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  1. I know there's an old locked thread of this from like, a year ago, and I'm aware her thread has been locked for a while, but I know I'm not the only one who's kept up with her drama. I'm not 100% sure why her thread was locked in the first place (although I have a few good ideas) but does any one else believe it should be revived or something?
    Sure, she dropped the Invitea act for now, but there/s still quite a bit of excellent snowflakey material. Particularly on her current blog http://onlyfunthings.blogspot.com/ .
    She's still failing as a famous "idoru" and "internet celebrity", and her trolling has gone down. Plus, shes of legal age now (Pretty sure that was one reason why the thread was locked in the first place.)
    I know I've been inactive on pull for quite some time now, but I think she'd make for an interesting discussion considering how much she has changed since she left Invitea- I mean, since she shut up about it.