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  1. Post on Lily Maymac in Little Snowflakes

    By Plum, posted
    Instagram (x) Twitter (x) Snapchat: lilyhatesyou 
    Lily Maymac (or Lily May Macapinlac) Is a famous Instagram model from Australia who is known for being controversial. She usually only posts pics of her face with her lips being the main focus, sponsorships, and food.

    Tea about her:
    Candids of her (a lot of people find her to be disappointing/average in person):
    Receipts of her self-hate & racism
    Her obvious signs of self hate (white-fever, wishing she was a halfie, and wanting a mixed child.):
    Her own mom ratting her out on her self hate in 2016 & taking every chance to shit on "other Filipinos" when defending her daughter:
    Her "lowkey" distaste towards Asian men:
    Distasteful "jokes" towards blacks to name her dog:
    Her immediate responses before backpedaling & "apologizing" when shit hit the fan:
    Contradicted her "apology" with defensive likes/retweets from fans:
    Receipts of her overall garbage personality
    Constantly bragging about how much money she spends:
    Constantly boasting about the "free shit" she gets:
    The gross treatment of her ex, Josh, while they were together:
    Is an unappreciative twat towards her fans & treats them like shit:
    Other snowflakey shit:
     Archive links of her self-hate/racist tweets (text-only):
    Articles that have talked about her self-hate/racism:
    (keep in mind some simply brush off everything with "preference" or they don't show the full story like her white power posts & racist remarks against blacks/indians) 
    imgur album (self-hate/racism tweets only) | video proof
    Thank you to @mercy for compiling everything! 
  2. Post on Jeffree Star in Little Snowflakes

    By lil, posted
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jeffreestar/featured
    Instagram: http://instagram.com/jeffreestarcosmetics
    Store: http://www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com
    I noticed he doesn't have a thread on here so I'm making it because I want to know what you guys think about him. 
    I don't really like him since that racist video he made with his friend. 
  3. Post on Erika Lipps in Little Snowflakes

    By lil, posted
    Erika Lipps: the Devon Aoki wannabe snowflake famous for the freckle faced, doe eyed look and embracing her plus size on her instagram. However, that was not always the case.
    Erika Lipps started out as just another fashion blogger on the interwebs with the user handle "iamappleorchards" on blogspot and chictopia

    She tried very hard to be a style icon, along with her friend Blake Jacobsen, who took most of her pictures then

    However, the internet fame that came with being a chictopia style icon did not pick up and she started posting sporadically on her blog, posting more on her instagram instead. She started gaining attention after she started copying Devon Aoki's looks and gained even more attention after modelling for tunnelvision. Her makeup looks were always very... questionable at best (and very obviously edited)
    In case it's not obvious (for some reason)
    She wears faux freckles, thickens her brows, does extreme overlining, highlighting and contouring, wears false lashes, extends her cat eyeliner to elongate her eyes... Which wouldn't be so much of a problem if she never tried to pass them off as natural.
    She also deletes comments that calls her out on her makeup and editing on every photo and even blocks people for it, then calls them freaks, crazies or meanies to gain sympathy points
    she tried to pass off photos like these as natural while promoting a dr jart skincare line

    (Originally captioned as "there ya go ya freaks...me w/out makeup...debunked it for ya!!!! Ur welcome!!!!!!" but edited after people called her out because of her brow makeup and freckles)
    She acknowledges that she is not natural on instagram but refuses to actually mention which part is natural and how much is edited and will block people and delete comments that even speculate or acknowledge the editing and unnatural parts of her

    There was even an article written of her being brave for "showing her bare face" despite never actually showing her bare face and Erika failed to correct the writer that her pics are, in fact, not bare faced.
    Link: http://www.revelist.com/bloggers/social-media-beauty-standards/5416/erika-is-a-queen-and-i-am-so-happy-that-shes-speaking-up-about-this-stuff--because-it-deserves-a-conversation/10

