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  1. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/himeahri/?hl=en
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ahripop25

    Quick summary:
    >Asian-wannabe that went from claiming that she's partially Japanese, to 100% Asian, although she's obviously white af.
    >Wanted to legally change her name to a Korean one
    >Also started a gofundme that was going to fund her trip to korea, so that she can get plastic surgeries to look asian irl. (I don't have a link anymore, but she's probably taken it down by now)
    >Shoops her pics to hell and back
    >Dressed way too sexual for her age.
    >Claims that she cannot live without wearing her kitty ears
    >Someone asked if she's white on one of her pictures, someone responded with that yes, indeed, ahripop is white, and ahri quickly deleted that comment.

    Her twitch bio:

  2. There's was topic about her before,
    I dont remember many things of her but getting underage tattoes and lying about her race 
  3. Info: 
    transethnic koreaboo princessvietnamese-american that claims to be korean, chinese, japanese, french, "european", or "caucasian" whenever it benefits hercries about being bullied for looking half french even though her ass looks 1000% asiantalks shit on koreaboos even though she is onemoved from the us to south korea to become a bartender/chase oppas, is currently abusing her tourist visahttps://www.instagram.com/minuit.1995/
  4. From the creator of the simply_kenna summary
    0kyashi0 (New Instagram username as of 22/02/2018: fathertoad)(New Instagram username as of 27/03/2018: vjdhehdisnd)
    (Also known as Kyle Vollmer and Kyle Marks)
    For earlier discussions about 0kyashi0, go to the General Koreaboo thread or the General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread.

