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  1. Hello.
    I'm MsRaven.
    Thank you accepting my approval to join this website.
    I came to this website after I heard about the Rachel & Jun and kanadajin3 drama. I am a fan of Rachel and Jun for over 1 year and I feel a bit shameful about myself as a fan that I only just found about the drama. I noticed that this website was included in the video explaining about what your website contains and I thought that I could post how I feel about certain Youtubers and I won't get bashed or looked down upon. 
    Hopefully we could get along? 
  2. Hello, i'm a little late here LOL 
    I already posted somethings in this forum lol And now i'm letting you guys know me LOL 
    So, I'm "Not Real" it was a really good name I chose, I'm proud of myself 
    So, i'm from the 90's, from a little country named Portugal. Currently i'm working to be a writer, not studying yet, but do some little work to myself, write some short stories, nothing really special. 
    I'm new here so, i think i need to know each of you hehehe and create some friends 

    Be kind to me ^^
  3. Post on Hi | Hola ^^ in Introduce Yourself

    By al8xxx, posted
    Hello everyone
    I'm new here. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Argentina, South America. Currently studying to become an english-spanish translator.
    Blah, I don't even know why I'm talking in such a formal way here xD, Anyways, I've been la lurker for a while and finally decided to make an account here hehe 
    Nice to meet you  let's be friends~~
  4. Post on Hey :) in Introduce Yourself

    By bey-doll, posted
    Hey people call me Talia. Nice to meet y'all. I'm from Texas, United States. I love makeup and shopping. Yoga is everything to me :)
  5. Hello Everyone.  I've never done a forum introduction before.. Normally, I never register for forums because I shy away from them, but after finding PULL, I wanted to be a part of the community because of the same sense of justice I share with all of you regrading snowflakes and other online personalities as well. I can't remember how I found PULL but I've been lurking here since May 2016. My heart almost dropped when I saw the little announcement stating that PULL was going to shut down. Thankfully, it didn't.  I did remember a couple of the snowflakes mentioned on this site (Dakota Rose/Kotakoti, Kiki Kannibal, VenusAngelic, Wylona etc) but I also got to learn about other snowflakes I wasn't aware of also, along with some online personalities as well. I'm currently catching up on online personality LilyMayMac. The first ever snowflake/online personality I discovered on the internet was Felice Fawn on this website: http://felicefawn.blogspot.ca/ (This blog is dedicated to breaking down Felice Fawn's lies, Photoshop failures, scams etc.) That's where my obsession with cracking down these types of people started, all these people with unrealistic bodies and personalities. After looking through here for awhile, It seems like a lot of cracking down on most snowflakes/personalities have been done to an extend so I wouldn't be able to contribute much. I used to be social on media but I'm not very social on social media as much as I used to be (I don't have a Internet connection, using data on my phone ) Anyways, Thanks for viewing/reading my huge introduction. 
  6. Post on Ahoy Hoy! in Introduce Yourself

    By Cuckoo, posted
    Generally when joining a new forum, the polite thing to do is introduce one's self.
    So this is me doing that. Nice to meet you.
  7. Just wanted to say hi and give everyone a warm hug! Shout out to Sarah McDaniel for directing me here lol haha I always knew something was up
  8. Post on Hello! in Introduce Yourself

    By Kkukungie, posted
    Hello everyone! I've been lurking around this forum since earlier this year in the summer. I decided to make an account mainly because of the akidearest thread. 
    I'll probably add on to this if I remember anything. Nice meeting you all! 
  9. Hello long time lurker. I stalk this forum once in a while because it's interesting lol. 
  10. Post on Hi in Introduce Yourself

    By Psweetie, posted
    Hello... This is just a post where a introduce myself... I'm not actually new here , have been reading stuff for a time now , but decided to creat an account to comment on posts, or create topics ... So that's it. 💕
  11. Post on jyello in Introduce Yourself