    This photo is probably the most accurate bare faced photo Erika has ever posted even though its covered in a face mask
    Despite constantly appearing to preach body positivity, self love and self acceptance, Erika edits her plus size body to fit the "society's beauty standard" that she constantly complains about, then attempts to pass it off as her natural self, similar to Tess Munster/Holiday's ironic #effyourbeautystandards 
    edits muffin top while preaching about skinny girls (and trying to speak for east asians like some rachel dolezal shit and subtly trying to pass off as one) and seriously how is that pic the same as these

    Erika also edits her jaw, skin, nose, lips and also edits her eyes slanted to appear more East Asian
    However, if you take away all the makeup and editing, Erika is in fact very white passing because she is half White and half Filipina with unblended bronzer, overlined lips, the wrong foundation color and eyes photoshopped to be slanted
    Despite her literally being half white, Erika bashes and shit talks white people CONSTANTLY and despite being half Filipina, she has yet to make a post acknowledging this fact (even repeating that her ethnicity is no one business), even though she makes a lot of posts bringing up and defending East Asians and then attempts to pass off as East Asian. (not all posts blaming everything on white women were screencapped but if you follow her on IG you will be bombarded by at least 2 whiny complains about white people in a day)

    also apparently recently she enjoys wearing cheap clothing then calls herself a white women which is annoying because 1) she's basically calling white people cheap imagine wearing an unkempt black wig and putting on some cheap cloth around herself and calling herself japanese 2) she's white but talks about white people as if she's not white to subtly make her followers think she's not white

    ^ apparently man buns are samurai buns ?? because apparently only samurais wear buns for their hair?? she gets offended at everything white people do like its her hobby

    The only time she has even acknowledged South East Asians was when she used a photo of Pia Wurtzbach, which ironically is a very white passing half white half Filipino model.

    ^ Pia Wurtzbach without her fake tan (which is problematic in its own way)
    Recently she was confronted by IG user bravegingerkitty and Erika posted her DM on her insta story to get her followers to whiteknight her

    Unfortunately this led to more people calling out her actions and attitude and she has since deactivated her instagram
    As expected, Erika came back with a lengthy sob story accusing her followers of making assumptions on her by not reading her captions.

    However, Erika does in fact constantly post self love and body positivity captions all the time AND you she does let her followers assume she is East Asian by not denying it and implying it through her choice of words.
    As a conclusion, ERIKA LIPPS is a self hating, racist that hates her own race, ethnic features and body while attempting to preach body positivity, self love, self acceptance and racial tolerance. She is the antithesis of everything she preaches and after being called out, she cops out and blames everything on her followers.
    She tries so hard to be East Asian and thinks she is in the position to speak for East Asians by talking shit about her own race. She is the East Asian wannabe version of Rachel Dolezal and Jaida Payne. Congratulations Erika Lipps, you are now the style icon you've always wanted to be.
    Public link outs //
    Old accounts:
    Most photos are from PULL, thanks guys! 

    -Updated Summary created by @Beau on 1/18/2017
  4. Post on @smfhbye in Online Personalities

    By hunty, posted
    I'm absolutely disgusted. So, I was on Instagram and stumbled upon this girl's account. She's one of those baddie pages that post other girls, and some of her captions are pretty funny. That's what I thought, at least, until I saw her post this about an hour ago:

    Let me start off by saying, wow, is this girl ignorant. But even worse, some of her followers were flocking to her defense:

    I don't know why she is comparing "Becky" to "ling ling," since white people aren't even a minority, thus not oppressed. This girl is a disappointment to all racial minorities. It's amazing how close-minded she and some of her followers are. She keeps on trying to justify herself by saying that what she called the woman ("ling ling") wasn't wrong because the woman was accusing her of being a "thief." This girl wants to be oppressed so badly, even though she's the one throwing racial slurs, like it's nothing. As soon as someone uses the n-word, she gets mad, but calling someone "ling ling" is completelyyyyy ok. Alright.
    She was also quick to block people and delete comments that opposed her point of view.
    I commented on one of the posts, saying this (but, of course, she blocked me and deleted the comment):
    "Guys, don't even bother... there's no point in trying to educate someone who isn't willing. Now, let me address a few things. What the woman at the nail salon did to @smfhbye – in my opinion, ANY employee would have done that. It was a misunderstanding! And if anything, she was just exercising caution. But yes, it's completely understandable why @smfhbye would feel upset about it; I would be too, if someone were jumping to conclusions about my actions. Now, on the other, hand – despite "ling ling" not being the main focus of the caption, you still upset some people because it is quite obviously an offensive slur. Imagine if I had written the same exact caption with the n slur? Bottom line, you can't tell people not to be offended over something like this – we have a right to be upset about it. You could have left that part out, and the caption would have been fine. But I'm done explaining myself; hope everyone understands. When things like this happen, we shouldn't be arguing each other Listen to what each party has to say before throwing defamations. Thanks, guys."

    I don't know, doesn't it bother anyone else how she's just using the word so casually?
    What she did was wrong, and many people in the comments told her that what she had said was offensive, but instead of apologizing, she played her race card: "I'm the one who should be upset because ling ling automatically assumed I was stealing because I'm black!!"
    That's not how it works, honey.
    You guys can view the comments here, if she hasn't deleted the posts:
  5. Post on Maria Way in Online Personalities

    By hunty, posted
    Maria Way / Мария Вэй
    Instagram: @maria__way | Twitter: @maria__way 

    So I found out about this girl from one of Racist Beauty Bloggers' posts on Tumblr. She posted a video on Youtube, with 4 different "looks" (she called them transformations lol), and it got over 2 million views -- as you can see from this screenshot, she not only blackfaces, but also yellowfaces and brownfaces:

    Copy & paste from RBB's Tumblr:
    To people that for some reason assume (???) slavs are ‘allowed to be racist’ because there aren’t many pocs in Russia: SHE KNEW SHE WAS WRONG BUT POSTED IT ANYWAY. On her instagram post about this vid she thanked the viewers for ‘a warm response to the video’ and said she was afraid people would get offended. GUESS WHAT BITCH Honestly the most disgusting thing I have ever seen...
    I'm surprised she hasn't gotten much hate in the comments section!! 
  6. This girl kept popping up on my Instagram discover feed. Her name is Brooke. I followed her at one point because I thought she was pretty and her feed was nice but soon discovered she was a Trump supporter and because of my political views, I had to immediately unfollow. She has a a lot of followers, her mother is apparently a YouTube "beauty guru" (LisaLisaD1), and she's 16!!! I've noticed that her looks have changed throughout the years, I mean her lips have gotten significantly bigger and it can't be all due to liners. Her nose has also changed. About 3 or 4 years ago, her style was very Tumblr-esque pale inspired and now it's very vintage Lana Del Rey inspired.
    Her current instagram: melbdun
    Her inactive instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxnewsbabe/
    Her mom's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LisaLisaD1


    update: she's friends with babydarkokitten and together, they cyberbully people who criticize them. akl of these girls think racism is funny.
  7. Interesting girl, mostly goes by her middle name- Simone. Apparently she was reported missing for a few days but has now been thankfully found. She's 16 and reports say that she might have gone to meet up with a 19/20 year old guy. It was really sketchy because she's such a young girl and looks like it, obviously. I've seen a comment on her ig claiming it was just an attention seeking stunt. On her Tumblr she's written about an ex (who is probably the one she ran off to) that abuses her. She was very vague about it but still very disturbing, she talked about wanting to go back to him and all. I also noticed her tagging "nymphet, babygirl, daddy's girl, etc" on her selfies there which is really sad and gross. But, she's been found so luckily she's safe. Also, she's friends with 60speach/Brooke who is a bigot. I'm not sure if she's like that (sadly probably is). On Instagram she was previously known as kittenyayo, petitechatonne and holapapiyayo before switching to her current username. Her look also reminds me of a young Angelina Jolie, I think her lips are naturally pouty but exaggerates them with liners and duck face poses, although I could be wrong lmao.
    Her ig: https://www.instagram.com/babydarkokitten/
    Her tumblr: http://jumpropejailbait.tumblr.com/ 
    Her store's ig: https://www.instagram.com/keywestkitten/
    Her online store: http://www.babydarko.com/

