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  1. Hello! I'm new here! 
    There is this girl I came across on Instagram named Michelle Moe! She is a designer, makeup artist & hairstylists and she owns her own shop called Alien Moe. 
    She is very pretty and very good at makeup! 
    She wears a lot of wigs! 
    Also, She is Asian, but I don't know what type of Asian she is! 
    Social Websites:
    Instagram: @michellemoe & @alien_moeTumblr: http://michellemoe.tumblr.com & http://alienmoe.tumblr.com Shop: http://alienmoe.storenvy.com/Snapchat: Need To Ask For ItYoutube: Sherliza Moé (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsTyy6F3-D6RFFt7bxRqKUA)I want to know your opinion!!!
    Here is photos of her & her art: