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  1. Tess holliday

     IG: https://www.instagram.com/tessholliday/
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/TessHollidayOfficial
    The 30 year old model who glorifies obesity and who is a model who Photoshops her confidence on.
    She's full of shit when it come to Fbauty standers and makes money out of it by scamming people then blaming it on everything that is around her. even her son and promoting donations buy selling her shirts but never getting them shipped or takes the donation money she promised to give to donations, one being to a boy suffering with cancer.

    Summing up the eff your beauty standers and scams, doing the maths if I'm right Tess could make 30k monthly and yet she nags how her business is falling and so on and so forth, here she is molding her shirts.
    -In 2012, she claimed to be using money from her online store to pay for surgery, which is around the time when a large chunk of orders were never received.
    -Blocked fans on Instagram and Facebook whenever they asked about their orders that were never received.
    -She promised to donate a portion of the proceeds of the EYBS t shirts to a domestic violence charity, and didn’t. Despite overcharging for the shirts and not having extra expenses like advertising due to using social media instead, and claiming to be shipping them straight out of her living room rather than hiring a company to do it. The cherry on top? She also claims to earn a 6 digit figure each year and manages to constantly make trips to places like Disneyland.
    -In relation to the previous note, she managed to donate money to Amber Rose’s Slutwalk, despite having already promised (and not followed through with) donations to a DV charity.
     -She’s been rude and alienated people that she’s worked with because they didn’t photoshop her enough, again, while preaching the “eff your beauty standards” belief.
  2. I've never made a topic before...never thought I would honestly. And if this is not okay I am sorry and please lock or delete.
    I don't know this guys name but he is an artist with a instagram and a youtube that I know of.
    He has been caught multiple times stealing other peoples artwork and infact he attempted to use my friends fiances art and call it his own.
    Once he was called out he tried to cover his butt and say he was sorry and tagged the real artist in it.
    I do not know who all else he has taken art from or copied art from but I saw in comments that he had taken taken art from others too
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artuniverse6/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-s0EDbq8vSI4Q1oR-vXOBg?app=desktop

  3. (UPDATE: Her new Instagram is @yolerra)
    No one has posted about @lireycakey, have they? Well, basically, this is the story.

    (Social media links: instagram | 2nd instagram | VK | ask.fm)
    A few months ago, I noticed that a particular account kept on following and unfollowing me on Instagram. I looked at the profile and knew that something wasn't right. This girl's photos were heavily edited (larger eyes, thicker lips, smaller nose), to the point that it didn't even look realistic (I attached photos). She had around 16K followers, but was following like, 7000-something people, which I found a bit fishy. And not only that, but she was coincidentally following a LOT of people that I know.
    This girl -- who went by the name of "Lirey Ahn" -- was posting a ton of photos that made her life seem very lavish and a bit...too good to be true. She was posting photos of places in LA, her alleged vacation home, trips to South Korea, expensive cars, and even had one photo captioned "Last month, I spent 90K (somewhere around there)." It was ridiculously unrealistic. She stated that she lived in Calabasas, and that she was Korean, French, and Latina. In the past, she had many different usernames, including: @babylirey, @lilreydesu, and @libabyrey.
    At this point, I took a handful of her images, reverse Google image searched them, and found EVERYTHING. In the photos that I am posting below, her edit is on the left/top and the original photo is on the right/bottom (with the owner tagged). 
    After finding proof that she was, indeed, a catfish, just as I had thought, I decided to create an account to expose her. I went through her followers and followed every single person on the list. 
    It turns out that many other people had suspicions as well. Just like me, they found it odd that she was following so many people that they knew. Then, I found out that what she does is -- follow someone, then goes through their following, and follows everyone who follows them, etc... she would follow up to as much as 500 people at a time, and then unfollow all the ones who didn't follow her back later. If they didn't follow her back, she would most likely follow them again, and again, until they did follow back. This was how she got a large amount of her followers. It's also important to mention that she was particularly famous amongst the Asian community on Instagram; this girl seemed to have a little fetish with Asians -- after all, she did pretend she was part Korean lol.