    EDIT about this Nazi as of 6/21/17:
    Simone is bigoted (antisemitic and racist)Use to draw swastikas on the ground as mentioned by a user on the second page (issued an "apology" according to a user and did it to "freak old people out")Shared Hitler memes with her friend Brooke who supports far right ideologies (melbdun on Instagram, 60sdaisy on Tumblr)Fell in love with a neo Nazi (who unfortunately abused her but she has now broken up with him, we shouldn't go into too much detail about it tbh but just know that she herself said he was a white supremacist)Openly bullied a girl on Instagram for having a similar aesthetic (the girl told her it helps her deal with abuse she endured but Simone called her a liar and fake)Told an Inuit girl "fuck culture" when the girl was trying to explain why people wear furApologized for glamorizing serial killers but still posts gifs of Richard Ramirez alongside a picture of her on the beach in a bikiniStarted a clothing and accessories line (key west kitten couture) where she charges customers anywhere from $12-$80 with fake flowers you can buy at a crafts store and hot glues them onto blank bikinis you can order in bulk from sites like aliexpressClaims that her designs are original when she doesn't make anything at all, she just decorates the bikinisHer friend yuckyjazmin on Instagram/hexxbunny on Tumblr as well as a bunch of her friends and fans gang up on people when they have any critique towards simone
  8. I'm surprised no one posted Sidney yet. She has so many racist tweets. I used to spare her because I thought the tweets were fake. However, she posted on roastkardashian's instagram that the page was obsessed with her. I was like 'hold up so she ain't even gonna deny the tweets' . I'm shook people, I'm shook.
    So she's obsessed with black people.

    Reply to roastkardashian, I had to click on the account and it was hers.

    There's so much more people...

    instagram | twitter | youtube
    Just saw this girl on Tumblr lmfao, don't know if there's any dirt on her yet, besides the fact that she's a basic, blackfacing white chick

    What y'all think? She looks a mess tbh lol
  10. Toopoor aka Layla Rose Shapiro: Pseudo-goth Instagram model/DJ
    Instagram // Twitter // Soundcloud // Depop // Vine // Website (Slightly NSFW)

    Currently in a very public on/off relationship with Lil Peep. As a result, she’s publicly hanging out with Soundcloud frat boys. Fashion/marketing school drop out. Only notable income seems to be her store where she sells things like overpriced embroidered hoodies, her broken nails or your name written on her face. Claims to be “broke” despite putting a lot of money on drugs, alcohol and designer clothes.
    Moneyposse is a group of Soundcloud boys who her bf works/hangs out with and that she has DJ'd with. They're a lot messier than Gothboiclique (gbc) which is what Lil Peep is in, and she seems to spend more time with Soundcloud boys not in Lil Peep's crew than with. She's honestly gotten a lot of publicity with the Soundcloud rapper fanbase and that seems to be her crowd at the moment.
    Has previously had sugar daddies and has dated much older men. Also has had very public breakdowns on social media.
    Public breakdown:
  11. Find Your Love in Japan (Nobita)
    Youtube / Blog / Patreon

