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  1. It was really hard to find everything again, but here is the original Kiki Kannibal Summary from Hachi on PULL 1.0.
    The thread where people can find why Kiki's called a snowflake and why she's on PULL.  Also to show her, since she lurks here, that we're not making up lies haters. Objective proofs, not made up stuffs.

    *  Well known as a "Scene Queen" however in one of the recent videos she claimed that "she didn't know what scene was" - from her video: "Get To Know Me PT 3 OF 3 Last video!"
    Short Summary:
    Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga is known by the internet world as "Kiki Kannibal" - a self proclaimed e-famous scene queen who used her time to gain social media fame. Kiki lived her whole pre-teen and teen life in front of her computer, gaining attention for inappropriate things and selling overpriced plastic jewelry. She received a very bad reputation in the Myspace community after her ex, Danny, died in a police arrest gone wrong.  Kiki was accused of setting up Danny and that led to his death. You can read the whole story here:  http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/kiki-kannibal-the-girl-who-played-with-fire-20110415
     From one of her music videos:

    Jealous of Dakota?

    While being in Japan a few years ago, she posted Instagram photo of her guitar asking how she can name it:

    Someone commented "Kira Kira is Japanese for sparkles!"
    She removed that comment and right after started posting things like this:

    She added this to her twitter description and one of her video's title:
     * There's a theory that she's buying followers/subs, making fake accounts (Dakota had been caught on defending herself when she forgot to switch accounts on YT, how many accounts they have? No idea)
    She also edits her photos:

    One of the biggest problem with Kiki, I guess: hypocrisy and behavior.
    As we all (or most of us) knows, few years ago she used to be one of the meanest b*tches online. Known from making fun of people, bulling, treating them badly, looking down on them ect ect
    * videos of her bullying in the Rare/ Deleted videos Section.

    Close up to the tweets:

    Unfortunately she removed the video but someone summed up what she said in it (from comments under the the post about RS)

    We all know people grow up and changes - but if she did and actually was a better person now - she would own up.
    She NEVER even once apologized. She ALWAYS blames other people for absolutely everything and now preaches how bulling is wrong and she was the one people were mean to. That's the problem.
    Sending her mean messages, however, is not right, of course, but she's not the one to talk that she's only a victim- she's not at all. Nothing explains such awful behavior, it's not a comedy, it's not funny, it's not smart - it's insulting and wrong. If so many people have a problm with someone's behavior then maybe it would be good to stop and things that maaaaaybe it's too much and not ok?

  2. Here you can post any rare or very old pictures of Dakota that's hard to find.

  3. I'm just going to sum up everything that happened lately:
    Kiki met a guy named which she calls "Taku" and posted all over Youtube, Instagram and Twitter videos and pictures about him. When various people from the internet tried to find more information about him (and talk about his physical appearance) she went crazy.  She deleted every post about him and started posting things about people stalking her, murdering her and she was not safe. She claimed that she is going to keep her personal life away from the internet. Basically she thinks the whole world is out to get her:

    As everyone predicted, Kiki returned to the internet again, posting about animal abuse and random stuff. 
    Kiki posted a tweet about her living next to Kazuhiro Kiyohara... again she's posting private information. It's almost like she WANTS everyone to find her so that she can post crazy stalker accusations again. Someone even pointed it out:

  4. Let me introduce to you the queen of snowflakes... Dakotakoti. She gained international attention because of her looks. She has been dubbed as the "Real Life Barbie Doll".
    Her social media links:
    Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dakotakoti/
    Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/koti.rose/
    Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/dakotakoti/
    Blog:  http://dakotarose.com/
    Line:  http://lineblog.me/dakotakoti
    Ameblo:  ameblo.jp/dakotakoti/
    Tumblr (abandoned):  http://kotakoti.tumblr.com/  
    Dakota Rose Ostrenga is an ex-scene kid who was forever living in the shadow of her once internet famous sister Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga, or Kiki Kannibal. She has been editing her photos into oblivion since before you even knew how to used the internet.
    Her family hasn't had a happy life.
    Her sister met this adult male over the internet when she was barely a teenager. He committed statutory rape, turned out to be a paedophile who had violated other teenage girls, and accidentally killed himself on the run from the cops. 

    Said paedophile in the foreground.
    A photo shoot by Kiki and Dakota's dad. The girls in the background.

    I wish I was making this up:  http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/kiki-kannibal-the-girl-who-played-with-fire-20110415
    At some point the Ostrengas had a mortgage foreclosure, lost their house and they packed up to live with their grandma. A little while later, Kiki and Dakota started an embarrassing Kickstarter project to raise $20,000 so they could do some drama school thing.
    Dakota needed a 2nd Mac laptop:

    Nobody wanted to give them money. Their mother, Cathy, got desperate.

