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  1. I know Kylie is young, and probably wants to hop on every trend put out there and experiment all kinds of things (comes with he age) but I really get this vibe about her, that she isn't just "unhappy" with her lips, but her whole ethnicity? Discuss....

    She has had work done. and the ways she hides behind all that hair, make-up, tan, whatever, is really sad to me? Like girl, you are too young to fuck yourself up completely, when you start them plastics you're just going to keep going...


    Like I get it you want to look like your sisters, but honey they are different ethnicity than you are.
    Also she looks hella old in that white jumpsuit photo dear god kylie look at your rich life
  2. Logan Paul
    Youtube (Daily Vlogs) // Youtube (Official) // Instagram // Twitter // Vine // Merch Shop

    Logan Paul is the 22 year old brother of fellow Youtuber Jake Paul who initially rose to fame on the video sharing platform Vine. He is known for his high-energy daily vlogs where he describes his day-to-day life. He also makes music videos and diss tracks, and has been in some movies. His behavior in his vlogs is considered to be obnoxious and immature by many, thus leading to the majority of his fans being under the age of 15. He calls his fans the "Logang."
    Faking Colorblindness
    In late November 2016, Logan uploaded a vlog showing himself wearing special colorblind glasses and seeing the sunset for the first time. His reaction is a bit exaggerated and was parodied by other Youtubers such as H3H3 and iDubbbzLogan's video was picked up by several media outlets, citing it as inspirational and movingSoon after, people began to call out Logan for faking his colorblindness since months before in previous videos, he had been able to identify colors he claimed to not be able to seePrior to Logan uploading his colorblind video, another Youtuber known as TheProGamerJay (Who is known for lying and clickbaiting) released a video where he wore special glasses and saw color for the first time. Logan may have seen the success of this video, and tried to emulate it by faking colorblindness. Comment discussing the many contradictions with Logan's colorblindness:Aokigahara Forest Suicide Victim
    On January 1st, 2018, Logan uploaded a vlog of him and his friends in Japan. In this vlog, they were going on a trip to the Aokigahara forest, which is infamous due to it being a popular place for young people to commit suicide.Video summary, since the original was deleted and many probably don't want to watch it (tw; suicide):
    Reaction to this video was extremely negative from everyone except his fans. Mainstream celebrities, such as Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad even condemned the video. Youtubers like Pewdiepie, H3H3, and Philip Defranco.Pictures of reactions under the spoiler (tw, one shows the thumbnail)
    Logan later releases a response after receiving backlash for the vlog:
    Later, Logan released an apology video on his twitter.

    Pictured: Logan Paul, reminiscing on that sweet, sweet view count
    Phillip DeFranco discusses the entire situation in the first part of his 1/3/2018 episode, if you'd rather watch that then read through this post: 
  3. Post on Halsey in Online Personalities

    By bekah, posted
    so. we all know halsey, the new alt-pop princess. she's bisexual, mentally ill, biracial, a synesthete, and has suffered from drug addiction, poverty, and homelessness.
    now i'm not doubting her claims of being bisexual and bipolar. she's stated multiple times that she's received a professional diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and sexuality is something everyone should decide for themselves. and she's actually biracial too, she's just very white-passing. there are pictures of her with her parents, and her father is very clearly african-american.
    the thing i'm here to talk about is her ~sad backstory~. she's crafted this entire persona to appeal to the tumblr-girl market, and it worked. unfortunately, her story is...untrue, to say the least.
    first off - the haylor days
    halsey claims to have grown up listening to bright eyes and the arctic monkeys, but anyone who's familiar with her real backstory knows her real musical obsession - One Direction. when she was younger (17-18) she stanned them to an extreme degree, even having her entire blog focus on it. 
    yeesh. now, it's not like this is necessarily bad, just a little embarrassing, but the juicy bit comes next. so, as we know, halsey is extremely anti slut-shaming (as she should be!) and constantly brings up these important issues on twitter. but...she released two songs dedicated to the relationship between harry styles and taylor swift, and both of these songs slut-shame taylor to a cringey degree. (a lot of people excuse this as her being a dumb kid, but she was already 18 when the second song, SOS, was released.) i'll put a link to the more embarrassing song in the spoiler.
    Now, this part of her past is kinda cute in a way. We've all done dumb shit before, and it's nice to know that Halsey is ~real~ I suppose. The real gross part shows up when we delve into the backstory she's created for herself. Here are some quotes from numerous interviews about her past -
    "I wasn't a social-media kid," she says. "I wasn't a Viner, a YouTuber, a blogger, anything."
    Her phone service had been cut off. She had no health insurance. Her friends would pool their money to split a $1 slice of pizza (...)
    "I remember one time I had $9 in my bank account,"
    Before Halsey was a huge radio star, she was a struggling homeless teen who used music as a way to make money.
    “I figured hotel party equals bed. I needed a bed” 

