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  1. One of her latest videos:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OahCa14HU4
    Didn't get exactly the response she expected. You can see the comments, once Mira is a bitch to her the other Youtuber goes nuclear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5vdq3wNzPM
  2. I made this thread because I was generally curious. If you had a large amount of followings online (instagram, twitter, fb) and uploaded quality content of whatever you enjoy such as cosplay or fashion. How would you reward your patreon supporters?
    I know if you're a female the popular trend today is boudoir photoshoots and sexy videos. Would you do the same or anything different? 
  3. Hana Dinh / Hana Bunny Cosplay
    Instagram / Twitter / Facebook Page / Facebook / Patreon
    Hana Bunny is a female Vietnamese cosplayer located in Northern California. She mainly cosplays lewd characters for her patreon, and her patreon is currently the 6th highest earning patreon for adult-oriented cosplay.
    Evidence of Snowflakery:
    - excessive photoshopping
    - lying about photoshop
    - lying about making cosplays
    Exhibit A - Photoshopping
    Hana photoshops every single photo posted, even ones that she implies are "fan photos" or candids. She frequently untags herself from real fan photos and photographer photos. 
    As a guest at Anime Matsuri, April 2018:
    Crunchyroll Expo, August 2017:
    Hydracon, June 2017:
    Fanime, May 2017:
     She has made mention of photoshopping before, but lies about her usage and is hypocritical about it.
    Exhibit B - Lying (besides about photoshop)
    Recently, she posted a photo about almost being done with a cosplay, implying that she was making the costume.
     However, after looking more closely, it was clear that this costume was bought from taobao, and Hana was pretending to make the costume (or at least implying that she did).
     Additional comparison, where she's not wearing the costume correctly: