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  1. Fetsu-Chan
    Instagram // Youtube // ask.fm

    She's just another typical white girl who like Japanese stuff and kawaii things. She's pretty and nice. 
    She's not a snowflake, but she often flexes (shows-off) how many kawaii figures she has or how much clothes she has, or how many wigs she has and post multiple photos on her face (just her face) on the same occasion or slightly different poses. 
    Feel free to disagree with me, but I do find her very obnoxious. She's talented in make up effects and her art is cool, but she posts wayyy too many pictures of her face. Way too many. And they don't vary much either, generally the same dopey face expression and angle. 
    Please excuse me if I may seem upfront. !!! Σ(゜ロ゜;)!!
    Recent pictures (Oct 2017):
    IRL Pictures (From around 2 years ago):
    Old Pictures:
  2. I know Kylie is young, and probably wants to hop on every trend put out there and experiment all kinds of things (comes with he age) but I really get this vibe about her, that she isn't just "unhappy" with her lips, but her whole ethnicity? Discuss....

    She has had work done. and the ways she hides behind all that hair, make-up, tan, whatever, is really sad to me? Like girl, you are too young to fuck yourself up completely, when you start them plastics you're just going to keep going...


    Like I get it you want to look like your sisters, but honey they are different ethnicity than you are.
    Also she looks hella old in that white jumpsuit photo dear god kylie look at your rich life
  3. I just saw that they're wasn't a topic about her( atleast I didn't found one) sooo I guess I'll start one.
    Bubzbeauty is a vlogger and 'beauty guru' on youtube.
    Vlog channel
    Main channel
    So, she actually one of my favourite Youtubers.  She seems like such a sweet, lovely and dorky (lol) , person. I used to just watch her main beauty channel back then, but now I only watch her vlogs... they really cheer me up. 
    I don't know if there where ever any drama about her? I follow her for like.. 3-4 years now. Can't remember anything. ... except one thing that happened a few months ago. It was about something she commented I guess? She came across as really rude.. Idk what it was exactly anymore, but she apologized in a video for it. 
    I think it was that one? 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tra0bL8EGZE (I don't know how to embed a vid OTL)
    commentary from her under the video:

    I'm sorry if there's already a topic on her. I searched on here but couldn't find anything. 
  4. Post on Edward Avila in Little Snowflakes

    By Yurika, posted
    Edward Avila
    Youtube // Instagram // Snapchat

    Edward Avila is a 26 year-old beauty guru from California currently living in South Korea. His ethnicity is Filipino. Most of his makeup tutorials are inspired by K-Pop. He also occasionally makes vlogging videos in South Korea. 
    The Kyla Controversy:
    Criticized Kyla from Pristin's weight, saying things like:"I'm surprised that they let her debut in the state that she's in...""Do I think Kyla's weight makes her a bad person? Not reeeeeeeally....""To protect the reputation of the group, she should lose weight. I can't believe she has the tenacity to go on stage and perform at that weight."Saying essentially that she would be no good for Pledis (the idol company) and would not profitable at her weightDismissed people saying that she's just 15 and not yet done developing/growingSuggests that she doesn't work hard because she is heavierGenerally just makes a ton of assumptions about the situation, saying she would be happier with herself if she lost weight, she wouldn't feel like a burden on the company/her groupmates. etc.Says that she's at an unhealthy weight, and basically makes it seem like she's extremely overweight where she just seems to be a normal weightSays that "appearance shouldn't be put before talent" but then says that Kyla's appearance matters more than whether she can sing or danceEnded up having to disable comments and the like/dislike barResponse VideoMade the video because his dad told him to make itBlamed his views on Korean beauty standardsHis Makeup Skills/Other issues:
    Makes mistakes with contouring and uses the wrong shade of foundationWhitens his skinGot a chin implant that doesn't look very goodDoesn't like taking full pictures with fans because then he can't control his anglesAt a meetup event, he gave out troiareuke cushions in a very light shade and told those who had darker skin to just "give it to a friend" (from @kifla)Gaybaiting with AooraRacism:
    Called people who experience racism in South Korea drama queensBasically dismisses racism in SK because he's never seen it and says to "Not believe all the Youtube videos out there where black people say that they experience racism in Korea because that's only THEIR experience"PULL Drama:
    Has a long history of calling out PULL on Snapchat, in videos, and elsewhereSaid a "friend" once went on PULL to stick up for him, but just ended up being a WK who was incapable of having intelligent discussion about himAlways says that his "friends" browse PULL instead of himself (lol)Hypocrisy: 
    Makes sexual comments about Wonho, but then gets angry at fans for saying sexual things about WonhoMakes fun of sensitive SJW's but then cries on snapchat/in his videos when PULL criticizes his makeupGets angry when people ship him with Aoora but then likes other comments when people refer to him as his boyfriendVideo Sample:
  5. Youtube // Instagram // Twitter // Tumblr // Twin Sister's Youtube