    Who is Nobita? // Basic Summary
    Find Your Love In Japan is a Youtube channel run by a Japanese man named Nobita. He makes videos similar to That Japanese Man Yuta where he interviews Japanese men, women and foreigners on the street on current popular subjects. In Nobita's videos, he mainly focuses on topics such as "How to find love in Japan" and Japanese people's opinions on relationships with people inside and outside of their culture. In his private life, he is a language teacher in Tokyo. 
    Here are some basic videos of his:
    Nobita's Opinions on Racism
    In April 2018, Nobita uploaded a video titled "The Black People May Be DANGEROUS for Japan"TL;DR:Essentially uses debunked information, such as Black crime statistics and pseudoscience regarding elevated testosterone that makes Black people "more aggressive" to argue that they are a danger to the fundamentals of Japanese societyAlso cites "mean comments" as proof that Black people are bad (?????)Says that black people have a "toxic mentality" for thinking they are oppressed, and states that black people are not oppressed at all in the United StatesDenies the existence of white priviledgeSays that if you think you have it bad in the United States, it will be a lot worse if you bring your "victim mentality" to Japan because people are not as tolerant in JapanCurrently, the video has a warning that appears before watching itScreenshot of the description of his "The Black People May Be DANGEROUS for Japan"For further reading on what Nobita said in this video and why he's wrong, you can read an article on it written by Ranier Maningding here. This article was super helpful in putting together all of this information.After the very negative reaction to this video and the backlash on Twitter, he created a tweet titled "To Black People" trying to guilt trip people over his video and vaguely imply that he was going to kill himself soonThose who defended Nobita's opinions used racial slurs against Black people, showing what type of people he is attracting in his audienceUses the fact that he's apparently had black students and knows black people as a defense for his opinions (does the same thing to verify his opinions on homosexuality, claiming to have many "gay friends")Thinks acts of racism are only extremes, such as people getting killed over race in situations like the KKK or Nazis. Doesn't believe smaller aggression in society should count towards "racism" Apparently is now talking about Latinos in JapanNobita's Opinions on "if Gay Marriage Becomes Legal in Japan"
    Nobita makes a video titled "Dear Gays: Gay Marriage | Why it's Unacceptable in Japan"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRVL0AaGVuYThank you to @JunkFood for their summary: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3968-find-your-love-in-japannobita/?do=findComment&comment=338160Uses the classic slippery slope argument, "If we let the gays marry, what could be next?!?! Bestiality and Pedophilia!?!?!?!?!?!!" Claims that there aren't many gay people in Japan, thus gay marriage is not necessary because it's "such a minority of the population"Article with a study that debunks thisThinks that if both parents are the same gender, then their parenting will be bad because "traditional roles" are the best way to raise childrenIgnores the fact that half of heterosexual families result in divorce or can have an abusive parentTries to say that Japan just tolerating homosexuals is enough, because other countries have it worse and you can be killed for being gaySays that he's "Tired of gays acting like victims in Japan and demanding 'special treatment'"So equal rights are "special treatment??"Basically just uses extremely unlikely, specific arguments such as "sham marriages to get citizenships" (once again showing how scared he is of foreigners in Japan) will happen, adoption apparently being hard in Japan, and children of gay parents being bullied to justify gay marriage not being legal thereSays Japan is a collectivist society, and being gay is "too different" to be accepted there and won't workAs stated before, uses the "I have gay friends so my opinion is valid!" argumentNobita's Opinions on Feminism & Women
    Victim blames underage girls for being assaulted by chikan (perverts) on trainsApparently the girls are tempting men with their skirts being too short, and the men are exhausted from work so they do this as some sort of "release" due to stressAlso claims that girls do it to press false molestation chargesThis has happened before, however it is a very very small minority of the molestation cases that happen on trainsQuote from Nobita: "If you see a really cute girl standing next to you and she's wearing a really short skirt, probably that's gonna turn on any guy."Believes that the solution to Japan's birth rate issues is:1) Taxing single people2) Imposing legal restrictions on pornography and sex work3) Shortening the work weekSeems to support MGTOW and RedpillIs possibly an incel, due to him constantly being self-deprecating by calling himself ugly, stupid, seems obsessed and frustrated with being a virgin, etc. Screenshot of him reacting to being "asked" if he's a virgin:Believes in traditional gender roles, such as:Women should not ask men out firstSeems to be insecure about confident/independent womenIs pro-life, and very against pro-choice peopleNobita's generalizing of the Japanese people, and objectifying his own culture
    Generally, his video seem to focus on ways white people can "seduce" Japanese men and womenKind of a personal view, but I feel that these videos objectify and fetishize Japanese peopleTalking about subjects he has little knowledge of and is not qualified to speak about
    Tries to argue that white privilege doesn't exist in America, and believes that Black people are trying to be victimsHas a lot of opinions on American society and racism, despite being a Japanese male who has seemingly not been to America Miscellaneous Stuff:
    Thinks people don't like him for his physical appearance and grammarA past friend on Facebook has stated that he's apparently "gone off the deep end," and friends have tried to talk to him but he's changedHas featured Kanadajin3 as a representative of Islam in one of his videos, who is widely known for being problematic and has been involved with a lot of drama in the pastYuta has responded to Nobita's "Black People" videosNobita's text response, and video response
  12. Victoria Waldrip known as woahhvicky (now imwoahvicky due to being deleted) is a 17 year old "instagram famous" person who got "known" for claiming to be 25% black. (the exact number changes a lot) 
    She also posts videos on how to sing saying that ppl tell her "she sounds like beyonce" buuut... listen for yourself.. 
    But on to the actual topic. Vicky claims to be black saying the n-word and always saying she came from zone 6 where she had to "eat koolaid" 
    this is vicky: 
    Here are some of the videos Vicky uploads to her Instagram: 
    She also claims to be pregnant by her ex @/papii_jj (now @/virgin_jj) with arguments like "jj is the father of my kids he's a virgin but he's the dad" sure, jan. 
    So what do you guys think? personally I feel like she's either dumb as shit or just a really good troll.
  13. Camila Cabello
    Instagram // Twitter // Youtube

    Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao (Camilla Cabello) is a Cuban-American pop singer who rose to fame by competing on The X Factor, in 2012. She was originally a member of Fifth Harmony, a 5 member girl group, before going solo in 2016 with her debut album 'Camila.' It gave her huge success with its main single 'Havana' and now Camila is currently promoting her second studio album, 'Romance.' 
    Controversy / Why people dislike her: 
    In late 2019, Camila's old Tumblr blog was leaked to the public via Twitter. She was exposed for reblogging multiple racist posts, referencing the N word continuously and making light of Rihanna's domestic abuse. Just to name a few. She has since apologised for the blog but many believe that her apology wasn't sincere because it didn't have any depth. TW // Racism and Abuse 
    Her privilege and victim complex within Fifth Harmony:
    During the time of Fifth Harmony, many Harmonizers noticed that Camila had an unfair advantage among the group members. She was given the best outfits, 90% of lyrics in songs and solo collaborations to herself. To their fans, it seemed like Fifth Harmony was based around Camila, but despite this, she would still be seen posing apart from her group members on red carpets and interrupting performances to gain the spotlight. Thus, people creating the nickname, "Camila and Friends." When Fifth Harmony split up after 4 years, Normani, Lauren, Dinah and Ally, were also only notified by Camila's representatives that she was leaving the group. Making people question whether or not, Camila's plan to leave was done in secret. Camila tried to deny it but it was clear that the girls' were right due to examples like above. They did a final statement towards their fans and Camila didn't reply.  Alleged PR stunt between her and Shawn Mendes:
    Sometime after Camila released her debut album, Her and Shawn Mendes came out with a song titled "Señorita." Camila and Shawn have been friends since Fifth Harmony but many fans believe that their relationship is strictly PR since they both deal with rumours about their sexuality. Their public appearances are highly exaggerated but one of the main reasons why people think their relationship is fake is because of their infamous making out video. 
    Honourable mention: Camren.
    Camren is a popular ship between Camila and her bandmate Lauren Jauregui. Some people believe they're in a secret relationship or at least had one during the time of Fifth Harmony. Their shippers made edits of them and posted conspiracy theories to their accounts. There have been many references to Lauren in Camila's songs but no one really knows the truth. 
    Feel free to add more information and details if you know of any! I'm sure someone can explain Camila better than me but I just tried to shorten things because it's been many years.