    Instagram (Inactive) | Musicallyviewer (inaccessible) | Google + (defunct) | Twitter (defunct) | Deviantart (inactive)
    Who is 0kyashi0?
    0kyashi0 is a FtM Instagrammer and musically:er who claims to be half Irish/half Japanese, something which he is very passionate about (as you can probably tell by how he much he talks about it and likes to send his photos to "Asian enpowering" Instagram pages).
    Why does he deserve his own thread?
    The answer lies in the word "claim". He may "claim" to be Japanese, but he is actually not Japanese at all (as you can probably already tell by his 100 % Caucasian looks)! Here are some of the reasons why Kyle-chan (which is what I will call him from hereon) is a lying snowflake:
    Blocking and condescending attitude when asked for proof
    He claims to be half Japanese, but he seems to have a surprisingly difficult time proving it when people (rightfully) call him out for it. In fact, nine times out of ten, he doesn't even try to bring any sort of evidence to the table (despite the fact that you'd think it'd be pretty easy), but instead just acts in a condescending manner and eventually blocks them:Ironically, he also blocks (or at least used to until recently – go to "Knowledge of the Japanese language" for more information) people who ask him things in Japanese. If he knows Japanese, why would he do that, and if he doesn't know Japanese, why doesn't he just tell those people "sorry, despite being a hafu I don't speak Japanese because X"?Conversation with @bok joo
    Kyle-chan was in the same chat group as PULL user bok joo, and she recognized him. Thus, she decided to confront him and ask him for proof (upvote her original post here) (UPDATE 30/03/2018: The user appears to have removed the pictures for some reason and left PULL, so sadly the screenshots are not available anymore. They're not crucially important, however, they were still useful, so if anybody happens to be sitting on them, feel free to PM me):Dad
    Kyle-chan claims his dad (who apparently left him when he was little) is Japanese. What's his proof? This picture:AKA a picture of a squinting Caucasian-looking kid holding a baby that is also squinting. Great evidence, 10/10. He also recently claimed he didn't see his dad much because he lived with his grand parents:
    But considering that he claims his mom didn't want to have anything to do with his dad because she "had a lot of hatred for him" (check "Surgery/Blepharoplasty") this doesn't make sense either. 0 out of 10 lying points, Kyle-chan
    "Grandma's" drawing
    Kyle-chan has published two pictures of drawings (one of which has been deleted now) that he claims his Japanese grandmother drew back in the 60s. There is only one problem, and that is that they both look like something he drew himself on a shitty paper:It should also be noted that the hand writing in the second picture does not look like that of a native Japanese, it looks like that of a Japanese beginner. Native speakers also tend to write さ slightly differently by hand. Here are a few pictures of real Japanese calligraphy/handwriting for comparison:Growing up in Japan and living there until recently
    In an Instagram comment, Kyle-chan claims he was born in Japan and used to live there until recently:However, when confronted about his inability to speak Japanese ( go to "Knowledge of Japanese (or rather lack thereof" for more information) ~one week or so later, he suddenly states that the reason he doesn't know the language too well is the fact that he only lived in Japan until he was eight years old and after that he was "thrown into an English majority country":Clearly, this is a big fat inconsistency that completely contradicts what he said before. If you look at his old Deviantart profile (which was last active two years ago – archive.is version found here) it also clearly states that he lives in the United States:
    Knowledge of Japanese (or rather lack thereof)
    Kyle-chan claims his first language isn't English. In this comment, he says that he understands if the person's English isn't very good either, which implies that he also struggles with English precisely because it is not his first language and not the language he knows the best:Yet if you look at his Instagram posts, he exclusively writes in English (not counting some of the hashtags) and his English is that of a native speaker. When confronted about it by bok joo in their second conversation, this is what he had to say (sadly there are no screenshots as of yet as bok joo's chat account has been hacked but they will be added ASAP if provided):Needless to say, besides the fact that the story makes no sense whatsoever (unless his mother somehow managed to lock him up for almost twenty years without authorities being alerted and family members being worried, but that's extremely unbelievable) this completely contradicts what he implied in the other comment. Besides blocking people who try to talk to him in Japanese, he also ignores them: However, recently he actually attempted to reply to someone that spoke to him in Japanese! Needless to say, it didn't go very well:As you can probably see, he had no idea what the hell he was responding to. He could just have replied with "Sorry, I don't speak Japanese", but for some reason, he chose not to; which makes sense, because according to a person one PULL user had a conversation with, he uses Google translate Japanese, and a lot of his captions used to have google translate Japanese:
    It seems as if Kyle is especially prone to flip flop when it comes to his knowledge of Japanese (going from "Japanese is my first language" to "I only know third grade Japanese" or Japanese straight from Google translate), which is highly indicative of him lying.
    Kyle-chan seems to have a pretty bad relationship with his mom, considering that he lies about his ethnicity and constantly talks shit about her:This has more to do with his eye color, but when somebody wrote that it's genetically impossible for two people with brown eyes to get a baby with blue eyes, he was very quick to edit the captions and specify the woman in the picture wasn't his mom, despite the initial captions and one of his replies implying otherwise:It should be pointed out that it is, in fact, possible for two brown eyed people to have a blue eyed child, and that he did say while chatting with bok joo that the woman in the picture was his aunt, but nevertheless, it is interesting how he chose to change the captions instead of correcting the person and telling them they were flat out wrong.
    You may have noticed that Kyle-chan mentioned something about double eyelid surgery. Apparently, his mom forced his to go through eyelid surgery because she hated his dad or some shit, and he once posted a picture of him when he was little as proof of him having had monolid eyes once upon a time:However, some people's eye shape change as they get older, and monolid eyes are not an Asian only thing. If you look closely, you'll also notice that he didn't really have monolid eyes even back then:
    Kyle-chan's eyes also don't look like those of a person who has actually had blepharoplasty. Here are two pictures for comparison:Other things worth noting:
    Catsrulemylife: in one of the earlier threads, this Deviantart account was thought to be Kyle-chan's as he apparently links to it on his Google plus. However, upon further examination, it turned out the account belonged to a different person. Please don't direct whatever accusations you have against Kyle-chan towards this person.Racism and sexism: you may have noticed Kyle-chan likes to rant about racist and sexist people.Well, guess what, it looks like he himself is a pretty racist and sexist person, because even if you don't account for the fact that he's lying about his ethnicity and fetishizing a whole race just for his own smug self-satisfaction, he also used to post shit like this a few years ago #staywoke:
    Trans: there was some speculation going on for a while about him lying about him being trans as well, however, it would appear that he is actually trans (he probably photoshops his Instagram pictures):TL;DR
    Kyle-chan is a snowflake because he is a racist who lies about his ethnicity/backstory and has a shitty attitude.
  5. Ok, so I haven't seen anyone talking about this lady so I decided to make a topic on her, because I think she's quite... interesting.

