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  1. Anna Delvey: https://www.instagram.com/theannadelvey/?hl=en (inactive since 2017)
    Russian born Anna Delvey, real name Anna Sorokin, has been making headlines recently for being sentenced for 4 to 12 years in prison with charges of theft and larceny. She conned her way into becoming one of Manhattan's socialites spending frivolous amounts of money tipping hotel concierge, going to high-class restaurants, and showing off her luxurious lifestyle up until her arrest. 
    Lied about being a German heiress with 60 million dollars in funds being held abroad and changed her name when she decided to stay in the USClaimed that her father was a wealthy businessman and had different answers when questioned about her dad Owes her friends, restaurants, and banks large sums of money to fund her lifestyle with no intentions of paying them back. One of her former friends made a firsthand account about how she owes her $62k (https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/04/my-misadventure-with-the-magician-of-manhattan)Bank documents were falsified to get loans for her fake lifestyle (https://www.distractify.com/p/what-did-anna-delvey-do)Made court appearances wearing fanciful outfits styled by her personal stylist and even refused to show up to a hearing because she was upset over one of her outfits. Shows no remorse for her actions and is willing to do it all over again.There is an Instagram account dedicated to her courtroom looks: https://www.instagram.com/annadelveycourtlooks/Relevant readings:
  2. The Land of Lavish

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLcK3eDvQZJoE2rGFaPpL2A
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelandoflavish/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/thelandoflavish?lang=en
    Or in other words, Liana Rose. Was born and lived her entire life in Australia, now has a very creepy obsession with princesses, fairies and fairytailes in general. She has good quality videos except she overly romanticises her life and herself, each video has at least 5-6 quotes from some books about dreams.
    Her voice sound unatural as if she tries to make it softer...
    Claims to be a real life princess and fairy.
    Constantly reminds the watchers that she is a dreamer, I heard her saying "I'm a dreamer", "this pen is good for me, because I am a dreamer" a million times. Which I don't know why, gets on my nerves.
    If you search her name, not much comes up. So I'm suspecting that it's not real. She seems pretty skilled for someone that has never been participating in any social media activities.. so that's what leads to my assumption.
    I found her a few days ago, and wanted to know your opinion...
  3. Hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm making this thread for anyone on PULL to post their artistic representations of any snowflakes or personalities. I see so many amazing/funny pictures and sketched here and seeing as the artists who agreed to make the banner have had some issues and holdups I thought this would be a good idea. Hopefully any submissions could perhaps go towards the new banner. If this thread gets enough submitions I'll try ask a mod/the current banner artist if they could use any of the pictures to go towards the new design. If you'd like to submit art but wouldn't be okay with it being used potentially as part of the banner post anyway but state your wishes along side, if you have something to share go ahead!
    I summed it up what I'm intending better here:

    My homage to spicy noodle hanfu queen Yumi:

  4. After going through a lot of snowflakes threads, who would be the WORST snowflakes in your opinion? I'm aware that shoop is bad and a lot of snowflakes got call out by that, but i think there are some snowflakes who has done way worse than shooping, like scamming, cheating, abuse, etc.
    Mine would be:
    The Banner Girls:
    • Wylo. Definitely wylo among all of them. Cuz damnnn gurrlllll she's a mess from the start and i think she's even worse than kota and kiki. Mira is second worst.   
    Non-Banner Girls:
    • LOTS OF THEM: Pele whitney, MARGO, xiao.anna, sere, sophie Ysraeli, yungelista, simply_kenna and many more!
  5. Morena in Japan
    Youtube // Twitter (suspended/deactivated?) // Instagram // Patreon

    Morena in Japan is a 19 year old Afro-Latina girl who moved to Japan using gofundme to study politics. Her channel got really popular after a Q&A video she made called "WHAT IS DICK LIKE IN JAPAN?" was featured on Mediatakeout and other gossip sites.

    Her channel quickly surpassed 20k subscribers in less than a month. She also has another video about sex in Japan, such as "HOEING IN JAPAN 101" and her Patreon advertises exclusive "hoeing in Japan tips and tricks"

    I could care less about her sex life, but man, I went on this girl's live a few weeks ago and had a completely different impression of her. She was saying all kinds of shit about how she thinks men are useless and capitalism is terrible. She kept reiterating that she was suicidal and begging for people to donate money so she could buy a camera.
    It also seems like her insta and twitter were deleted recently, but I'm not sure why.
    Why I made this thread:
    CondescendingManipulates fans in streamsSeems to be a little bit rude answering fans' questionsArmchair diagnosis for several mental health issues she apparently hasWhat do you guys think about her? I saw some stuff on lolcow but I wanted PULL's opinion bc yall are way more mellow lmao
  6. I do not have the time right now to write up a good summary (nor am I good at it  ), but she has some snowflakey photoshopping going on (if u look at her tagged pics). If not, its ok! Just wanted to ask :). Thank you! I used to think she naturally looked like that, but because of this forum site, I have learned that a lot of cosplayers photoshop heavily and that I shouldn't feel bad about myself.
  7. I thought it would be funny and also interesting to talk about all the people who threatened to sue the users and/or this website over the years! It's the most hilarious phenomenon to me personally, as if a lawyer or attorney could hold their laughter or even try to defend them.
    People discussing other people online isn't against the law and we have rules to curb anyone from posting about people under the age of 16, omitting personal information that comes anywhere close to doxxing, personal vendettas, and the general consensus to not contact these people. The only reason they want legal action is so they can hide their receipts of being a shit person from the world. Sorry, not gonna happen though~ 😘
    Anyway, I hope this can be a fun discussion! 
  8. I notice that a lot of people who find their thread on this forum get angry, lose their cool, and make things worse by fueling the fire. If you were in their position, what would you do differently so that you won't have a meltdown and dig yourself deeper? I mean ignoring PULL is probably the most common response.
  9. Tell us about people you know or knew who are/were a snowflake, but without a big social following. Just your average local snowflakery and cringiness stories lol

    Mines are mostly weeb-related.
    I knew a fully white non-Japanese girl who would unironically call her parents "ookasan" and "ootosan". Because, of course, she liked anime and manga. Well. She liked yaoi.

    And another girl (or woman, she was in her early 20's) who would literally force her mom to look at yaoi manga pictures/pages and be like "isn't it sweet/cute?" just to be edgy... and if you thought it was weird or gross she thought you were homophobic.
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