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  1. I started a youtube channel and I am wondering what kinds of videos people would be interested to see. I have things in mind like ombre lips, eyeliner, and contour videos but if anyone has unique ideas comment to let me know...
    I also just made my first video today so let me know what you think of it..
  2. Post on Doll eyes makeup. in Beauty & Fashion

    By gone, posted
    So, please please please don't bash me! 
    Knowing that both of Dakota and Taylor R are one, extremely edited. two, maybe or maybe not have some nipping and tucking done.
    But I really do like their makeup styles (when it comes to their eyes, brows and puffy eyes) and how clear their skin seems to be after applying makeup. 
    A few looks I like:
    I need a bit of help to be honest, because, I Mr.Takeo even though I have these hollowed looking lips (lol) suck at makeup so badly and I need to practices. so I need the help of you guys and makeup pros out there(??)
    - I'm looking for tutorials (images or video) that can match the makeup style of Dakota & Taylor's techniques.
    - My skin is mixed so its oily and dry I'm seeking a full coverage foundation or bb cream that can help me out and last longer  and also blush</3
    -No matter how many times I scrub my lovely hollowed lips they get dry and chapped even though I drink a letter of water a day (maybe because of the lipsticks and glosses I use) @@ 
    - Tutorials for more thicker brow shapes to look more innocent (like Korean brows?)
    Please do post videos and pictures that you found helpful and might help me out here 
    Your help and suggestions are very appropriated!

    I rarely make threads unless it's worth my time but I feel like this girl has officially made it into the bad shoop hall of fame. Obviously she uses Facetune which is even worse for editing to extremes. My favorite edits are her chin shoops since she has started to straight up get rid of it. I still believe we should have a guru general thread, but this chick really deserves a spot of her own, despite her being uninteresting. (And Guru Gossiper doesn't have a lot of IG guru's. :c)
    Here's a before and after of the lulz.
    Pre-Followers purchase:
    After-followers purchase: 
    I say followers purchase because there was som speculation about the random iinflux and inconsistency between likes and follower ratio. Now it's harder to tell but her pictures still bring me great laughter. The downside is that she's someone who is really not all that great at makeup but edits her pictures to a point that you can't tell. Obviously she knows this so she had to create an image that fit within the instagram aesthetic. The part that does enrage me, however, is that she sometimes edit her clients pictures as well. (Because when she doesn't, you can see how bad she actually is.)
    Her biggest offence is making medium toned people fifty shades lighter than their actual skintone. (She also has a habit of throwing fifty colors together, throwing on some gemstones, and calling it avant garde...)
     And just to flavor up the thread, have some of my favorite edits.
    Honestly, edits and over-the-top makeup doesn't make you a snowflake so I didn't put her in the snowflakes section. My problem is her "I'm super sassy and talented and drink expensive champagne" attitude. You have to remember that these guru's are the ones who get free products and clients and it isn't cool that they're now lying to us more than they used too. There's nothing wrong with editing out a pimple or fixing the lighting. But these people who are getting thousands of followers and fans don't realize that girls like this are 100% fake. I'm not sure if she admits to editing because I don't really care anymore. Even if you admit to it, editing to this extent isn't positive.  Anyways, just thought I would share her because I rarely get annoyed by random mua's but this one really takes the cake for fake.
    Have a bonus picture of some random girl she posted with a shape-shifting butt.

  4. Hi. I am a girl that has always been interested in fashion and beauty. I love to wear cute and feminine clothes, but I try not to go overboard and wear very little jewelry and bling. I get criticized by my family members and 'friends' on how I dress and look. I used to be very snowflakey during my early teen years and I've tried to be more like myself. Some of the fakeness is still left on me though, and I can't seem to get rid of the small speck that it has left on me. I have gotten rid of all my social media accounts and friends and have just been focusing on school and my career. Whenever I wear something cute and put on my circle lenses with a little makeup, I always hear, "Stop begging for attention!", or "Why don't you be yourself? You look weird with those eyes and that hair!". I am very shy and avoid people because they immediately insult me or treat me like a rich bitch (Even though I'm not). I just want to look cute without being fake or being picked on by others. I would really appreciate some advice on this topic, or you can share your story. Here are some pictures of what I usually wear and my makeup style. (None of these photos belong to me or have me in it.)

