ having snowflake syndrome: 
    Generally just being gross: 
    Being exceeding hypocritical: 
    Kicked someone off tumblr: 
    Alright, so there's like 150 ish pictures here. So I'm just too tired now to categorize. So anything that comes under the snowflakery/ race issue is going into this one thing here (everything here is new): 
    There's still a lot more left over on lolcow as well. I'll repeat the advice of the lolcow poster. Screencap everything. Micky loves to delete stuff. 
    Sorry about how long this post is. Good job if you read it all. *gives gold star* 

  2. Jillian Vessey / Pixielocks is 18 year-old interested in J-fashion. She spends her days obsessing over materialistic items at the expense of her parent's money and gets just about anything she wants. Jillian also likes magical girls, cats, makeup and makes boring Youtube videos. This thread was made because Jillian's thread is being banned on /snow/ on lolcow. 
    Public Facebook // Private Facebook // Youtube // Instagram // Tumblr // Blog //  Lookbook

    Time Line/Past Drama:
    Used to be a technicolor punk/band kid with a history of anorexia, self-harm, depression and anxiety. Went to a eating disorder clinic.Discovered Lolita fashion and experimented in punk/band, lolita, fairy-kei and vintage fashion on lookbook/Instagram.Has been dyeing her hair since she was in 7th grade.Was a ita, mentions being posted to btb. Gained popularity on YT very fast bc she's spoiled, has a good camera, and could afford brand.Is a white girl Buddhist who dwells on materialistic items.Lace Drama+SuperCarly64's hilarious parody. Pixie talks about how she changes people's lives and has a 24inch waist while not being bothered for most of the 11/12 minute video, talks about LACE a tiny bit. Kate's (Girlyhoot) creation-Lace fails.Says she doesn't want to be labeled as a Lolita anymore and leaves.Does larme-kei, her aesthetic becomes less cohesive and tacky.Switches over to regular mall alt fashion still calls it j-fashion. Style becomes tumblr pastel alt not cohesive very tacky fashion. Makes her own fashion called Party-kei despite not being Japanese, the style being tacky, and confusing people into cult party-kei and fairy-kei. Current styles are just tacky and ages her.Update Sept/Oct 2017: Is apparently done with Party-KeiMakes makeup and clothes that she'll only wear a few times, has a materialism/spending problem.Quits her job at a grocery store because they wouldn't let her have blue hair and made a big deal out of it and it was stated in the contract, worked there for a year and a half.Gets a job at Papercakes Pretty, shop owner is a scammer, shop goes out of business.Update Sept/Oct 2017: Got a job at Clare's, then quit very early onBreaks up with her boyfriend of 3 years, Tristan to date his best friend Collin. Admits she loved him/them for 2 years while she and Tristan were dating.Wants to be a fashion designer and go to Bunka, can't handle constructive or any criticism and needs to work on her skills.Was a judge in cosplay contest that she won.Dressed in pastel/alt fashion in public at her school frequently and stuck out among the normal people.Asked for money to go to Japan, spends it on buying things.Is currently putting off college for a while to earn money from yt, which she justifies as a job. Just graduated high school, and went to prom. She's dating her ex-boyfriend's nonbinary best friend, is pansexual and making YT videos.Have fun with those Pixielols 
  3. Frill-Ability (Ellejay/Helljay)
    Ellejay Volpe is a Lolita known for being a super bullshitting drug-addict attention seeker.
    She is a lesbian and a self converted Muslim.
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ElleJayVee
    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/FrillAbility
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/FrillAbilityLife
    Tumblr: www.frill-ability.tumblr.com
    Website: www.frill-ability.com
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/frill_ability
    Converting to Islam Blog: http://www.sherryandcookies.com/

  4. Post on Halsey in Online Personalities

    By bekah, posted
    so. we all know halsey, the new alt-pop princess. she's bisexual, mentally ill, biracial, a synesthete, and has suffered from drug addiction, poverty, and homelessness.
    now i'm not doubting her claims of being bisexual and bipolar. she's stated multiple times that she's received a professional diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and sexuality is something everyone should decide for themselves. and she's actually biracial too, she's just very white-passing. there are pictures of her with her parents, and her father is very clearly african-american.
    the thing i'm here to talk about is her ~sad backstory~. she's crafted this entire persona to appeal to the tumblr-girl market, and it worked. unfortunately, her story is...untrue, to say the least.
    first off - the haylor days
    halsey claims to have grown up listening to bright eyes and the arctic monkeys, but anyone who's familiar with her real backstory knows her real musical obsession - One Direction. when she was younger (17-18) she stanned them to an extreme degree, even having her entire blog focus on it. 
    yeesh. now, it's not like this is necessarily bad, just a little embarrassing, but the juicy bit comes next. so, as we know, halsey is extremely anti slut-shaming (as she should be!) and constantly brings up these important issues on twitter. but...she released two songs dedicated to the relationship between harry styles and taylor swift, and both of these songs slut-shame taylor to a cringey degree. (a lot of people excuse this as her being a dumb kid, but she was already 18 when the second song, SOS, was released.) i'll put a link to the more embarrassing song in the spoiler.
    Now, this part of her past is kinda cute in a way. We've all done dumb shit before, and it's nice to know that Halsey is ~real~ I suppose. The real gross part shows up when we delve into the backstory she's created for herself. Here are some quotes from numerous interviews about her past -
    "I wasn't a social-media kid," she says. "I wasn't a Viner, a YouTuber, a blogger, anything."
    Her phone service had been cut off. She had no health insurance. Her friends would pool their money to split a $1 slice of pizza (...)
    "I remember one time I had $9 in my bank account,"
    Before Halsey was a huge radio star, she was a struggling homeless teen who used music as a way to make money.
    “I figured hotel party equals bed. I needed a bed” 

