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  1. Shallon Lester is a "35 year old" YouTuber, writer of two books, former editor of Star Magazine and has appeared on shows like Wendy Williams. She comes from an upper middle class family in Orange County, California but lives in New York City as a "cosmopolitan". She has a YouTube channel where she gives advices, usually using celebrities as an example. Moreover, she often just gossips about celebrities and tells rumors that aren't even published without proof. She's a typical white feminist and realistically only pays lip service to feminism, because she admits to preying on men a decade younger than her and encourages her audience to cheat on their male partners.

    Feel free to message me if you want me to add something new... 
    𝓝𝓸𝔀, 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓳𝓾𝓲𝓬𝔂 𝓹𝓪𝓻𝓽...
    Lies about her age, she's actually 39Shares confidently celeb rumors without any proof except saying that she worked at Star Magazine (some actually make sense and some are just going too far) Accuses people of being drug addicts with no evidence, bashes them and leaps to deciding they deserve to die because of this decided "fact"Gaslights all of her fans and the entirety of YouTube, while most of her videos are aggressive and hostile rants against gas lightersOften gives bad selfish relationship advice on how to maintain healthy relationship, while she's a 39 year old woman who has never been able to maintain oneMakes nit-picky teachings of not letting people around you get away with any mistake, injustice, or the smallest form of entitlement, meanwhile, for evidence on her colossal entitlementPedoIn her late 20s claimed to a 18 year old that she dated younger guys than himPublicly dates guys in their early 20s but it's only bad when men date younger womenFantasized about fucking 16 year old JB while being 29Bases men's worth on their looks but for women she's "body positive" Shamed famous women on her blog in early 2010s from their body shape, to accusing them for lying about their clothing size and proving it by comparing their bodies to hers, which leads to..Obvious huge insecurity and jealousy towards famous women masked as fake ass confidenceEverything she says about narcissists, how she bashes them and calls them out on shit that she constantly does Has a God complexClaims to be trying to teach us self-awareness, meanwhile, refer to the above points as evidence for her lack of such thing.Rants on how oppressed she is because she has a vagina but grew up in the most liberal part in the world in an upper middle class familyFake white guilt but actually racist and shows internalized racism- the whole BTS thing, woc are always the bad ones in her title, her illegal migrant epic roast advice; white rappers and white backup dancers bad lol Often without a reason goes on small toxic "leftie" political rents and after ending it says that we should unsub and leave if we don't agree. Bonus: "Only republican politicians are creeps and cheaters" (she's ironically the 'republican politician' lmao). Also, she's not a leftie, she's just using whatever political ideology suits her the best and shields her from criticismStraight white men bad (hates everybody in reality lol) Homophobic - claimed that she could turn gay men straightTransphobic - referred to a trans person as "it" and "thing" Discounted white men with mental health issues calling them betaMen are always the predatorsMen don't get to talk about mental issues because they're more privileged Women are always the victims unless it's a female celeb she doesn't like aaaanndd... Disliking/hating famous women who date famous guys she's into (eg. Camilla because of Shawn, Taylor because of Harry and Selena because of JB) Teaches us how to identify a cheater, manipulator, while she admits she is a cheater/manipulatorCreepy obsession with Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin, framed JB in her living room, dyed her hair like Haley and claims she looks/wants to look like her.Has an unhealthy hate towards Selena GomezLies that she knows and dates celebs (actually lied about making out with Harry Styles lmao and that she personally knows Taylor Swift)Pathological liar in general, often makes up personal stories (eg. 'The Mistress' lmao) Refuses to talk about issues like Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard because it doesn't match her ideology (said that it's too complicated and doesn't want to spread the wrong message)bad makeup and bangs lol 
    I can write a novel about problematic things she said but I want to leave room for a conversation... I'll provide some screenshots of other people criticizing her. It's extremely easy to find problematic things she said, just click on videos with a more aggressive title.
    A lot new stuff got out in the meantime so stay tuned.