    Now, there's one problem with taking other people's photos and claiming them as your own, but "Lirey" turned out to be a CON ARTIST as well. A handful of her followers came to my DMs and told me that she had attempted to scam them out of their money by allegedly selling iPhones and Kylie lip kits to them.
    Someone who had almost bought something from her sent me a screenshot of the Paypal account that she had told them to send the money to, and it was under a Russian name, which was interesting...considering that she's Korean/Latina/French, LOL. I Googled the Russian name (which translated to Valeria Kashirtseva), and found her school website (photo and details below). This is how I discovered her real identity. I then went on VK.com (not thinking anything would show up), searched her name, and found a profile with her name and real photos of her. There was even a photo that she had posted on Twitter, of her Facetiming a friend -- in the photo, you can tell that she is clearly not the person in her photos!
Thankfully, we finally got the account to be removed from Instagram.
    BUT... she's back again, of course. And this time, she is using her own photos, but they are heavily...heavily...edited. How did I find her again? When I first exposed her, she kept on changing her username, in hopes that I wouldn't be able to find her profile. Wrong. I made a private account, blocked her, and tagged her in a photo on the private account so that she wouldn't see it -- that way, whenever she changed her username... I would know. So anyway, at one point her username was changed to @lelebeef. After the @lireycakey account had been deleted, I knew for a fact that she was going to try coming back again. I made Instagram searches likeL "lirey," "babylirey," etc. And when I searched "lele," I found a profile called @lelekhalef. It was UNCANNY how similar this girl's Photoshopping looked. And the username sounded too familiar! She also had the same exact photo of a pair of Puma Shoes on her profile, that Lirey had posted. There was no doubt that it was her. I found her VK profile (https://vk.com/id170155937), and even her ask.fm (http://ask.fm/reyreyli). Note how the username sounds very familiar???
    Through her VK profile, I found out her boyfriend (see picture below). Shortly after I tagged him in a photo on my exposing account, his account was deleted, and I'm assuming she told him to do that. 
    Now, things get even more confusing. I found photos of her, that her friends had posted...but she was still edited in those photos. She was even edited in the photos that her boyfriend posted. Which leads to question: Does she not allow her friends to post photos of her face? Does she only let them post the photos after she has Photoshopped them?
    Her nose looks quite disturbing in the photos, as you can tell. 
    And her face is definitely chubbier and less defined than it is in her photos; you be the judge of that:
    Now, we can definitely confirm that she is editing her photos because, I managed to obtain a few of her friends' phone numbers (I will not mention how, but I did). See the screenshots I attached below. The person basically confirmed that the girl in the photo that I sent is the same as the "Valeria Khetten" on the VK profile. 
    Yesterday, her Instagram account @lelekhalef was actually deleted, because I was continuously reporting her for spam, but it was somehow reactivated later in the afternoon. This girl really doesn't give up, LOL! I'm assuming she contacted Instagram and somehow managed to get her account back. Her new username is @LUNAHBAE.
  4. Post on Urbandoll in Little Snowflakes

