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  1. Simply_kenna/cozykitsune
    (Also known as McKenna Kaelin and Kenna Suman)
    Previous threads here, here, here and here (because not even four threads about her was enough!)

    Youtube | Instagram | Twitter (defunct)* | Tumblr (new) (old & defunct) | Bilibili (Archived videos) | Youku (Archived videos)
    *The Twitter URL works, but that's because somebody else has claimed the Twitter username. The original @coffeewithkenna account was terminated sometime during the whole plagiarism scandal
    Who is simply_kenna/cozykitsune?
    Simply_kenna/cozykitsune is a 23-year-old ”aesthetic”/beauty Youtuber and Instagrammer who is also a buddhist. She used to live in Temecula in southern California... but now she is going to move to, lo and behold, JAPAN (read more about it in the Moving to Japan/Weeaboo section)! Something which we're celebrating with the creation of a fifth thread.
    Why does she deserve to be in the ”Little Snowflakes” section?
    The answer is that there are many reasons! Some of them have already been listed here, here, here and here (make sure to also read the old summaries if you haven’t done it already!), but it seems like there's no stopping Calamity Kenna, because she just keeps on providing us with new content.
    Apology video e-mails(new!)
    It is well-known among those who know about Kenna and the plagiarism scandal that she issued a second apology video in which she promised to turn over a new leaf and which was well-received at the time. Over time, many of those who are critical of her have come to perceive it as either just another one of her many promises that she couldn’t keep or something she did in order to make people things she had actually changed. Her fans, on the other hand, have often pointed to it as a means of defending her. However, it was recently revealed that not only was her apology video completely insincere all along, but somebody else basically gave her the idea for it and ghostwrote it! Here’s the full e-mail exchange between Kenna and this person, as well as their summary of their situation (you can find the original post here):
    The e-mails were also officially confirmed to be real by Kenna on January 12 2019 in a now (obviously deleted) comment thread:Asexuality/aromance(updated!)
    Even if she hasn’t had an ”I am totally ace-aro you guys” freakout as worthy of note as the one during LGBT pride month, Kenna still makes sure to remind everybody how ace-aro and sex-repulsed she is once in a while:
    She also still shows a form of appreciation for male characters that doesn’t seem very ace aro (note that the last screenshot is old, but it wasn't included in past summaries):And she still gets annoyed whenever somebody questions whether she is truly asexual-aromantic:(On a side note: in the older threads, there have been instances of people showing up and wanting to debate against her sexuality discussed is the OP because ”what if she actually is aro-ace!?”. Please avoid this: mostly because there are signs that she is, indeed, lying about her sexuality and that the subject thus needs to be addressed, but also because such discussions just end up clogging up the thread. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t free to come to their own conclusions based on the information that has been posted here and in the other threads)Becoming cozykitsune/trying to erase her past(new!)
    Once upon a time, the Instagrammer and Youtuber that is now known as cozykitsune went under the username of Simply_Kenna – a username that, over the years, has become associated with plagiarism (read all about it in thread 2), weeabooism and having a fetishistic relationship with most things Japanese (read all about it in thread 4, or watch the infamous (and now deleted) video in which she explained that she doesn't have an Asian fetish because she has a dry wit), and rudeness galore (read all about it in just about any of the previous threads). When taking this into account, it's not hard to see why she wanted to re-brand! The rebranding began to take place on October 13th 2018.
    First, she tried to change her name to cafeaulait. That didn't work out very well:However, she soon settled for a new username: cozykitsune. She celebrated her "new, fresh start" with a poem and by deleting most of her pre-name change videos and Instagram posts...  ... including the video where she apologized for plagiarizing other people's works and a whole bunch of other things! Who could POSSIBLY have seen that one coming! 
    Of course, once called out for it, she tried to deny she was trying to cover up past mishaps (after all, why would she have any interest in deleting that video? It's not like the plagiarism scandal took a big toll on her reputation or anything):It is also speculated that Kenna got Logical's video about her taken down as it was one of the most popular exposing videos about her (currently, it is sitting at over 2.7 million views), primarily because she asked her followers how to contact Youtube some time earlier and the video was reported for harassment so soon after the re-branding happened. That being said, there is no bullet-proof way of confirming it was her (the video is now up again and can be watched here, Logical's follow up video about the situation can be watched here):However, this doesn't mean that her apology video or her other removed videos are gone forever. You can still watch a re-upload of her apology video on Youtube and Bilibili, as well as re-uploads of other deleted videos on Bilibili and Youku!
    Remember when good ol’ Kenna used to be all about being cruelty-free? (The last screenshot is from this video):
    Well, Kenna doesn’t! Now she claims that she never said she was all cruelty-free. That’s just something people made up on their own (clearly, boho era Kenna was just a figment of everybody's imagination):That being said, she is partially correct. She might have claimed she was cruelty-free, but she stopped being fully cruelty-free as early as 2016 (Sephora isn’t cruelty-free, and the same can probably be said about that obscure Chinese make-up brand):Disney
    On the Western front, nothing new. Kenna remains obsessed with Disney, and she is planning to continue that obsession in Japan:
    (Wondering why she’s talking about coffee and cozy streets? Go to ”Seasons” for more information)Fashion(updated!)
