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  1. What do you guys think about Margarets recent videos? Or the fact that she (ironically) came back to her channel while Venus was deleted.
    Btw, has anyone seen that video of her dancing in a red dress...0 _ 0
    It can't be unseen.......
  2. Hello!
    Well I'm new to this forum, but I took the time to read in blogs the problem mother and daughter (venus and margaret). Study a little law and psychology (just a little bit).
    I also warn that I am not a supporter of any of the two women in question,
    Margaret or venus.
    But since the majority or.... if we say the majority, the people are in the venus team.
    The support on the mistreatment, the injustice the psychological damage etc that his mother has left him.
    I have some doubts about this drama that have no solution.
    Here are some real facts.
    -the channel of Venus was created in conjunction with his mother. (That's a fact, and both should receive money from the channel both Venus and his mother)
    -his mother is very overprotective (fact)
    -venus is victimized with the situation (fact can be seen in instagram post related to that)
    - her mother wrote demeaning things to her daughter in instagram and twitter. (it is a fact)
    -manaki is the husband of venus (that's a fact and she says that by tenderness she says boyfriend wtf !!! ?? it really is very rare)
    -venus is a 20-year-old woman with a small-girl mindset. (It's a fact she dresses like a little girl and thinks that she and manaki are anime characters)
    -margaret knew he would lose money if Venus left because that's why I tried to prevent her from escaping with manaki (it's a fact, that's why she did the things she did for overprotection, but think as a mother if your daughter would do that to leave with a man that only Know ... you would not try to avoid it ... but of course it's Margaret and she's crazy, so you have to attack her fatally ....)
    -If I look at Venus for the first time I will see that it is beautiful, I would not doubt that she is lying to me at all, I would think she is very innocent and a white dove.
    Already talk about facts ...
    My questions are in relation of venus (things that call my attention)
    - if I was harassing her, (to venus) because I did not call the police to raise charges about her and her harassment? (So they would have arrested her)
    "Why did Venus run away from home if he was not doing anything wrong?" (The people who run away is because they do something bad, when you break a glass and if your mother finds out you hide or run if you were challenged.this is my logic)
    -If margaret helped create the channel, I bought video camera, lighting, clothing for venus, was her manager and created events for the fans to know.
    Why venus insists that margaret does not cover money?
    -Why did venus quickly get married to manaki to get a visa? (This was planned by manaki and venus hidden from margaret)
    -Why does not Venus seek a normal job or an agency? (She is already an adult can look for a job as Taylor or Sharla or many women in the world)
    -because venus goes to instagram publications and says I'm sad, lonely?
    (Hey! Wait! It is supposed that in your youtube videos you say that you are married and happy ... venus what do you mean by that? Manaki does not make you happy?)
    "Why does not Venus have friends?" (Still ... if she's been married for 1 year and in japan ... you'll tell her mother here and there, when she's a person who can socialize with people, does not it make them strange?)
    The last thing I remember I'm not anywhere I'm very objective about it, I do not know Margaret Palermo, I do not know what she's like in her private life, I do not think so either.
    I do not know Venus, I do not know if she has sex with manaki, (haha lol) or she does not, or if Margaret really hit her like she says, or suicide. etc.
    What I did realize is that Venus thought that living with Manaki was going to change everything (like the animes) but he has realized that he has to be a wife, cook, wash the toilet, iron, create and edit His videos (which is a lot of work).
    But I think by reviewing the instagram and youtube of venus .. it is my opinion, I do not know you girls she misses her mother (the woman who made her everything), now realizes that adult life is difficult.
    I hope she can find the peace she needs and that she finds herself as a woman. (Her own personality)
    That finds its personality. (Maybe in the future will be together again who knows ... that will tell fate ... I could be angry with my mother, but inside would not stop loving her even though years pass)
    That she ceases to be the living doll ... that no longer sells. (Time passes and we age)
    Goodbye and sorry to extend this post !!
    Kisses to all! I'm new do not kill me! Ahahha  I would appreciate your answers below