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  1. I've debated about posting this topic for awhile, but I feel like it's a strange situation and I'm not sure how often other people have to deal with things like this or if I even have the right to be angry. 
    Let's call her "C". C is about 3 months younger than I am, but she was a grade beneath me. 
    In middle school and my freshman year, I did a lot of drastic things to my appearance. I shaved the whole underside of my head and I shaved off my eyebrows & drew them on. I would draw a small star on my cheek with eyeliner and fill it with colorful eyeshadow. I wore wigs, bright eyeshadow, "goth" clothing- mind you, I'm in my twenties, so this was before it was sort of EVERYWHERE. That's partially why I'm upset. I'm in my 20's. Why the hell is this even a thing?
    I met C in my sophomore year, she had dreadlocks and she was sort of arsty. We connected over anime, video games, and I got her into astrology. We grew pretty close, pretty quickly. I spent entire weekends at her house, we eventually ended up heading the Social Justice team at our school as president & vice president. She inherited some of my big band tees, we shared makeup, and she even started drawing the star on her cheek and filling it in with eyeshadow and pierced her eyebrow like mine.
    The issues started out very subtle, but soon into our relationship - something I just dismissed because we were good friends and I didn't want to read too much into it. One day, I left a giant beaded bracelet with black & purple swirls on it at her house. (I'm really guilty of doing this since childhood, leaving stuff at friend's houses absentmindedly- I've since learned my lesson) I hadn't even noticed the bracelet missing from my collection until I saw her wearing the beads on a "handmade" necklace. It was an awkward situation, but I didn't say anything. Maybe she didn't know it was my bracelet? Her mother had all sorts of strange jewelry, maybe she thought it was her's?
    Fast forward a bit, to about a year out of school, we're friendly enough, she calls me one day to tell me that she "accidentally" shaved her eyebrows off. I sort of laughed because I've had quite a few friends who have had eyebrow faux pas while plucking or shaving, so I thought nothing of it. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that she kept shaving them off.
    Anyway, she moves in with me a short while later and blah blah blah. Things are going good at first, we have mini-shopping trips to the city, playing dress-up together, etc. She has a friend tattoo the star on her cheek in my living room while I'm at work. I guess I'm sort of awkwardly flattered?
    Then, she pisses off her mom, and then her boss, both of which are paying her share of the bills, and they cut her off. As a result, she's depressed and bitter and not really doing anything. No cleaning, not working, not paying bills, etc. Meanwhile, I'm working midnights and going to class during the day. Ultimately, we lose the apartment and I'm out $800 because the electric bill was in my name. We go our separate ways, no longer friends, moving back home.
    We reconnect, begrudgingly at first, about three years ago- three years after the first incident. Now she has the side of her head shaved (which is trendy at this point) and has her labret done. She doesn't really say sorry, but I do, because I felt like I handled the situation like a bitch. We're back in full-swing, talking about makeup, etc. She seems to have really matured, she's held a job in a manager position for two years, she's had a stable roommate for a year, and she's still one of the few people in my town that I liked.
    Don't ask me why, but I foolishly had her move in with me again. This time I didn't need her, but I wanted her company, and like I said, she had "changed". I was only half-wrong, she was PERFECT for six months. Paid everything on time and we had so much fun. I have a nice office job at this point, and I'm doing really well for myself. I was wearing wigs every day for over a year to grow out my hair, still eyebrowless, and pierced.
    I guess at some point, she gets depressed about how much how often she works at her job, and how she makes so much less money than I did, even though she's a manager, because she works in retail. She blows her entire paycheck at an anime convention, and tells me she'll give me the whole next check. When the next paycheck rolls around, she fakes a suicide attempt (no, I'm not joking). Not knowing this was a fake attempt, I was upset and concerned. She tells me it's not about me, and I just assume it's something personal. She abruptly moves out, shorting me $250. She later explicitly told friends that she deliberately took half the amount necessary to kill an average person, that is how I found out. When I say "fake suicide attempt", I mean that she took 13.5 advil and she's 300+ pounds. That's a stomach ache, not a cry for help.
    Flash-forward to now, we are most definitely not friends. Ironically, she was fired from her manager job for stealing. I'm pretty active on IG. She, until recently, was not. About a week ago, she deletes all of her less popular and less cute pictures and spams her page with tons of edits that don't even look like her, tagging "kawaii" this and that. Suddenly, she's wearing a lot of wigs and drawing fake freckles on (a trend which I find very annoying . . .I am ginger, & I have freckles), wearing necklaces of mine that I guess she stole when she moved out, and random "kawaii" accessories I owned while she lived with me. What she didn't steal, she bought.
    She makes wire-wrap jewelry, which she started doing right after I showcased some custom wraps a friend made personally for me, and she named her shop after an idea that told her I wanted to name my makeup brand one day (back when I was in beauty school, when we lived together the first time). She even stole some words from my IG profile, as well as the format. I finally caved and blocked her & her shop, but I'm public so she just has to log out to see my stuff. 
    This is, and isn't, relevant, but I am a short, small, white girl. C is a full-bodied, tall, black girl. I think it's difficult to perceive what she's doing as copying sometimes, because she's a different skin color than I am. And because of her skin color, she is deemed as even more "unique" than I am because there are plenty of white girls who are into goth and kawaii shit. We're a dime a dozen on the internet, but she isn't stealing from them. She's stealing from me. No matter what her skin color is- she's a thief, a shitty friend, and a copycat. 
    Because she is so much more active on other social media websites than I am, I'm sure other people have no idea that she's stealing from me, or might even assume that I'm stealing from her.
    I know she's toxic. I'm not asking if I should be friends with her again, because that is out of the question. I am asking how I should handle this, or if there's anything I can even do?
    Please don't take any race offense to this.
    I know many people on this forum are into this sort of fashion, so I thought I might use this as a place to sort of vent.
    I'm sorry it's so long.
  2. Post on AnnaCake in Little Snowflakes

