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  1. Post on Asian Beauty/Skincare in Skincare

    By haiyuki, posted
    Okay, third time's a charm.
    Asian skincare and beauty has a large focus on the cleansing, treatment, preparation of the skin. There are usually many steps and include mini-massages to promote blood circulation, help with relaxation (or to wake you up!), and to blend products.
    Do you follow an Asian beauty routine?
    What Asian beauty products do you use?
    Do you find that they work better than your native (unless, of course, you live in an Asian country. :)) counterparts?
    Do you follow any AB blogs?
    You can also post your hauls, beauty questions, suggestions, & tips here!
    The timing on this worked out in my favor because I went on a beauty haul and can post my new routine later. I typically use Korean products because I follow a Korean skincare routine, but I am open to trying basically anything that can be easily switched into my skincare regimen. 
    In the meantime, I shop here: 
    Full-size products:
    They take a big long to ship, but their prices are wonderful. Sometimes they have sales where shipping is free, which is basically a steal because shipping is calculated by weight. Sometimes I pay almost as much in shipping as I do in product.
    Amazon also has a decent selection, and now they have section dedicated just to Korean beauty products:
    Subscription Service:
    I've also JUST gotten off the subscription wait list for this Asian Beauty service, I haven't received my first bag/box yet, but I'll be posting here what I receive once I do!- $12 month for 4-5 Asian full-sized or deluxe-sized sample products:
    Masks & Samples:
    I buy a lot of masks on ebay as well, and random sample packs for around $12-15 for 20-30 samples. 
    Sometimes www.yesstyle.com has deals on these as well.
    Has anyone tried http://www.beauteque.com/? They have both full-size products and send out monthly bags/boxes.
    I just found it today and while the prices are bit steep for a monthly box (but they have many products in each one!), the monthly mask set sounds amazing.
  2. Hello. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to start a topic or not because I've actually been lurking this (or these) site(s) for some time now but I've never had the confidence to actually create an account. Sorry in advance if I mess anything up because I really don't mean it. Anyway, I saw that there was no topic about skincare in general/skin care routines or products that have worked so I decided I would start one.
    Things that have worked for me:
    Cure Nature Aqua Gel- This takes off dead skin and skin makeup leftover and does not burn or anything even when I had wounds on my face. I do have combination but mostly dry skin so this dried me out a little bit but it wasn't much. I recommend this but it runs out easily if you're someone who does a daily exfoliation (like me)Benefit Porefessional- I know this isn't "skincare" but this really works if you want to close your pores. This is a little expensive but this is the best pore "eraser" I've used thus far. If you want a cheaper alternative go with Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser which wasn't as good for me but it's fairly close (and cheaper).            I don't have a skincare routine as of right now but I'm breaking out badly and I have lots of acne scars and dry skin where my blackheads are. I have mostly dry combination skin and if anyone has any good recommendations for me please let me know. My acne scars are very bad and if anyone could help me with them I would be very thankful.
  3. hi! i havent posted anything in a lil while and i was lurking through the forum and came across the beauty/fashion section and i thought i'd share something. 
    i recently purchased the nivea men's post-shave balm because i had noticed NikkieTutorials uses it as her primer in almost every video of hers, and she also raves about it and really has never said anything bad about it. I applied it before my makeup yesterday, i washed and toned my face like usual but this time i skipped moisturizer and regular primer and just went straight to the shave balm before my base and the results were honestly amazing. even 8 or so hours later my foundation looked really nice, and i even noticed i looked less shiny than usual around really oily areas. also, today, just waking up..my face feels really soft and nice, i dont know if its because of the balm but i love it.
    overall i reaaaaaaaallllllllllyyy recommend it! 
  4. I just turned 22 and I am having a problem with crows feet appearing (American slang for wrinkles that appear at the edges of your eyes), and wrinkles under my eyes. I have had crows feet since I was 19 and went through major weight loss (217lb to 90lb). I've been struggling with anorexia and never had the common skin problems like hair growing from the face or excessively dry skin. As I lost over half of my body weight I have a lot of extra skin and I have had to work really hard to tone it. Luckily through the years I have seen great results.
    However my crow's feet are really stubborn. I worry so much about wrinkling skin and I am only 22 which seems way too young to be worrying.
    So I have several questions. Feel free to pick and choose which ones to answer. Or maybe whine that you are young with wrinkles too.
    (I have really fair skin and I always use sunscreen so I doubt it's from sun damage. Most likely due to weight loss. As my mother has almost no crow's feet at 59 years old and my dad is pretty wrinkle free too.)
    What brands (and specific products) do you recommend for getting rid of wrinkles or at least lightening them?What can you do to prevent new wrinkles or wrinkles from appearing?Are there any cosmetic tricks you can use to hide wrinkles?Are there any cosmetic products to fill wrinkles?If I was desperate (and I would probably wait until I was older) are there cosmetic surgery procedures to lessen wrinkles? Would I end up looking like a scary fish face?I am asking here since most of what I found online is directed towards women in their late twenties and upward.
    I used Google Search and found an image that accurately shows my problems. Hopefully it will better explain my issues. I hate having dark circles because I use concealer and I always get white streaks in the wrinkles and I can't seem to blend them out. It always happens 1-2 hours into wearing makeup even with primer. 

  5. Post on Breakout in Skincare

    By derin, posted
    hi guys! i need tips for:
    old poppep pimple scarswensnoseblackheadswhiteheadsi used to have an amazing skin and i've been dealing with these for the past 4 months ._. 
    i am someone with veryyyy oily skin. I use oil free moisturizer and even do a good skincare but still my face gets oily. When i wear makeup it starts to get oily after 2 hours even when i set my makeup with a good powder. I also use matte foundation but still my face gets really oily.I get oily around my forehead,nose and cheeks area. 
    The oil makes my face look really dewy,shiny from far but when you come near it kind of looks dicusting. Few people have even asked me what foundation i am using😂😂 because they like the dewy look. I like the natural dewy look but I hate how my face gets super oily soon after the makeup application. 
    Does this happen to anyone? Or am i the only one with this problem?? And please share some tips if you have any😫

  7. I have dry lips all year round and I don't know what to do to stop my lips from peeling.
    can anyone recommend any products please? such as a lip scrub that doesn't have a strong scent and a lip balm that actually works. 
    if you recommend me any products that are inexpensive I will be so happy!
  8. Post on Curology in Skincare

    By hunty, posted
    Has anyone ever tried this? It's basically a subscription service, similar to Proactiv. You are assigned to a dermatologist who formulates a treatment tailored to your skin type and problems. I've heard really good things about it; the first month is free (besides the $5 shipping), and it's $20 every other month. Really cheap, compared to seeing a dermatologist in person.
    For people who have tried this, has it helped you? What does your progress look like, and what is your prescription?
    If you guys are interested, please consider signing up through my link  It gives me $10 credit that would go toward my subscription fee, which would be super helpful, LOL.
    Sorry if this post sounds like an ad, it's not sponsored or anything lol trust me. Anyway, please share if you've had experience with Curology, I'd really like to know!!
  9. Post on ignore in Beauty & Fashion

    By minhh, posted
    Hello everyone!
    I'm new here at PULL so this is actually my first post lol. I've been a long time lurker but finally decided to make an account c:
    Since middle school I have always had bad acne outbreaks, but I never started following a skincare routine because i just never got into all the beauty stuff. i was wondering if anyone could share their routine for clear and healthy skin; it would be greatly appreciated and helpful! 
    My skin type is greasy (? i think) but it also tends to get flaky/dry in some areas of my face (under/around my nose mostly).
    Thanks for the help! 
    I just realized theres a subtopic for skincare so i'm gonna repost under that lol
  10. Hello everyone!
    I'm new here at PULL so this is actually my first post lol. I've been a long time lurker but finally decided to make an account c:
    Since middle school I have always had bad acne outbreaks, but I never started following a skincare routine because i just never got into all the beauty stuff. i was wondering if anyone could share their routine for clear and healthy skin; it would be greatly appreciated and helpful! 
    My skin type is greasy (? i think) but it also tends to get flaky/dry in some areas of my face (under/around my nose mostly).
    Thanks for the help! 
  11. Hey guys~ i know there are a lot of threads concerning skin care but I would like to post *another* with specifically my concerns. My skin care is very simple, my essential product is just sunscreen. but I would like to take care of my skin more. 
    -my skin type is oily combo (the dry spots are my forehead and right in between my brows)
    - my skin is very sensitive too and acne prone ( i noticed I get the scheduled hormonal acne when I get my period) and when my diet goes south (junk and DAIRY breakouts will pop out more.
    -my main "goal" for posting a new thread is for people willing to help me out. 
    I want to know what to add more to my skin care-- do I need an eye cream? i'm at my mid 20'sday cream and/or night cream?do I need toners?do I need to use masks?I exfoliate but I just physically exfoliate. not chemically2. also i had teenage acne so there are scars. should I use vit. c serums? I used to use diluted apple cider vinegar. it seemed to work. maybe I'll start using it again
    3. do I need to go to a dermatologist for this and save you all the trouble?
  12. Hello. I've done some research lately on the exfoliation matter and I'm still not sure wether to do it everyday or only once a week. do you guys exfoliate your face every day? And if so do you do it in the morning or at night? I'm scared it might be too harsh for the skin, but so many people recommend it. I exfoliate my body only once a week.
  13. hey guys I’m the type of person who only uses cruelty free products as much as I can however some products are constantly being added and taken off the cruelty free list so I figured I’m not the only one on PULL. Cruelty free isn’t just for makeup also it can be skincare, haircare and even common household products. So feel free to ask your what is cruelty free and what isn’t, questions here and also to post on what brands just switched to being cruelty free and which brands are no longer cruelty free in the mean time here’s a list from cruelty free kitty https://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/list-of-cruelty-free-brands/
  14. I have terrible eczema on my cheeks. It is just hideous. Weeping, red, dry cracked eczema all over my cheeks. I almost look like I was in a fire accident. Here’s a short background... I’ve had eczema on my body since I was a little kid and it has cleared up; it’s a lil dry and ashy sometimes. I don’t use topical creams/ointments, moisturizers or oils because they don’t work. Now to the present, I started getting eczema on my face last year. It’s been a burden. It started to get better, but then I recently started school and this is probably the worst flare up ever. I do wear makeup but only on my eyes and lips. I can’t wear foundation anymore. If anyone has any tips or advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it. 
    My Skincare
    Kirkland Makeup Wipes (eye makeup)
    Water (wash face)
    Manuka Honey 
  15. i'm 19 and i have a babyface but i'm worried about some fine lines i've noticed particularly around my mouth area and a liiiiittle bit of creasing under my eyes. it's really not bad but i'm wondering if a more lightweight anti-aging formula would be too harsh on my skin. i've been using the elf illuminating eye cream under my eyes and on those aforementioned areas and i think it has made a difference.
    if i can afford to, what anti-aging products have you guys invested in if at all?
  16. i'm thinking of adding serums to my skincare routine and was wondering what serums you guys use if any? and why do you use them?
  17. Post on Freckles in Skincare

    By aoba, posted
    Hi everyone!
    So i’m a 16 yr old girl with freckles spreaded around my nose and cheeks. I’m really insecure about them and it’s something that i absolutely without doubt want to get removed. Maybe some will say that freckles are beautiful and yes, i think they are, but for me personally, i don’t like them on myself, it’s my biggest insecurity and i think about it every day. My question is, does anyone know effective recipes or products or anything else that have worked to fade // remove freckles? It would help out a lot!
    I saw a video about this recipe with lemon juice in it and it got comments about that it’s actually bad for your skin and i’m quite scared to make them darker or just ruin my skin in general. 
    Not only recipes but recommended products could help me out a lot. Thank you so much! <3
    - Aoba
  18.  I want to know if any members have had any product recommendations for skincare, makeup  (or fashion) products from sites like Yesstyle or other Asian websites. 
    Things I like to look out for are sales and free international shipping 
  19. hey guys, im new here so please bear with me eheh. ive always been wanting to know the best way to remove blackheads, it doesn't have to be permanent removal but at least some good methods thatll remove blackheads and wont harm your skin ! I heard that those blackhead patches that you peel off is effective and satisfying but it isn't very good for your skin. theres also the electronic blackhead removal device but I don't think I wanna go to that extent. I also use the blackhead removal facial wash but it doesn't really work?  any other useful methods? thanks a lot !! 
  20. Hey girlies! 
    I know the struggle of scrolling through the internet in frustration, looking for a quick- almost overnight- way to clear up that skin! But don't worry, because I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might help. We'll start with the most realistic, non-clickbait thing you'll hear- it doesn't happen overnight! I'm telling you this as a person who has tried both home remedies and expensive Lancôme products ...  It's hard at first- but know general acne is a part of growing up and shouldn't be tried to be removed immediately, my best bet- it'll be gone by college! Any-who; drinking water is a HUGE part of taking care of your skin; and I know it sounds suss but I cannot stress this enough.
    A good tip of drinking more water is eating dense but low in calories foods while drinking it, like a really fudge-y nougat or raisins! This way you'll have no choice but to drink a lot of water, also- controlling the temperature, texture or flavor of water may help. Add a lemon or two or a strawberry, add a sodium pellet to give it some fizz, or chill it overnight for a cool refresher. Either way, just know water can be fun- and if you're a simple girl like me; don't worry just remember to have water handy, I know getting up for a cup can be tiring for us 'lazies'.
    Have a great week! Tell me how your day went below and I'll be sure to reply!! 
    Leave me a nice comment !! 
  21. i need to find a new moisturiser bc i have 2 brands with cleansers and toners that work so well for me already. right now, i'm using aveeno to moisturise lol. it's... moisturising my face. i want something better and something to control my shine. idek if i can really do much more about my oiliness bc i have an imbalance of my hormones (pcos), i rarely eat oily things anyways and even though i've been having trouble sleeping for the past 2 weeks, when i do manage to get proper sleep at night, i still get super oily super quickly : (
    yesterday, i went to the kiehl's nearest to me and asked for samples, so i'm trying their tiny sample moisturisers out lol. the lady at the stand tested my forehead and cheek, and told me that i should try the water-gel formula for my t-zone and the normal, 'for all skin types' formula for where it's drier.