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  1. I don't know if she's ever been discussed on here but basically this girl is all about Photoshopping herself to look totally inhuman and has been exposed as a catfish if you search her name on google but she continues to photoshop herself, she does it slightly less now but still...

    short info: wannabe asian who claims to be part japanese and shoops her pictures. She's swedish/spanish.
    Her name is Nicole but she says her japanese name is Rei. She only befriends asians or popular people on social media. Wanna be her friend? Sorry you gotta be asian.
    Her instaname was originally tsutsucat but she changed it to jiaoxrei because she didn't want her 'hater' to find her. Even tho she doesn't have any haters. (Now deleted!)
     She can't keep a certain editing style and always looks different
     how she actually looks like:
     she shoops herself a lot to look japanese and blocks everyone who comments that she's shooped on her pictures. 

    she's also using other artists art and claims that she drew it.
    her actual eyes:
    her shooped eyes:

    some girls on instagram commented in german that she shoops her pics with meitu and stuff like that but she deleted the pics where they commented so i don't have any screenshots sadly.
    Some photos from her social media:

    She doesn't only steal artwork and claim them to be hers, she also recorded someone elses youtube video of a game called osu, this gamer played a map/song on osu on level EXTREME, and ofcourse Nicole claimed it to be her own. Here is the video she posted and that she claimed to be hers:
      2016-02-21 14.56.21.mp4
    And here is the link to the original video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HU_S1VkG9k
    idk if some of you have heard of her before but if you did and have some infos about her then you're welcome to post it here ^^ 
    thanks for reading i hope i didn't make any mistakes c:
    (She claimed all her lenses are 16.5mm, and bought from UNIQSO, but their biggest size is 16.5 and these doesn't look like 16.5mm at all because of the heavy edit.There's no lenses that's bigger than 16.5 and smaller than sclera lenses.)


  3. Post on Debora Cechetto in Little Snowflakes

    By Guest, posted
    Any users who post in Portuguese without an accompanying English translation will be banned for 5 or more days.
    This is necessary to ensure staff can properly moderate the thread, and is a courtesy to other users, as this is an English-speaking website.
    Todos os usuários que postam em Português, sem uma tradução em Inglês de acompanhamento será banido por 5 ou mais dias.

    TWITTER @dcechetto  | YOUTUBE /deboracechetto | INSTAGRAM /dcechetto
    Debora Cechetto is a little big snowflake from Florianópolis, Brazil. She is a famous twitter/instagram "model", that loves darkness and horror movies. She claims to be a "natural" beauty, and that she doesn't make a lot of effort to be beautiful, just a little make up, and some picture angles. Everyone loves DC on instagram, everygirl wants to be like her, but not everyone know that photoshop is a miracle for them too.
    Debora was born in 25 Dec 1986, but she swear she is only a rich teenager in university, with a lot of cool things in her bedroom, and show the image that she lives by herself. Shoes, food, horror figures and her big overfilled plastic surgery mouth is the main subject in her instagram.
    She is known from her really smart ass tweets, witch she can't stop the whole day.
    As you can see in the pictures, the photoshop is so strong that she looks like different people in one. She loves showing off her ass too.
    Debora also hates showing off her tattoos, she claims people "copy" her tattoos, and that they're really particular to her. The real reason is actually, that she hides a totenkopf tattoo in her right wrist, with the meanings "white pride", wich she always hide with a big golden watch or some jewelry.

    She has a horrible Sigur Rós band tattoo on her breast, witch I think it's the reason she hides a little bit.

    And, she alway accentuate how much "white" she is, that she hates the sun, how much she loves to stay at home. She proved herself a racist asking on Yahoo Answers:

    Translation: "So know you're racist just because you don't like black people? You can't make me like black people and their descendents."
    Yes, you are racist, I'm sorry to tell you DC.
    Debora got her fame by dating the famous brazilian youtube channel owner PC Siqueira. After she got sick of him, she started dating a bunch of guys, who act more like white knight, deffending her fame no matter what, and the most important: always massaging her "cute" feet.

