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  1. Post on mikan.mandarin in Little Snowflakes

    By aqt, posted
    So I found this girl while I was on Instagram. She's from Sweden but her parents are Kurdish. She lives in the UK.
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikan.mandarin/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbQIHySegAR0GlGak3_104w
    What interested me was the fact is the hashtags she uses on her posts

    She also sponsors a lot of her posts. 
    She said before that she can't get into kpop but like the music. She also said before that she used to watch anime that she doesn't watch it anymore. 
    She also sings
    She doesn't seem problematic to me, just a little weebish maybe? 
    Small summary (as of April 2020)
    - quit Bunka during her second year, citing depression, financial woes, burnout, and stress
    - seems to have poorly thought out her undergraduate degree plans, having chosen an expensive school (Bunka is over 1m a year), and is now left with no higher education
    - is continuing with Youtube and has seemingly no plans beyond being an influencer
    - is also continuing to live in Japan with no other plan, instead of returning to Europe, where there are options for her to get a free education
    - is now having visa issues due to dropping out of school, and needs to find a new visa ASAP
    - moving in with Yasu, who she's been dating for about a month, because her apartment is too cramped
    - getting a cat...
    - previously dated Hiro, who dumped her to go to the US (apparently)
    - dating Yasu, who had a gf then left said gf for Mikan (and he himself is a whole bag of problems, see first post on page 254 for a part of it)
    - even more proof that she attempted to get into escorting/ sex work apart from her foray into findom (see page 259), which isn't an issue in itself, but she played down these attempts earlier in this thread
    - asked for her last name to be blanked on screenshots from the findom site, but it's easily searchable elsewhere...
    - was a major weeaboo as a teenager (which in itself isn't an issue) but her yellow fever has carried on until now
    - attached her real name to her attempts at sex work
    - lied about the amount of weight she lost (claims she lost 8cm around her waist which an impossible amount to lose without some serious change in appearance), likely an exaggeration of some small amount of actual weight loss
    points courtesy of @CrazyDaisy