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  1. Post on aloha in Introduce Yourself

    By Hydranna, posted
    I am new here obviously. My real name is Stella its my first time signing up on a forum . I found this forum from "rachel and mira " dramma and i was like , finally a forum that will give ppl the slap of reality. Sorry for my bad grammar (im from Greece by the way). cya around 
  2. Hello
    If you are reading this, just know that I am not Seananners, I just watch his content, because humor helps me deal with my health situation, and I am new to this forum. I just want to be friendly and share laughs with people. Hopefully this place is a good one.
  3. Hey guys,
    I've been a keeping up with the venusangelic and Kanadajin3 threads for awhile now, so I decided it was time to actually make an account in procrastination for my exams next week (T.T I cri everytime).
    You can call me Tara, or whatever, don't really mind ^^
    Not sure what else is expected of an intro, so I'll just leave it as this.
    Ciao y'all, have a good day
  4. Post on Hi! in Introduce Yourself

    By piouspie, posted
    Hello, everyone. I'm new here, but I have been lurking for a while because there are some great exposes here. I came across PULL about three years ago, when I was looking up things about either Kotakoti or Venus--not sure which. Anyway, I ended up on this site when I learned about some other snowflakes, and I kept it in my radar, but I didn't know if I should have made an account or not. Since PULL isn't getting closed down after all, I decided to make an account. Let's all have fun here and spread truth to help others! 
  5. Post on Howdy ;) in Introduce Yourself

    By PurrandFurr, posted
    Hey there,
    I'm PurrandFurr or you can call me 'S'. Either one is fine. :-)
    I'm a 19 year old Wiccan and a newly graduated CNA. 
     Literally only here for the juicy stuff ahaha. 
    Blessed be, 
  6. Post on Hiya! in Introduce Yourself

    By Meriwell, posted
    Hi everyone! 
    I think I've been a member for close to a month? But I'm just getting around to posting now. I was a looooong time lurker, but decided to join finally. My number one snowflake was Wylona Hayashi.... But that's changed since I'd started lurking, and I fell for the Venus Angelic and kanadajin3 trap too. 
    I hope we all get along! 
  7. Hey guys~
    Just decided to make an account on PULL :3
    I got the first contact with the community after the Kanadajin3 beef and really enjoyed lurking here and there afterwards~
    ((BTW im not a fluent English speaker, so please forgive my mistakes...))
  8. Hello, my name is Airen, and yes, I'm super excited that it matches my username! It's a pleasure to meet you all.
    A person who views this site, but does not actively post or have an account here made a suggestion that I should join, simply because I enjoy seeing different scandalous people getting uncovered in general. It's really interesting to see all of these posts with so many evidences of them being the way that you guys claim-- I never knew these "idols" to be these types of people, so that's a shame.
    A few things to note about me is that I'm 21, a second semester sophomore at a University, studying nursing, might minor in computer science, Japanese born in Japan, and love to sing and dance! 
    Anyway, it's really nice to be a part of this community, and I hope that we can all be friends!
    Now let me know more about you guys: What's your names, what are your hobbies, etc? ^^
  9. Hii. I'm pretty new here el o el. I came across this site when I was googling someone and thought it would be cool to join - all I know that it's a gossip type of site. but thats really it. can someone please tell me more? thanks!
  10. heyyy newbie here 
    i dont really know how i stumbled upon this website... i think it was because of that one topic about that poppy??(if you know about her feel free to chat me about it her stuffs really interesting) but whatever, can someone teach me the basics and stuff and suggest any other forum blog sites like this? sorry if this topic seems like a waste but thank you~ 
  11. Post on Hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By Kkukungie, posted
    Hello everyone! I've been lurking around this forum since earlier this year in the summer. I decided to make an account mainly because of the akidearest thread. 
    I'll probably add on to this if I remember anything. Nice meeting you all! 
  12. Hey guys, first of all I'm new here. not sure if I'm typing this for everyone to see lol but I just want to say hi. I'm very open to any conversation, even if anyone needs advices. Talk to me  

