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  1.  Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/lemonadejar?lang=en
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/lemonadejar/?hl=en
    Blog: http://jojopearson.blogspot.com/?m=0
    Tumblr: http://lemonadeinajar.tumblr.com
    Just stumbled upon this girl on Instagram. Her name is Jojo Pearson and is from Birmingham, UK. Just got fascinated with how her skin is super white, but I'm not sure if that's her real skintone or if maybe she's albino. I didn't know people with that skin tone can exist. I've had friends that have albinism and they usually have a pink tone on their skin. But idk, what do ya'll guys think? 

  2. Well I didnt even know this site had an area to talk about these types of things but I figured I've already exhausted every other area of the Internet so why not here!
    Just wondering if anyone here ever damaged their skin and was able to fix it and get it back to the place it was before the damage..
    I made a horrible mistake and used a very powerful cream (from the retin a family) for no real reason ( Just a few pimples and build up from not washing my face for months (depressed))     And it completely turned my skin upside down.
    I had lovely skin before hand, like "poreless" and porcelain.. It was the only thing I really had confidence in appearance wise and I was often complimented on it. 
    Now the nicest comment I can receive is "I've seen worse".  
    I didn't know it was capable of doing the exact opposite of what this "miracle cream" claims to. But since  this happened I have found countless horror stories of similar, if not identical experiences with this cream and others like it...and literally 99% of people say they never get their skin back to normal.  
    Thats insane to me. I only used the stuff twice!  
    Anyway...I doubt anyone here will have any answers for me, but if by some miracle you do, please let me know!  
    Thank you in advance!
  3. Post on Crepe Paper Skin. in Skincare

    By _-Flawed-_, posted
    This may sound a little weird, but the skin on my legs looks kind of like crepe paper (I'll add a pic if you've never seen crepe paper before!). I have very fair skin, I'm quite young (but don't want to share my true age online), and it gets dry easily if that means anything, I've tried moisturizer to get rid of the dryness which worked, but I'd really like to have smooth skin on my legs ready for spring/summer. Thanks guys!

  4. Post on Face masks in Skincare

    By IATEYOMAMA, posted
    What are some of your favourite face masks? Drug store or more expensive ones, which ones work, which ones suck, what are some niche ones that you love? For me, I really love any of the "Yes to" masks, as well as the soo ae ones and another brand from walmart called purederm, there isn't much choice for sheet masks around where I live. Shoppers came out with a new line of their own masks that seem better than their old ones, which would burn me, but I haven't tried them yet because they are expensive. I actually have tried some of the freeman masks they have at walmart, and I like them a lot! One I have is the hydrating cream collagen mask, which are their newer ones, and an apple cider vinegar clay mask. One that I would recommend to anyone who isn't allergic to bees and has any kind of skin problem or problem with sagging or wrinkles, or just wants to be preventative, would be to try nip+fab bee sting fix mask, I use it on my nasolabial lines and forehead and squint lines, as well as for my jaw just to make it more firm lol and it works AMAZING. It even helps with my hyperpigmentation which is crazy, I try to use it every week or sometimes twice a week. I bought a random mask from winners that is called Elizabeth Grant Hydra cell active, it has hyaulauronic acid, it is pretty moisturising but it's not really the best mask I've ever used. My mom tried tony moly avocado sheet mask and it burned her???