    Debora always says that she is naturally skinny, 'cause her family genes are really good. We think it's very suspicious for a 29 year old woman to be so thin like a teenager like this. She always post pictures of junk food, claiming that she only eats that. In one interview, she claimed that she takes a lot of anxiety medicines that takes off her apetite. We think she has a food disorder.

    Her legs are scary thin.
    Debora claims she only did one nosejob, for health issues, and nothing else changed. We can clearly see from her past pictures that she changed with a little bit more than just a nosejob.

    We can see she made her boobs, she filled her mouth and made her face a little bit more thinner
    When someone appears on her instagram showing people the truth, she follows this person until hell, until the person stops talking about her past and the truth. 
  4. Post on Shad0wsoflove in Little Snowflakes

    By gone, posted

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shad0wsoflove/
    Please read:
     Other than the obvious fact of half taken selfies  above the chest and the over done photoshooooping as if she stuck her face into a yaoi bl uke manga till she become into a pointy chinned sugo yaoi half jap anime weebooz boy.
    Lets have a look at her lovely bio:

    Wow so dreamy, She's Half Japanese/swedish and kawaii gay makeup artiest (PPPPFFFT)
    wow born male!! omg they look like a girl omg I didn't know so so pretty wanna touch them and cuddle them duso.
    Alright the reason this snowflake was posted at lol cow (snow) and talked about with in twitter and
     the cosplay vk commuinty
    is because of that fact that she kept insisting they are a magical kawaii
    boy born with a chin chin:
    and of course they cringe worthy acting kawaii rp/post idkwtf it is.
    Ah lets to get to know her a bit more:
    shoooopppp spotting:
    My two cent or maybe a bit more let me check my wallet:
    I'm honestly sick of these sort of weebs who ps their self to the max to look like a
    rl anime Japaneses/white giving the ftm community such a disgusting image that
    they chose to be ftm because of a phase or an vk yaoi fan-base
    Thinking that one day they woke up and said ''oh wow golly today I'll pretend to be a boy online!''
    They dragged their butts to open up and make it public that they are trans and
    they are working hard on whatever they are
    passionate about, cosplay, makeup art and so on but these
    snow flakes.

  5. I don't think there's a thread about her, so here we go. (Ps I can't use the spoiler thing on my phone)
    Caroline is an swedish teenager, maybe around 17. Like many others, she likes anime, art and games. I don't know much about her so I'll just drop some photos and let you discuss her.
    sje says she doesn't edit her photos, but it's pretty obvious that she does. She's also going with that "i don't try to be japanese or look japanese" thing 
    Some are screenshots I got from a friend

  6. Banlang is a thai girl that photoshops herself lots  I don't know anything about her, but here are some photos of her. (WARNING: they are horribly shooped and scary?)
    Insta: https://www.instagram.com/newclear_nekomimi/
    FB: as title
    What do you think? 
  7. Post on Mariko in Online Personalities

    By Ayla, posted
    http://marikodoll.tumblr.com/ I've found another totemo legit kawaii desu desu girl. She posted last over 3 years ago, but if anyone knows anything about her, feel free to post  
    Hmmm, no photoshop you say?
    Found via http://kawaiilies-blog.tumblr.com/ 
    An example of ''no photoshop''
    I mean she could be right tho.
    MS Paint anyone? Photofiltre? Purikura mobile apps? Any other editing software?