  5. Okay, so he's not in anyway a snowflake, BUT he is an absolutely amazing makeup artist, I've honestly learned so much just from his youtube channel. WHat do you guys think of him?
  6. I was talking about this with some of my friends and one of them said over $1k a year and the other said "like probably $100". So I was curious, what's spending too much on clothes for you people? Because most of my clothes are hand me downs from my mother and i usually don't shop that much in a year. I bought a $60 dress and i felt like i cant buy anything more this year lol. Am i cheap?
    and with makeup, i dont buy anything except drug store usually and all the high end stuff i get are gifts. One girl i know spent like over $600 on MAC and sephora.
  7. hi! i havent posted anything in a lil while and i was lurking through the forum and came across the beauty/fashion section and i thought i'd share something. 
    i recently purchased the nivea men's post-shave balm because i had noticed NikkieTutorials uses it as her primer in almost every video of hers, and she also raves about it and really has never said anything bad about it. I applied it before my makeup yesterday, i washed and toned my face like usual but this time i skipped moisturizer and regular primer and just went straight to the shave balm before my base and the results were honestly amazing. even 8 or so hours later my foundation looked really nice, and i even noticed i looked less shiny than usual around really oily areas. also, today, just waking up..my face feels really soft and nice, i dont know if its because of the balm but i love it.
    overall i reaaaaaaaallllllllllyyy recommend it! 
  8. Hello Everyone! I was wondering was being Gyaru still a popular? Cause alot of the popular "gaijin gals" have kinda moved on from being gal and alot of the gyaru groups are dead. I've noticed alot of people tagging themselves as "gyaru" but dont look gyaru at all.  Now that my makeup techniques have gotten better over the years. I wanted to try being gyaru again. 
     Harutamu is my favorite!!

  9. I was experimenting with makeup, and found a way to imitate Dakota's look. I thought you guys might be interested, so I figured I'd share it with you all. /edited out link because self promotion is against our rules - johndoe
    Yes, that's me in the picture. I look really different without makeup, and I don't lie about using Photoshop  

    Instagram: mxvhelle
    Tumblr: mxvhelle.tumblr.com
    Snapchat: michellejiafang
    20 y/o ish chinese/korean(she speaks korean chinese & english) i think? I found her on tumblr and I really like her fashion sense & makeup.... by looking at her ig posts you can tell she travels quite often too...
  11. I'm so happy Kawaii Pateen has been uploading make up tutorial with Harutam from the Black Diamonds. Even though her makeup skills aren't that good I still like watching her. (Harutam is my favorite) lol
    Do you guys like their channel?
  12. Hey this is my first post here, kind of making it out of a slight anger! And don't know what i'm really doing, if you already have a post on this girl you can delete this because i don't know what i'm doing! I found this girl whom goes by Kinashen on instagram. I think she's photoshopped to hell and back, considering her face and body change with every photo plus her skin is overly smooth to make her look like an alien... It makes me very upset seeing these girls comment "OMG GOALS" when she's so fake! I don't understand how people can't see it? 
    I did message publicly on her IG photo that i don't believe she's a real person so I asked her to post a video, her response was "lol"... Then of course I got the few comments for her fans that i'm the one with a sad, ugly life to think kawaii goddess kinashen isn't real and tottally looks like her photos! 
    See for yourselves! her ig https://www.instagram.com/kinashen/?hl=en
    some photos (notice how her facial shape changes in every one...)

  13. Post on Everyday makeup in Beauty & Fashion

    By Sorin, posted
    I am really into makeup these days and since i started going to university i wear makeup more often than before. But i prefer natural no-makeup,makeup look.
    -for base makeup i just use foundation or bb cushion.
    -Then powder to set it since my skin is oily asf
    -and i use blusher lightly on my cheeks
    -and then i just use one eyeshadow all over my eyes.
    -and then lastly i use a liptint or lipstick and my makeup is done
    Please share your makeup steps and products with me 💕 Would love to read about you guys

  14. Post on Lips? in General Discussion

    By Chrysanthemum, posted
    I was bored and decided to go put on makeup before work. I accidentally drew the lipstick over my real lips and I kid you not, I looked like one of those Kylie Jenner IG chicks.   
  15. Post on Sosenka in Online Personalities

    By crashtoast, posted
    Hey PULL ! I noticed Sosenka doesn't have a thread yet so I thought I would make one because she deserves to be more popular !
    She's a polish girl and does SFX makeup and cosplay as an amateur. She loves to impersonate various characters from Disney princesses to LOL characters (her favorite game) and is very good at crosscosplaying as well !
    She seems very sweet, always polite with her followers and she takes some requests as well. We don't know much of her life, I think she has actually been called out for cultural appropriation or even blackface... That's always the big question regarding cosplay, should a white person be allowed to impersonate a black character ? Not that I want to get into this debate (mainly because as a white person I believe that it's not mine to give my opinion about it) but just thought I'd let you know. Anyway, here are her social links and some pictures that I picked.
    Facebook page
    Impressive, right ?? 
  16. Post on Zell/ kag0ma in Online Personalities

