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  1. After mentioning him in the Ariana Grande thread, and him getting his lolcow thread, I think it's about time, especially considering that the Vic thread has blown up, to make a thread for the infamous Dan Schneider. I hope this is a comprehensive thread, I've never done a summary before. This will be a looong one.
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    A thorough video summary by the Youtuber blameitonjorge on Dan Schneider. This is a particularly informative video on the subject and treads a lot of ground, including things I am about to cover.
    lolcow thread
    Dan Schneider (52) was a producer for the Nickelodeon TV channel, and his live action shows or shows involving him were among the network's most successful, including The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, iCarly, Victorious, Henry Danger, and others. He worked on the network for years and unexpectedly was fired by Nick in early 2018. Speculation as to why he was let go sparked much online debate, and thus, the firestorm that was the Dan Schneider scandal began.
    Schneider is alleged to be a sexual predator who has been preying upon his actresses for years, including, but not limited to: Amanda Bynes, Ariana Grande, Jenette Mccurdy, Jamie Lynn Spears, Victoria Justice, and others.
    He is said to be protected by a higher up executive at Nick named Summer Redstone, who heads Viacom (who is currently 96 years old, may be on his way out soon), and thus, most of his victims are too afraid to reveal what he has done because of the power and recognition he brought Nick. This is a thread hoping to inform people of and bring to light his suspicious behavior, because even as someone who enjoyed his shows as a child and teen, I cannot deny how awful this is.
    The Company He Keeps
    Video that talks about Dan & other Nick staff and their history of creepy behavior, including a staff member and actor named Brian Peck, a convicted child molester who got out of jail and continued working with child actors after he was jailed for abusing a childHe is friends with Kesha's former producer, Dr. Luke, who raped and abused Kesha. Kesha was a brief guest on one of the shows episodes and her unreleased songs were played during various episodes of the show.Nickelodeon Creep Club (pedophile industry guys associated with Schneider)Off-set Shenangians
    A former female child actress came onto a podcast called Revenge of the Cis, who'd done numerous videos about Schneider, and talked about his creepy "comedy boot camp" and "pool parties"

    during her call, the former actress said the following...the actors were forced to take off their shoes and show the producer (Dan), their feet.the girl's mother sensed that there was something wrong with the situation, and asked why Dan would want to see the kids' feetmost of the kids at Dan and cohort's basic acting camps were discovered "by the pool"Sexualization in his television shows & social media
    known for using grotesque and weird sexualized jokes in his shows, typically involving underage actors, and fetishy content.In particular, his fetish for feet being involved in freqeunt running gags in his shows has come up repeatedly as being evidence of his creepiness.the creepy jokes persisted in his last shows with Nick, Henry Danger and Game Shakers, and were present in his early shows such as the Amanda ShowDan's blogspot (here's archive in case this gets taken down) uses some really creepy adjectival language to describe the girls of Victorious when discussing on set filming... especially Ariana, who he repeatedly refers to as "adorable" and he even says he "had four brunette girls" like he owns them? (Ariana was brunette when she auditioned, the other 3 are Liz, Victoria, and Daniella? presumably)the twitter pages for both his shows and his personal account are rife with creepy tweetscreepy DM with female fan of his shows where she shows him her feethis other sexual jokes being overly rampant in his tween aimed shows. putting actresses in compromising positions, having them wear provacative clothing (bikinis, santa outfits, etc).Female actresses implying abuse + touching underage girls
    Instagram posts by former Zoey 101 actress Alexa Nikolas, who is no longer in the acting industry, and other female actresses behavior towards Schneider, are particularly damning. while she does not explicitly say that he assaulted her, she implies it very heavily across various instagram posts that she faced abuse in the industry, telling a commenter to not watch Dan's shows, and saying that she "does not think he's a very good guy at all". she is probably the most blunt of all the girls in implying what has happened to her, since she is no longer an actress and does not have to fear being blacklisted.former iCarly and Sam & Cat star Jennette Mccurdy has also implied being abused, in a once thought to be satirical vine where she says "look what you did to me", addressing Dan, and liking a comment on a video where she admits she had an eating disorder during her time as a Nick star that implores her to talk about abuse in the industry. That vine isn't looking so satirical now.various behind the scenes videos and pictures with young actors show him being overly handsy, and some very uncomfortable body language. even the male cast members don't seem comfortablesuch as here (ariana and liz gillis look uncomfortable when dan, who is filming, approaches them, liz pulls down ari's skirt, both girls have noticeable shift in behavior and liz seems agitated)the two female leads of iCarly boycotted the Kids Choice Awards when he was honoredCrazy Days and Nights & Reddit posts
    Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN) is a blog alleged to be run by an entertainment lawyer named Enty, has published many articles thought to be about Schneider, the actresses of his shows, and Nick itself. Among the most famous of these "blind items" are those written by a poster named Himmmm.Himmm, said to be Robert Downy Jr. - describes Schneider as "the worst predator alive", and has written numerous posts criticizing DanVictorious in particular was said to be hellish to film and is probably Dan's most risque show, as evidenced by the overwhelming amount of more emboldened sexualized jokes in that show versus his old ones- was the subject of many CDAN posts.Enty and CDAN have a hoard of posts about Schneider aside from the Victorious postsOne of the first posts about him alleges that he is the father of Jamie Lynn Spear's daughter, who was conceived from his abuse. People have claimed this is a stretch, I'm honestly 50/50-conflicted on it. I think the Victorious stuff is a lot more believable. However I wouldn't doubt that Jamie Lynn, Alexa, and the other girls on that show were abused.Ariana was said to be Schneider's "favorite" groomed child actor on VictoriousAriana was said to have a stage mom who encouraged her to continually allow herself to be abused by executives, espeically SchneiderJennette was also abused and groomed by SchneiderVictoria Justice, star of the show, began feuding with Ariana when Schneider pitted them against one another, after she denied his sexual advances, and Schneider possibly had her blacklisted for refusing himThe Victorious set was said to be full of sex and drugs, and due to the both blurred age of consent lines between the legal actors playing high schoolers, the underage actors, and Dan's own sexual abuses, the show was cancelled unexpectedlyCDAN posts imply that the reason executives turn a blind eye to Schneider's abuses is due to his prestige in the industry, not only that, but some of them are abusers themselves who've also abused young girls.while almost no female actresses will openly come out against him openly, there have been a few anonymous postings implied to be from female actresses who were at one point involved with Nick and the production of his shows, including Blind Item 13, confirmed by Enty to be Amanda Byne's. The capital letters in the message spell D-A-N D-I-D I-T.an r/confessions poster, shortly after he'd gotten fired, posted a now deleted confession to the subreddit, saying she hopes "his life comes crashing down". The poster has since deleted their account, likely out of fear of legal repercussionanother girl on r/TIL commented about how Schneider paid her $100 to tickle her feet. The post is still available. 
    After many predators in the entertainment industry have been me too'd and subsequently faced backlash, it would give me hope that Dan is eventually exposed for his behavior as well. I know there's not a shit ton of concrete evidence against him, but I honestly believe at this point that he's done some pretty bad things and he gives me predatory vibes.
    As someone who liked his shows a lot as a kid, I really am disgusted by all the research I've done on this and all the posts I've seen. People said a lot of seemingly lot more "innocuous" characters couldn't be predators, but Dan is very blatant about sexuality in his shows, way too touchy with female actresses, has had rumors surrounding him for years, numerous at that, and was, lastly, fired from Nick. The only problem is that he's a lot more well known and thus holds a lot more power in the industry.
    If he has been doing these depraved things and got away with them since the 90s, I'd like to see him brought down.