    Both are beauty vloggersE-Beg for moneyHave supported Jeffree Star, a known racist and the CEO of Limecrime, who has dressed up as Hitler and made racist remarksHave stolen money from their parents so that they could buy more makeupGenerally just spoiled and use their parent's money for lip fillers and other plastic surgeryWear foundation many shades lighter than their actual skin toneHas openly admitted to looking at PULLCelia claimed that she was going to make a video exposing PULL, but then didn't because people on PULL were looking forward to itWanted to "spice up" her thread on PULL so she posted fake screenshots in an attempt to stir up more dramaThis was even after some people praised the twins for doing betterMade fake accounts on PULL, trying to bait people, and exposed herself in the processBoth are Koreaboos and fetishize AsiansPossessive over Jimin and other Korean idols
  6. LINKS
    | YT (main) | YT (vlog) | Twitter | Instagram | Website | Facebook | Facebook (JP) |
    Bronwyn is a vlogger and blogger, originally from Toronto but is now in Japan and she's also lived in Korea for 2 years. For anyone curious, she's of Metis (native Canadian) and European heritage. She also currently lives with Kim Dao in Tokyo.
    Bronwyn is mainly a beauty vlogger, and her main channel is mostly dedicated to products, makeovers, tutorials, hauls etc., although she also uploads videos about her plastic surgery there. Her side channel is a K/Jvlogging one, and that's where she mainly uploads her interactions with other vloggers and Tokyo/ Seoul, mainly Kim, Taylor, Sharla, and Laura (Bambi Luna).
    One thing that garnered some negative attention for Bronwyn was this video:
    Largely because of her reasons to get botox, which was a combination of "it's on sale" + "why not" + "this will be a good vlog to make to show you guys".
    Another thing possibly problematic:
  7. *She is a public figure and as this is my first post and I may make a mistake of placing this thread in the wrong forum (please correct me)
    *I apologise if there is already a thread about her but I couldn't find it so I have made one. I also don't intend to bash or mock anyone.
    PONY 포니 (Makeup Artist) Park Hye Min 박혜민
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ponymakeup
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIxWNvxD7Xr/?taken-by=ponysmakeup&hl=en
    She is a celebrity makeup artist and Korean beauty Youtuber.
    She was also a popular ulzzang that released many graphic makeup tutorials several years ago.
    PONY is likeable, hard-working, and has nothing bad on her record until the makeup brushes scandal this year.
    She annouced that she had taken inspiration from many magnetic makeup brushes
    to produce her own line of 'unique' magnetic makeup brushes.
    However many claim an undeniable similarity between her brushes and the
    original magnetic makeup brushes patented by Rae Morris (MUA).
    Link to the collective info in regards to the scandal: http://lostinpretty.com/2016/04/pony-effects-magnetic-brush-line-and-rae-morris/
    As I wish to remain as unbiased as possible my only comment is: What a cunning and lucrative business woman!

