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  1. Post on KPOP in Music

    By MarvelPanda, posted
    Hello guys !
    i noticed there wasn't a music thread so i decided to make one about my favourite music genre KPOP!!!!! my favourite groups are big bang, 2ne1, snsd,miss a, aoa, t-ara , kara and 2pm!!! (i used to be obsessed with shinee but i don't like them anymore) i've been into kpop for about 2 years now and I saw nu'est in person when i went on holiday to japan (it was so random and they were doing an interview at tower records) i've never been to any concerts and i would love to go see big bang on there made tour oh and my fav members of big bang are taeyand gd and top!!! 
  2. Personally I like Celtic music , folk , indie , indie rock, punk , folk metal etc ... I will show you some videos! We all have different or similar musical tastes would be great to share your tastes !!
  3. Because why not? 
  4. Twitter / Instagram / Website / SC: thatpoppy

    Of course, Poppy is simply a persona, and her real name is Moriah Pereira. According to many articles, she was born or grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. The person behind her videos and music is Titanic Sinclair/Corey Mixter. I don't really like the dude because a quick look through his twitter shows that he likes to pick fights with other "indie" artists like Halsey and Melanie Martinez (mostly due to thinking they "copy" Poppy). There are also rumors that Poppy and Titanic are dating, which is weird, because at the same time, many people claim she's 15.
    Her and Titanic Sinclair:
    However, there is a lot of evidence that she's not 15. Her Twitter and Youtube were made in 2011, and she has been making covers that have been deleted since the Poppy persona was created. Many people believe this due to her birthday video, where she claims she was "created" on January 1st. And in the description, she puts her birthday as 01/01. And I guess some people saw it as 01/01/01???????
    I went to look for pictures of her pre-Poppy, and it seems like she went under the alias Moriah Poppy. Judging by these pictures, she's probably in her early 20's by now. (Bonus: I found a pic of her w Sam Pepper?????)
    Old Pictures:
    Lastly, while I was on the hunt for old pictures I found a VK page that has her old videos. I don't think you can watch them since they seem to be linked to youtube, and I guess those videos are deleted, but you can at least see her in some of the thumbnails.
    What do you guys think about her?
    (Thank you to @kotori for the summary)
  5. I used to be really into K-pop about four years ago when I was in high school. I finally stopped really listening to any new k-pop or buying any new songs when my favourite group basically disbanded. 
    Nowadays, whenever I hear any new k-pop music, most of it really echoes of more western/American pop music. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, or would like to discuss the ways K-pop has changed the past couple of years?
  6. So ik I haven't been on here in like a long time probably a month and I wanna be active so give me some song recommendations because I'm interested in more types of music
  7. Post on Kero Kero Bonito in Music

    By mislaid, posted
    I didn't know for sure where to put it so I decided to put it in the "general discussion" , If this is not ok or something, please delete/remove this!~

    Some links:
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC87PQkY3dDS-FastDm97emA 
    Instagram (singer): https://www.instagram.com/sarahmidoriperry/

    Do any of ya'll know Kero Kero Bonito? And what are your opinions on their music and them in general? 

    My opinion: They are damn creative together and have amazing music that cheers me up nearly instantly.
    The singer sings/raps usually with a mix of japanese and english and has a really nice voice that blends well with the style. She can rap pretty nicely and even sing. She's also really pretty imo

    They all seem like a nice bunch, sweet and creative people. I hope that they will get more known because they really deserve it.
    They seem also to freaking love what they do, as they should.
    My favorite music video of them is this one
    And random other songs of theirs that are really nice and I always listen to:

  8. Post on Vocaloid in Music

    By Unfortunately, memes., posted
    I figure I'd start a topic on vocaloid! Here are a few topic starters:
     .Who's your favourite vocaloid? Least favourite?
     .Favourite producers?
    .How about producers in languages other than Japanese?
     .Rock and Metal Producers?
     .Your all time favourite song?
     .Good songs, albums, producers etc. for newbies (smth better than akidearests recs srsly)
    .Kinda derailed, but any songs that you prefer the utaite versions too always? Il
     .General recs and opinions!
    I'll start off. My favourite vocaloids are Yukari, VY1, Flower and Gumi. Iroha is great too. I don't really like Len, voice or design wise.
     My favourite producers are GHOST, Giga-P, masa, LIQ and Utsu-P
     My favourite song is probably Outer Science. Not sure why, I couldn't care less about Kagerou Days. I love Cradle x Infection a lot. My favourite weebish song is still Matryoshka.
     .I'd say for newbies:
     deco*27, Neru and wowaka are pretty classic for pop rock
     machigerita-p and masa are good horror
     umetora, giga-p, Mitchie M, samfree and Crusher-P or Circus-P are good for Edm and such
    Kikuo, hitoshizuku, Steampianist and kairiki bear are also good.
    for some reason I find Ghost rule really underwhelming with the original vocals ,but  96neko's cover is amazing. A lot of umetora songs have better utaite covers than original vocals.
  9. Post on Halsey in Online Personalities

