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  1. Hi all,
    I learned about PULL from the Rachel & Jun / Mira drama. I was actually searching on YouTube about someone completely different under the name of Mira and came across the videos explaining about the whole ordeal, honestly it was surprising how great Rachel explained it all- as in she spoke very clearly
    I am aware of other drama such as the Venus Angelic and Michelle Phan (though vaguely) but not so informed of the ones I've seen on "Little Snowflakes". It was interesting reading them anyway.
    My conclusion is that some of them love the way they look way too much or they've gone power hungry from the attention they recieve. Like take Michelle Phan for example, saying crap like she could sic so many followers on you and make them send death threats e.t.c. She gone man. She gone.
    Anyway thanks for having me, take care of me and I hope we can get along!
  2. Hi,
    Finally made an account after lurking around PULL for like ages 
    Some info about me:
    I'm a 19 years old girl
    I'm German but moved to japan due to my husband being Japanese
    I love dogs and turtles 
    my favorite color is green and I love nature 
    *Please excuse my bad English. I'm not good at learning languages*
    Hope to meet many nice people here  
  3. hello~
    I'm new here and i signed up here because I'm really interested in the whole ahripop thing ^^ 
    also I wanted to open up a thread about someone on instagram
    I hope we can become friends ^^

  4. Post on Hello everyone! in Introduce Yourself

    By Guest, posted
    Hi! I'm a hapa who likes art, music and youtube.  Nice to meet all of you. I'm here mostly to get updated about Kanadajin and to see that there is hope... -.- she censors the comments on her channel/videos so much but I think it's quite important to not let her get away with all the sh*t she does just like that, and also that she shouldn't have so many young (mostly) weeb girls who follow her blindly.
  5. Okayy, hello! I am finally here HAHAHAHAHA. I came here because of that fake so called russian pip called Sasha. TBH, i was just lurking lmfao I felt so betrayed because i used to follow her in twitter and i really really liked her but now? lol. Anywayssssss~ happy to be here, i can have some time to spend lurking here even more! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO- HALLLLLLLLLLLLLLO. LES ALL BE FRIENDS. 
  6. Hi, new here!
    & I literally spent the past hours lurking and procrastinating on here & everyone here seems to have good vibes so yas! 
    but WHY did I have to find this site a day before my thesis papers are due lmao sighhhhh 
  7. Post on Hi! in Introduce Yourself

    By piouspie, posted
    Hello, everyone. I'm new here, but I have been lurking for a while because there are some great exposes here. I came across PULL about three years ago, when I was looking up things about either Kotakoti or Venus--not sure which. Anyway, I ended up on this site when I learned about some other snowflakes, and I kept it in my radar, but I didn't know if I should have made an account or not. Since PULL isn't getting closed down after all, I decided to make an account. Let's all have fun here and spread truth to help others! 
  8. Post on Hey in Introduce Yourself

    By love sites, posted
    Hey ,everyone.I am new here so happy to meet you guys.
  9. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet;
    Hey all, I'm LordoftehWings, and I am so glad I've found this forum!
    After reading through a few threads I decided to sign up to join in with the banter, as well a finding out about the people discussed here and their bs.
    I guess that's all for now
  10. Post on hey in Introduce Yourself

    By spookyloser, posted
    Hi, I just joined a few weeks ago finally introducing myself. 
  11. Post on Hello ^.^ in Introduce Yourself

    By Riri, posted
    I have been a lurker for almost a year now and figured it's about time to make an account. I am currently in the process of creating a youtube channel. I would love to hear any suggestions you might have. I look forward to getting to know some people here. ♡
  12. Post on Hi | Hola ^^ in Introduce Yourself

    By al8xxx, posted
    Hello everyone
    I'm new here. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Argentina, South America. Currently studying to become an english-spanish translator.
    Blah, I don't even know why I'm talking in such a formal way here xD, Anyways, I've been la lurker for a while and finally decided to make an account here hehe 
    Nice to meet you  let's be friends~~
  13. Post on Howdy ;) in Introduce Yourself

    By PurrandFurr, posted
    Hey there,
    I'm PurrandFurr or you can call me 'S'. Either one is fine. :-)
    I'm a 19 year old Wiccan and a newly graduated CNA. 
     Literally only here for the juicy stuff ahaha. 
    Blessed be, 
  14. Yo,
    Names Cider, I'm a fan of reading juicy internet drama in general and was once a big part of Den of Demons back in it's heyday.  I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and artists, which has given me the pleasure of running across a lot the names on this site.  I'll probably lurk for the most part unless some idiot pops up and I have useful information to share.  Cheers
  15. Post on Hi! in Introduce Yourself