    Let's see if that's true. Halsey said that she was homeless when she was 18 years old, after her parents allegedly kicked her out. This would've been in 2013.
     Plus, despite preaching tolerance, her deleted tweets are...hm.
    Also, there's this. This person claimed to be from her hometown and wanted to expose her. It's anonymous, so there's no real proof, but it's an interesting read.
    What do you guys think? I think her music's alright and she seems like she's trying very hard to be socially aware, which I respect. I don't want to drag her too hard, but I do think that getting caught up in some of these messy lies could affect her image later on.

  5. Ariana's links, 
    Snap @ aircyle
    Here is a vimeo with milky snaps: 
     Banned on lolcow Plastic Surgery Addict   Lip lift Nose job Fillers Boob Job BotoxLeft her stable income job to Hustle aka escortFixed her boobs because of poor aftercareCharges $10 for a "private snap" where she talks about escorting, her surgery's and burps loudly Got engaged to her doormatt boyfriend Matt Got pregnant and then aborted itStarted hanging out with Latinamilk, another escort from philly Started skin walking LM, even stole one of her bfs Broke up with doormatt, still invited him on vacation. Blames him for her being raped.  Went right back into sw without getting tested or her results back  Currently broken up with doormatt again for the 60th time. Claims he was cheating even though she was fucking random men for money Filmed herself snorting coke and taking Xanax on her snap (Sorry not pics). Has talked about her coke and xan problem Selling her shitty porn on Twitter, talking about cammingBEFORE
     Befriended babytrash and her creepy man, became friends cause they looked similar.  Had a falling out after they had a threesome and Matt got close to babytrash.  Internet feud with babytrash, skin walks the fuck out of her  Talks about her haters all the time and how they make her moneyGot bolt ons and refused to follow aftercare instructions Got a botched nose job but still contours the fuck out of it Modeled for Dolls KillMade her snap where she overshared everything and shit talked Matt and his familyShaved her head and looked just like babytrash 
                                                                                                 (talking about her rape) 
                                                                                                 (dumping Matt)
                                                                                                (Birth of Pee N Pee)
                                                                                                (crying about Matt cheating)
        (talking about fucking a 53 year old guy and comparing him to Jeff Goldbloom... also talking about her drug use)
    Two Images from her ig rant about Matt, !Please Read!

  6. Caroline Calloway is a long-time snowflake, scammer, and art-tracer who richly deserves a place here. She refuses to take responsibility for anything, blaming Adderall addiction or "don't judge me for my quirky and artistic imperfections."

    She's on Instagram (https://anony.link/https://www.instagram.com/carolinecalloway/) with almost 800,000 followers as of September, 2018 (https://socialblade.com/instagram/user/carolinecalloway)
    Past History (up to 2019):
    Gained fame on Instagram by chronicling her romantic life at Cambridge University, including lavish balls, private parties with the elite of Europe, and lots of Adderall.Got a $500,000 book deal based on her Instagram success but couldn't deliver a manuscript and ended up $100,000 in debt to her publisher.Can't pay rent and taken to court multiple times. Always gets bailed out in the end despite her never holding down a job. She clearly has a source for cash...somewhere. 2019:
    Announces a worldwide tour of "creativity workshops" for $165 per ticket. Cancels almost all of them when she reveals she never booked event space or had any idea of how to organize the tour. Finally holds two events that are described as far from what was promised. (https://www.wmagazine.com/story/caroline-calloway-creativity-workshop)Starts a Patreon, promising her "close friends" things like nudes for $2 a month and Skype chats for $100 a month. (https://www.patreon.com/carolinecalloway)Holds another $165 a ticket workshop that's really just a meet-and-greet organized by her "assistants." (https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/pa7e9k/caroline-calloway-the-scam-event-essay)Sells paper cutouts of Matisse artwork for $140 per piece, claiming "fair use" and still can't send her "art" out on time. (https://www.instagram.com/p/B17rpMDB74y/?hl=en)Gets outed by her former bff, Natalie Beach, revealing that the Instagram posts that made Caroline famous were mainly ghostwritten by Natalie, as was the book that she couldn't end up finishing. (https://www.thecut.com/2019/09/the-story-of-caroline-calloway-and-her-ghostwriter-natalie.html)Drama ensues and is ongoing, with Caroline taking full advantage of her new-found notoriety to promote herself. The US media is having a field day, with lots of "deep" articles whiteknighting her or taking her down.This is just the tip of the iceberg. A longer summary is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/blogsnark/comments/c4n2en/caroline_calloway_624630/ery7y86/
    Most recent wk pieces:
    https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/09/i-get-caroline-calloway/598918/https://www.vox.com/first-person/2019/9/12/20862557/caroline-calloway-authenticReddit interviews Caroline Calloway: https://anony.link/https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/stephaniemcneal/caroline-calloway-interview-natalie-beach-instagram