    By Lina, posted
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kag0ma/ 
    YouNow: https://www.younow.com/kagoma/channel 
    Tumblr: http://kagoma.tumblr.com/ 
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008998842667&fref=ts 
    Peach: Sang0 
    I was wondering what you all think of this new dude on the rise. Only 4k followers on Instagram, but something's off about his eyeliner. 
    (Sorry if this is in the wrong topic)
    (Answer Key: It goes off into his hair.. And newer pictures suggest his lip color is edited on too?)
    And I just figured out he has his amazon wishlist in the caption.
    I guess free is free, though.
  17. i've been trying to find a cushion foundation that doesn't make my face ashy and haven't had any luck so far. 
    i like cushion foundation because i find them cute and convenient instead of pump foundation and whatnot, and specifically korean brands are very easy to find in my country so i thought it would be nice to try one out to. i tried my friend's foundation once but it was WAY too ashy for me (and her skin tone is darker than mine but she still uses it lol).
    does anyone know a specific cushion foundation with decent coverage that would match an olive/light tan skin tone?
    i am someone with veryyyy oily skin. I use oil free moisturizer and even do a good skincare but still my face gets oily. When i wear makeup it starts to get oily after 2 hours even when i set my makeup with a good powder. I also use matte foundation but still my face gets really oily.I get oily around my forehead,nose and cheeks area. 
    The oil makes my face look really dewy,shiny from far but when you come near it kind of looks dicusting. Few people have even asked me what foundation i am using😂😂 because they like the dewy look. I like the natural dewy look but I hate how my face gets super oily soon after the makeup application. 
    Does this happen to anyone? Or am i the only one with this problem?? And please share some tips if you have any😫

  19. What is your favourite or even signature scent?
    I personally like those powdery, vintage, your-rich-grandmas-closet kind of fragrances.
    Or very fresh and clean scents
    Do you commit to one fragrance or do you have a scent for every occasion? 
    This is my little collection:
    Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege

    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

    Chloe EDP

    Loulou and Eden by Cacharel

    and Alien by Thierry Mugler

    What's yours?
  20. I have dry lips all year round and I don't know what to do to stop my lips from peeling.
    can anyone recommend any products please? such as a lip scrub that doesn't have a strong scent and a lip balm that actually works. 
    if you recommend me any products that are inexpensive I will be so happy!
  21. I've been getting into palettes lately and figured I'd start a topic. I'm always looking for new unique color combinations, and I'm curious what other people enjoy. Anyone have any favorite palettes? brands? color combinations? I'm all ears!

    As for me, I've been enjoying the hell out of ABH's modern renaissance palette, but I've been looking around for something in the cooler color spectrum, since I pull those off a bit better. 
  22. I noticed there wasn't a thread about James Charles, and I thought I would make one considering all the drama around him lately lol.
    For those who don't know who he is:
    James Charles is a 17 year old makeup """artist""" from New York. He rose to e-fame when a tweet he made about re-taking his senior photos with his own ring light went viral, and he became the first male spokesperson for cosmetics brand Covergirl. His tweet was later exposed by ex friend Thomas Halbert as fake.
    Recently he found himself in some hot water when he made some distasteful ebola jokes when talking about a trip to South africa he was taking with his school. He has also made other racist comments in the past. He's friends with Jeffree Star though so who's surprised, really. 
    Aaaand most recently he managed to make a laughing stock of himself at an event, as despite being a makeup artist, he apparently has no idea how to apply makeup for cameras, and photos of him looking like cream cheese were released. 
     And that's the basics surrounding him, there's so much more I could put in but I didn't wanna be super nitpicky haha
  23. Website: http://www.kellyeden.net/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kellyeden/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kellyEden
    Tumblr: http://kellyeden.tumblr.com/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KellyEdenOfficial/
    Couldn't find this chick in the search function, so I'll post her. She's a vlogger, makeup lover, has interesting pastel fashion. She's also housemates with a gothic girl who also has a channel. I'm really fond of her look and personality. She has awesome tattoos. She's an art major, former tattoo artist, occasional model.
  24. Post on Taylors fashion in Taylor R

    By potatofries, posted
    I thought maybe people wanted to discuss her fashion-not just clothes but her makeup and hairstyles too- She has some really cute hairstyles and outfits. (lmao sometimes that orange puffy jacket was crazy) I think she looks really good when she wears those short dresses and I like some of her repeated outfits like the overalls or the tight long sleeves paired with high waisted jeans. I think asain fashion looks good on her
  25. Post on Taylor makeup in Taylor R

    By Ambie, posted
    Another one of my humble attempts to declutter the "general" and "video" threads, as advice for her to change her makeup, people being fed up of her doing the same stuff for years, demand for a "get ready with me" video etc. is a recurring theme.
    Hope this will help people looking for specific info and save them time, and avoid the same questions and discussions being discussed over and over in the above mentioned threads.
    I really don't know much about makeup, so whatever you want me to edit & add to this first post, just comment below with the precise info and link!!
    Nail video, which got some very good comments on PULL!