    Also , her appearance has been confusing me for a while.
    It may be due to her great skill in makeup,
    as I always see that the shape of her nose is changing.
    Here are some old and recent photos of her.
    *update : @aripenko contributed "She has admitted to doing her nose, it's somewhere on Pannchoa." 
    Old photo:

    Recent photo:

    Old photo 

    Recent photo

  8. John Kuckian
    Youtuber who does gossip videos (on makeup gurus & Youtubers, specifically). I don't know too much about him, besides the fact that he apparently has some sort of beef with Sanders Kennedy (they're rivals) and Jeffree Star. I've watched several of his videos and, personally, I don't find him to be all that entertaining. His sense of "humor" isn't very funny to me, his content is eh, and he honestly is quite corny/over-the-top at times, to the point of it being cringey. But that's just my opinion.
    - social media links -
    Youtube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
  9. so like idk if there's any thread about her but her name is Hayley Bui, and I supposed she's an IG famous based on the amount of likes/followers she has.
    IG @hayley_bui

    funny and strange thing is that her last name is 100% vietnamese but her 'current' looks are nowhere near a vietnamese OR Asian... I don't have anything against her or do I know her personally to say/judge but I just find it 'odd' so i'm curious as to what do you guys think ??
    usually people don't leave much of their old photos laying around when their popularity exploded so i could only find these photos as the closest to what she used to look like 'before' IG famous ? lol idk tbh. but yeah, you guys get the idea. i can't seem to remember which photos i saw, but i remember seeing a few people asking her what's her ethnicity, so some other people mentioned that's she's full viet. i think she prob did answered it once or a few times before that she's viet. and some found it hard to believe that she's asian from all her pictures o__o


    i find her really pretty for a vietnamese girl since i'm viet myself but to see from her before & after (of back then and now), i find it all a little too odd. I still think she's pretty tho but i mean... i don't see anything viet or asian about her besides that very last name in her IG handle lol.. even my boyfriend and coworkers thought she was like hispanics or something until i pointed out that she's viet. they think its her lips but i mean I'm no expert so i can't really tell but she definitely has that typical IG baddie or IG famous girls kind of look ? lol I'm actually really jealous of her makeup skills tho, i need me some of that skills lol
    oh, she mentioned this is her cousin and idk about anyone, but he looks 100% asian so... 

    again, i don't have shit against her or hate her in any ways, just curious if anyone knows anything about her since i don't see any thread relates to her and seeing how big of a following she has, I'm just curious haha 
    if there's already a thread, can someone link it and we'll just close this thread. thanks!
  10. Post on Jackie Aina in Online Personalities

    By mommy, posted
    Jackie is "just another beauty guru" for some people but there seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding her lately so I figured a thread is warranted. Just wanted to put it out there that I'm a fan of her, so my summary could be a biased. If I'm stepping out of line, lemme know.
    https://www.youtube.com/user/lilpumpkinpie05 | https://twitter.com/jackieaina | http://instagram.com/jackieaina
    Jackie Aina is a YT beauty guru. She's famous for her trends we're ditching videos, being political and outspoken about social issues (as a woman of color), and her mostly unbiased beauty reviews.
    The Jeffrey Star Drama
    The "controversy" first came when Jackie posted about being blocked by Jeffrey Star blocking her on Twitter.

    People were speculating that she was blocked because of an anti-haul video that she made featuring the entire Jeffrey Star Cosmetics brands.
    IMO she was very professional and respectful here. She doesn't have a huge issue with him personally but she just can't support the brand because of his very anti-black sentiments in the past and the fact that he never (truly) publicly apologized for them. This was before Joffrey's "RACISM" video.
    I have posted about Joffrey's response on his thread here:

    Another link to some of the tweets. He basically called Jackie an irrelevant rat, called her channel "stale" and says she's just using his name for more views, and "leaked" the fact that she hasn't paid her taxes in three years and that she's getting married in December. He was also very quick to delete most of his tweets.

