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  1. Post on knitemaya in Little Snowflakes

    By Kanra, posted
    Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // Tumblr

    Became popular for cosplaying "ikemen/bishounen" guysCame onto the thread and self-posted as mayanora, and used the account to talk shit about Geheichou all while white-knighting themselves (Gehe example)  (WK'ing example) (Proof of Knite actually being trans) (Claiming to be Asian)When the PULL owner exposed Knite, they pretended they got hacked and tried to delete all of their posts on the websiteLater threw a tantrum on livestream about getting exposed and threatened to go to the policePhotoshops extensively, such as making their face appear more dorito-like and making their hands largerTapes their eyes to appear more Asian-lookingSeems to fetishize gay relationships in their photoshoots Claims to have gone to school for makeup and that their cosplay looks were achieved with just makeup skills (though some of these photos say otherwise...)Twitter example of them saying this: https://twitter.com/knitemaya/status/794428360512258048Dorito Shoop/Eyetaping/Shoop general:
    Candids/Old Pictures:
  2. Though she's not exactly big, she has popped up suddenly. She hasn't done anything particularly wrong but something about her attitude irks me to no end. I'm not sure why she's so different between her supposed modeling photos and her selfies. 
  3. Hello, this is my post about a youtuber named Persephone Narra. She seems to be a kpop fan and weeaboo. She has a korean husband and they make videos together under the "amwf" umbrella.
    Apparently she would do anything for views since she created a video with her husband on the shower as some kind of kdrama scene.
    She is the biggest enemy of another sub-snowflake mentioned who goes by the fake name Sairu Hoshi.
    I thinks she deserves to be on the snowflake banner, cause crazy.
    If you want to see her video link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZI7OUOHHwM
  4. I made this account solely because I'm tired of seeing this girl popup on my explore page. Sorry I'm not able to provide better screenshots, I'm in school rn and most sites are blocked.  I used to followe her before she got cringey with every post . Now she's just a ugly annoying attention seeker that photoshops . I followed her because of her teeth video she posted where she shows how fucked up they are and explains why she doesn't take selfies. I think she photoshops her waist to be smaller than what she is and makes her ass way bigger cause she has a stick thin legs. Her tumblr account on its on is just so cringey and attention seeking , it's actually funny.Tell me what you think
    I'll update when I get out of school

  5. whats.mean / Catvixn / ov.nx
    Possibly self posted on PULLAccount that made the first post and posted about her was from TurkeyMysteriously seems to change her Instagram name whenever PULL writes her new usernames in the titleSerial photoshopper who photoshops her boobs, skin, and face to inhuman proportionsPossibly white pretending to be Asian (Thought to be Turkish)People have asked for proof if she's mixed, but she just never respondsHas been posted on "Koreaboo Cringe comp" InstagramsTopic was locked to prevent further discussion about this girl because she clearly wants attention, regardless of it being negative or positiveOld description from possible self-poster:
    Instagram Pictures:
    Trying to appeal to the Korean audience with Korean tags:
    Messages when asked if she's mixed:
  6. Miyoko.Cosplay
    Cosplay Instagram || Rhodochrositye Instagram || Twitter

    Miyoko is a cosplayer and self proclaimed make up artist.
    She has over a 10k following on Instagram on her cosplay account. She was outed for making an Instagram account (@rhodochrositye) to spread hate and "criticize" other cosplayers. On this "criticism account", she also self-posts, calling herself "the worst cosplayer" (see the bio). Her "criticisms" are nothing more than pointing out people's flaws and insecurities.
    Some cosplayer exposed her for self posting, since a screenshot she posted on her hate account still showed her cosplay account's profile photo in the bottom right corner. See the image below, you can see that although the story post is from @rhodochrositye, the screenshot was taken while logged into the @miyoko.cosplay account, which is why it's on the bottom right corner
    Here is one instance of Miyoko self-posting. 
     Now that Miyoko was exposed, she made her account private.