    Sadly, the title is not a reference to the David Bowie song, but instead to Kenna’s choice of clothing. Being that she is a beauty guru, her sense of fashion continues to be discussed here – for mostly negative reasons. While she does have occasional flashes of brightness here and there, her choices of clothing continue to be rather unfortunate:
    Brown jackets are a girl’s best friend (even when it doesn’t match the rest of the outfit):And of course, how could I possibly forget about everybody’s favorite white corset:Hair(updated!)
    So far, Kenna’s hair has shown no signs whatsoever of recovering from its current dry, straw-like state:
    Not only because she is still in outright denial about it, claiming that ”everybody’s hair is simply_damaged” and that it hasn’t actually lost its natural curls; she has just been ”blow-drying it straight” …… but also because she thought going ahead and dyeing it once again was a great idea:"I'm very smol! Also, I have a button nose"(updated!/new!)
    By now, Kenna’s fixation on looking as ”smol” as possible should be no secret to anybody who has been following her closely for quite some time. As of January 2019, she still likes to insist on how smol and child-like she is:
    In fact, she once went as far as claiming that she always ”went with the smallest size available” every time. Yet the measurements of some of her clothes contradict her (obviously, there's nothing wrong with not always going with the smallest size available, but it's ridiculous to lie about such a thing):Naturally, she also denies trying to make herself seem ”smol”:However, it would also seem that a possible new fixation of Kenna’s has surfaced: her sister, or rather, whether her sister resembles her. It all began with some people comparing the two of them and saying they looked alike, something which she vehemently denies for some reason:In fact, she went as far as to claim that she had a ”buttonish nose”:Despite the fact that not only does she not have a button nose, she also resembles her sister quite a bit:Inability to handle criticism/Obsession with haters(updated!)
    What is the best way to prove that you don’t care about your ”haters”? According to Kenna, the best way to do so is to claim that you don’t give a shit…
    ... while simultaneously showing that you do give a shit about your ”haters”, sorry, I mean ”anti’s” (and block ”like 10 million people”):
    Dedicating long Insta stories to your ”haters” is also a great way of showing how little you care:”But at least she has improved when it comes to handling criticism from her fans since the creation of thread 4, right?” The answer is no, Kenna still doesn’t limit her inability to handle opinions she doesn’t like to simply_haters:Hell, even questions and comments which aren’t necessarily supposed to be negative/critical sometimes get a rude response from her:
    Then, when she gets criticized for her behavior, she either whines because ”nobody wants to give her room to change, it’s always everybody else’s fault!” (which is complete bollocks; people did give her a chance after her second apology video, and she didn’t take it) or blames it all on her ”bluntness”/having trouble understanding other people’s emotions:Moving to Japan/Weeaboo(new!/merged!)
    You thought McKenna Kaelin, self-described professional anime trash, had hit peak weeaboo during her latest trip to Japan (a place which, may I remind you, she considers her home despite only having visited it on two occasions, not knowing the language and pretty much only caring about it because of anime and qt aesthetic Japanese people who give her compliments all the time. Check thread 4 for more information)? Well, you were wrong! Because on December 2nd 2018, she announced that she's planning to move there:
    Despite claiming to be a pro at holding conversations in Japanese during her trip, there are signs that she was merely exaggerating her claims, and she doesn't seem to have progressed much in her language learning since then. Most notably, she didn't know how to pronounce her new username and ended up changing the description where she describes how you pronounce it three times:When this was pointed out to her, she claimed that she was just "writing out how it sounds for non-Japanese speakers because they won't understand how it's pronounced":Yet despite saying she actually knows how the word "kitsune" is pronounced, she seems to have trouble understanding it herself:She was supposedly able to hold conversations about how she looked like a fairy in Japanese during her trip, and yet she was still learning katakana as of October 2018:She also still vehemently denies that she has an Asian fetish:And is still just a tad bit too much into anime, even going as far as comparing herself to a cartoon character:I, for one, am looking forward to the future Japan adventures of the not weeaboo queen of paleness and smolness! (Who thinks being on vacation in a country is the same thing as actually living there, and who "always" thought that Sayonara was Spanish for hello despite having lived in California, a place where hearing Spanish is far from uncommon, during her whole life:)No effort(updated!)
    As stated on earlier occasions, Kenna is often quite lazy, despite the fact that Youtube and Instagram are her livelihood and you would think she would want to put a little bit more effort into things. The following image shows all the whooping eleven videos she put out between July 19th 2018 (the creation of thread 4) and January 2nd 2019 (the creation of thread 5):
    Her fans keep being asked to send her video ideas, and yet she continues to reject them or promises to do something but then just ”forgets” it because ”she’s not sure she’ll be able to put anything out”:Oh, and that poetry book she was talking about one-two years ago or so? Don’t expect her to ever bring it up again and be prepared to be ignored if you ask about it:That doesn’t stop her from pretending that she actually works really hard …Although sometimes, the mask slips a little bit!Paycheck to paycheck(updated!)