    Let's see if that's true. Halsey said that she was homeless when she was 18 years old, after her parents allegedly kicked her out. This would've been in 2013.
     Plus, despite preaching tolerance, her deleted tweets are...hm.
    Also, there's this. This person claimed to be from her hometown and wanted to expose her. It's anonymous, so there's no real proof, but it's an interesting read.
    What do you guys think? I think her music's alright and she seems like she's trying very hard to be socially aware, which I respect. I don't want to drag her too hard, but I do think that getting caught up in some of these messy lies could affect her image later on.
  4. Bella Thorne
    Twitter // Instagram 

    Here is a basic summary of Bella of you don't know anything about her (Wikipedia)Used to be a child star and was one of the main characters on the Disney Channel show, Shake it Up alongside Zendaya.Was very pretty, but recently has been going with the "on drugs/hasn't showered in weeks" lookLately, she has been hanging out with Youtubers like Tana Mongeau and Shane Dawson. She has had quite a lot of boyfriends, which isn't bad on it's own, but most of these relationships have had questionable aspects to themCheated on Charlie Puth with her ex boyfriend Tyler Posey, who wasn't even aware that she was also involved with CharlieIt has been speculated that Charlie Puth's song, Attention, is about BellaHas had an on/off relationship with Gregg SulkinLater had a brief relationship with Scott Disick, who is 14 years her senior, Kourtney Kardashian's ex and a known sex addict.It is rumored that Scott was just using Bella to get back at KourtneyAlso dated Lil Peep, who is known for his drug use and who was currently dating Too Poor/Layla Shapiro. He died fairly recently in Nov. 2017, due to a drug overdose.Dated a rapper named Blackbear, who she later broke up with and then dated his best friend, Mod Sun who she is currently dating.Comparison of her during her Shake it Up days vs. Now:
    Here she is with Scott Disick:
    Here she is with Charlie Puth, who accused her of cheating:
    A face full of highlighter:
     Her with her current boyfriend, Mod Sun:
    Making out with Tana Mongoose:
    What do you guys think of her? 
  5. Today a Korean artist by the name of Kim  Jonghyun committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. It was a rumour at first, with many people not believing it but his agency just recently comfirmed it.
    I know this is a really bad way to start a thread, but I feel there needs to be a place here for the fans who knew of him.
    Many artists including Yoogeun (Hello baby baby) and Nine9 (Dear Cloud), his good friend have also spoken about it.

  6. Kendall Jenner
    Social media
    Instagram // Twitter

    Lo and behold, the "natural" sister of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame. She debuted her modeling career in 2014, walking for numerous high-profile brands such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. and continues to walk for many of the same high fashion brands every fashion season. She's graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, Interview, Harper's Bazaar, etc. all over the world. She hangs out with similar "socialite/Insta-fame models" such as Kylie Jenner, the Hadids, Hailey Baldwin, and Jordyn Woods. Most people believe that she's only in the modeling industry because of her wealth and existing fame, similar to the people mentioned as her friends. 
    Pepsi Commercial 
    Comments about models 
  7. Elon Musk
    Twitter // Instagram

    22.2m followers as of the time of thread creation
    So, everyone kinda knows Elon Musk nowadays thanks to Tesla cars and SpaceX. But ever since Alida Simone's thread where someone mentioned his bad behavior, I was thirsty for some tea. I create this thread to make it easier for all of us to follow it. 
    I'll quote what's problematic about him and his business, written by X. W. Chan on Quora, because it highlights it all so well: https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-worst-thing-about-Elon-Musk