    By glowgang, posted
    Current Twitter: https://twitter.com/urbandoll
    Old Twitter: https://twitter.com/doIIgoals
    Isabelle is a college student who has a makeup Twitter account named, urbandoll. On urbandoll, she does giveaways of makeup for people who could not afford to have any. She seems like a total sweetheart right? Well, don't be fooled by her good girl persona. Isabelle is actually a scheming,manipulative,hypocritical, spoiled brat who could careless about anyone. 
    On summer of 2016, Her twitter username used to be dollgoals. I'll lead up to why she changed her username. Anywho, Isabelle was new to Twitter and everyone suddenly took a liking to her since she was a new giveaway account.(Giveaway accounts were very popular during the summer of 2016.) She claimed she used her own money for the giveaways which is obviously false. But, she used an app called Mercari, which is commonly known for having fake makeup products. So, Isabelle co-owned this business called, FinestForever. FinestForever sold counterfeit makeup products and didn't do refunds.
    Just check out what two famous makeup artists had to say about FinestForever:
    Here's a conversation between Isabelle and a costumer who got scammed by her:
    Once people found this out, people wanted refunds, but as stated before, she didn't do refunds. This is partially why Isabelle changed her whole account, but it gets better.
    Isabelle was accused of catfishing as a porn star. Turns out, the rumors were true.
    Exhibit A: 
    Because of all, she decided to give herself a new look. Thus urbandoll was born.
     Now, Isabelle never showed her face at all and whenever people asked, she gets annoyed. Why is this? The answer may never come. She does periscopes almost daily yet never shows her face. I highly doubt she is insecure if the profile picture she has currently is actually her. Overall, we may never how she actually looks.
    Many people think Isabelle is a total sweetheart who does nothing wrong in their naive eyes. Every angel has flaws rights? In this case, this little "angel" is a major hypocrite. 
    She claims she uses cruelty free products:
    (MAC is a NON CRUELTY FREE brand)
    Claims she doesn't trust Mercari:
    But once again:
    Why can't Isabelle just use her own money if she knows Mercari is not a trustworthy app?
    And before any of you ask, she does buy herself cosmetics with her OWN money from the actual site:
    Isabelle also despises scammers but she is best friends with one?:
    Short background info on ClothesPorn:
    Mei is the owner of ClothesPorn who also does giveaways. However, her giveaways are known to be non authentic and most of the time people do not receive their prizes from her at all. She also owns a business called, AcaciaLily which is a complete scam. Multiple people have not received their orders and she also just resells items from an app called, Aliexpress. 
    Now why would sweet little Isabelle be best friends with a well known scammer? Kinda makes you think of that one saying.. 
    "The more you hang with your friends, the more you start picking up their habits."
    Furthermore, Isabelle tells people to donate to her Pay pal so she can do more giveaways. Of course they do it and literally no one finds it suspicious. If people could pay her to do more giveaways they are just better off getting makeup by themselves. 
    Exhibit A:
    Exhibit B:
    Exhibit C:
    Exhibit D:
    Exhibit E: 
    Exhibit F: 
    As if telling people to use her Mercari code was bad enough, she literally tries her best persuasive skills to get these poor little souls into giving her actual cash. If this anyone else, they would've been taken down in a heart beat, but since its Isabelle, its perfectly okay.
    Overall, urbandoll AKA Isabelle is not who she says she is and I truly hope this help people finally see who she actually is. 
  5. .Summary (From Chocological)
    Her real name is KellyShe already scammed peopleIn 2015 she runned away from home and went live with her boyfriend (she shared her store with this guy, i guess)She exposed a lot of things of her family, her mother obviously don't liked it and made an video with 18 min about it.Both of them took the videos downShe lied about a lot of things, where she lived, eye color, photoshop, almost everything in her life.Youtube / Personal Website
    Also this is her:
  6. Luna Slater (angelhair1996), previously known as howl1996, junkhun, and funeralhome420, is an infamous internet personality, primarily known through tumblr, with a popular thread on lolcow.
    instagram: http://www.instagram.com/angelhair1996/
    lolcow thread
    https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/55077.html#55077 (first thread)
    https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/320166.html#q320166?(latest thread)
    she is a 21 year old heroin junkie with self diagnosed "bpd", living in NYC with her 30+ year old junkie boyfriend. Although constantly begging online for donations, Luna always seems to come up with new complaints as to why she needs more money. it is generally theorized that her "food", "rent", or otherwise "essential" money is spent on more heroin, or nonessential items. Luna is a scammer who often lies about her situation or predicaments in order to elicit sympathy and earn money. Likewise, Luna and her boyfriend either mooch off their donations or earn income through drug deals as supposed to getting actual jobs. She and her bf basically live in squalor and filth, with complete disregard for their health, to the point where even their cats look unhealthy, and Luna's clothes and bedsheets are stained with the remnants of dirt and blood.
    Edit: added pics
    her e-begging
    her drug usage (warning: needles)
    she met her current boyfriend/fiancee Matthew  when she was either under 18 or barely legal. He was born in 1979, making him 37-38 years old currently (creepy ddlg overtones)
    Luna & her bf's living space is filthy as hell, her floor and bedsheets are caked with dirt, her clothes are equally, and their two cats (named Smoky and Pepper) also look rather unhealthy
    She is very materialistic and often "finds" items, presumably items that she steals, or her father buys for her. Despite her claims that she comes from a family of "junkies", Luna's father seems to live in a very nice apartment that his daughter often complains about visiting.

  7. Anna Delvey: https://www.instagram.com/theannadelvey/?hl=en (inactive since 2017)
    Russian born Anna Delvey, real name Anna Sorokin, has been making headlines recently for being sentenced for 4 to 12 years in prison with charges of theft and larceny. She conned her way into becoming one of Manhattan's socialites spending frivolous amounts of money tipping hotel concierge, going to high-class restaurants, and showing off her luxurious lifestyle up until her arrest. 
    Lied about being a German heiress with 60 million dollars in funds being held abroad and changed her name when she decided to stay in the USClaimed that her father was a wealthy businessman and had different answers when questioned about her dad Owes her friends, restaurants, and banks large sums of money to fund her lifestyle with no intentions of paying them back. One of her former friends made a firsthand account about how she owes her $62k (https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/04/my-misadventure-with-the-magician-of-manhattan)Bank documents were falsified to get loans for her fake lifestyle (https://www.distractify.com/p/what-did-anna-delvey-do)Made court appearances wearing fanciful outfits styled by her personal stylist and even refused to show up to a hearing because she was upset over one of her outfits. Shows no remorse for her actions and is willing to do it all over again.There is an Instagram account dedicated to her courtroom looks: https://www.instagram.com/annadelveycourtlooks/Relevant readings:
  8. Youtube // Second channel // Patreon // Instagram // Tumblr (NSFW) // Younow // GuruGossip Thread (for more receipts)

