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  1. Post on Taylor R - Model work in Taylor R

    By _piggy_, posted
    collection of taylor's (テイラーR) model work she did

  2.  You might recognize Thylane for being the controversial little kid that appeared in Vogue 2011. If you haven't heard about Thylane Lena Rose Loubry Blondeau, then I'm going to tell you who is this young girl.  Thylane or Thy, was born in France (South) , April 5, 2001. She's only 14 years. I'll say she is an Instagram model, but she has been modeling in real life since she was only four years. She has appeared in TeenVogue , VogueKids, Jalouse Magazine. She is a big fan of Cara Delevingne and her dream is to become a succesfull model and actress. She has also been invited to the Cannes Festival, and the Chanel show one month ago. Thylane has modeled for Lacoste, Paul & Joe,  Eleven Paris, Ralph Lauren, and other numerous campaigns. I've been following this young girl for 4 years so I can say that  her style has changed throw a lot throw all this time. For being classy and dressing a little bit more feminine , she know wears black cloth , as a tomboy. So know, you guys tell me, what do you think of Thylane, 
    The first 5 pictures are a bit old, when she was 6-10 years. 
    The next 6 pictures are when she was from 10 to 12 years.
    And the last 5 pictures are from this and last year.  Hope you enjoy and like it  







  3. I know Kylie is young, and probably wants to hop on every trend put out there and experiment all kinds of things (comes with he age) but I really get this vibe about her, that she isn't just "unhappy" with her lips, but her whole ethnicity? Discuss....

    She has had work done. and the ways she hides behind all that hair, make-up, tan, whatever, is really sad to me? Like girl, you are too young to fuck yourself up completely, when you start them plastics you're just going to keep going...


    Like I get it you want to look like your sisters, but honey they are different ethnicity than you are.
    Also she looks hella old in that white jumpsuit photo dear god kylie look at your rich life
  4. So I actually never followed her during her tumblr days? Surprisingly I didn't know she actually existed until she popped up on my explore feed a year or two ago. 
    All I pretty much know about her is that she is working as a model(?), and that she currently lives in Brooklyn, NYC (as do i, heyyy). And yeah, not much else. I do also know she could go become a lawyer if her modeling career goes to shit (she is a certified paralegal), which is super cool. 
    She's half-korean/half-white, I think? Could be wrong.
    imo she is soooo pretty but its not a pretty-ness you find in the current trend? like perfect brows, contouring, plumped/overlined lips, etc. she's different, visually and its so refreshing and nice to see someone that pulls it off so well. 
    twitter • instagram

    Here are some more pictures:
    Anyone wanna chip in more stuff? 
  5. SFW:
    Her Website // Youtube // ASMR Youtube // Tumblr
    Twitter // Pornhub // Reddit // Tumblr

    Back in the day, she used to be a scene kid known as Hilary Haywire. Was rivals with Kiki during the MySpace scene days.
    She has a Youtube which she does ASMR and then a normal Yotube where she makes random videos. Her most poplar ones are of her shaking her butt as she shares new underwear.
    On the side she also does amateur porn. Many of her viewers find her through Pornhub and such and always leave comments on how shes a porn actress. I think she does videos with her boyfriend, i'm not entirely sure. 
    She also sells used panties, and sells her snapchat since it's NSFW
    Other pictures (SFW):
    Pictures from her scene days:
  6. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindseypelas/?hl=en
    Facebook: facebook.com/xxLindseyP
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/lindseypelas?lang=en
    Lindsey Pelas is a bikini model, fitness model, Instagram model, and socialite. She is currently 25, and is from Louisiana, but in recent years relocated to Los Angeles. She is mostly known for her 30H breasts, which she claims to be natural (not sure what I believe, personally). She got a mild start on the media's radar as a Playboy Cybergirl, where she did a relatively underwhelming nude shoot for them (and supposedly has not done any nude shoots since). Her popularity shot up when she started "dating" (?) Dan Bilzerian, the trust-fund baby all over Instagram who thinks he's a professional poker player. Apparently they met at the Playboy Mansion and he made it a personal goal to get her noticed. He posted several pictures of her on his Instagram, and while she hesitantly speaks well of him, they haven't been seen together in something like two years. She also wrote a piece for Cosmopolitan against slut-shaming, and did a cute video called "10 Big Boob Problems."
    Generally, she seems pretty okay - she's very open about the fact that she knows she's selling her looks for money and seems relatively well spoken in her interviews.
    However - a couple things:
    1. She is very persistent about her breasts being natural and takes great pride in them. However, if you compare her Playboy shots to today, they seem to be very different in size.

    2. While being so proud of her (supposedly) natural breasts, she has clearly had a lot of plastic surgery on her face, and she has not addressed any rumors concerning this. To me it looks like she has had a nose job, buccal fat removal, lip injections, jaw shaving, veneers and liposuction. She's had at least some, all or more of that done, and it seems hypocritical to me to be brag about "au naturel" anything when you've had so much work done.


    Her strange-looking stomach:

    3. I follow her on Snapchat. She posts a lot of selfies, doggy shots, pics with her friend Cambria, and travel pictures. Generally an okay person to follow. However, after claiming to be a feminist, against creepy dudes and promoting self-love, I have been disappointed with some of her posts there. Unfortunately I cannot find the screenshots I saved, so feel free to take this however you want. She posts some stuff once in a while that alludes to her knowing she probably has subscriptions from thirsty guys who have less attractive girlfriends than her. Stuff like, "My reaction when I get flowers [insert pretty smile with cleavage]," and "Your girlfriend when she gets flowers [insert forced ugly face with unflattering snap filter]."
    4. Doesn't she look a lot older than 25? I mean, even before her surgeries, I'd guess she's at least 10 years older than she says she is.
    Will update if I find more pics or info.
    Thoughts on her?
  7. Some weird and a bit scary girl I found
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GilburtVlada/
    Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3XOKCWhZSvYghbBoTF8BNA. 
    What do you think about her????? 

  8. Monique Bourscheid is a 15 year old model from Brazil and has a following of over 65k on Instagram
    pictures of her
    (from her Instagram)
    (photos I found online)
    still very beautiful but doesn't really look like the mature vampire looking girl on her Instagram (she looks her age)
    as you can tell it's pretty obvious when looking at her Instagram vs photoshoot she edits her eyes or wears lenses 
    also she seems to be kinda into the whole Lolita thing
    she doesn't post in English so I honestly have no idea about anything else so it would be really helpful if someone can give me some more information on her, like for example is she's open about her editing, etc. 
  9. I found her just today and I didn't see someone make a topic about her before.
    I don't know much about her but she really look like an alien in my opinion.
    Couldn't find any too-deep information.
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/runahansen/?hl=en.
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RunaHansenFotografie/.

  10. Barbara Ferreira is a 20 year old Brazilian American model, who's done stuff for American Apparel, Teen Vogue, etc. She also appeared in Carly Rae Jepsen's "Boy Problems" music video. If anybody's familiar with lilmixedhunny/CJ's thread on here then you might be aware of Barbara. Long story short, they used to be really good friends but had a falling out as CJ claimed that Barbara ate all her food at a shoot and talked behind Barbara's back through a group chat that Barbara later found out about. Barbara said that CJ has fun made of her and called her fat numerous times. In retaliation, it appeared that Barbara made their whole friend group drop CJ and badmouthed CJ since their feud was publicly on display through social media. She also has said that she referred CJ to a bunch of fashion people when they were still friends. She also had an online shop (barbieclubnyc) selling hats at one point but sold the rights to some guy who ended up scamming people and stealing their money. Barbara has also been vocal about uplifting bigger girls but sometimes has the tendency to bring down thin girls.