    That's right. This family, who lost their HOUSE, was begging the Dalai Lama for money so the daughters could jam on a new Macbook. Cathy, GTFO the internet, quit wasting the time of real life celebrities and revered religious leaders and do some real parenting.

    Anyway, Dakota used to be rude and cuss and tell it like it is. Meaning she did blackface, called people "faggots" and "dykes", insulted people who cried over September 11 and wore paper buck teeth to imitate Asian people.

    Making fun of Asian people:


    Various other statements:

    "Also, why even speak about my looks? If it’s only my personality you have an issue with, you wouldn’t be attacking my looks 24/7."
    Because you profit from your looks which are blatantly edited. You lie and say it's not edited, you don't edit your videos, you don't wear circle lenses, you just wear tinted moisturiser, need I go on?
    You also purposely approve comments where impressionable people say they want to kill themselves and feel worthless next to your looks.
    That's DISGUSTING. If you have low self esteem and need to feel better about your fake appearance, that's your problem. You shouldn't degrade other people to do that.

    "The fact that one video could branch out into so many other lies such as me hating fat people and African Americans is really insane."
    You're right, we sure did lie about you hating fat people.
    "Just consider the source. Altering photos of me, lying about my age and saying I am an 18-22-year-old who has gotten multiple plastic surgeries?"
    There are multiple sources, wise guy. We're not all the same people, running around saying the same things.
    "(By altering photos, I mean they literally morph my nose smaller and shorter, my eyes bigger, and then say that I am the one who did that. How about you use the original photo instead of manipulating my photos into something completely different?)"
    Omfg, those ARE the original photos you posted on Twitter and Tumblr and then deleted. Half of them are still there and are PROOF you edit. Are you insane?
    At some point she even started shopping herself to LOOK like a Chinese net idol (when she got Chinese fans and made a Weibo)

    The Japanese company Bravo offered her a 2-month contract.  Here's her debut in Japan contrasted with her shooped photos.

    She obviously edits her photos and videos yet said on national Japanese TV there's "no CGI" involved. She also denies wearing circle lenses, fake lashes, makeup and extensions.

    Oh and apparently she has no idea why people call her "real life Barbie" or "Barbie comes to real".

    She tagged her videos herself:

    The Gremlin Phase
    Dakota and her sister started selling "art" to their fans.  These creepy disfigured dolls that are all drawn by Dakota. She started photoshopping her body to resemble the figures:

    Lying - Age
    The entry on Classmates was removed shortly after people found her.

    Police Report:

    Turning "Sixteen"

    Her appearance


    Cathy insulting people
    Cathy Ostrenga (Dakota's mother) also insults people anonymously online...including calling someone a sickly fish with a fivehead or something.
    But you can tell it's her with an IP tracker. Winter Garden, Florida, US.

  5. You can post any videos of Dakota that's been deleted - some of these are gifs that I found. 
    View My Video
    *I'm struggling to add new videos and I'm in a hurry - I will post them as soon as I'm at home tonight!
  6. I found a couple of old photos of Kiki, just thought I should create a new thread for it - feel free to add to the list!
    Pictures under spoiler
  7. Here are a few very old videos of Kiki (Kota is also in some of them):
     1405986775622.webm 2624b398dd42-66413767.vk.flv 1405988138444.webm 1406101161623.webm 1406101811213.webm 1406102054007.webm e3ebe881ce81-66650364.vk.flv shopping in japanepcot Video 393cf913 - Buzznet.flv 
  8. Website:  http://www.tiara-mily.com/
    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/tiaramily.aizawaemiri
    Twitter:  https://twitter.com/tiaramily_
    Here is the newest photos of Dakota from Tiara Mily:

    Damn...they like to edit her jaw completely away...
  9. I thought it would be useful to create a thread dedicated to Kota's public appearances, and/or photos of her that she could not photoshop.
    These photos were from her Cinderella appearance where they also wished her a happy birthday.
  10. I started this thread to separate Kota's Instagram and Twitter updates.
    Feel free to post or discuss her Twitter updates here.
    Found another tweet:
  11. I decided to create a thread for Kiki's past, present and future boyfriends.
    I don't want to post in the "Deleted Boyfriend Videos" thread, because here we can discuss the information too.
    Here you can post relevant information about Kiki's past lovers.
    Someone on lolcow just found "Taku" on Worldfriends...

    (more pics under spoiler)
    Feel free to add anything else...