    Karuna Satori ASMR, also known as Sarah, is a 26-year-old ASMR youtuber. She does mainly roleplays and NSFW videos on her Patreon. She's a mother of two kids.
    On a Daily Mail article about her, she's revealed to be a former drug addict. Now she's on treatment. On 2015, she had her kids taken away after she hit her husband.In the GuruGossip thread above, people from her town claim that she has multiple charges of harassment. According to a user named Karuna's Stalker, also known as John, she had her kids taken away by the authorities due to threatening them with a gun. (John is banned from the forum now though since he posted revenge porn of her).In 2016, she made an Amazon Wishlist for her children and begged to her subscribers to buy the gifts. Some people have criticized that action because of Karuna's income in YouTube (which reaches $2000-$2500), which should be enough. She's been accused of wasting all her money on high-end makeup, clothes and tattoos instead of using it for her family or rent/bills.Some people have claimed that they paid $50 for a customized ASMR video from her and never received it.In 2014, she made racist tweets after the Super Bowl.She begged for money to supposedly fix her teeth. Around the same time she was supposed to get it, she got a boob job instead. People accused her of using the money that she asked for to get a boob job instead of her teeth fixed.She claims to be "poor," yet has money to buy high-end makeup. She claims this is because she grew up rich and isn't good with management of money.  
  9. Post on PisaraWigs in Online Personalities

    By satsuki, posted
    Pisara Wigs 
    (previously known as Red-Cluster)
    || Facebook (Wigs) || Faceboook (Cosplay) ||  Instagram (Wig/Cosplay) || Instagram (Personal) ||
    Less relevant Links: || Deviant-Art || Tumblr || Twitter ||
    Priscilla is a Thai cosplayer, known for her wig styling skills16k followers on her Wig Commission Facebook page.Wig commissions cost upwards of $90, they are by no means inexpensiveRecently there are many accusations of Pisara scamsConstantly missed commission deadlines many timesHas not providing refunds for some of her customersPeople claim that Pisara favors popular or "famous" cosplayers' commission requests over everyone else'sthe supposed cause of why Pisara misses other customers' deadlines 
    Pisara has seemingly abandoned almost all social media, her last Instagram post was on January 2018. She closed her Etsy store, has not provided many of her customers with their wig commissions, has yet to refund any of her customers for their wig commissions, and has yet to respond to anyone.
    Here is the cover image of her wig commission Facebook page, it depicts wigs she has styled.
    Many of her disgruntled customers have seem to have attempted to file claims on Paypal and Etsy, but some appear to have paid back in July of 2017, but by Paypal's policy, you can no longer file any claims after 90 days. Screenshot from Pisara's Instagram provided below. 
    Below are another cosplayer's comments on Pisara's behavior and scamming (screenshots from someone's insta story):
    There was also a claim that Pisara previously had the same behavior when she worked under the name "Red-Cluster". From the comments one one of Pisara's Facebook posts:
    Although she has yet to make any comments, a supposed friend of Pisara made a statement for her on Facebook, that I managed to screenshot. You can find it from looking at the comments of one of Brine Reyes' (aka NippahDUBS) posts. According to the "friend", Pisara is supposedly overwhelmed by the amount of wig commissions, but that's no excuse to take money from dozens of people if she could not take on that many commissions, especially if she is not refunding them. 
    You can find many comments like these on her Instagram and Facebook posts. This one particularly mentions how much she charges for wig commissions:
    Closed Etsy shop (link in her Instagram Bio).
    Update: She still posts on her personal Instagram account @priscillasglow (as of now, it is still public). The comments are restricted though, probably to prevent complaints and people from asking about commissions or refunds. 
    Note: Usernames were blurred for privacy, but many of them can be found just from looking at Pisara's Facebook and Instagram posts. 