    Her response to Jeff's RACISM video.2013 SCAM ACCUSATIONS People have been bringing up her "drama" from 4 years ago. She set up GoFundMe supposedly to help fund her beauty school tuition (for a cosmetology license) and for rent, since her best friend and roommate passed away. People had been accusing her of not really using the pledges for school but rather for vacation trips to different countries.  thi
    I went to the CA barbering and cosmetology website, searched for her and found one Jacquelyn Aina, with these details:
    Expiration Date:01/31/2018Original Issuance Date:01/11/2014The GoFundMe was created August 11, 2013, and she posted this August 18:
    I personally believe it checks out.
    Jackie was invited to the KKW Beauty launch at the Kardashian home. This is her review:
    I think the review is very honest. She says she appreciates the brand simply because it's one of the very few that caters to her skin tone. She did say she won't purchase the kit herself, because it's very expensive given the amount of product. She says the sponge applicator was useless but the brush was good for blending out the product. She loved and praised the highlight. She also believes that Kim helped launched the trend of contouring but the release of her brand is very late because contour kits have been overdone.
    I believe that it's one of the few videos that wasn't completely kissing Kim's ass. That's why when Kim posted several photo sets with her and the personalities that came to her launch and Jackie was the only one who wasn't tagged, people were quick to assume that it's because her management was shading her for her review.
    Jackie touched on this on his IG live saying that not being tagged was kinda shady but she wasn't really bothered because she didn't really expect to be posted at all. She's also saying that it "backfired" because most of the comment section is mentioning and tagging her. I think she meant that if Kim's (or her management's) purpose was to not give her exposure (it's Kim K, a simple tag in her IG means a lot), it backfired because she's getting more publicity than any of the other personalities posted.
    5 days later, Kim cleared the whole thing up.

    And Jackie responded:

    I thought Kim K was very professional, and given her popularity, she didn't even have to respond to this, but she did. I honestly find Jackie more shady. I think she knew that drama was going to give her more views, and when her fans was attacking Kim on the comments section (not all of them, but a number), she kept quiet.
    That's all I have on her. What do you guys think?
    Since a lot of people seem to like her, I figured I'd start a Lunestelle thread!
    I thought it'd be good for her to have a thread for herself outside the shadow of her tormentor.

    I found a Twitter but it looks old. : @hernameiskelly (her name apparently is Kelly??? ok 🤷)

    Lunestelle / Belle Maureen / Kelly? is a Socal insta girl/ youtuber.
    Mostly posts soft pastel vintage books nature fairy images to Instagram and lookbooks, DIYs, makeup tutorials, etc. to Youtube. Her bullet journal video is pretty cute.

    Tbh I wish her camera and mic quality were better because girl is cute! but her actual videos are kinda fuzzy. Just nitpicking.

    Had some bullying drama where a certain other bigger Youtuber accused her of copying her style, even though there was evidence to the other way around. However, that youtuber's fans still haunt Belle's every online move.
    UPDATE: More evidence came out about Lunestelle copying Kenna, and now it's looking like less than coinkydink tbh.

    Has copied various outfit themes, same mugs, same candles, same flowers, etc. The copying goes both ways and it is weeeeeird.
  12. I've seen this girl on my instagram 'explore' page a lot lately.
    I don't know if she uses too much photoshop, or maybe she got some plastic sugery (maybe lips and nose..?), or she just changed naturally.
    Anyway, she is way different from a couple years ago. Here are some pics from 2015/2016:
    This is her now:
    Her lips looks a lot bigger and her nose smaller. Maybe it's just makeup, I don't know.
    Anyway, I think she is cute and seems nice as well. 

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eve.frsr/
  13. Instagram // Youtube // Twitter

    Basic Info:
    Huda Kattan is a self-made businesswoman who started as a beauty blogger guru. That being said, she excludes men from makeup, rarely posts people of color, is homophobic, denied her plastic surgery up until 2015, and her eyelashes include mink while she says they're vegan.
    Excluding men from makeup: [x], [x],Racism: [x], [x], [x], [x]Lying about her plastic surgery: [x]Fake veganism: [x], [x]Before and after surgery:
    Fake vegan eyelashes:
    Sarah ThereseBeauty Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzG_U6DKG4leD3s0TWI7P2g
    Vlog Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/YoungMamaVlogs 
    Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/sarahtheresev/
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/SHeartsSparkle
    Cooking blog : https://sarahthereseyt.wixsite.com/deliciousendeavours

