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  1. Kasper, who used to go by 11x11pm/SerineSings on YouTube before starting her rapping career, is a South Korean singer, rapper, and YouTuber. She is currently a solo artist under DSP and was in the group Play the Siren before they disbanded. 
    Instagram: kasperxxiYoutube: KASPERTwitter: KASPER417Soundcloud: officialkasper
    She started her YouTube channel back in 2010 under the name 11x11pm and would post rant, makeup, and singing videos. She was an aspiring kpop artist (Korean-American living in S. Korea with dreams to be a kpop idol) at the time and would post advice videos for auditions. 
    Her singing was very mediocre and her rant videos were what gained her following. 
    She eventually gave up on becoming an idol and switched to rapping and started going by the name Kasper. 
    During that time, she would also pander/brag to her viewers about knowing BAP's Daehyun causing a lot of them to question their relationship.
    In 2014 she debuted in Play the Siren, a co-ed hip hop group.
    She also started appearing on Seoulistic (when she was a trainee) and WishtrendTV videos. She is still a part of WishtrendTV.
    She auditioned for Show Me the Money 4 and failed to get in and got on Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 instead.
    Her singing was bad, but her rapping is mediocre at best. Many netizens questioned why Kasper was on UPRS due to her bland personality and poor skills. She was often criticized for being awkward and stiff. 
    Despite her poor skills, she still somehow landed a contract with DSP in 2016. She released her single Lean on Me in January of 2017.
    She's still pretty irrelevant in Korean media, but she recently got herself back in the news this month for revealing Wanna One Kang Daniel's and UPRS Yook Jidam's relationship. Many netizens thought this was unnecessary and attention seeking of her.
    She is often attention seeking, from pandering about knowing Daehyun to going on SMTM because she was jealous of Kisum (watch SMTM audition) to revealing details about other people's relationships.
    She was also very cocky on UPRS until her terrible rapping was criticized. She dissed Jiyoon for being an idol but she herself wanted to be an idol too but failed. 
    She also has had plastic surgery. When she was still posting videos on 11x11pm, she made a video clarifying what procedures she had done (eyes and botox injections for jaw), but it seems that since then she has gotten more done. It's pretty possible she shaved her jaw as well, because botox doesn't slim your jaw to that extent.

    (now Feb 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4ot_F2MuI4&t=350s)
    I used to watch her 11x11pm videos back then and found it hilarious when she was on UPRS. Her cockiness turns me off and honestly her way of speaking is so grating I had to stop watching Wishtrend videos, but those are just my personal opinions of her.
  2. Post on Grazy grace in Music

    By Crazymuch, posted
    I saw grazy grace at the club in ny. She was hooking up with younger guys at club. Her group of friends kept trying to dance with korean guys but they didn’t want to dance with the girls, the girl kept getting closer. So one of the guys recognized grace n try to talk to her. She ain’t even that famous. She was really messy. 
  3. Post on cardi b in Online Personalities

    By leonheart, posted
    born in 1992 and raised in the bronx, new york, belcalis marlenis almánzar better known as cardi b, is an american "rapper", "singer", "songwriter", and television personality gained fame as a cast member of the reality series love & hip hop: new york. she released her No. 1 single "Bodak Yellow", and she followed with her debut album in april 5, 2018 "Invasion of Privacy". she secretly got married to migos group member offset in september 2017.
    instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamcardib/
    official website: Cardibofficial.com
    twitter: https://twitter.com/iamcardib
    problematic behavior

    homophobic drama
    racism drama
    mua blacswan drama
    history of nicki minaj and cardi b's relationship

    source: https://www.capitalxtra.com/artists/nicki-minaj/lists/cardi-b-complete-relationship-history/
    source: http://culture.affinitymagazine.us/opinion-cardi-b-is-problematic/