  10. BEWARE "SCAMMER" webtoon artist of 304th Study Room and Our Omega Leadernim.
    There are so many victims. She already being a scammer since 2012 and seems she will spreading  her scam in international scale. This is needs to be said so later there won’t be anymore victims because this author has disappointed and scammed lots of her fans
    FELICIA HUANG IS A GREAT SCAMMER. She took a lot of fake identities such as lying about her lineage and ethnicity. Such as claimed as India/Pakistan lineage in the past and now currently claiming as Chinese. Even her photos which make her looks like Chinese is edited (you can see the second photo from right. The cheeks seems odd). Her real name is FERYKA DIAN SEPTIANY with so many pennames such as:  PinkStripedMellon, Veronica Diaz, Shou Nagatsuki, Shin Hyera, Felicia Huang, and her latest penname which is used in webtoon english, MIJIN.
    Grup korban Momotaku (113 people):
    Grup korban PO Merch 304thSR (188 people):
    //overseas victims uncounted//
    Reason to post this: anyone still have unfinished business, please contact her to get REFUND. Since she said on last christmas she will back to Indonesia and settle everything BUT THERE’S STILL SO MANY HER CLIENTS DIDN’T GET ANY REFUND AND IGNORED. Felicia Huang is notorious for scamming her readers! Even long before she started her webtoon.
    > scammer (online cosplay shop and her official webtoon merchs scam)
    > bad commissioner artist, accepted money but doesn’t give the result for xx months-years
    > avoiding her customers, everytime got caught she changing name/moving to other account MULTIPLE TIMES
    > bad mouthing her platform who give her money for a years
    > bad treathening her fans, blocking and removing comments
    .....even badmouthing her own family such as her mother and sister.
    True name: Feryka Dian Septiany
    Age: 25
    also known as:
    (…early-2012) Pinkstripedmellon / Veronica Diaz “VERO" 
    Momotaku owner cosplay shop
    (2016-now…) Felicia Huang
    FB: (deactivated) 
    FB: https://goo.gl/QpEJFS 
    twitter: https://twitter.com/FelicityQQ (deactivated) 
    IG: real___hly
    Her fb acc where she is pretending to be a man: https://www.facebook.com/stephan.liu
    She making new comic on webtoon discover, joining patreon.
    She’s announced she won’t open PO anymore on US webtoon, but pls be cautious of her bad reputation.
    and.... She deleted her "announcement" chapter. Deactivated twitter account. Cleaning her instagram post and set unable to comment.

    Funny thing is, why she posted announcement in her webtoon english meanwhile most of her victims is from Indonesia. And before that, she put NSFW label on her webtoon, so indonesian readers can't reach out. When someone talk to her about this, she just simply answer "unable to make announcement in webtoon indonesia".
    The latest "Public Apology" January, 21st 2019

    and still funny thing (2):
    1. What’s the point of apologizing when she blocked her own country’s IP address?

    2. No one cares about her appearance or ethnicity, her scamming issues is the main problem.
    3. Who asking her to stop drawing? No one asking for it, people just want their money back. If she stops drawing, how she refunds the money? Stop your drama, your victims didn't need it. and also, stop playing victim.
    4. Why is she apologize to her international fans while her most victims are from Indonesia? And back to point number one...
    5. She already sacrifies (badmouthed) her mother, her little sister, her deceased father, even her "fictional stepfather", who else?
    6. "I cut ties from my friends because I didn't want them to be blamed or even associated with a problematic person like me", is that another sentence for "I shut myself down so I can running away from my responsibilities"?
    Don't give us bullshit. She even thrown her friends away after take advantage of them (not to mention she also thrown away her fans / white knights who already defended her and being used to spying her so-called haters) . Same thing like she did back then in 2012 to her staffs, one of them still a highchool girl, she leave her alone to deal with her shits, and situation makes her to sold her own belongings. Even "the highschool girl staff" used her school fees to refund her victims. Because of that, she stopped cosplaying, people harassed her for something she didn't do, and when she opened her own online shop, people badmouthed her as a thief. And Feryka? Enjoy the money.

    She even didn't pay her assistants in 304th Study Room era, for god sake!

    7. According to her "apologies", She looks different because skin and beauty treatment, so which means, instead for refunds, she spends it for treatments? Because we all know that her little sister who returned the money with her own salary.
    8. "Unedited" she said? Give me a break.
    9. Fyi, most of Indonesians just find her "public apology" hillarious. There is a reason why she blocked her own country IP address and "running away" to foreign platforms.
    10. So, in short, her "public apology" is just for gained sympathy from her white knights, because most of her readers on Our Omega Leadernim are people who clueless about her cases or choose to believe her version more. Or simply, doesn't give a fuck about the author's past because "her art is so good", "support her art, not the person", "she already apologizing multiple times", "give her a second chance" etc. By support the art, indirectly it makes you support the person too, you know. and I really recommended to read the whole post and comments, at least it makes you know the actual problem.
    Many artists more talented than her especially not a scammer like her....
    ....is what I was going to say, but nah, it's up to you to make decision.
    And here I am (and most Indonesians who know the case), just sitting in the corner be like:


    More reading material, feel free to scroll and read: https://mobile.twitter.com/aratunnn/status/1085885230244741120?s=04&fbclid=IwAR1AFY0vu5kZA-BKIVU5135x-yhw-m1CAAdZxzAZgScoQ_t68awwqVnt0gg

    And Tapas Readers, BEWARE! 