  8. Post on Sakiko Mo in General Discussion

    By Sakiko Mo, posted
    Hi, I've been on this site a lot and I've noticed it's really only white or non Asian girls who get bullied on here. I mean most of you act like Asians don't use Photoshop, it's silly. Just because someone who is white or of any other race other than Asian doesn't mean that they aren't allowed to find Asian culture wonderful and make it a part of their daily makeup and or fashion. I can get how people can go too far, and that's not okay I agree. If I was pure 100 percent Asian from Japan I wouldn't find it racist at all that someone enjoys my culture. I wasn't even introduced to Harajuku fashion by anime, my Japanese step mom showed me and I really liked it. It's not "racist" to wear contacts, wear your makeup like a Japanese model wears it, or wear Japanese clothing brands like swankiss or Liz Lisa. There are a group of girls in Japan who wear "black face" and have a group, it's funny how no one tells them to "take it off", "you look ugly". There's more to life than carrying around a starbucks and wearing yoga pants. They don't try to look Asian, of course if girls are wearing a certain style makeup an Asian model wears then yes they might look it, but if they aren't trying to look Asian, they aren't trying. It's very difficult for me to see why you, mostly non Asians get offended and say it's racist to follow their pop culture. If whites can't wear contacts or follow Japanese pop culture or even some of their older culture, then Asians can't wear blue/green/grey contacts, dye their hair, listen to Melanie Martinez or any other non Asian artist. It's literally how most of you sound. Asians use Photoshop, Asians carry around a starbucks in their hand with a apple phone in the other. I don't get upset with them, when they dye their hair anything other than what their spectrum of hair colors their ethnicity has. I don't get why it's wrong. I take a Japanese name given by my JAPANESE STEP MOM who said "you look like a Sakiko, a lovely early blossoming child". And then on it's become my nickname. It's not racist, it's not bad, it's okay, it's different in a good way.  But I can see how it gets annoying with the 12 year old saying "Kawaii desu ne" all the time, and saying that they are Asian and making assumptions. But the ones who study the culture and don't make assumptions are the ones who get called "racist". It's not as long as some time is put in to learn about the culture and differences. 
    Thank you
    I also remember when I was in a Japanese market a nice JAPANESE woman said I look so lovely and cute, like a harajuku girl, and she knew I was white, she knows that I find her culture wonderful. Funny how she did not say it was racist or mean at all. 
  9. So this is Sakiko Mo on facebook...she has recently changed her look but what do you think of her? She's quite popular as she gets quite a lot of followers and likes on pictures. However I feel like her editing is very heavy...maybe she is a snowflake? Opinions welcome x Also do you like her 'kawaii' side? I know I do...as different as she looks. 
    (Disclaimer, she's very sweet and also has a youtube account...I'm a fan however I do get strange vibes, mostly because she deleted her content suddenly which was annoying since It was good) 

    Her youtube account is called LAST PURITY 
    oNCEEEEEE again don't be harsh, she's really sweet and kind. I just would like answers 
  10. I think this came up various time on other people's thread before so I decided I could open a thread for it as it is a topic to be often discussed and with a variety of opinions on it. The subject is that a cosplayer happens to use a lot of editing on their photos to turn their pics into a mixture of photography and cgi/artwork and are hardly to be identified as the human they are in real life.
    Worldcosplay: https://worldcosplay.net/member/lusia
    Lucia is a south-korean cosplay girl who has been mentioned as 'photoshop gone to far' in various forum discussions considering the use of photo editing when it comes to cosplay. However, it is not deniable that there is a certain aestethic when it comes to her photos. She usually edits her photos to evoke a more doll-like appearence, however she crosses the line when it comes to 'real human anatomy' and 'anime anatomy' which makes it really obvious that she is editing and does not try to stick to human anatomy rules.

    She has around 4500~ followers on worldcosplay, however I do think she does not attend any cons as she does not want people to see her real face and there is a huge disscussion among her fans how she has aquired her doll-like look (if she might even had surgery irl). I personally really like the overall athmosphere of her photos and enjoy to look at it, however I always do have in mind that this girl is not 'real' and might look very different in reality from what we see on her photos. But since she makes it really obvious that her photos are edits and uses it to turn them into a work of art, I actually do like her photos.
    What do you think about the photo-editing? Do you think it is neccessary or is it cool as long as the cosplayer make it obvious and use it as some sort of 'art'? I actually like the thinking of creating some kind of artworks with the base of photos but I think it would be better if people actually stopped to pretend they are 'real life manga girls'. (Lucia does not admit to editing.)

    a youtube vid about her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gldfyjPkZK0
  11. She seems okay over-all though when i mentioned she photoshops, she told me on a back up account, when she speaks as if it's not her but someone who saw her that she looks like that, idk how far she takes the photoshop, but people really don't see it at first sight, neither did I. Nevertheless she blocked me 
    Add: I just found out she's fucking 15? Girl... 