    By bekah, posted
    so. we all know halsey, the new alt-pop princess. she's bisexual, mentally ill, biracial, a synesthete, and has suffered from drug addiction, poverty, and homelessness.
    now i'm not doubting her claims of being bisexual and bipolar. she's stated multiple times that she's received a professional diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and sexuality is something everyone should decide for themselves. and she's actually biracial too, she's just very white-passing. there are pictures of her with her parents, and her father is very clearly african-american.
    the thing i'm here to talk about is her ~sad backstory~. she's crafted this entire persona to appeal to the tumblr-girl market, and it worked. unfortunately, her story is...untrue, to say the least.
    first off - the haylor days
    halsey claims to have grown up listening to bright eyes and the arctic monkeys, but anyone who's familiar with her real backstory knows her real musical obsession - One Direction. when she was younger (17-18) she stanned them to an extreme degree, even having her entire blog focus on it. 
    yeesh. now, it's not like this is necessarily bad, just a little embarrassing, but the juicy bit comes next. so, as we know, halsey is extremely anti slut-shaming (as she should be!) and constantly brings up these important issues on twitter. but...she released two songs dedicated to the relationship between harry styles and taylor swift, and both of these songs slut-shame taylor to a cringey degree. (a lot of people excuse this as her being a dumb kid, but she was already 18 when the second song, SOS, was released.) i'll put a link to the more embarrassing song in the spoiler.
    Now, this part of her past is kinda cute in a way. We've all done dumb shit before, and it's nice to know that Halsey is ~real~ I suppose. The real gross part shows up when we delve into the backstory she's created for herself. Here are some quotes from numerous interviews about her past -
    "I wasn't a social-media kid," she says. "I wasn't a Viner, a YouTuber, a blogger, anything."
    Her phone service had been cut off. She had no health insurance. Her friends would pool their money to split a $1 slice of pizza (...)
    "I remember one time I had $9 in my bank account,"
    Before Halsey was a huge radio star, she was a struggling homeless teen who used music as a way to make money.
    “I figured hotel party equals bed. I needed a bed” 

    Let's see if that's true. Halsey said that she was homeless when she was 18 years old, after her parents allegedly kicked her out. This would've been in 2013.
     Plus, despite preaching tolerance, her deleted tweets are...hm.
    Also, there's this. This person claimed to be from her hometown and wanted to expose her. It's anonymous, so there's no real proof, but it's an interesting read.
    What do you guys think? I think her music's alright and she seems like she's trying very hard to be socially aware, which I respect. I don't want to drag her too hard, but I do think that getting caught up in some of these messy lies could affect her image later on.
  10. Hey everyone,
    This topic is here to discuss Myah Alanna Scave. The green-haired realist youtuber/realist. She is 18 and from New Jersey. Feel free to discuss anything related to her whether it's music or drama.
    Myah's YouTube
    Myah's Instagram
    Myah's Twitter