    National news article about her scam:
    Some of her victims are foreigners






    ^ it is said there is a customer from Norway and lost 200$. Which is almost 6 years already and haven't gotten refund yet.
    Even in 2011, she got into a problem because she sold damaged free sample of other artist's dakimakura without permission at NORMAL FULL PRICE,even when the artist had not yet start shipping.
    For details:
    For Indonesian readers, read this: https://twitter.com/ferykadian/status/970965331421245440
    And you know, she was play victim.

    She insisted she just sold a gift she don't want meanwhile the artist claimed she didn't know her and have no reason to give her a gift.
    In summary, the plot/story used by Felicia everytime she scam (is the same). She would open PO (preorder), then the shipping process would get delayed with lots of reasons and another sobs stories which make her private life really similar with television drama as a shield to run from her responsibility. So that the victims and fans will take pity on her. After that she would say that she was processing the refund because she wouldn't want customer wait too long for their order. But then when people requested refund would be ignored by her. Even after she share her contacts, she will show up for a while for answer some questions and then gone. More people would complain, she'd give more (illogical) reasons, then she would disappear and change her identity on social media. She'd move to new things, open up a new PO and continue with her modus operandi.
    For example, the reason why she changed her name from Felicia Huang to Mijin because she didn't want underage readers know if she make a sensitive theme comic (nsfw) which is hilarious.

    The list of her reasons she used up to this day: depression because of sexual harassment, having problem with family members that she got kicked out of the house, suicide attempt, chronic illness in her eyes that requires operation, kidney failure so serious that she needs dialysis, etc. (a.n: in her Deviantart acc, she also claimed to have drunk a MUG of insecticide but only burped and vomited afterward. And right after she drunk it, funnily still able to write a post and got "hospitalized" 6 days after.

    In short, THERE IS NO WAY someone who drunk a mug of insecticide able to do anything other than struggles with difficult breathing and heart problem, nearly between alive or death, meanwhile this girl still able to WRITE a post about  her sobbing drama-life calmly (seriously, is she a Kree?)
    Tbh I already feel it myself, I accidentally touched a single drop insecticide, and it feels hot like a fire even after I washed it with clean water, it still hurts. How someone can drunk a full mug of insecticide, that liquid goes through her throat and all she got is---burped?

    Aaand... I'll leave it here for you to read. 




    Actually, I'm a bit confused to start writing from where, because this girl really have a loooong history behind her. So, let's get started with her fake lineage / ethnicity/sexuality, etc.
    She pretended as India/Pakistan lineage 

    Actually, which one your actual race, gurl? Hmmm...
    Claimed herself as asexual and bi (?) 


    Claimed herself as a flight attendant

     Not just sells her family for sob stories, she bragged about she was a flight attendant, which is untrue. The truth is, it's her little sister who is a flight attendant. Some people already clarified it by asked some flight schools in Indonesia.
    I'll put this here before I forgot, summarize comment from her Tapas account:

    It's already a lot of summarize lol
    Okay, it's enough for today. I'll edit and add more details next time. Next time there will be many looong post, which is I'll posted step by step. And please check the whole post anytime because I'll add details in here and there, just to make sure it's not messed up
     if you used to read webtoon (or tapas), or anyone you knew, please warning them about this scammer author. Thank you.
  11. Paul Zimmer

