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  1. On Pretty Ugly Little Liars we love to extract anecdotes from our daily lives to expand our perspective on various personalities online. Sadly anytime we have something to brag about, it often does not segue well into threads specifically for personalities and snowflakes. Our hope with the Boast Board is to create a sanctuary for all of our materialistic expressions.
    In this lighthearted thread you will be able to post photos of your most recent purchases, talk about your growing collections, and pretty much anything that makes you a "materialistic little shit". 

    These rules (specific for this thread) and instated to keep this thread running smoothly, and to aid loading times for mobile device users. Rules are subject to change as this thread continues to grow and we receive more feedback over time. 
    1. This thread, although quite different from the snowflake subjects on Pretty Ugly Little Liars, is still a part of the website. You must follow the general site rules to avoid a negative impact on your account.
    2. Do not quote this post. If you want to message me specifically please use a "@" followed by my username. The result of quoting this post may result in strange formatting in your reply, strange formatting in the quote, and slower loading times especially for our mobile users. As a moderator I would like to avoid having to edit your post to delete quotes of this first post.

    I have several safety tips to keep your anonymity safe on this forum. These are not requirements, merely suggestions.
    1. Do not use the same images you have already posted to social media. If you post a picture to this forum that is already on display on your Facebook (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc), there is a high chance the image can be reverse searched back to you. 
    2. Remove the EXIF data from your pictures. Most modern cameras and cell phones have GPS tracking features and will embed GPS coordinates into the file information even if GPS is turned off. To remove this data go to any EXIF data removing website such as this one. 

    Do you want to contribute to this thread but you don't know what to post? 
    1. You can post pictures of your recent purchases. (Makeup, clothes, toys, etc.) 
    2. You can post pictures of your collections such as doll collections, makeup collections, etc.
    3. You can discuss or compliment other people's posts! This is a forum after all ~
    4. You can ask questions about other people's posts. (Where did you buy that? How much did it cost? Does it work well? Do you collect xxxx?)