    By Tomato, posted
    I'll just leave this here... Enjoy

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/nightmarecake
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/marmaladenightmare
    IG: https://instagram.com/nightmarecake/

    She photoshops her pics to look asian, erases the shadows from her nose bridge among other fxcked up stuff she does. She's a mess. She also likes to stream League of Legends lol

    I feel bad for the boys she took this selfie with, they probably had no idea what they were dealing with.

    Her insulting some random girl on Facebook, she always likes to tell people how un-'ulzzang' they are looool, and often talks about how she has the features that all the ulzzangs are striving for

    Most made-up wannabe anime hentai story I've ever read in a while

    Here's a bonus video of her dancing

    She claims her aegyosal are 100% natural LOL, I don't even know why she squints in her photos and photoshops her eyes smaller... I'm almost offended.

    So kawaii

    Erasing your nose bridge is totally kawaii!!

    Her un-touched deleted photos

  3. Hello Everyone! This is my first time posting a topic. Sorry if I didn't post this right. (>.<)
    I found Little Skylark a couple months ago on Tumblr. She's into Petplay,Bdsm and also the creator of the Catgirl Online magazine called "The Chateau".
    I was suprised when I didnt find a Thread about her already cuz she's very active on Tumblr and Youtube. Have you guys heard of her or anything about her? She avoids alot of questions about her age and relationships. But other than that..... She's pretty much an open book.lol 
    She travels alot I'm so jealous of that! Is she rich?

    The Chateau:http://www.thechateau.org/
  4. xhee-heex and HopieChan are 27-year-old fraternal twin sisters who are mostly known for their cosplays. Their cosplay page is Twinzik Cosplay. 
    They haven't done anything bad, really. Heehee is definitely the more talented cosplayer and seems to have a more modest approach to social media. Here are some examples of how she uses prosthetics and wig styling and makeup to make her cosplays A+++:
     Hopie has some really good cosplays as well, but tries to act like a kawaii 16-year-old on instagram. 
    Bonus! Typical pictures they take together:
    I had to unfollow Hopie because of the ridiculous selfies and faces she makes so I'm only following heehee now. 
    What do you all think? 
  5. Since Venus recently ran away from Margo  it's likely that they won't have much contact with each other anymore (I hope, at least). And we know that Margo probably forced Venus to keep up a dolly facade and that most of the scams were her doing. It'd be nice if we moved Margo to a new forum, especially considering how cluttered the general Venus thread has become. (People keep talking about Margaret even when it doesn't concern Venus at all). 
  6. when she was 15 years old

    2 years later (now)

    her different noses

    she also uses snapupload to edit her snaps (her snapchat: ginizzlelizzl)

    her name is gina lorena mastrolorito. her instagram is @ginizzle


    she is from germany, stuttgart (yes she is really from germany and doesnt pretends to be like sasha. a person already saw her in stuttgart and they were friends and she says gina looks not like on her photos in real life) she has a 'clothing line' http://www.decodeshop.de and the factory is at the same place like the 'blackdope - shop' in stuttgart. madison beer already wore clothes from http://instagram.com/blvckd0pe 
    she got famous for posting nudes

     she has almost 500k followers on instagram and she is also famous for looking like kylie jenner and kylie jenner once commented on a photo something like 'oh she looks like me' and gina is as proud as a peacock about it.
  7. I was looking up pictures of living dolls and I also saw some called snowflakes. Is there a difference?