    By likesspicy, posted
    Hi everyone!
    I am and have been a long time follower of most j/kvloggers on youtube. Their antics/content never cease to interest me. Excited to talk to everybody!
  16. Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm new here it nice to meet u guys. I love food and videos games books and YouTube. And I love to sing. I love to draw and make art. I normally watch you tubers like Markipler or jackseptceye or Mxr or azzman. I'm normally asleep for the most of the day or nigth becuse I have Narcoplesy and sometimes I don't sleep so well. I've dropped out school at age  17 and  I'm going be doing homeschool soon my mom will teach me. Im always kinda lonely I don't have many friends since I'm shy but since I found website I thought I can find some friends soon 😜.
  17. Hey, I'm new to PULL, my name's Amika and I reside in the UK.
    I was drawn here through my curiosity and the fact that these people keep appearing on my YouTube recommended videos because I like watching makeup tutorials.
    I'm hoping to get involved and join in with the community here, it seems like a pretty great one.  Nice to meet you!
  18. Post on Hello ♡ in Introduce Yourself

    By .miki, posted
    Hey guys^^
    I'm new here, but have lurked in the past. Thought I would finally make an account~
    A little about me :
    I'm a pretty shy/quiet girl. You can just call me Miki c: (my nickname)  I adore the brands Liz Lisa and Jill Stuart. I actually started getting into collecting Jill Stuart cosmetics because I just love the quality/packaging so much ♡ I love spending my free time trying out new bakeries/cafes (I'm a sucker for sweets and coffee) My favorite video game series of all time is Silent HIll! I just adore the story lines and how it makes your heart race lol
    I'm also from Seattle, WA (Anyone else from around here ^^ would love to make friends close by~!)
    Well anyways that was just a short intro. If you want to get to know me more just message me^__^ I'm really hoping to make some friends on here
  19. Hi everyone, im new here hehe. i've visited PULL a lot about VenusAngelic, Kotakoti or yandev, and figured id just make an account!
    It's good to be here, I'm a little shy so I don't know how often I'll be posting in forums. But I'll probably be following a lot of stuff 
  20. New here and not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. Only rlly made an account so I can click the love button on comments.
  21. Hello!
    I'm somewhat new to this site; I've visited occasionally after getting hit with the random "I wonder what so-and-so's been up to?" and searched them. I don't know if anyone remembers an old livejournal community by the name of "efagz" (eugh), but it was about e-celebs and exposing their lies and just laughing at their fuckery. This was in... damn, when I was in middle/high school? I'm in my 20's now and haven't really been keeping up with anyone save for Felice Fawn, so a looot of these people are new to me. Having so much fun going through these forums :' D
    Anyway, I hope I can catch up and contribute sometime~
  22. Hello there! I've been on PULL for a few weeks now just looking at different forums and it really seems interesting so I decided to create an account! I'm a college student who likes star wars, cats, pastel colors, and mint tea. It's nice to meet you all! 
  23. Post on Evening~ in Introduce Yourself

    By Snowconecat, posted
    I'm living through a TERRIBLE time right now so why not indulge in the gossip of TERRIBLE people! 
    ...well that's what I told myself when I joined. 
    I like (non-crap) anime, reading, writing, movies (esp Korean revenge-themed films), and I love cats and think they are all adorable, even the ones with no fur and raggedy faces. My favorite vegetables are shooshes and peepos. I like sweets but refrain from eating them most of the time :_(...I have a horrible sleep schedule lately and PULL is going to kindly make it worse. 
    Also this is me below <33....and my mom told me I am beautiful and anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR.  

    And No, I did not use photoshop. I really look like that.
  24. Old Hag at 25...still in college (Junior) trying to make my life better. #1 thing that seems to control my life is my weight...I just can't seem to get control over my body--really thats just a shitty excuse for letting my weight get to such a drastic level. I literally hate it...and Im here because I watch youtube and sooo many questions about people there... I like elipsis. I dream of writing. You should know that I weigh 350+ lbs... and since I saw a nutrition post I thought why not join?! 
  25. ✨Hi everyone! I'm Roxy, but you can call me Sugar!  ✨
    I'm kind of shy and awkward irl, I love anime and cosplaying, and my dream is to be a writer! I hope I can make friends here!