  12. Post on Jinnfu in Online Personalities

    By Rug, posted
    Pretty useless/pointless thread but I just wanted to share this person with you before pull gets taken down  (plus another thread i'll post another day)
    She's pretty boring, but what caught my eye was her photoshopping. 
    She photoshops her eyecolor in some photos, I think. Because they don't look like real lenses to me. And she doesn't look the same when others the photos of her. And for some reason, she closes her eyes when people take photos of her. 
     i would put the photos in a spoiler but i'm on the phone 

  13. I thought I'd start my first thread. Sooo ... this girl https://www.instagram.com/vncvt/ is on my instagram feed a lot and her pictures just ... irk me. Some of her edits are nice, but especially her jaw seems heavily photoshopped, she has the same neck-tensing thing going on as Johanna Herrstedt and deletes a lot of her photos shortly after posting them. I don't know about her personality because I don't speak Russian but maybe somebody else on here does. 
    Just wanted to ask for opinions ('cause I smell catfish)
    (If you guys find her too boring to discuss, you can delete the topic again)

  14. Post on Jessica Wilder in Online Personalities

    By EJ, posted
    Saw this girl earlier on twitter. I don't think there is drama surrounding her but she does photoshop a lot.
    Also I don't know if she has any other social media accounts but her twitter is: JessicaNexus . She also has a website, haven't really gone on it yet but yeah its: thatjessicaperson.wordpress.com

    Photo of her^
  15. (UPDATE: Her new Instagram is @yolerra)
    No one has posted about @lireycakey, have they? Well, basically, this is the story.

    (Social media links: instagram | 2nd instagram | VK | ask.fm)
    A few months ago, I noticed that a particular account kept on following and unfollowing me on Instagram. I looked at the profile and knew that something wasn't right. This girl's photos were heavily edited (larger eyes, thicker lips, smaller nose), to the point that it didn't even look realistic (I attached photos). She had around 16K followers, but was following like, 7000-something people, which I found a bit fishy. And not only that, but she was coincidentally following a LOT of people that I know.
    This girl -- who went by the name of "Lirey Ahn" -- was posting a ton of photos that made her life seem very lavish and a bit...too good to be true. She was posting photos of places in LA, her alleged vacation home, trips to South Korea, expensive cars, and even had one photo captioned "Last month, I spent 90K (somewhere around there)." It was ridiculously unrealistic. She stated that she lived in Calabasas, and that she was Korean, French, and Latina. In the past, she had many different usernames, including: @babylirey, @lilreydesu, and @libabyrey.
    At this point, I took a handful of her images, reverse Google image searched them, and found EVERYTHING. In the photos that I am posting below, her edit is on the left/top and the original photo is on the right/bottom (with the owner tagged). 
    After finding proof that she was, indeed, a catfish, just as I had thought, I decided to create an account to expose her. I went through her followers and followed every single person on the list. 
    It turns out that many other people had suspicions as well. Just like me, they found it odd that she was following so many people that they knew. Then, I found out that what she does is -- follow someone, then goes through their following, and follows everyone who follows them, etc... she would follow up to as much as 500 people at a time, and then unfollow all the ones who didn't follow her back later. If they didn't follow her back, she would most likely follow them again, and again, until they did follow back. This was how she got a large amount of her followers. It's also important to mention that she was particularly famous amongst the Asian community on Instagram; this girl seemed to have a little fetish with Asians -- after all, she did pretend she was part Korean lol.