    This is the drama from CJ's thread that Barbara wrote on her tumblr:

    Some articles on Barbara:
    And her social media:
    twitter: @boredbarbara
    instagram: @barbienox
    tumblr: boredbarbara.tumblr.com
  11. In a thread for Emilythemermaid I mentioned that her blonde friend was a model named Stefanie Michova. Some people decided that she had enough tea on her for her to have own on thread, so here we are!
    So her name is Stefanie Michova and she is a model originally from Germany. I'm not sure when she moved to Korea but she is now most known for being friends with Amber from FX and dating K hip hop rapper Beenzino. There was a scandal a year or so ago when Jay Park released a song named 'Second thots' and lots of people where saying that it was about her. The song is basically about a girl who acts all innocent and down to earth but is actually a groupie/gold digger who only hangs around with famous people for her own gain. I know that in the past beenzino also said that despite having lived in korea for a few years a korean is pretty poor and she can only say generic phrases, her instagram seems to match up with that since a lot of her captions are in english with the odd bit of korean. As for her friends, she seems to hang out with emilythemermaid and denetrabfit along with the rest of their circle. When I first saw her she was getting much modelling work but it seems that later shes getting quite a bit... what do you guys think??
    her IG: https://www.instagram.com/stefaniemichova/

  12. I've never made a thread before so excuse me for not knowing how to start this*
    Diana Veras is a plus size model from NY. She can be kinda associated w that group of barbara, dounia, etc.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mynamesdiana
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mynamesdiana/?hl=en
    She also has an on/off relationship w rapper, Ksace. (They're broken up atm) 
    Idk what do you guys think about her?
    Personally I don't think shes really problematic but following her on twitter can be kinda annoying. She acts a certain way when shes "single" talking about how happy and amazing she feels. The "glow" she has on. Now this is all fine until she gets back together with Kyle and it honestly just makes her look like an idiot most of the time? Shes only 21 I think but she really doesn't seem that mature at all really. 
    She is a really pretty girl but I don't think shes very smart in the love department. 

  13. I hadn't seen any posts about her anywhere. 
    Intro: Emily Lee, Full name: Emily Minju Lee/ Height: 5' 5" 
    Age: 23. Was an inspiring import model, see http://www.modelmayhem.com/forums/post/885081 
    Her past bios and profiles are here: http://www.hincity.com/bonjouremi | https://www.k.to/profile/Bonjouremi
    She seems to be innocent before when she was in school studying full-time as a bio-medical science major. And judging from the keek videos she was cute and did not seem fake. I was very curious about her because she seems to have turned into a sugar daddy hunting woman after graduating from school. How does one just graduate from college and afford to travel from one place to the next? And if you see her snapchat, she is always shopping at high end European brand stores, she admittedly says that she has a shopping problem. Another reason that I suspect she has a sugar daddy is because she had a photo with some old looking dude with a army cut- (like the one Abraham has from Walking dead) in a dressing room. It was super scandalous, however she deleted it.
    She got shook after I called her out on an instagram photo of her shopping adventures for having a sugar daddy, she replied in less than a  minute, "you're stupid." However, she deleted the comment quickly, realizing that she came off as over protective of her sugar daddy ways. Couple days later, she deleted the photo. Hmm... my spidey senses are tingling. 
    What are with these instagram models. Specifically, it seems cute Asian girls who are too short to be models and look more like girl next door desire to be import models. They get the standard procedures done, like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to get really big boobs. And then pose in weird angles to try to make it look like their ass is proportionate to their fake boobs. And their luxurious lifestyles and surgeries, at such a young age and all happening at a sudden pace- where are they getting these sugar daddies from? 
    Here is her transformation from cute Asian girl to Asian Import model clone 

    So many questions. Please spill the deets if you know more dirty, juicy gossip on this potential sugar baby. 
    more to add: 
    Here is Emi walking to her sugar daddy's car, and her whipped sugar daddy likes to take photos of the conceited little shopaholic lady for her pretentious instagram followers to drool over. I believe sugar daddy is a Chinese guy living in Queens, New York from her past snapchat stories. However, his presence seems to be lacking of recent because she has to take her own selfie shots while vacationing alone with a selfie stick. What happened? Or was there ever a sugar daddy to begin with, is she just a lonely, rich girl aspiring to be an import model? 

    Recently, Emi was chosen to be one of the ambassador models of HIN. They get to travel and show up at events, getting paid to take photos with fans, travel, and "host" parties. I put quotation marks around "host" because Emi's snapchats just show her awkwardly standing around the DJ booth, she looks out of place and frightened. Most import model personalities are quite fun. Even though this was her goal to get to this point of being recognized as an import model, she is really awkward at it. See the video linked below, she is just 1000 shades of awkward. 
    Jump to video Here is more awkwardness, maybe Emi should consider being a regular instagram model and leave behind aspiring to be an import model; she is a bore. 
    (facial expression reads, "Oh shoot wtf am I doing here?... internally dying" 
    here is Emi once more looking uncomfortable AF. 
    Perhaps it's time to reevaluate your life decisions Emi and go back to making use of your bio-medical science major. You should be smart af if you graduated from this major, but you come off as the next airhead valley girl. 
  14. Post on lovelymilky in Online Personalities

    By Iagzie, posted
    Emily Paloma (lovelymilky) is a married English/Ecuadorian model and vlogger in Japan.
    Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Tumblr | Ameblo

    She used to work at a sushi shop

    She intended to work as a teacher in Japan

    She has one sister.

    And one brother.

    It doesn't appear that she has been a model for that long

    She's friends with Bii and was recently involved in the drama surrounding the Jvloggers

    She was also caught with Bii bitching about PULL last December.
    (It's my first time making a new topic so let me know if i have to change/fix anything)
  15. Hi, I'm pretty new here on PULL but I've been a long-time visitor of the site and occasionally leave comments on threads. Excuse me if my formatting is off, this is my first time creating a thread. 
    Does anybody know about this girl @tsunaina on IG? She seems like a relatively new user, she's beautiful with a really unique face (not sure if it's photoshop or not). I'm not sure about her background or any other personal information, her only social media is IG as far as I know. Please leave your thoughts and opinions!
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tsunaina/
  16. Mod edit:
    Belle Delphine copy cats thread
    Please go to the above thread to post about any Belle knock offs. There's also some copy cats (Indigo White, Lina Mariee) who have their own threads. Thanks!
    I can't find a thread about her though she was mentioned here.
    I feel like I'm gonna spam the thread if I posted everything about her in the replies and also it's an "instagram cosplayers" thread and not an "FB cosplayers" thread.
    This girl posted a cosplay of hers in Cosplay Circle, a facebook group made by Alodia for the cosplay community.
    And she was asking like which one do the people like better?
    Naturally, the people in the group were confused since she doesn't look like Kotori so they commented and actually talked with her nicely. Unfortunately, she reacts in a rather not so good manner.
    She deleted her post in Cosplay Circle and posted screenies in her wall like the cosplay community is "toxic" (When in fact she's the one who ranted).
    Even the "reacts", literally fb reacts like the angry reacts, she posted it, it's so unreasonable.
    I can't retrieve other photos since she deleted it lmao. Her white knights are actually foul-mouthed like her.
    They are quite aggressive and harasses some of the commentators with cusses and insults. They are also making racists remarks like Asians are like this and like that.
    Funny thing is that she already said that she's going to quit last January when people noticed her Dva "cosplay".
    More "cosplays" from her:

    And also her "bf" blackmails other people:
    Story accdg to src: This girl edited a Kotori photo changing Kotori's hair to violet. And people shared it around. The girl though has never cussed or called her names like slut or whore and just made a meme. That's why she was so shocked to be blamed by the whole "bullying" thing. Funny thing though, the girl is not from SG, second, she's already a graduate.
    I guess that's it since she BLOCKED everyone who are not praising her in her Facebook account so I can't really see her anymore since she labeled them as "haters".
  17. Links:
    So this girl is basically an IG fitness model. She strikes me as a nice person so I got no complaints towards that. 
    What really got people raising their eyebrows is her body's proportions: big boobs, extremely thin waist, thin legs with an ass (the waist looks ridiculous to me as well, but it's not entirely impossible, so I'm gonna give her that)
    Here's some pictures:

    Her pictures also look quite inconsistent.
    For example: 

    She denied surgery, claiming it's all natural:

    But let's be serious: her butt doesn't particularly look "muscly" to me (like hanging fat on 2 sticks). If it was indeed muscle, of course her thighs would also be much thicker. That's common logic: you work out your butt, you work out your legs. In order to lift your butt and make it bigger, you're supposed to train your legs along with it.
    So what do ya'll think? 
  18. I'm actually surprised no one made a thread for Gudeboy! He's pretty popular and I believe he garnered all of his fans from starting out on tumblr. 

    Tumblr (which has been deleted): Gudeboy.tumblr.com
    Instagram (sippystraw): https://www.instagram.com/sippystraw/?hl=en
    Youtube (wenwen): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdQwz9mm2Lxz4fFXdTN7Mvw/videos
    store: https://wenxwen.co
    Twitter (tofukink): https://twitter.com/tofukink?lang=en
    He's ftm trans and has posted a youtube video talking about his transition:
    He's an artist and a model. He doesn't post a lot of his art but he does have his own store. 
    He modeled for Omocat recently. Sorry about the cut off pictures. I can't save them or put them in another tab to take proper screenshots.
    He used to date kag0ma and they posted pictures together once (since it was a long distance relationship) but that's all been deleted by now. The aftermath of the break up was pretty messy. Since Wen deleted his tumblr I can't get screenshots of his posts but Kag0ma posted about the situation:
    Also I can't find the post that kag0ma made so if anyone can find it and put it in this thread that'd be great.
    It was basically a post made by kag0ma (Zell) that had screenshots of Wen showing Zell that he was sent a message on tumblr of a guy saying that he's been dying to meet Wen and Zell and that he would pay for their tickets to fly out to where he was and he would also pay for a threesome with them. Zell at the time was underage (17 I believe) and felt uncomfortable and assumed this was a joke so he brushed it off. He said that later Wen kept bringing it up, saying stuff like he was in need of money so he wanted to do it and at that point Zell told him outright that he didn't feel comfortable with this and Wen got upset and said something like "ok have a nice life then" and then blocked Zell on all social media outlets. Of course there is always two sides to a story, but I've only seen Zell's at this point.
    Also he responded to Knite's apology about taping his eyes: 
    Too bad Knite went back on his apology lol
    Other than his shady behavior regarding his previous relationship, he seems pretty nice. Although he appears to be one of those insta famous people that don't respond to people's messages unless they have a high follower count. Any thoughts on him?
  19. DISCLAIMER: I will refer to this person as "Natalia" throughout most of this post, for the simple sake that I feel it will make the post easier to follow.
    Natalia Taylor is a 21 year old YouTuber that was in the news a few months back for some drama surrounding her and her girlfriend Anna Campbell being outed by another YouTuber. It's also important to note that Natalia was a part of Tana Mongeau's collab channel Trash before it tanked, and that she got most of her views and subscribers from her now-deleted storytime videos about her schizophrenic father having kidnapped her.
    Over the past few months since their relationship was revealed, Natalia convinced Anna to quit her job in Boston -- she was working in a mental hospital, or at least a psych ward -- and make YouTube her full-time job, as well as having Anna move in with her in Ohio. The two even started a collab channel to chronicle their relationship.
    Just this past week, though, Natalia and Anna have broken up. In a video posted by Natalia Ashley, she said that she is going by Ashley now, her given birth name, and that "Natalia" was basically a persona she created for social media. She said that eventually the social media persona Natalia and her real-life self Ashley became blurred, and "Natalia kind of took over," and that she wants to get back to her old self. She then went on to say that she finds meaning in a figure of a tiger with its cub that she got at a yard-sale, and that she "wants a chance at a family, [...] to fall in love and start my own, and have a baby tiger."
    This part of the video in particular has people in an outrage. Ashley/Natalia is insinuating that she cannot have a family with Anna, a girl, and that she also was never in love with Anna. Moreover, the audience that she shared with Anna is pissed because Natalia broke up with Anna at the worst possible time in her life. Just a few days before they broke up, Anna uploaded a video apologizing for indefinitely stopping a series on her channel because her grandmother is dying, and Anna herself is suffering from something akin to extremely bad vertigo.
    Quite a few people that were/are fans of both Anna and Natalia have decided to become armchair psychologists and suggest that she is in the early onset of developing her father's schizophrenia, and that that is why she is thinking irrationally and finding meaning in pointless little trinkets. Obviously, that is up for debate, as is everything about her at this point.
    It might also be important to note that Natalia and Anna both cheated on their respective boyfriends with each other at the start of their relationships, so already their relationship began on questionable terms.
    Social Media:

  20. Instagram // Youtube
    20 year-old Lebanese-Egyptian model from known for his height, good facial structure, and blue eyes.Was born and raised in LebanonHas a Youtube channel where he mainly vlogs with 20k+ subscribersAlthough he claims that he has blue eyes, it's suspected that he's just using contactsWhen asked about it, he neither confirms or denies whether or not they're contactsEvidence of photoshopping in some of his picturesI wouldn't have made this thread if I hadn't noticed some snowflakey, almost entitled behavior from him. He complains about his job not paying him on time and says that he struggles with money from time to time yet he's always clubbing or shopping at brand-name stores. He even once posted a screenshot of someone from Snapchat, calling her "mentally ill" for calling him out for his lies.
  21. So some of you might have heard of this Italian Male fashion & lifestyle blogger Gian Maria Sainato on instagram.

    He has over 600k followers and notable grey eyes, But his modelling management stated it was blue http://www.menmoments.com/web/flash-interview-with-gian/ 
    but whats bugging me is His eyes seems to be fake
    it looks like some contacts but in anyway he might look great in brown rather than piercing grey but thats what makes him Popular tho, He might be included in circle of famous blogger Consisting of Mariano Divaio & Chiara Ferragni.
    oh i forgot to mention! Back then 2-3 years ago Mariano divaio was rumoured to be Gay and Gian maria was the speculated Partner of mariano.
  22. Alexa Luczak is a Polish born model who was discovered at 13 years old. She now has an established career and base in Japan, however she caught the attention of the users of prettyuglylitteliar with her down to earth personality and as Taylor R's only genuine real life friend. I was curious about her so I decided to do a bit of online research. 
    To the casual observer, she appears to have a half-Caucasian half-Asian appearance. Googling her name I found many articles and random forum posts discussing her "exotic appearance" as an ethnic Pole.
    However she is adamant that she is a "pure polish girl", as stated in her interview as the ambassador of Fresh Faces Poland 2016: 

    Link | Archive
    In a live interview, she once again iterates that she is a native to Poland, but many people mistake her as a half-Asian and that it is not her fault. The article implies that her "oriental beauty" is what attracts the most attention to her:

    Link | Archive
    Random fans also ask if she is a half Polish on instagram, and she once again states that she is "100% Polish":

    However in one interview she finally admits she was born in Poland but that she does have "a little of Asian" in her (as if it weren't obvious from her appearance):

    Instagram: alexa_luczak
  23. https://www.marioadrion.com/
    So What do you guys feel about Mario Adrion?

    Mario is a supermodel & youtuber who happens to Post beneficial contents in youtube like how to model etc but idk something about him is peculiar because it looks like he is trying hard to show his big personality to look more fun and radiant whenever hes discussing or explaining in his videos & instagram
    notably he greets with "Itsameeemariooo!"
    this is his closeup  all au naturel 
    i think hes really cute
    his height is 6'2 as stated in his wilhelmina agency http://www.wilhelmina.com/los-angeles/models/mainboard/men/1165978/mario-adrion
  24. Anyone follow Yasmine Petty? She has over 300k on IG. I read that she could be a sugar baby or is blackmailing Naomi Campbell's current boyfriend.
    I don't know much about her, but found it interesting lol. 
    Her IG - https://www.instagram.com/yasminepetty/?hl=en 

  25. First time making thread. I stumbled across this girl on Instagram today, she kind of reminds me of ... bjork (odd and similiar pixie-like face) and tsuruko (face wise). I think she's quite pretty though. All I can say is her videos are absurd? Apparently she's a model, as she does shoots and was in Nylon Japan too. She looks mixed to me, probably Asian? But details would be neat. Was wondering if anybody had more info on her?
    Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/miakerin/
    Some photos below