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  1. (Not sure if she belongs here, but go ahead and move it if it's wrong )

    So Miley has kinda been trending lately due to the VMA's and also some stupid shit she has said. Nothing new, right? 
    In case you missed it, here you go. 
    Miley was interviewed before the VMA's and Nicki Minaj was brought up, and here's her response:
    And of course, at the VMA's, Nicki brought it up:
    I feel like both of them are wrong in some ways, but what do you guys think?
    There's also other "cute" stuff that she did, such as comparing the Trayvon Martin case to the censorship of "We Can't Stop."

    She also used a transgender slur, while she's supposedly a LGBTQ+ supporter??
    I'm sure there's a shitload of other stuff, but yeah.