    Instagram // Twitter // Soundcloud

    Xxxtentacion (pronounced /xxx-tenta-ción/) or just X as his fans call him is underground Soundcloud rapper that has spent most of his career in jail even though being only 18. X is best-known for a luridly distorted track called “Look at Me!,” which includes these aggressively spat lines: “Can’t keep my dick in my pants/My bitch don’t love me no more.” 
    On October 6, 2016, X, whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy allegedly “punched and kicked” his pregnant then-girlfriend, according to an arrest report. “Victim’s eyes were punched to where both eyes became shut and victim could not not see,” the report states. According to documents provided to Pitchfork by the Miami-Dade County state attorney’s office, prosecutors have 51 pagesof the alleged victim’s medical records. There are multiple photographs that show injuries Onfroy purportedly inflicted on the woman. More than one shows the two in a tender pose together, with her nose allegedly bruised from an earlier head-butting. Another shows the woman with her left eye reddened and the skin around both eyes all hues of purple. Prosecutors have taken sworn statements from several witnesses, among them the alleged victim, in preparation for a trial. 
    The official charges against him are aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering mean he could be facing years in prison if convicted. Onfroy is being held in his native Broward County for violating a house arrest agreement prior to trial on two other charges, armed home invasion robbery and aggravated battery with a firearm, that stem from an alleged incident in November 2015. He has pleaded not guilty in both cases.
    X has been given a platform to reassert his innocence without adding much clarity to the events of October 6 to 8. Meanwhile, the alleged victim has faced comments that she “prolly deserved it”
    In December, X posted a photograph depicting the alleged victim and her nude lower body from behind. In a follow-up tweet X wrote, “All I ever abused was that pussy ):”
    X was born in Plantation, Florida. Last year, in a video interview that has been viewed more than 2million times, for the No Jumper podcast, he described his mother who passed him along to other people who didn’t always put him in the best situations saying "My mom just had it hard, bro" He recounted a tendency to act out violently, not excluding attacks on girls and, despite his protestation that he’s not homophobic, on boys he perceived as gay (X: “You think I can tell the story about that faggot I beat up?”). The latter scrap happened, as Onfroy told it, during a year he spent in a correctional facility for armed robbery, armed burglary, possession of a firearm, grand theft, possession of Oxycodone, and other charges. With a rapper he met in confinement, Ski Mask “The Slump God".
    In video call, provided by the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6ahXAYYR29s) X said "I did not beat that bitch, she got jumped and by the way for all you dumb fuck-ass n----- that thought this stupid bitch was pregnant, I got the paperwork signifying that she wasn’t pregnant, so when I get out I’m fucking all your little sisters in the fucking throat hole.”  
    He once posted a video of himself having sex with a porn star in a car; another time, he confessed that he was “addicted to hentai".  At age 6, he plunged a glass shard into a man whom he believed was threatening his mom. He got expelled middle school for punting the mouth of a kid who had made fun of his mom.
    In Amsterdam Drake previewed a new song that will appear on More Life. After hearing the snippet, many people began to say that the flow he used was similiar to X's flow in "Look at me!" Drake actually addressed the rumor that he stole the flow from X, stating, "I listened and I’m like, okay, I see where people could draw this comparison off of the first two lines, whether it be cadence or the rhyme pattern or whatever. It’s crazy that people think that after all this time, after all I’ve been through, that I’m the type of person... to go and take that and make it my own. I’m not stupid, I’m not a shitty person like that.”

    I found him from lilmixedhunny, he used her picture on teeth because he thought she looked dead and the song was about his dead love to his girlfriend. Lilmixedhunny clarified that she hasn't ever seen or talked to him and that shes not supporting him for beating up his girlfriend.
    Some of his fights: 
    I don't know what to say:
    His periscope live:
    No jumper interview:
    His ex-girlfriend Geneva (spoiler'd since it might be upsetting to some people)
    Sooo guys, I was and still am unsure about making this thread. I wasn't sure whether he's considered an online personality or not but the amount of hashtag #FreeX I see EVERYWHERE finally got on my nerves and the fact that he is only a Soundcloud rapper and not signed gave me chance to finally make this thread. 
    You can find his mugshot here: http://mugshots.com/US-Counties/Florida/Orange-County-FL/Jahseh-Onfroy.139534103.html
    JUNE 2018 UPDATE:
    On June 18th, X was apparently shot to death in an attempted robbery. This was later confirmed to have happened by the police and news outlets.
  12. https://twitter.com/alexmauermusic
    (Just a warning her twitter is just her reposting death threats and her header is her holding a knife to her throat) 
    Alex Mauer is a gaming musician who is well known for her music on Starmazer DSP as well as a number of other games.
    She had a dispute with her former imployer Imigos softworks which should have been a private matter had she not issued DMCA on any youtuber who use Starmazer DSP in their vids.
    During the DMCA's that she was issuing she was selling the music on her bandcamp for $1000 each track.
    On top of her dispute with Imigos she sued Time Warner Company (no joke) and issued death threats to a number of youtubers who don't comply with her demands
    (side note i highly recommed you watch most of sid alpha vids because he's following most of the drama) 
    A bunch of youtubers including sid Decided to get Alex some help mentally but seing how this is America ,the state she was is deem she wasn't a threat to herself or others and let her go and Alex cut all ties with her family due to her seeing them as unsupportive.
    So seeing how she out and about Imigos now decided to serve her and Lenard French is repesenting them as well as abunch of other people affected by her and her DMCA strikes.
    its still a on going thing and im kinda simplfing things but i wanna know your thoughs on this.
  13. I know we all have favorite bands and artists, but sometimes their live performances are so bad it's funny. Decided to make this thread so we all can have a laugh at our favs, discoveries and just general artists that are so terrible/hilarious that it needs to be shared. I want this to be a zone where we all can have a break from fandom wars, serious discussions and just have a good time with eargasms

    I'll leave you guys with this:
  14. Conan is currently a freshman at UCLA and he makes youtube videos that mostly consist of vlogs, favorites, Q+A's, a few self-written/composed songs, and general chatting videos. He's from Austin, Texas and is half-Japanese on his mom's side (I believe) and half-white. He's appeared in one of Annabelle/CatCreature's vlogs before and she's in one of his. 
    YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ConanXCanon/featured
    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/conangray/?hl=en
    TWITTER: @conanxcanon (suspended)
    SNAPCHAT: conanxcanon
    TUMBLR: http://conangray.tumblr.com/
    SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/conan-gray
    I think he's a nice kid and I like the general vibe and editing of all of his videos. His video editing does seem similar to the "soft aesthetic bubbly letter" kind of editing that a lot of youtubers do these days, but in my opinion, if you watch many of his videos enough, it still feels distinct to his personality. I've never heard anything bad about him, so I was just wondering what your opinions were. 
  15. Post on violin advice and tips! in Music

    By Kairi, posted
    Hello everyone! I just bought my violin today and I am planning to start and taking lessons. I want to play, I am excited to start playing! Does anyone else play the violin too? I would like to get some tips from fellow violin players  I bought a pretty new model, it was $550 and I like the sound. When I play the strings with the bow, it doesn’t sound as smooth to me as it should be. Is it because I need to apply rosin better, the way I’m holding, or is it just me? 
    also my shoulder and bone sort of hurts even though I only experimenting it? Is that normal for the first time? 
    Also when I try to play C and B notes (that are on A string) I hear no violin but just terrible sounds instead even though I think I am placing my fingers on the right string? Help! ;;
  16. Post on Disturbing Songs in Music

    By Fairyduster, posted
    What are some disturbing songs you listen to?
    They can be from any genre and in any language
  17. I hope that PULL users who like underground/indie/whatever cute music will have fun sharing bands. I also love extreme noise like Merzbow.
    Maybe we can have fun here just recommending bands? I would love to share things. Anyway here's a start. =)
    Everyone has won and all must have prizes.
    Love this:
    This is like my dream life and it makes me cry every day (like I really want this song to be my life and j'adore NYC):
  18. Today a Korean artist by the name of Kim  Jonghyun committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. It was a rumour at first, with many people not believing it but his agency just recently comfirmed it.
    I know this is a really bad way to start a thread, but I feel there needs to be a place here for the fans who knew of him.
    Many artists including Yoogeun (Hello baby baby) and Nine9 (Dear Cloud), his good friend have also spoken about it.

    (And before you ask, Yes I know there is a Filthy Frank thread. He is not what that thread is about. This is about Joji... Not the character)
    Info: George "Joji" Miller is a 24 year old singer/producer/song-writer. He is signed to media company 88Rising along with other acts such as Rich Brian, Keith Ape and etc. Miller is well known for his absurd, outrageous internet skit show called 'The Filthy Frank Show'. Recently, Miller has been "coming out of his shell" by preforming and promoting his actual music. (Please don't associate his actual music with anything Pink Guy related)
    Sample of Joji's Work:
    Quick disclaimer:
    We don't hate George. We just talk about his music, life etc. In a very sarcastic and critical way. We wish the best for him.

    ~Gas homie up in the links below~
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/sushitrash
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/sushitrash
    Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/chloeburbank
  20. Post on Waveya in Online Personalities

    By Dahlia*, posted
    Youtube // Instagram (Miu) // Instagram (Ari) // Twitter // Website

    Waveya is a Korean dance group made up of two sisters that go by Ari and Miu. They have been active since 2011 and several of their dance covers have even gone viral. Waveya has even toured the world and done various performances abroad. 
    However, many noticed that Waveya often changed members various times with vague explanations, before finally deciding to stay as just a sibling duo. Waveya has also been the subject of much controversy due to their sexual dance style, accompanied by their very sexual outfits. Many old-time fans feel that Waveya sold out and watered down their content by going the "sex sells" route. Other fans feel that Waveya is just another example of a powerful female group that is just being put down and slut-shamed. Recently, Waveya opened an underwear store called “Waveya style,” where Ari and Miu are the only models.
    Recently, Waveya announced that they were taking a break due to the hate comments from Korea taking a toll on them. This ended up resulting in a short, three-day break from social media. Today, Waveya commented with the other pictures below in regards to their foreign “haters”
    Screenshots of them responding to "haters":
    Feel free to add anything to this post, especially those who can understand Korean as I’m out of the loop on a lot on their other comments. So, what do you guys think?  
  21. KYLE HANAGAMI Vs. 1MILLION Dance Studio
    KYLE HANAGAMI: https://www.youtube.com/user/kylehanagami
    1MILLION Dance Studio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw8ZhLPdQ0u_Y-TLKd61hGA
    What do you guys think of "KYLE HANAGAMI" and "1MILLION Dance Studio"? Who do you think is better?
    Personally 1MILLION Dance Studio can dance better, more rhythm, more smoothness. KYLE HANAGAMI keeps coming up in my feed and honestly they're not that good. Especially the girls.  Not saying they're bad, but that they're okay, not awesome or great. They were pretty bad dancing to Missy Elliot though.
    Maybe it's because I'm a dancer that I feel bias.....but it seems like more people know KH when 1MDS has more subscribers. IDK. You guys opinion?
    Kind of like how people thought "Code 3" on AGT was good, when they were terrible. They're like 13-14, but I've seem better from even younger kids.
  22. Post on Favorite KPOP Songs? in Music

    By aquaforia, posted
    So I got into Red Velvet last year, falling down the KPOP rabbit hole completely involuntarily (thanks youtube for the random recommendation that lead to me watching any and every variety show clip/compliation/becoming completely engrossed in all things RV). I naively was so sure I would not be interested in any other groups but after they announced touring in the US (where I live), I decided maybe distracting myself with other artists wouldn't be a bad idea since I couldn't attend. Now I've found myself totally lost in the KPOP world. I'm still trying to find groups who fit my interests. Please list your favorite groups/idols and their best songs you would introduce to a non-KPOP fan to get them started. I compiled a list of my favorites as well for anyone interested.
    PENTAGON: (I've listened to everything so I'll shorten to top 5)
    TOP 5~ LIKE THIS, RUNAWAY, SHINE, WHEN I WAS IN LOVE, PRETTY BOYS... I really have so much more favorites but I feel like these sum up the type of style I really go for..
    WANNA ONE: (wow, wish someone warned me how heartbreaking it is to find a group ALREADY disbanded)
    FAVES~ ENERGETIC (only looked into Wanna One because I saw Hui's demo of this song on youtube. Absolutely needed a studio recording. They're great in this song but damnnn do I wish Hui had a recording of his version. HIS VOICE DOE), LIGHT, SPRING BREEZE 
    FAVES~ DNA, FAKE LOVE (Really tried to avoid looking into them since they're so popular here but out of the three songs I listened to these two were appealing. Has anyone seen Hui's version of DNA on King of Masked Singer? I could go on all day...)
    FAVES~ ALL NIGHT, ALWAYS YOU (I really REALLY want to get into ASTRO bc of Cha Eunwoo-SHOUT OUT TO MY ID IS GANGNAM BEAUTY but damn most of their songs are just way too corny for me..)
    TRIPLE H: (another heartbreak... what an insanely great trio that will never perform with each other again T__T)
    FAVES~ RETRO FUTURE, 365 FRESH (admittedly, I never made time to check out their b-sides. If you have favorites please let me know!)
    PRISTIN: (obvs heartbreak heartbreak heartbreak)
    FAVES~ GET IT (PRISTIN V, this song is such a BOP), WEE WOO
    HWASA (I really want to get into MAMAMOO but I listened to maybe three songs and none of them appealed to me. I'm open to suggestions for their best songs, think I'll be more receptive to them if they're suggested to me)
    FAVES~ TWIT (this song is LIFE. I really hope Hwasa comes out with more. She's so talented)
    WOOSEOK X KUANLIN: (unbelievably refreshing since they dropped this after I just found out about Wanna One's disbandment *ugly tears*)
    If anyone wanted to DM that would be cool too. I have no friends in real life who like KPOP or who are at all remotely interested. I just would really love someone to talk to.
    I did see the topic about KPOP and people talked about their favorite groups but I was hoping I could get favorite songs too to get me started.  
  23. Post on The Musicians Thread in Music

    By Kiko, posted
    The ultimate thread for musicians on PULL!  Pros, advanced , self taught, lessons, beginner, composers, singers and people curious to learn an instrument too. For discussions, questions or discussing progress, and sharing the pieces/songs you're working on.
    I'll go first
    Instruments: Cello, Piano
    Musical family or not: Funnily enough, My grandmothers on both sides had piano lessons as a kid. One quit as a kid due to a creepy teacher, the other played Organ till the day she died. My mom and dad both do not play anything. My sister is a violinist, and she and I are the only ones of our siblings that play instruments.
    Skill Level: Cello: Early advanced. Piano: early to mid Intermediate
    In a band/Orechestra?: I played for a very short period of time in an Adult Orechestra and years in a youth orchestra. I also sang in a choir, plus played a few times at my cousins church lol. Currently, I'm on my own.
    Reason for picking instrument: I like the diversity on the piano, almost all genre's work on it and you have both the melody and chords to work with. Cello because I first wanted a violin but I couldn't stand how horrific it sounded at first with all the screeching(I regret it a little now when I hear my sister play so fluidly.) So I went with cello, I like how it has this angry/melancholic sound to it.
    Lessons or Self taught: For the cello I have had 14 years of lessons and then continued on my own. Piano I had one year of lessons and 3 years self taught.
    Goals: I used to want to become a cello teacher. then I realised I dislike working with children so now just for fun. Piano I like because not all songs work on the cello imo, and it has always been on the top 5 of my favourite instruments.
    Pieces/Songs currently learning/working on: For piano, Misty by Errol Garner
    Valse Brillante Op. 34 nr 2 by Frederic Chopin
    For cello, sonata in B minor for solo cello op 8, by  Zoltan Kodály
    and Letter by Mika Nakashima(By ear)
    Playing by ear skills: Not too good, but working on it Haha.
    Favourite genre to play: Video game,Movie/TV/Drama OST. So soundtracks basically. 
    Other instruments I'd still like to learn: Violin, Harp. 
    Ultimate dream song to be able to play fluently: too many tbh.
    Things I want to work on/improve: Piano, better posture, using arm weight to play 99% of the time. When I'm stressed I usually play from the hand for some reason and end up with joint pain. Cello, better bowing and also better posture, plus saving up for a high quality cello bow. And also losing anxiety during performance.
    Favourite song to play: Morten Sørlie - Faith
    Tips  I'd give to new musicians: Either save up, or rent a good quality instrument for sure. Also learn to read sheet music and do not rely on programs like Synthesia, learning to read sheet music is actually a lot easier than you think!
  24. Post on Die Antwoord in Online Personalities

    By Benx, posted
    Die Antwoord - SA based rave rap group, the members are Yolandi Visser (Anri du Toit), Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) and DJ Hi-Tek. They went under the radar due to their recent controveries which include :
    Defamatory behaviour towards a deceased person - Whitney Houston. Anri openly called her a crack whore, slut and said that she sniffed cocaine out of Alex Wang's buttocks, said that she could have waited ,,10 minutes'' with her death. That happend on the day of her death.Watkin's bizzare love interests that highly resemble his daughter - Sixteen Jones. Watkin was outed for his outrageous, disgusting behaviour by an another artist - Zheani. *video below* [TRIGGER WARNING - hard topics]
    Abuse of the N-word, justifying that by being born South African. Lying how SA people aren't sensitive about the use of this word. Using a racial slur ,,Kaffir'' in their song. - ,,Ninja die wit Kaffir''. Pretending to be low class despite Watkin graduating from a prestigious SA university + Anri also getting higher education in arts. They clearly grew up in prosperity. Potraying their adopted child Tokkie with physical deformations as a predatory monster on their social media and in music videos. Fetishizing his looks.Being homophobic and racist towards people and trying to cover it up by hiring DJ Hi-Tek - an openly gay person.   
  25. Website/ Soundcloud/ Facebook/ Instagram /youtube / twitter

    Danielle Bregoli also known as Bhad Bhabie is a 16 American rapper who came to fame from this now infamous clip of her on the Dr.Phil clip.
    Daineille Vs Iggy
    Danielle drops a song titled "Hi Bitch" aimed at getting Iggy Azela attention which didn't work at the time However both attented Cardi B Fashion Nova event where Danielle threw a drink at Iggy
    This year Iggy release Sally walker aimed possibly at Danielle..
    VS WhoaVicky
    At some point her and WhoaVicky threw down
    Idk the details behind their fight tbh
    If there is anything else on this girl feel free to discuss