    Sarah Therese is a Canadian beauty guru, she's married, mother to Ivy and Calvin and believes in God (you'll see later how that's relevant). She's a stay at home mother and Youtube is her second job. She doesn't call herself Vegan but mostly plant based so her recipes follow that code (even though she hasn't updated her blog for a while).
    There are a few concerns about her
    Subscriber/views ratio.So, as you can see, she has almost 300k subscribers but a video published more than seven months ago can't hit 14k views. Don't know if that's realistic, smells fishy to me.
    She had a bit of a drama surrounding that video of hers:A few non-christian people considered it offensive.
    She also allegedly claimed that vaccines cause autism but I can't find the video (was in november 2016).A few people say she deletes comments criticising her.THE "I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANIMALS" DRAMA
    On september the 4th, 2018, Sarah published this video :
    She stated a few problematic things :
    She doesn't care about animals. But not in a "I am not an animal person" kind of way. In the way that, because they don't have souls, and even though she perfectly knows they feel and suffer, she doesn't care about their suffering. It's not a bad thing because God put them on earth to serve humans (she says). She didn't love her pets as a child, laughed when a goldfish died in front of her, didn't mind the real life torture of animals in Cowspiracy.She is anti choice (wich means anti abortion).She eats vegan only for the health benefit (wich is only problematic for the vegans here but I still put it here because there are vegans here).The comments turned apeshit. Not only for the non-being-vegan part but, obviously, because her lack of compassion and empathy are kinda scary.

    A lot of christians stated that even though Sarah claims to be sooo religious, her lack of empathy and love for the entirety of creation isn't right before her God. And there was a wave of unsubscribers. Then, on septembers the sixth, 2018, she published an "explanation" video.
    She backpedaled real hard, contradicted herself like ever before and blatlantly lied. Pretending she is just "bad with words" and we didn't understand she just "didn't desired to own a pet". Wich is obviously not what she said in the first video at all. She ranted about people judging even though they don't buy ethically enough and don't care about mudered babies.
    And people got angry again. Because not only had they seen that she is scary, they also realised she is a liar and dishonnest. 

    And also, she was salty about the loss of subscribers... wich only got worse after the second video.

    To be continued...
  15. Evelina Forsell
    So she's not someone I follow closely, rather little I'd say so I was shocked to discover her transformation.
    She went from this:

    To this:

    She has some great makeup tutorials:
    But I'm still rather shocked with the transformation. Sometimes she doesn't look... well, look. But to be frank, I dig this free form of expression, I'm trying to go down this lane myself. I wonder how much she photoshops. She seems to have an outrageously long neck. 
    Oh and she's pro cruelty free makeup!
    And charity!
    Feel free to discuss. Maybe she did something shady or does obvious photoshop but I've missed it? 

  16. Alex Dorame
    Age: 19
    Collab channels one and two
    Alex is a  “scene/emo” YouTuber that’s been around August 2014 and has +480,000 subscribers.  
    She posts hair/makeup tutorials, dare videos and other basic scene kid content on her main channel. Alex is dating Johnnie Guilbert of ‘Til Death Do We Part’.
    Both of them are involved with the collab channels Our World Away and My Digital Escape.
    She shoops her nose for sure (I lowkey feel like she edits her face in other ways but I'm not good at spotting it.)
    Here are some photos for comparison.
    Blatantly copies Leda
    Alex wanted to be friends with Leda and they even met once

    (notice how similar the makeup is lol)
    I'm not sure what happened with that though cuz it was only that one time.
    But apparently Alex hates Leda. Kyle is an ex co-worker so take what you from this video
    Long story short Alex talks shit about Leda because it’s rumored that Johnnie broke up with Alex to get with Leda.
    (starts at 2:00)
    Johnnie and Leda use to be friends but don’t follow each other or hang out anymore.
    Presumably because of the drama mentioned above

    I'll add more stuff as i find it. This is my first topic post, hope i did okay
  17. Here is a place where we can discuss botched/failed plastic surgery.
    Many people dislike the way they look. To fix that, some decide to undergo plastic surgery.
    Sometimes everything does not go well.
    Girl talks about her failed double-eye lid surgery:
    What is plastic surgery?
    According to Wikipedia
    Here are a few examples of botched plastic surgery.
    Some examples of extreme plastic surgery.
    This is a Korean short film pertaining to the topic (don't watch if you don't like scary/horror like videos)
  18. Sondos Al Qattan
    Instagram // Twitter // Youtube