  8. Post on Rinsa婷 in Little Snowflakes

    By Cringeworthy, posted
    Haven't seen Anyone talk about her but I'm not surprised since she is not that famous.
    There is this girl with about 7K followers on instagram ,apparently a cosplayer from singapore.
    Heard she is pretty rude to her followers and she acts all famous when she only has 7K Followers. Her facebook page is not even half of that too.
    She sucks up to famous cosplayer in her country like AOIGEKI , Kirisaki , Lawliet Cos etcetc. And especially to this famous blogger and cosplayer from Malaysia Ying Tze also known as Cheryl Lo.
    She claims that she makes her own costume and stuff but I heard from people she actually gets them tailored or commissioned. Apparently she is doing this to make her look more 'High-End' and senpai material and to look more like Ying tze which is a fashion student and makes her own costumes.
    She also buys her followers and likes from what I heard from people that were friends with her LOL
    She also photoshops her photos ALOT, she doesn't even look like how she does on her pictures. She even edits her selfies. Her face shape looks different in every photo and so does her figure. Looks like she has been doing alot of 'cleavage showing' and 'skin showing' cosplays as of lately to get more followers too . TALK ABOUT TRY HARD.
    She also isn't as goody goody as she looks.
    She treated her ex-boyfriends really bad making them treat her like a princess buying her stuff and dumping them after like 1-2months. She also was a 3rd party in a few relationships , after getting the guy she does the same thing then dump them.
    There was a period of time she seemed pretty rich, buying new phones and alot of new shoes and bags that ARE NOT CHEAP and basically a student should not be able to afford, I've heard she got herself a sugar daddy or something? (Not actually sure on this part maybe her parents are just rich )
    She have quite a bad reputation in the cosplay community and she doesn't even know LOLOL  

  9. So there is this little princess on Youtube called Onision.
    He also has other accounts called uh oh bro and Onision speaks. All his channels collectively have 6007457 subscribers. He is a massive hypocrite and a massive fucking elitist. He seems pretty convinced that everyone can be, and should be a vegetarian, so therefore he shoves vegetarianism and veganism down everyone's throats. He filmed his ex girlfriend Shiloh, having a seizure, and suffering from severe amnesia. He said the video was fake after a massive uproar, but that is a lie. He said it was fake so he wouldn't get in trouble but the video was in fact very real. He confirmed it was real before the uproar. He also filmed Shiloh in the bath even though she told him to stop multiple times, and there is also a video of him filming Shiloh having a mental breakdown, saying she was going to kill herself and make it look like he did it, he said it was for police evidence, and if it really was evidence he wouldn't have uploaded it to Youtube. Onision is almost 10 years older than Shiloh, Onsion is currently 30 and Shiloh is 23. They dated when Shiloh was still a teenager. His current girlfriend, formerly his wife, is named Lainey. They started talking when Lainey was 16, and dated a month later when she was 17. When Lainey turned 18, Onision married her. Again Onision is almost 10 years older. He made a video addressing how he cheated on Lainey, and later made a video saying he cheated on her because she wouldn't sexually satisfy him. He is a feminazi, and has blamed mental abuse victims for being abused. He recently made fun of a young girl's death, which is why he is becoming so popular right now.
  10. Frill-Ability (Ellejay/Helljay)
    Ellejay Volpe is a Lolita known for being a super bullshitting drug-addict attention seeker.
    She is a lesbian and a self converted Muslim.
    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ElleJayVee
    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/FrillAbility
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/FrillAbilityLife
    Tumblr: www.frill-ability.tumblr.com
    Website: www.frill-ability.com
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/frill_ability
    Converting to Islam Blog: http://www.sherryandcookies.com/

  11. Post on Elliot Anjii in Online Personalities

    By creme, posted
    So, since this is like my first post, this'll probably seem really self vendetta-ish, but, I just wanted to mention a certain topic.
    So, I've seen there's a small forum on elliot anjii, and it's all really basedonn when he was into the "doll look". And, yes, Elliots a "he". But i just wanted to let everyone that he was only 12-13 at the time and i understand what he felt, because at that age you're really impressionable and do stupid things, i did to at that age.
    I know this is a pretty pointless forum to start, but, i just wanted to let everyone know
    Here's his insagram if you want to see what i mean 
  12. Battle of beauty between the most notorious PULL snowflakes. It's up to you to vote which snowflake naturally trumps the rest! 

  13. First came around during the bonbon drama, acting very innocent. But soon showed her true colors. Ran two accounts on here one by the name of MeltyKitten, and another by the name of Snake, but claimed to not check up on pull. Still very active on MeltyKitten. Instigated drama with bonbon to boost her fame, and self posted on here to get more attention. Seems very snowflakey, attention seeking, and annoying. Constantly posts pity seeking posts about her many many illnesses, and always seems to be trying to get sympathy of some sort. Also was caught photoshopping and buying followers. Edits her pictures a lot and used tags like " little girl" and " little" until someone called her out on it. Just seems very self absorbed and trying to copy Bon/Pele or be exactly like her. The self post thread was closed, but I've been really wanting to discuss this potential snowflake! Link to original self post thread! : https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/1474-momodere/?page=1
    She has two accounts on instagram, the main is the peachpie.jpg one and her personal is momodere. She uses the momodere account to rant about basically everything. Every time a troll makes a comment on her thiscrush page she makes a post about it just to have her followers pity her. She also deletes these kinds of posts later once she got enough positive feedback from her followers.Her followers always try to cheer her up but still she always makes posts like: 'I have not enough followers', 'I only gained 1-2 followers this week' and so on. She isn't even grateful people haven't gotten tired of her whining and always asks for more followers.She posts questionable photos of herself on her personal account such of herself in lingerie only, close ups of her ass or boobs but then later makes complain posts about how creeps or strangers make her feel uncompfortable. She once made a post about not wanting to be sexualized and said she's gonna block some of her followers but she doesn't realize that: 1) it are strangers / perverts who leave these comments, still she always treatens to block her followers 'just in case' and 2) comments like 'sexy' and 'do you have a boyfriend?' aren't that creepy I think. If you post lingerie photos of yourself.... What do you expect if you send these signals? People who write these comments probably want to compliment her...She even changed her bio from 'positive peach' to 'very negative' because her account is only about ranting and being pissedShe posts herself to PULL but doesn't she realize that people wouldnot only praise but also critizise her? If she really wants 'opinion' why not post yourself to a cosplay website or something? Excuse me but it just reminds me of that girl who posted herself to lolcow and then was surprised that people were talking bad about her...She says she is afraid of creeps and must have her boyfriend control the private messages that are being send to her... But she lurks here on PULL herself (pretty obsessivly)... She is almost an adult but has her boyfriend check and read her DMs that are being sent to her by her 12-16 year old followers.... Because they could be 'creeps' or be 'dangerous'... Always taking care to have herself look most 'fragile', 'innocent' and 'smol' while she is making a second account on PULL and talking really bad about other girls while thinking nobody would find out it's her.

  14. So, I'm pretty sure that when we read up on our favourite flakes, their drama and lives seem so far off what we know. But every so often, you meet that one person who is a little flake-y.  Maybe they have aspirations of becoming efamous, maybe they just want a bit of drama in their lives. Perhaps they were successful in becoming a snowflake or are mentioned somewhere on PULL. Or, maybe their drama was only local to your area or friendship group  
    Im in the mood for member stories again !
    anyway, this is my contribution to the thread, it's kinda long and even then, I'm probably missing a lot out:
  15. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010920974155
  16. Her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carrotriot
    She seems like shes trying to be like those "aesthetic" girls, and I have no idea why shes so popular on instagram. she has 10.9k followers. what do you think of her?

  17. If anyone wants to check out a blossoming snowflake in action, check out Taty the Mighty on youtube. 
    Obsessed with herself, claims to have dissociative identity disorder when her "alters" are blatant attempts to seem cool and interesting. Thinks the 'trauma' in her life that resulted in DID was having a slightly overbearing mother and not being recognised as a special snowflake in school. Refers to herself as a witch. 
    If you haven't heard of her, you're welcome.
    Also, hello PULL, I am new and decided to join because I needed a place to express how shocked I was by this person's behaviour. I didn't realise special snowflake syndrome could get so ridiculous! The detrimental effects on public perception of mental illness is sickening.

  18. I don't know where to start, but let's go. 
    So I'm- or was- a friend of this person called shin Matsushita on Facebook. I thought they were pretty cool,etc until recently. When they have showed their true colors. 
    There's a ton of shitty things they've done. Including:
    -telling people to kill themselves
    -faking suicide
    -lying to everyone
    But the worst thing is that SHE pretended to be transgender. Her real name isn't shin. Her name is Karri or some sort of shit. And she really isn't Japanese. Just some weeb bitch. 

