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  1. here are all the pics from taylor R (テイラー R) when she has started to work and living in Japan and began to be a wannabe of Dakota Rose. with cheecks fillers and heavily photoshop and pretending being 20 (although her real age is 26) she thought and hoped to become the next kawaii idol in japan.
    Pictures under spoiler
  2. comparison pictures of taylor (テイラーR)


  3. Post on Taylor R - Events in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    Lancome Grandiose :


    for lancome 80's Annevirsay

    other :

    taylor at cchannel event :

    for a tv show :

  4. her recent updates

  5. taylor R (テイラーR)  from her time in HongKong. Before she has transformed into the most weird Dakota Rose wannabe.
    > I want to comment that the following pics were also edited/photoshooped by Taylor R.  Although they aren't as much edited as her new pics. <

  6. does anybody have any old pictures? I'm just curious as to how much she's changed... even though she doesn't