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    My Results: Yamato Nadeshiko

    The Yamato Nadeshiko means "perfect wife", or for a more exact definition "the idealised image of a japanese woman". The Nadeshiko is polite, reserved and speaks only when necessary. They are wise beyond their years and have a soothing aura which is reflected in the calm environment they create in the home. However, the Nadeshiko is not a meek and submissive doormat as her gentle and ladylike demeanour would imply; she has a powerful womanly strength which creates the backbone of the whole family, and nobody would ever dare challenge her intelligence.

  2. Post on Which Snowflake Are You? in General Discussion

    By Guest, posted
    I was bored.. so I made a quiz..
    Make sure to post your results.. and be kind to me guise, I did my best!