    // website // youtube // facebook //
    Martina is a German model, that is known for having the largest breasts of Europe, which she achieved through several plastic surgeries. She's also had several other surgeries to look like Barbie. She narrowed her legs, hips, waist and nose, enlarged her lips and replaced her front teeth with porcelain veneers.
    In 2017 she started to darken her skin (with injections and tanning), her hair and her eyes to become a "black woman". She also officially changed her ethnicity to "Black". But her transformation into an "African woman" hasn't stopped yet. She's planning to change her features and wants to enlarge her butt and her breasts (even larger).
    So what do you guys think of her? To me personally she seems so bizarre and I just don't understand what is going through her head. I mean undergoing several surgeries to look like Barbie is kinda strange but whatever floats your boat. But getting tanning injections and sugeries to become anther race is just too much like what the heck?! I find it also baffling and worrying that her boyfriend encourages all of this. 
    (pls have mercy on my English, it's not my native tongue but I'm trying my best ^^)
  6. powerpuffsky / soraangelic: @Instagram (new) //// @Instagram (former)

    powerpuffsky/soraangelic, or known simply as Sky is a 16-year-old Instagram personality who has been caught lying about faking her ethnicity for clout.
    The Story:
    Sky (not real name) received quick fame for her cute face on Instagram as she gained 15k+ followers despite having less than 20 photos. However, people could tell that she obviously heavily edited her face, especially her eyes which she stretches out for a more stereotypical Asian appearance. See below:
    She had claimed that she is half Mexican on her father's side and half German + Thai + Chinese + Korean on her mother's side, but neither are from Asia.
    At the same time, Sky claimed that another Instagram user by the name of tttaeo/taetoy/yuuabel is her cousin and that tttaeo is German + Taiwanese. 

    The claims obviously did not match up at all, and it was evident from their images that tttaeo is in fact Sky pretending to be her own cousin while dressing up even more as a stereotypical Asian person (skin whitening, gestures, black wig, makeup style). See evidence below:
     Older images of Sky were found, which proved that she had heavily edited her images to appear more like a stereotypical Asian. It was found that she is part Mexican on her father's side and part Thai on her mother's side, but added German + Chinese + Korean to appear more "exotic mixed and cool" to appeal to people on social media for fame/clout.
    In reality, she has 8 siblings and one of her sisters married married a Korean man so she has cousins who are mixed Mexican + Thai + Korean.
  7. Instagrams:
    @jeongie_94 (race faker account), @jasmine_rideout (real account), @jasmineseanofficial (???)
    @jasmine.sean.model (???), @jasmine.sean.writer (???), @jasmine_sean_rideout (???)
    halfkoreanblogger1994 (blog account), @jeonghee_1994 (deactivated), @a_books_paradise (former)
    @cheer_leader_4ever (former) 
    Other known accounts:
    Jeonghee1994 (kakaotalk), jazzy.bear18 (kik)
    Facebook #1 (main #1), Facebook #2 (main #2), Facebook #3 (???),
    Facebook #4 (???), Facebook #5 (???) 
    HalfKorean1994 (Twitter #1), bellarocks19 (Twitter #2), jasmine_acting (Twitter #3),
    jasminesean2014 (Twitter #4), jasmine_rideout (Twitter #5)
    Patreon, Wattpad, YouTube
    Actress Profile #1, Actress Profile #2, Actress Profile #3
    Baby's Instagram:

    Jasmine Sean Rideout is a 25-year-old (b. Nov 19, 1994) Canadian woman who gained social media attention for her constant yellow facing, lying, fetish for Korean men, and now for impregnating herself because she wanted a half-Korean baby.
    "Modelling" examples:
    The Story:
    Jasmine initially popped up in the General "non-Asians pretending to be Asian" thread for claiming to be a Eurasian plus-size model named Yang Jeonghee (양정희), however many could see that she obviously looked like a complete white woman. This was proved when her childhood pictures were posted with her parents and grandmother that showed that her family is clearly white:
    Despite this, she is very adamant about herself being a "mixed Eurasian model" as she constantly tags her images under "#eurasian", "#halfkorean" and many other half-race claims to get attention (ex. half Russian, half German, half British, half Irish, half Chinese, half Thai, etc).
    Additionally, she tags herself in the Korean language; but since her language skills are nonexistent, a lot ends up as broken/incorrect words, such as tagging herself as "#한국어" (Korean language) instead of "#한국인", or using incorrect terms like "#하프한국" instead of "#혼혈". 
    Apart from constant race faking, she also made sob stories about her family situation to explain her background. 
    To fund her trips to Korean, she had even created a GoFundMe, but after the GoFundMe failed, she turned to Patreon with claims she has never been to Korea and wanted to be reunited with her "homeland". In her Patreon, she used mental illness as an excuse for her trip to "explore more of her Korean side" to make herself feel better. However, a quick glance at her Instagrams photos proved she's already been there multiple times and it was a complete scam.
    At one point, Jasmine even posted to an "expats in Korea" Facebook group where she revealed that she wanted to move to Korea in May 2018 and had already lived there for 4 months back in 2017.
    An older Instagram description claimed she was working in China as a teacher:
    Now, flash forward to August 2018 and things took a very serious turn when Jasmine announced she was 8 weeks pregnant with a "mixed half-Korean" baby.
    It was already known that Jasmine sees many hookups from images she posted of herself and men, and also a MeetMe account. 
    She even changed her Instagram description to "mixed mother and future mom to beautiful mixed baby" and uses tags such as "#halfkoreanbaby, #mixedbaby. #asianbaby" to describe her child. Furthermore, Jasmine even said "of course this sweet bundle was made in Korea".
    Turns out, Jasmine is on social welfare and is left as a single mother...
    Not only that, but over the past year she has admitted to being on 10 plane flights between Canada, Korea, and China all of which adds up to over 20,000 CAD spent on travelling as a sexpat to satisfy her fetish for Korea and Korean men.
    Jasmine selfishly says "No matter what the parents wanted at the time they both need to claim responsibility. Man didn't want a baby well he should have put one on." while completely ignoring the fact that it always takes 2 people and not 1, and now puts the man at fault for getting her pregnant.
    Onto her pregnancy arc:
    Just weeks into her pregnancy, on Facebook, she shares her thoughts on planning to return to Korea as soon as the baby is born and states she will frequently take the child back and forth Toronto and Seoul. Not to mention, she plans to educate the child within Korea as she believes the Korean education system is superior to Canadian education. Additionally, due to the father's absence, she will herself exclusively teach the child Korean culture (and now claims to be Chinese/Irish through her own father). 
    In a belly bump picture, Jasmine says "Getting pregnant in #southkorea was of course new" and refer to the unborn baby as "my sweet mixed girl".
    Following this is just more nonsense and claims about her "Korean heritage" and "Korean mother", such as being confused if she should use Korean age counting or International age counting, and making up fake memories between her and her absent mother.
    In January 2019, on Instagram, Jasmine she posted an image revealing that she is unfortunately dealing with a high risk pregnancy caused by a two-vessel cord. Through some internet searching, it can be easily found that one of the risk factors for developing a two-vessel cord is being white.
    Despite this, at 8 months pregnant, she worries about her future dating prospects and says she is only attracted to and interested in having Korean partners. Here, she discloses that the baby's father was a friend of hers and abandoned her after she revealed her pregnancy to him.
    Anyway, the very same month, Jasmine packed a baby hospital bag ready to deliver prematurely and went inpatient into a hospital shortly after.
    On February 5, she announced that she went into labour and the day after, despite the risks, she gave birth to healthy-looking baby girl named Luna Rae Rideout.
    Baby/mom arc:
    Already, Jasmine is found to have posted into a Facebook group called "Babies, Wobblers, and Toddlers in Korea" asking for advice on how to celebrate the baby's 100th-day celebration (baekil; 백일) and is looking for baby hanboks. She justifies this by saying "I really want to make sure I get her to experience her Korean side as well".
    Despite nonstop claiming that she is half-Korean and half-other, she goes onto claiming that her baby is also half-Korean and half-Canadian, even if it doesn't add up.
    In March 2019, Jasmine revealed that she had booked tickets for a flight to Korea in September and will be taking her child with her. Her plans are to attempt to move and settle in Korea.
    Sometime after, Jasmine created a public social media account for her child despite being only a few weeks old (@lunaraerideout). In the account bio, it is stated that she's a 'Baby Model' and 'Baby Actress' and is available for booking and inquiries through her very own email address.
    She also uploaded an image where she poses while holding her child like a doll and revealed in the caption that despite being a less than 2 months old, she already had the baby booked for a commercial fitting job and also filmed a commercial.
    On Facebook, she comments that she has been negligent and on some days she forgets to pump to breastfeed the baby and hence only use formula. She also at one point uploaded a picture that showed the baby in thin, short clothing as the baby's visible skin showed signs of peripheral cyanosis due to the weather outside in Toronto being only 8C (46F).
    As of May 7, 2019, she celebrated her child turning 3 months old. Sometime in July 2019, Jasmine had a minor accident involving Luna where tripped and fell and accidentally dropped the baby on her head and she sustained a minor skull fracture which lead her to being hospitalized. 
    After this incident, Jasmine began to claim that the baby's father picked "Hyejeong" as her Korean name despite previously claiming that the father abandoned her after she revealed her pregnancy to him.
    Jasmine later on opened up more about her pregnancy. She claimed that the majority of her pregnancy time was spent in Korea and that she only left because she was deemed high risk (two-vessel cord). However, if you scroll up a bit, it can easily been seen that Jasmine was in Canada during almost her entire pregnancy: her first 8 week pregnancy ultrasound was taken in August 2018 in Canada, and she remained in Canada for her whole pregnancy minus the first 2 months. When confronted about her lies by a random Facebook user, Jasmine quickly denied everything. She also claimed she's married to a Korean out of nowhere.... which leads us to our next arc.
    Back again to Korea + Baby Daddy + Discovers PULL arc:
    On July 18, 2019, Jasmine publicly announced on her Facebook that she will be leaving Canada and going to Korea on August 30 with the hopes of moving there. She also announced that she is attempting to "work things out" with Luna's father. Also, we find out that Luna's father is actually a student in school in Jinju.
    As Jasmine is getting ready to leave, she makes Facebook posts where she advertises to sell Luna's belongings, such as diapers, clothes, bottles, bottle warmers and steamers, breast pumps, a baby monitor, a baby chair and baby toys.
    In early August, a whole month before she's even in Korea, Jasmine announces that she's in a relationship and posts an old photo with the "father" in question.
    It's still August, not in Korea yet, but Jasmine reveals more about the baby daddy. Turns out, she's been discussing marriage with Luna's father despite admitting that she cannot speak Korean and the man can't speak English at all (...how did they even hook up?). Jasmine wonders if the language barrier would affect their marriage.
    At this time, many began speculating if this man is even the father as it was known that Jasmine had active dating accounts during her previous trip to Korea and she regularly saw many different men and hookups which is evident from numerous past selfies she took with them.
    Anyway, moving on, it's August 26, still not in Korea yet, but Jasmine is already calling the man "hubs".
    August 31 arrives and Jasmine can't resist sharing pictures of her first day back in Korea. Already, she's met some people including the baby daddy.
    In early September, Jasmine discovers PULL and she is absolutely enraged. She writes a Facebook post addressing PULL users. In her post, she states "my family isn't really no ones business"... despite her posting everything publicly for the world to see. She also makes some other petty treats such as saying she'll get the police (despite being in Korean and not being able to speak Korean), so they can find people's IP addresses... but we all know that's the BS every snowflake spouts once they're caught in the act.
    In the post, some Facebook replies point out her hypocrisy of broadcasting her life to the world and not censoring the baby our of her own photos. Additionally, some realized that this thread only exposes her antics with screenshot evidence and no one is "attacking her family" but only showing concern for the baby.
    Moving back to her adventure in Korea, Jasmine spends chuseok with the baby daddy's family. She posts pictures of the family handling baby Luna and hashtags it with #family and #2ndfamily and says "we look forward to future years". 
    Jasmine then publicly reveals that she's been looking into claiming Korean citizenship for Luna.
    She later posts a heartfelt picture of the baby daddy pushing Luna in her pram in a park as she captions the lovely photo with "My best friend for two years, from the drunken meeting in 2017 to now having a family in 2019. Thank you for being the best xoxo" (Didn't he abandon you when you revealed your pregnancy to him? Hmm... Anyway xoxo)
    During this time, a user dug up some old screenshots from the time she was pregnant. We find out he is actually 28 (in 2018/29), refused to be involved in anyway with Jasmine despite her continuously pushing herself onto him and wants to "surprise" him by bring the baby to him in April/May.
    Jasmine reveals her beautiful inner soul and says: "Korean guy I was with got me pregnant and refuses to acknowledge her so now I dead ass send him everything about her. All ultrasounds everything I've bought her knowing 100% his new girlfriend sees everything LOL". Jasmine also threatened to take him to court for not wanting to claim responsibility.
    So not only was Jasmine harassing a guy to claim responsibility for her baby despite not being sure if he is actually the father, but she was also attempting to destroy his new relationship to insert herself into his life. Presumably because there is no mention of a girlfriend now, she has successfully destroyed his relationship so that she may marry him for a visa.
    Nevertheless, Jasmine is adamant about establishing herself, the baby daddy and Luna as a cute little family and heading off to look for a photographer to get a family shoot. 
    At the beginning of October, Jasmine is back in Canada. Nonetheless, she's already planned her return trips to Korea, set for February 2020 to "see daddy again"
    Jasmine addresses PULL again where people have been speculating how she can afford to spend half her time constantly vacationing, and answers "I work you dumb fucking cunts" and claims she's not on disability or any governmental aid while also not revealing what sort of work she does.
    Suddenly out of nowhere, Jasmine subtly begins posting images and messages that indicate that the baby father has broken things off. She posts unhealthy passive-aggressive messages that lean towards attempting to teach and groom Luna to hate the baby daddy for not wanting her, despite her being less than a year old and not being aware of her surroundings.
    "OMG I'm actually Chinese - I wanna go to China" arc:
    After being rejected by the baby daddy, Jasmine has dropped the Korean obsession because she likely realized she can't have her dream Korean husband by giving birth to a half-Korean child. So she has now turned to.... China! 
    Jasmine already beings claiming and making up stories about her mixed heritage and Chinese background and goes onto saying that her aunt taught her that her mother is actually mixed First Nations, Chinese and German. The very same women she first claimed was 100% Korean. She goes onto posting an image of a two young girls - one who looks Asian and one who looks white. However, it is quickly found out that the white girl is her child as images of her biological mother have already been revealed.
    Jasmine posts an image of a conversation she has with someone and here she admits that she does not know her own background at all. However, the person states that Nadia (her biological mother's name) was a quarter Chinese. The person uses past tense "was" indicating her mother might no longer be alive which means that all those stories she made up about interacting with her "Korean mother" were fake. It is unknown if this conversation is actually real or faked, but if it's real, Jasmine might actually be 7/8 white and 1/8 Chinese (great-grandparent).
    Jasmine claims that her father claimed that her biological mother was Korean, but her a conversation with her aunt "cleared it up".
    Already, Jasmine is completely fawned with her newly discovered micro Chinese ethnicity. She believes that she looks very Chinese as determined by a an ethnicity guessing app.
    Soon after this, Jasmine can be seen on Facebook posting about her new plans on moving to China. She reveals that she will be moving to Shanghai and then Changsha. She posts to Facebook groups called "Expats in China" and "Shanghai Expats" about looking for parents to children and a babysitter to take care of Luna. She's also looking to exchange Luna's belongings yet again.
    Jasmine now transitions to adopting Chinese culture and laments missing Chinese New Year in 2019 because of Luna's extended stay in the hospital because she was born premature and asks people on Facebook to give her Chinese New Year items.
    This is causing great concern to people as China at the moment is dealing with the outbreak of a deadly and very infectious virus epidemic that has infected over 2,000 people and killed 50. Changsa is very close to the city of Wuhan where the outbreak began and has is a high risk city. More: 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak
  8. There's been a trend of fully white or non-black IG models who pretend to be black or have all the general marks as race den fakers/catfish. 
    Before any of y'all hit me with the "but x people can have tan skin/curly hair/thick lips/curves/ect." those people aren't who I'm talking about. 
    The types I'm talking about have all the trademarks of race-fakers discussed in the Koreaboos/Weaboos threads. 
    This girl was the first one I came across - she's fully Swedish. 
    She has a tan naturally, but also uses foundation several shades darker to complete her "look". She also went viral for her highlighting a while back. Had a YouTube tutorial, but I can't find the link, so I'm thinking she took it down. Before she did, she had to disable the comments due to how much people were dragging her. 
    She's far from the only one. There's a few Twitter threads about this topic. I don’t like the popular term that's being used for this now, and you'll see why, so if you find more, please just use the term blackfishing. 
    Of course, there's obviously miss trendsetter Rachel Dolezal. 

    And this German woman who got full blown surgery, including skin injections, to wear blackness like a costume and thinks she's actually black now. 

    As well as Truedy from Unpretty Rapstar. 

    ^^^ She even had interviews where she was crying about being compared to Yoon Mi Rae, but tried desperately to copy her. When she was outed, she was quick to backtrack, but deleted every comment on her Instagram that was trying to politely educate her on why what she was doing was offensive. As well as dropping the "I respect the culture" excuse a lot of race-fakers use when they're caught. 
    As with all race-fakers, it's usually painfully obvious people are pretending to be something they're not.