    By taec, posted
    Hiya, i've been lurking or awhile now and i've enjoyed what ive been seeing
    Please feel free to talk to me with whatever you want, but please be weary that i am a bit shy. I've enjoyed the Venus Angelic thread a lot. 
  12. Hi, I finally made an account here after lurking about for a couple of years or so. 
    I'm mostly interested in discussing Venus Angelic and Taylor R. I found Taylor around the time she uploaded her "I want to talk to you guys about something" video. I checked out her channel and subscribed, since I actually liked her "dolly" fashion at the time. I knew about Venus for a while and was vaguely aware of the drama surrounding her, but I never actually checked out her channel until late 2016 or so. I was pleasantly surprised by her sense of humor and I liked her fashion as well, so I subscribed to her.
  13. hello!
    i've been a long time lurker of simply_kenna's pull thread (on a side note, i can't believe she has three threads already!) and decided to make an account haha. i also lurk lilymaymac and yumi king on occasion.  looking forward to interacting with everyone here!
  14. Hi, thanks for ruining my life in such a beautiful way. I've been lurking here and now I have a shit ton of exams ahead and I feel like a soldier rappelling from a helicopter into a minefield, naked, with one pistol and one bullet up my anus (absolutely not prepared). I stumbled upon PULL while googling about Taylor Niciole Dean (because I love exotic animals and being delusional) and, holy shit, I had no idea how much I don't notice while watching YouTube and just generally being on the Internet. 
    My name is Elina and I'm a struggling russian (ukranian, actually, but who cares tbh, it's basically the same; same language, same mindset, same shitty government, actually used to be the same country 20 years ago) student. I like playing games (RPGs mostly, but I do enjoy team-based shooters like Overwatch) and hunting Special Snowflakes.
    Happy to be a part of your forum now 
  15. Post on Whassup in Introduce Yourself

    By Micycle, posted
    Long time lurker, but never bothered to get an account until now. Really excited to be here as a member now and I'm looking forward to socializing with all of you.
  16. Hello all!
    I decided to join this forum finally after browsing it without an account for a year or so.
    Hope we can get along and come together for our love of gossip and critiquing others lol.
    Not sure what else i should say. I spend a lot of time at the computer because i live with my husband in a very very small ...farm town i guess? Lots of people here who are elderly and retired. So not a great place for 20-something year olds to live.No where to shop other than 1 Walmart. Very boring. ... So... im on youtube a lot out of boredom  and have come across a lot of people you all discuss on this site!!! I can def understand now why this site exists. Some of these girls are just...........Wow. Cant wait to discuss them and hear all the juicy gossip you all have to share 
    See you all in the forums!!
  17. I don't know who tf Stanley is but if you're reading this then... Well, you must be him (?).
    Ok, so I used to be a silent reader but I finally decided to create an account. I just like to read comments in here, I am aware of the things that are said and although I don't share a lot of oppinions that people express here I do love reading them. Don't expect me to be active or whatever, I just really wanna keep being a silent reader but with a chance to reply when I have a piece of information or picture that might be useful. So, nice to meet you, Stanley!
  18. One day a person followed me on my social network & the more I looked at their content, the more that person seemed to be publishing fake information about themselves. Having an important amount of followers, I just wanted to check if some people had suspicions like me and I ended up on this forum.
    Hi! : ) I've been a reader for a while and I find it entertaining. I'm glad people bring their suspicions and try to figure out the truth together. 
    Unlike what the title of this topic might imply, I'm against distortion of facts and any sort of negative prejudice, so when I say I'll spill the tea, I'm probably just going to read and maybe add my opinion if I'm knowledgable on a topic.
    Have a nice day!
  19. Post on Heyyy in Introduce Yourself

    By BakanoNerd, posted
    Hey I've been lurking this place for hours and I gotta say I ended up loving this site, so I wanted to make an account! I wanted to comment and chat with other people, that's all, since I found a lot of opinions in common I got interested almost inmediatly <3
    PS: My native language is Spanish, but I can speak English too 
    Any questions will be answered! 
  20. Post on Hello in Introduce Yourself

    By blue_bell, posted
    Hello you can call me BlueBell. I’ve been reading forums on here for a while and I decided to finally make an account. I’ve seen a lot of snowflakes before, and I’m surprised that some I know that are really awful don’t have forums/posts made about them yet. I might post from time to time and when I’m able to start a new forum I’ll show some awful people I’ve seen.
  21. Post on Hey. in Introduce Yourself

    By sHo0k, posted
    Hey, my name is Flavia (pronounced as Flah-vee-ah-). I was born in The Dominican Republic and moved to New York when I was eight so my first language is Spanish even though I can speak English fluently. I'm 18 years old and recently finished High School and plan to go to College hopefully this year. I first discovered this forum when I was 13/14 years old because back then I was interested about internet personalities, especially "Dakota Rose". Back then my younger and immature self admired her thinking she was genuinely beautiful. That's when I discovered this site and changed my mind because of the things I read. I was a long time lurker but never created an account until now. I decided to come back to this forum just to see what has happened to the so-called "Living Dolls" that I used to follow like, KotaKoti, Venus Angelic etc... 
    After that, I got interested in other modern internet personalities and saw the threads of "SimplyKenna", & "non Asians pretending to be Asian". That's when I thought "Hey, why not create an account?". After reading the "non Asians pretending to be Asian post" I read mostly about 0kyashi0 and ended up commenting. Sorry for not presenting myself earlier but It's nice to meet you guys and hope we can get along  .