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  1. I searched but could not find any sort of general thread that all the other flakes have .. ( If there was one I'm terribly sorry, I just for the life of me couldn't spot it ) 
    So here we go a general thread which will hopefully stop people from starting new threads about small trivial things .. idk ... 
    Mainly I wanted everyones opinion about something ( despite it was reaaaaallllyyyy old and long ago )  But this caught my eye on the Kaka thread on Lolcow and sorta left me boggled  ... : 

    So apparently Mimei's Boyfriend made a video long ago insulting Koot's about how she uses AE ( after effects ), I guess sorta a parody ... To be honest I'm sorta shocked at how Mimei and the other girls responded to koot's being bothered by it ( albeit Koot's was cursing at them about it ) it is still no excuse for how catty they were ... especially Sharla .. " Dumb bitch "
    I'm sorry I brought up old news .. But this is relatively new to me and with many people referring to the "jvlogg girls" being toxic its just sorta ironic they befriended the hugest Koot's copycat ... TAYLOR ..  
  2. I started out this topic just out of curiosity (and I swear, some of you have the most hilarious usernames I've ever seen). What is the origin / explanation of the one you show on PULL?
    I came up with Nusha because it's basically one of the many nicknames I have been given by family and friends. This one in particular I like the most because it was my best friend's nephew who made that up (he struggles to pronounce my name). It's also pretty much the same as Nyusha, a Russian singer that, according to another friend of mine, I share a few physical similiarities with. How about yours?