    Sondos Al Qattan is an influencer from Kuwait with over 2 million followers on instagram. She was mostly popular in Gulf Arab countries for posting photos of her outfits and makeup looks but recently she's become notorious among Filipinos for complaining about recent law changes in Kuwait that give more rights to domestic workers. 
    Some comments she has made on the Filipino workers:
    Here is the video of her in Arabic that caused the whole controversy: https://youtu.be/K8wBtk9G5Ks 
    For a quick introduction, Philip Defranco talked about the situation on his 7/24/2018 show:
    The reason for posting this on PULL is because I remember the incident when Lily May Mac was exposed for tweeting some pretty racist things and everyone ganged together to tag her sponsors and end her career. I was hoping we would do the same to this lady. What she said and what she represents is downright sickening, the only thing that would stop enabling these people is if we hurt them where it matters to them the most -their wallet. Are there any Arabic speakers here who could contact people she works with? From what I seen, she works with Anastasia Beverly Hills so we could start with that. 
  19. Thought I'd make a topic about native Korean beauty Youtubers in general since I haven't seen a topic like this yet and I know not many of these Youtubers have enough tea for their own thread.
    Feel free to share who are your favorites, discuss any drama, who you don't like, etc.
    Yoon Charmi 
    Youtube | Instagram

    31 year old makeup, hair, and life hacks Youtuber with more than 900k subscribers. Has a more loud and comedic style to her videos.
    - Released a makeup line with A'pieu
    - Friends/collaborated with controversial Korean beauty Youtuber ssin (her own thread)
    - Used a dark foundation to change her skin color for her Moana tutorial

    Youtube | Instagram

    Started off as a BJ (broadcast jockey) on AfreecaTV and moved to Youtube gaining almost 2 million subscribers. 
    - Famous for resembling K-Pop singer, Sunmi
    - Becoming well-known in mainstream media showing up on Korean entertainment shows like Radio Star
    Youtube | Instagram

    Gained popularity for being one of the only Korean Youtubers to embrace tan skin and be vocal about colorism in Korea.
    - Collabing with Holika Holika to release darker shades of foundations.

    (Side note: I appreciate how she doesn't use filters in her videos and actually shows her skin texture)
    Yoo's Beauty
    Youtube | Instagram

    Yoo Hee-Joo: Model who first got popular on Instagram then turned to Youtube. Speaks fluent Spanish from living in Colombia.
    Nothing much for me to share about her but I just noticed her lips have been getting bigger these days. I always thought she was somewhat of a natural beauty (if anyone can prove me wrong that she's natural let me know because I suck at identifying cosmetic surgeries) and her lips were definitely the focal point but now I think she's going a bit overboard with the fillers 



  20. Post on Lillee Jean in Little Snowflakes

    By Ciri, posted
    Lillee Jean is an 18yr old "beauty guru" with 1m instagram followers, and a youtuber with 3k subscribers.
    By that, I mean, 1m instagram followers directly from one of those apps you can buy followers on. And, allegedly, this is all thanks to mommy-dearest.
    Her posts don't attain the likes someone with that size following would be expected to have.
    Lillee doesn't get jack shit in terms of engagement. It doesn't add up to her following. She's even VERIFIED. 
    Screenshots (NOTE: The likes were MUCH lower until many people started calling her out for her antics. Seems like she buys likes, too.
    It seems like Lillee and her mother have a productive pass-time of creating fake accounts for both her youtube channel (currently 3k subs) and her instagram in order to offer some *pOsItIvE vIbEs* to her youtube videos and instagram posts. You'll notice it's about the same three accounts hopping to the defense when anyone calls out Lillee for follower-botting. She also responds to her "haters" in a super immature way.
    Screenshots in spoiler:
    Allegedly, Lillee and her mother are also very proud of the fact that they copyright-strike anyone who uses even a snippet of her in a Youtube video.
    (there's a tweet somewhere that I cannot find to save my life. It might have gotten deleted)
    Lillee has (two times to my knowledge) lied about collabs with companies. The two being a collab with Bite cosmetics (about a lipstick), and a promo with Covergirl.
    Bite: Lillee went into a Bite store, mixed her own lipstick, and claimed it was a collab. Allegedly, Bite actually contacted to her and told her to stop. Her posts have disappeared on the topic.
    Covergirl: Lillee portrayed this as she was the face of a Covergirl cover (screen? TV? Thing?) in New York. Allegedly, she was only on that billboard/ad because she won a contest. Not because Covergirl contacted her directly.