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  1. My second year living in a dorm away at college. My second year having issues with roommates. General rundown:
    1st year: Roommates were completely unhygenic and ran everyone out of the room. We all got moved second semester.
    2nd year: Roommates are extremely entitled. They brought 0 furniture for the dorm (but they asked us to even though we get a couch and table etc). One roommate transfers, they basically drive two others out and they take furniture with them. Then they come to ME expecting me to buy furniture. They've broken my makeup, ate my food, threw away a friend of mine's clothing, acted like I didn't exist for almost 2 months and excluded me from so much. But they come into my room and hint they want my TV. Then the only time they text me over break is to ask what I'm bringing that they need. I like to share, but I was basically bullied out of using our living room so I have NEVER used any of their stuff. And I even bought 150+ kitchen sized garbage bags and they used them all in a month. I do my own trash, clean after myself etc.
    The issue: the RD gets PISSED if you try to move and after all the drama they caused with the other roommates she hates our entire cluster. And I can't live off campus because my scholarship dictates I live in the dorm. Does anyone have any advice on what to do???