  13. Post on Hello :3 in Introduce Yourself

    By mushroom, posted
    I'm new here. It's nice to meet you all :3 

  14. Hello everyone~ /bows
    b2utyfulbabyelf here, or Cristina (my real name)~
    My username is b2utyfulbabyelf due to my holy trinity KPop fandom, which are B2UTY (BEAST), BABY (BAP) and ELF (SJ)~
    I am a Filipino, and lives in the Philippines.
    I am a fujoshi and a moemoebaby! I soooo love Baozi and Hana babies~
    I actually created an account here for me to be able to reply to one of BaoHan's topic here~
    Nice to meet you all~ /bows
  15. Hello everyone!
    I'm Tig (: I've lurked this forum for about a year, which seems like such a long time... So I finally decided to properly join the fun.
    I don't remember how I first found PULL - but I do remember being completely floored by the amount of info and TRUTH that started to come out to me about internet-famous people. I quickly got addicted to checking out existing personalities and finding new ones to be staggered by
    Anyway. Great to meet you all. Say hi if you feel like it!
  16. Post on Hello :D in Introduce Yourself

    By ding00ding, posted
    Hello everyone
    Just wanted to introduce myself and greet you all!
    See you on the forums!
  17. Mira (Kanadajin3) was my gateway drug to the site (lol)...
    Anyways, I've been lurking a while, and finally decided I should just make a profile (since I'm on here all the time anyways lmao)
    (...also wanted to make a thread on that gardening tool Sensei Aishitemasu, but idk... )
    Please take care of me from now on,  
    xoxo (lol)
  18. Post on Hey in Introduce Yourself

    By Chitchat22, posted
    Hey I'm new just being lurking around and got up the courage to join ... so yeh hey
  19. I was content to simply lurk but then I got screenshots of xiaxue being typical self-hating asian donald trump loving conservative snowflake trash and i had to post em somewhere
  20. Post on Hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By Hailena, posted
    Hi there.. My name is Lena.. So nice to meet everyone.
  21. Post on Newbie in Introduce Yourself

    By Ashlee, posted
    Hey! My names Ashlee and im new here, found this cite via Google. Already posted my first topic on Game of Thrones!
  22. Hello, I am MaccaBee; your lovely neighborhood gossiper who spills tea on the daily. I don't really want to give out any personal things about myself other than the fact that i am a female who lives in the west coast of USA*. Don't really know what else to write except that i am a long time lurker on PULL and finally decided to get an account to join in the spilling of tea.
    * Also my name has NOTHING to do with the religious Maccabees jewish warrior people. My name happens to be Macca and i like bees. 
  23. Post on Hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By Clumsy Cat, posted
    Hello! Ive finally made an account here  ~ 
    I found PULL a while ago, a friend showed it to me because I love drama hahah.
    I consider myself an artist, even tho I dont usually make things, its more of a hobby!

    I love instagram and SNS in general (not a fan of FB but, you get it)
    Makeup is my life too! 

    My friends call me Neko (yes, like cat, and no, im not a weebo haha) Ive had that nickname for more than 7 years! (wow) 
    Im an average person that likes videogames, asian culture and art. 

    Please! feel free to talk to me if you want   I wont bite!
  24. Hi there guys I am Kyubey.

    I have been silently lurking on here for a bit now and have decided to join up with you all since I would like to participate as well. I hope to make some friends and enjoy some of tea as some of you have been saying. I am interested in mainly instagram personalities and a few youtubers. If anyone has any advice on how to get more aquainted with the site please let me know!
    Nice to formally post to PULL 
  25. Ello there! My name is Sade but you can call me Mighty... I'm a Furry... who will one day expose one person I wish to be exposed. cause of his actions and I have Autism... so if mess up any words or capitalize them as well... but I'll try not to mess up my grammar.