    Paul Zimmer is a 22 year-old online personality who first became known for his Youtube channel ExclamationPointYT which he ran with his best friend at the time Danny Edge. At their peak they had around 850,000 subscribers.
     They were best friends for around 12 years I think? A long time anyway. However, Paul seemed to become friends with a group of other people who didn't like Danny and quit their channel in 2016 (source). One of the main people who's been blamed for their falling out is Paul's now ex-girlfriend Jamie Rose.
    PLS don't quote me on this because everything on this topic seems to have been deleted from twitter but from what I've seen in some comments apparently Jamie accused Danny of sexual assault and that's one of the reasons they stopped being friends? If anyone knows more about this pls let me know and I'll update this ASAP because a serious accusation like that shouldn't be thrown around lightly, but it seems like most EP fans supported Danny in this situation and thought she was lying. Their old fans really dislike her and think she's using Paul for fame, and many have also turned their back on Paul for abandoning his best friend.
    Bad Behaviour
    Posts some pretty suggestive stuff considering his fans are mostly under 10 (slightly NSFW)The #Banpaulzimmerfrommusically hashtag has been trending recently because he's apparently been scamming his super young fan base. Fans can buy 'Musers' gift points with real money and he's been telling his fans he'll do a duet with them if they buy them for him, but there have been no duets thus far.Unfunny 'comedy' videos on Instagram. Not exactly a crime just super annoying lolLast year Danny went to rehab for an eating disorder. Paul never said anything about it or offered any words of support and here Danny says that Paul was pretty much the main trigger for it.Youtuber Danny Gonzalez made a video about him a few months ago where he roasted his shit content.I really wanna know what other people think about him and I want to gather screenshots and evidence about the gross stuff he's done too since it's really hard to find
  12. Xenon_Cosplay / Alin Ma
    Social Media:  Instagram - Twitter - (not active on FB)

    Alin Ma is a Russian cosplayer and seamstress/prop maker with a little over 100k followers on Instagram. She's been in the cosplay scene for a couple years, gaining popularity recently for her "doll" like appearance, although her fans are unaware that it's entirely photoshop.
    Flake Behavior:
    Only posts selfies and photos from shoots she does herself Very difficult to find candids because they're so few and so buriedPhotoshops her face into uncanny valley and inconsistently for different characters, denying it's photoshopPhotoshops body into very unrealistic proportionsScamming her commission clients by giving them poor quality costumes way past the deadlineSelling the costumes she makes for herself if the client is similar to her size but claiming it was custom made as a commission 
    Shooped Pictures:
    Body Shoops:
    Claims her waist is that small just from wearing corsets for 3 years (which has had an effect I'm sure) but it looks like she photoshops it even smaller as well, especially since the area is usually blurry and her backgrounds are usually blank. 
    Darkening her skin for Sombra:
    Commission Scams:
  13. Guava Juice
    (August 21, 1991)
    Social Media:
    Guava Juice (Roi Fabito) is an American youtuber known for his DIYs, challenge videos, and constant shouting. He used to be part of Wassabi Productions, but he ended up leaving in 2016 to start his solo channel. He`s mostly popular with elementary school and middle school aged kids and recently won a streamy. 
    On the surface, he seems like a decent guy. When you look into him more though, he is money-hungry at the expense of his fans and other Youtubers.

    Clickbait titles that completely lie about video content
    He often uses “1000” in place of the real number of something to get people to click on his videos or says something was filmed at 3AM when it wasn`t.
    Ex: “1000 MPH Fidget Spinner Experiment” “1000 Pounds of Mad Matter in Bath Challenge”
    Scamming his fans
    Guava Juice has used his popularity with the younger crowd to build up his empire of merch, which he constantly pushes on his channel
    He demonstrates the products on his channel, but notice the cuts and editing. 
    He doesn`t take the pancake off the paper.
    You can see the bath bomb he made break at 6:31.
    Other youtubers have reviewed his products with disappointing results:
    Pancake Art Kit
    Bath Bomb Kit
    The same can be said about his slime kit. Notice the cuts in the video below as he`s mixing the slime.
    This is not what reviewers got when they made the slime. Generally, the complaints were that the slime was poor quality and the scents were disgusting. 
    There`s no way that Guava Juice could be unaware of the poor quality of his products, as he tests them all out on his channel. The only possible conclusion is that he knows and simply doesn`t care, choosing instead to lie to his fans and line his pockets. 

    Doesn`t talk to Youtubers when it`s not in his benefit
    After Wassabi productions broke apart, he stopped talking to his collaborator Alex, despite their long time working together and Alex`s repeated attempts to reach out. Supposedly, this is because Alex said Roi has a huge ego. 
    They seem to be talking now since they did a couple collabs together but this is likely due to the twitter pressure. After Alex`s video, he lied and said they were still best friends
    However, he is supposedly good friends with both Jake Paul and Logan Paul

    The Dreaded Thumbnails
    First of all, the photoshopping he does to his face is so cringy.
    I mean
    Secondly, doesn`t this remind you a bit of Elsagate video thumbnails?
    He even created an (albeit tame) Elsagate video
    Basically he makes silly songs to distract from and excuse the fact that he can`t sing