    Kenna's comment about living paycheck to paycheck (go to the summary in thread 4) continues to haunt her to this day, because she essentially lives anything but paycheck to paycheck. On her 23rd birthday, she finally received her long-awaited trust fund, although that doesn't mean that she likes when people talk about it:
    Speaking of Kenna and moving to Japan, she seems to have quite a lax relationship when it comes to spending money on finding a place to live. After all, not many people would just casually sigh over having rented an extremely expensive AirBnB only to afterwards discover that it was listed for over $1000 cheaper on a different website, or have enough money to rent an expensive AirBnB for a month to begin with:Or be lucky enough to get a suitcase full of cash for their birthday or a $1,280 ring, or just have the ability to spend a lot of money on expensive shit in general:She also once asserted she was poor when she was little (go to thread 2), despite the fact that her mother apparently was able to take her to Disneyland every weekend:Of course, none of this stops her from trying to get easy money from her easily impressionable audience and then getting pissy when people point it out to her …After all, there is nothing more honest than selling worn clothes for ridiculous amounts of money even if you can often purchase them for a much lower price elsewhere or they can be purchased as brand new for the same price, am I right?Last but not least, she seems to look down on low wage workers:Photo editing/"I'm really pale"(updated!)
    As of January 2019, there is nothing that indicates that Kenna is planning to stop editing herself like crazy in order to look like a cute pale anime gorl:
    ... despite the fact that outside the realm of Snow app editing, she looks quite different: She probably also won't stop denying that she edits her photos to hell and back and lashing out at "haters" who question her and/or trying to downplay the effects of the photo editing (it completely depends on the kind of mood she’s in at the moment):Of course, when confronted about it in a "proper" fashion, it becomes pretty hard (or rather, even harder than usual) for her to be consistent with her lies:Ultimately, she finds editing photos far more important than ironing wrinkled clothes she’s going to sell:Rudeness(updated!)
    Kenna used to be quite rude before, but she has changed now. She has learned from her past mistakes!
    Just kidding: Kenna is no different from before (as shown by the screenshots featured in the ”Inability to handle criticism/Obsession with haters” section). She didn't change after her plagiarism apology video, and so far, there have been no signs of her changing her behavior despite her declaration about her wanting a "fresh, new start". For example, a person who simply asked her if she had voted was called rude by another person... guess whom Kenna sided with:However, about a month ago, she made a big misstep which not even a lot of her fans could stand behind. It all began with her telling a girl who asked her if she could give her feedback on her poetry because she was a huge inspiration to her to "stop self-promoting" (something which she herself apparently used to do back in 2012):She also made the mistake of referring to her hometown as a place full of "druggies" and sex offenders (for more information about her hometown, go to the ”Seasons” section):Of course, this doesn't mean that Kenna didn't feel bad over for her unnecessary comments. She was truly sorry that people were feeling upset over her comments (/s):Kenna may have apologized to the girl, but that doesn't mean that it was genuine. Here she is seen liking comments which defend her and say that she actually wasn't being rude:Seasons(new!)
    The strange relationship which Kenna has with the four seasons and how she seems to change her seasonal aesthetic when Disney changes its season merchandise instead of when the seasons actually shift was talked about briefly in the last summary, but the subject deserves to be expanded upon. In the mystical alternative reality that she seems to be living in, last year's spring began in early January, autumn in early June, winter in early November and I guess summer simply_didn't exist:
    Seriously, she started celebrating Halloween in August and put up a Christmas tree and decorations at the beginning of November:This also involves wearing thick winter clothes when it’s still very hot outside (and southern California doesn’t exactly have the same climate as Antarctica):Weirdly enough, she only seems to appreciate seasonal aesthetics on a superficial level. Her hometown Lake Arrowhead should be far more appealing to an autumn lover than Disneyland Park, and yet she didn’t want to go outside to film or even take a picture:Oh, and she doesn’t understand why people find it weird that she celebrates Halloween in August (only people who hate fun would be against that!):"Waah, stop insulting our queen!"/PULL V. Kenna's minions(new!/bonus!)
    Kenna’s Insta story about her ”anti’s” caused a few of her minions to come out of the woodworks and start white-knighting (at the time, the post approval barrier that’s currently in place was temporarily taken down because the admins of the site wanted to see how it’d go). Unexpectedly, they were enraged I mean very polite:
    Meet new Kenna, same as old Kenna
  2. Here is a thread where you’re free to discuss Kenna’s fashion & hair choices, whether they appeal to you or not! You can also ask about certain items if you’re curious about something she’s wearing and don’t know where to find it! (Like that white corset you all know and love so much.)
    This is just to keep the main thread a little less cluttered with the same discussion every single time she wears something people consider weird.