  19. I don't know if there's a topic or was a topic about this.. Sorry in advance if I just repeat same things.
    Okay, so I recently seen on instagram, a big account named roastkardashians, exposed two insta famous guys one named lauijan and the other denjiel, seems like laujian and denjiel heavily photoshop their eyes and wear contacts, though laujian seesm to have done a nose job as well from roastkardashian page sgowing his older photos.
    Not only that, they are trying to make cringy ass memes putting their own pictures there 

  20. I'm a dude, and I saw the new PULL rules but I was here before they put the 18+ so ye..
    But anyways I just wanted to say Hi and call me Sky (obv not my actual name but its more easier to pronounce then Skylivicus)
    I'm on here just because it's interesting to see Youtubers be discussed and I like joining in on the conversation
    This site also gives me ways of agreeing as an anon if there is any controversy as well which is p cool
  21. Her Instagram

    According to DAZED magazine "Arvida Bystrom is the Internet's pink-haired princess, flying around her kingdom on a rainbow unicorn, almost. Actually, she's a 22-year old Stockholm-born photographer and artist, now based in London. She explores sexuality, self-identity and contemporary feminism." Who else cringed when they read that? Btw shes 23 now. 

    So basically shes a feminist model/photographer/artist who is famous for not shaving and being naked on the internet because its a "combo of aesthetic and body positivity" ugh. Her other interveiws: http://showstudio.com/project/girly/interview_arvida_bystrom

    What do y'all think?
  22. Post on . in Online Personalities

    By Maddy, posted

  23. So Haru or Medsua.stuck on instgram. where do i start?? well first TOTAL HYPOCRCIY. Haru is a cosplayer (mainly homestuck) and was seen in a post saying "people shouldn't sexualize dave strider" but yet they show him in musically rolling their hips, showing off panties and doing sexually suggestive acts AS A MINOR (17 to be exact, birthday is in july). they are also an avid davejade shipper but caught saying "burn DaveJade with fire" on Daddytbh post (another little snowflake :3). adding to this say something like "you shouldn't cosplay if you don't have the full costume" yet the cosplayed Kanaya Maryam, and karkat vantas without th cannon outifts and no grey paint... on another serious topic they are "poly" but was dating people behind others backs/ without the knowledge of the other, aswell as dating an abuse survivor while also dating the abuser. another is copying others makeup/ cmvs (cosplay music videos) and claiming it as their own. And lastly they condone pedophilia/abusive relationships and claiming "it doesn't harm anyone, people just need to grow up". sadly they play innocent and claim they are kin with Jade Harley (another character they cosplay and over-sexualize). i have nothing against kin, but everyone knows this is just a facade they have to play innocent. if you need any reciepts please go look at Lizzathecairns on instagram
             ~thanks for reading
     Sexualizing Dave - https://www.instagram.com/p/BNYfv3_BFuo/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
    post saying not to do so - https://www.instagram.com/p/BNYfKNjh0dY/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
    unfinished Karkat - https://www.instagram.com/p/BNYl8iXBD2o/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
    unfinished Kanaya - https://www.instagram.com/p/BNYl1LGht8w/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
    Copying idea #1 - https://www.instagram.com/p/BNYmojrh7fY/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
    copying idea #2 - https://www.instagram.com/p/BNYoKGmB9Gw/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
    Fetishizing abuse and pedophilia -and incest - https://www.instagram.com/p/BNYhaxdBtB6/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
    Dave jade hypocricy - https://www.instagram.com/p/BRL0UkaDFhj/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
    Dating abuser - https://www.instagram.com/p/BNYnWmHhGM5/?taken-by=lizzathecairns&hl=en
  24. Yumi King (aka Corn King) is a 26-year-old kawaii Hanfu lolita cosplayer obsessed YouTuber who has more than 500,000 subscribers. She's stopped making sewing videos and is now trying to be a beauty/lifestyle guru. In a recent video she announced that she has a new channel open dedicated to her food video.
    Yumi and her boyfriend doing PPAP (nicknamed Splenda)
    She attempts to act cute by talking in broken English even though she is fluent and asks really stupid questions like, "What is dentist?" or "What is claws?". Some have spectulated that she is in a ddlg relationship with her boyfriend who is obviously older than her. In her boyfriend videos, she is seen wearing a cat collar.
    Her videos have become really pointless and half-assed. When called out, she denies everything and plays the victim until her 12-year-old fan base comes and protects her. 
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DesignsByYumi/featuredInstagram: http://instagram.com/yumi_kingOriginal thread: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/226-yumi-king/?page=1***
    Note from Mushroom: Yes I know there's another thread but that thread is overflowing and has over 500 posts. So this will be the back up if the older thread gets locked. :3
  25. tbh recently I've seen a rise in the number of women calling themselves feminists who use labels (that they say are included in the LGBTQ community) to use as an excuse to identify as a minority and complain about being "oppressed". Thoughts?