    Now, there's one problem with taking other people's photos and claiming them as your own, but "Lirey" turned out to be a CON ARTIST as well. A handful of her followers came to my DMs and told me that she had attempted to scam them out of their money by allegedly selling iPhones and Kylie lip kits to them.
    Someone who had almost bought something from her sent me a screenshot of the Paypal account that she had told them to send the money to, and it was under a Russian name, which was interesting...considering that she's Korean/Latina/French, LOL. I Googled the Russian name (which translated to Valeria Kashirtseva), and found her school website (photo and details below). This is how I discovered her real identity. I then went on VK.com (not thinking anything would show up), searched her name, and found a profile with her name and real photos of her. There was even a photo that she had posted on Twitter, of her Facetiming a friend -- in the photo, you can tell that she is clearly not the person in her photos!
Thankfully, we finally got the account to be removed from Instagram.
    BUT... she's back again, of course. And this time, she is using her own photos, but they are heavily...heavily...edited. How did I find her again? When I first exposed her, she kept on changing her username, in hopes that I wouldn't be able to find her profile. Wrong. I made a private account, blocked her, and tagged her in a photo on the private account so that she wouldn't see it -- that way, whenever she changed her username... I would know. So anyway, at one point her username was changed to @lelebeef. After the @lireycakey account had been deleted, I knew for a fact that she was going to try coming back again. I made Instagram searches likeL "lirey," "babylirey," etc. And when I searched "lele," I found a profile called @lelekhalef. It was UNCANNY how similar this girl's Photoshopping looked. And the username sounded too familiar! She also had the same exact photo of a pair of Puma Shoes on her profile, that Lirey had posted. There was no doubt that it was her. I found her VK profile (https://vk.com/id170155937), and even her ask.fm (http://ask.fm/reyreyli). Note how the username sounds very familiar???
    Through her VK profile, I found out her boyfriend (see picture below). Shortly after I tagged him in a photo on my exposing account, his account was deleted, and I'm assuming she told him to do that. 
    Now, things get even more confusing. I found photos of her, that her friends had posted...but she was still edited in those photos. She was even edited in the photos that her boyfriend posted. Which leads to question: Does she not allow her friends to post photos of her face? Does she only let them post the photos after she has Photoshopped them?
    Her nose looks quite disturbing in the photos, as you can tell. 
    And her face is definitely chubbier and less defined than it is in her photos; you be the judge of that:
    Now, we can definitely confirm that she is editing her photos because, I managed to obtain a few of her friends' phone numbers (I will not mention how, but I did). See the screenshots I attached below. The person basically confirmed that the girl in the photo that I sent is the same as the "Valeria Khetten" on the VK profile. 
    Yesterday, her Instagram account @lelekhalef was actually deleted, because I was continuously reporting her for spam, but it was somehow reactivated later in the afternoon. This girl really doesn't give up, LOL! I'm assuming she contacted Instagram and somehow managed to get her account back. Her new username is @LUNAHBAE.
  16. Hello everyone! This is my first post so sorry if I suck or whatever but I saw this girl being promoted by someone I follow on instagram...and was "intrigued" by her lovely Photoshop, to say the least. She goes by the username "kinkyloli", Honestly she isn't that relevant but I thought I'd share her lovely photos. 
    Also her mildly inappropriate and weeabooish tags were nice, alongside when she referred to her boyfriend as a "slave". 
    here are some of my favs lmao 
    Does she realize her arm looks 30 ft longer than the other? 
    Here is her referring to her boyfriend as a "slave" 
    And......if you go down far enough you can see her less photoshopped face, hooray!
  17. I found another ~alien elf living doll wannabe~ on instagram! Also she appears to be russian as many of them are. Her photos seem pretty shooped and she has a youtube where you can tell she's actually pretty cute if they aren't edited as well! (at least for my tastes ). She's made a few living doll makeup tutorials etc. But her makeup is a little questionable sometimes.... 
    Social Media Links; 
    I'll put some photos in the spoiler! 
  18. Tepha Dez / @tephadoll             instagram | twitter | tumblr | INACTIVE ask.fm
    I keep seeing this girl on Instagram because some of my mutuals follow her. 