    Instagram - Their website
    Younique is a supposed "woman supportive" makeup brand that is cruelty free, and it's MLM. It's very possible you have received a message from one of their little minions. If you're on Insta or /r/AntiMLM, it's very likely you have seen people shitting on them or people promoting them, you never know.
    You're probably thinking, "heretic omg they sound so empowering wtaf why are they getting hate omg hashtag doublu tee eff????"
    Well my friends, sit your asses down and get ready to read a story of how shitty and snowflakey this company actually is. Consider this a warning as well if you're an avid makeup user. Do not purchase from this company if you haven't already. 
    i. horrid makeup products that harm the user
    Their '3d' mascara is known for making your eyelashes and your eye look like shit. Their fiber lashes literally disconnect and get themselves lodged into your eye. If you complain about it, they send hate after hate and accuse you of incorrectly using their products. Use their mascara and get an eye infection? They'll say you jabbed yourself in the eye. Funny enough, you won't get any insults from makeup users, or nice people. Just Younique assholes.
    Here is their false eyelash. The fibers are coming off and if you're lucky and take it off, you'll be able to avoid eye pain. Again, if you make a complaint, they'll say you did it wrong, even if you've been doing makeup most of your life.
    If you send a phone call, or an email, wanting a refund, good luck! They don't reply back because they're assholes.
    ii. they scam the shit out of their teams
    So, what would happen if you joined their little squad of scammers and butthurt little snowflakes?
    Good question! I'm not joining their little asshole assembly to find out, but I do have knowledge of what goes on. Picture this; If you're a single mother, which is what they target, they will convince you to join because hey, it's a job you do at home, and when you're a mother, your kids are important, correct? Well, good luck. To purchase one of their kits, the kits are over $90. I have no clue on how a single mother is supposed to get $90 to throw around, but because they make their company seem so legit, you're going to try it. In order to make your kit look bigger, you need to buy more items for it. But have fun trying to sell your kit because no one wants it. You spend more money while Younique gives you little to none. Basically, you don't get paid much, or at all. The higher ups make money, you make nothing. If you don't sell anything, they accuse even more, saying you're not working hard enough. If you look hard enough, you'll see kits being sold by desperate people because they were scammed out of something that could have, possibly, been a life change. Oh! By the way? Their mascara is $30. 30. fucking dollars. Go to the drugstore and get $10 mascara that isn't going to give your eyes a sexually transmitted infection.
    Don't ask how that's possible, but with Younique? Any infection is possible!
    ...They should pay me for making their new slogan.
    iii. the harassment once you smarten tf up and leave their company
    So, picture this again;
    You just left their company after smartening up and you're ready to get a real job that pays so much better. Your leader, aka the one who sold you your kit, says they'll miss you, but bam, you're blocked and you're sent multiple messages full of hate.
    Unfortunately, that shit is the norm for the many who leave this two-faced company. You will be called fat, rude, a bitch, etc just for regaining your brain cells. Your leader will send people after you and will be relentless. They'll even insult your children. There are multiple videos of the same title;  Why I Left Younique. Look them up for yourself; the shit that those little MLMinions do is absolutely horrific and needs to be illegal.
    iv. their so called "cruelty free" products
    THEY ARE NOT CRUELTY FREE AS MUCH AS THEY'D LIKE TO BE. They have no certificate stating so, they have no proof whatsoever, and the funny thing is, their products are made in China. Companies in China test on animals as they believe animals are to be used as test subjects. You might use their mascara, or their foundation thinking you're doing better than the others, but no, you're using something that potentially harmed an animal. Have fun with that information.
    v. expiry dates...
    This is short as fuck, but if you actually like their mascara or eyeliner, that's nice. Because they only last a week. Let's hope you have a lot of fancy events to attend, yes?
    vi. the training
    Their training procedures are absolutely garbage. Imagine getting your first job at retail and you're not taught the skills required for the job. That's Younique, for ya.
    In Ashlees words, "they could sell you the brothel and tell you what it is, but they won't train you on how to use the brothels resources". Smfh. They'll sell you the product and tell you what it is, but will not tell you how to use it or how to sell it. 
    There's probably more to this than I thought, and if so, please add on. Bad experiences with Younique? Add that as well.
    A huge thank you to Beautea with Ashlee for most of the information in this. If you're into beauty guru tea, go check her out! She's extremely underrated and she's awesome. She also does a ton of research before discussing a topic. 
    Please forgive me if this is already a thing on here. I searched but could not find anything remotely related to this company, and I needed to get the word out.
    EDIT: so I rewatched Ashlee's vid and it turns out they did something involving sexual assault as well. If you're into more information with imagery, look at her video. She has more access to different sites while I prefer staying away from Insta and the like.