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  1. I once saw this game a looong time ago on another forum and I enjoyed it a lot, quite frankly. So I thought I'd give it a try here, too!
    Basically, someone posts one of their favourite music videos and the next person watches it, states their opinion on it and posts yet another video. If that makes sense? This way, I have found a lot of new music I now enjoy! 
    So, even tho I'm a bit nervous starting this game, this would be my video:
    ITCHY - Fall Apart
  2. Post on Grimes in Little Snowflakes

    By sloane, posted

    Official site / Wikipedia
    Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr / Facebook / Spotify / Soundcloud / Bandcamp
    (Many posts seen or referenced in this topic are now deleted, as she deletes social media posts frequently. Direct quotes from her are not italicized but quotes from interviews with her quotes in them are.)
    Grimes, born Claire Elise Boucher and later changing her legal name to "c", the unit of measurement for speed of light, is a 31-year-old Canadian musician and artist. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 17, 1988, and is of Québécois and Ukrainian descent. She was raised as a Roman Catholic and attended Catholic school until moving to Montreal to attend McGill University, planning to double major in neuroscience and Russian before dropping out in 2011. She is the girlfriend of technology entrepreneur and CEO (SpaceX, Tesla, co-founder of Paypal) Elon Musk, whose thread is here. As of December 2019, rumors have been circulating that she may be pregnant with Musk's child.
    Grimes began releasing music on Myspace in 2007 (her first published work being the EP Lethe) after selecting "grime" as her music's genre without knowing what grime music was. She received critics' attention in 2010 with the release of her debut album Geidi Primes (based on the 1965 science fiction novel Dune) ending that year with her second album, Halfaxa. In 2011, she released Darkbloom, a double-sided EP with d'Eon, and in 2012 released her third album Visions which received widespread acclaim. Her most well-known album, the experimental, pop-oriented Art Angels was released three years later in 2015. Since then, Grimes' musical career has gone different directions, with her controversial upcoming album Miss Anthropocene (initially titled Miss_Anthrop0cene) suffering from backlash for its concept and being delayed due to technical issues. In October, a demo version of the album leaked, and in November, the album leaked nearly three months before the February 21, 2020 release date.
    She has worked with many artists (leaving both positive and negative notes with them) such as her step-brother Jay Worthy, Aristophanes, Azealia Banks, Bleachers, BloodPop, Bring Me The Horizon, d'Eon, Diplo, Doldrums, HANA, Janelle Monáe, Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence), Lana Del Rey, LOOΠΔ, Lykke Li, Nicole Dollanganger, Poppy, and Skrillex. (This includes musical collaborations, music video features, and performances on tours with said artists.)
    As of December 2019, she has 2,491M listeners on Spotify, 850K followers on Twitter, and 984K followers on Instagram.
    Her most notable controversies include and are categorized as: 1. Political statements and debates, 2. Production and release difficulties, 3. Visions recording / Relation to drug use, 4. Relation to Elon Musk and Azealia Banks, 5. Relation to Poppy, and 6. Miss Anthropocene imagery and backlash.
    Political statements and debates
    Production and release difficulties
    Visions recording / Relation to drug use
    Relation to Elon Musk and Azealia Banks
    Relation to Poppy
    Miss Anthropocene imagery and backlash

    This is my first topic post, so if there's changes you recommend or further information to add on, please let me know. I plan to keep this topic updated as new information comes. I've personally been a fan of her work since 2013, but I do believe she's done many controversial things which deserve to be analyzed and discussed.
    There are threads for Elon Musk, Poppy, and Titanic Sinclair, Grimes being mentioned multiple times in each, as well as a few users having said in the past that they wish Grimes had her own thread. I believe this justifies the creation of a thread for her and I hope I've provided sufficient evidence to support that. I encourage anyone to correct any information in this topic that's false or outdated (as well as point out when I make spelling or grammar mistakes! Thank you.)
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