    I'm having trouble figuring out whether her nose is real or not. Here are some images that I pulled from her Instagram:
    Neck shoop? ^
    Other pictures I found:
    Nose job, contour, or Photoshop...? Tell me what you all think 
  19. Does anyone like reverse shooping as much as I do? Lol, I thought of this after seeing people post about this in one of the subtopics under the Dakota Rose thread.  A reverse shooping contest would be fun, in my opinion lol. I don't have any comparison photos of anyone right now, but I can try posting some later if I find any.
    Also, anyone think this is better under General Discussion? I feel like anything that I post there never gets many views, let alone responses. And I think this is still relevant to snowflakes anyway, so..
    Anyone think this is a good idea?? 
  20. I came here because a lot of you know about photoshop more than the average person, so I need your opinion on this girl that claims that she does not photoshop.
    I honestly don't mind her as a person, she seems cool and without the photoshop she's not ugly. I mean no one is perfect, right?
    So I am not here to bash her, please.
    But if there's one pet peeve of mine is liars and/or frauds that try to convince themselves and others that they really do minimal to no editing at all when it's very obvious that they're face was really altered.
    In fact, I agree, that makeup artists do use photoshop to make their makeup appear more appealing and stand out with filters and all, but changing the size of your nose and eyes and editing your skin so much that it appears translucent and a whole different skin color than your actual skin, it to me starts becoming a bit too much, because you don't even look like the same person anymore. 
    Ok, so I want to point out some things first. No she does not photoshop all her photos from what I've seen in her older ones, in fact the only photo I called her out on was her newest photo because it was so heavily edited that it kinda stood out from the rest. At first I thought she wouldn't deny it because she herself posted two different photos on the same day, one without photoshop, and one heavily edited, yet despite the obvious she denied the allegations, which to me doesn't make sense.
    I just don't want her to become one of the special snowflakes and start becoming fake for the attention. 
    Now I'm gonna post the comparison photos and you let me know if anyone else sees the photoshop. 

    Another heavily photoshoped photo I found of hers, next to a video screenshot of hers, since I guess she hasn't learned how to edit videos yet?

    Here are photos of her before all the major editing, and I guess here is where people can see her eyebrows are not as slick and that she has a sizeable nose, not a small one like in her recent photos. I don't think contouring can change the size of it like that. 

    This is her with no makeup at all. 
    I still think she's pretty, because let's be honest, not everyone looks great without makeup on yet, but I just think if she wants to make a career out of makeup, you shouldn't start it off on lies.

  21. I recently found this girl on my explore page and clicked personally because i was amazed at how pretty she is, comes to find out she's 15 and after that i was shook, what are they feeding these kids?
    i also think she shoops her photos, to me something is just off idk 
  22. Hi, this is my second thread, i'm home today so i was like why not post more than once since i haven't before
    okay so this girl @melvnin https://www.instagram.com/melvnin/?hl=en apparently her name is bee she's super into anime and i'm just gonna assume kpop as well, she gained a ton of followers in a matter of weeks all from this certain post i've been seeing it circulate widely on the web and it's on my explore page (on instagram) a lot too, i'm not sure what's the hype over her sure shes quite pretty, but shes the typically IG girl, eye contacts, (exotic looking) whatever that even is  and yeah i can tell she uses shoops cause nobody looks like this irl, not sure if this is a super interesting post but its my second time making one so....
    this is the photo thats been everywhere 
    also people thought she was a white women who made herself look 10x darker? lmao what do you guys think, honestly i think anything is possible.
  23. I have been seeing this girl's pics floating around on IG and Facebook. Hardly anyone in the comments stating how photoshopped all her pics are. The only thing they focus is on her dark skin and photoshopped " doll " features. Her whole face is shopped. Her face changes shape in almost everyone of her pics
     The eyes look super edited. The only thing I can believe is her lip size. I also read on another another site from someone who personally knows her saying she shops her skin a lot darker. She never posts herself on video. I have her on snap and she is always posting other things. 
    Her ig is theblackhannahmontana


    ^^This is her first pic on Ig and I think this is probably close to what she really looks like. 

  24. _shiroko_ is a german cosplayer I found on ig today with about 29.2k followers. Her cosplays seem rather well done (at least her make-up) but I sniff some shooping especially in the eyes. Also she has incredibly low like/comment count considering how many followers she has. Maybe that's just me? Some are higher than others.  
    Some photos :

    And a non-cosplay photo: 

  25. Hananbi Ninomiya is a cosplayer from Atlanta, Georgia. I've noticed how she is always claiming to be 'masculine' because she is tall, and has said she wanted to cut her hair to be a "boy".  A lot of her posts (on facebook) is her putting down the male gender and a few times saying how she wants to hurt/kill men. Her butt photoshop has got to be my favorite. 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009677449597
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanakiimi/
    Old Cringey Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hanabiraa/
    Snapchat: yxoona
    Her being sexist & hateful //
    Boasting about how unfeminine or man like she is //
     Photoshop & cosplay //